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Islamism - 7 - Husky - 10-29-2008

<b>1. islamania in Afghanistan</b>
Pictures of real islamic life - the stuff we've only read about so far:
Women stoned for adultery.
There's no word that can describe the complete horror that is christoislamiterrorism.

The text that goes with the photos:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The condemned is wrapped in a sheet and half buried. Muhammadans gather around her and throw stones at her, shouting Allah is great. Stoning is the punishment for adultery and homosexuality.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>2. islamania in India</b>
<b>"Women are Unclean for 15 days" - Kanthapurams excuse to Polygamous marriages in Islam!</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musaliyar a spiritual leader of Muslims in Kerala and one of the prime suspect in the murder of Muslim reformer Chekannur Maulavi gave justification o polygamy in a TV Channel . His response was in the wake of High Court suggestion to have a system in place at the national or regional level to supervise marriages , Polygamy and divorces.  High court observation came while considering a case involving Muslim couple.

According to him (His scriptures )

More than fifteen days women are unclean. Men need to have sex with women at his will and need multiple wives to over come the difficulty to men during those 15 days!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The koran and hadeeths are barely better: mohammed declared most people that he saw in hell were women. (It is a generally known fact that women make up ~50% of the world's population. So this just goes to show that their non-existent jeebusjehovallah is an inept misogynist - inept for being unable to create characters that his fictious self wouldn't be so cross with as to toss into his make-believe hell/jehenna).
As a direct result of what mohammed said, the maniac - 'Aboobacker Musaliyar' - mentioned above would naturally pronounce that:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"Women pray to none else than Satan, a rebel".<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(Sounds very christian too, actually.... In christianism, women were/are considered "Satan's very spawn". Remember also, for instance Saint Thomas Aquinas and his Succubi and Incubi nonsense, and that Inquisitioner's Handbook called 'Witch's Hammer'? Eewwwww.)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->n 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued the notorious witchcraft bull <i>Summis desiderantes affectibus</i>. Thus the Church's ongoing persecution of "witchcraft" was turned up another notch. The bull appeared as a preface to a book commissioned by the Pope and written by the two Dominican inquisitors, Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger. Entitled the <i>Malleus Maleficarum or Hammer of Witches</i>, it became the official handbook of witchcraft trial judges all over Europe.

The medieval minds behind the book, labouring under the ignorance of Christian superstition and fancies, came up with the following:

    * Witchcraft, the book claimed, sprang from the "carnal lust" of the witch which was an innate attribute of the female.
    * Witches had the power to change themselves into animals, and they could fly.
    * They worked in secret and could only be brought to justice by extra-legal methods.
    * The book recommended the witch was tortured first into confessing her own guilt and then again to incriminate accomplices.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->People wonder why us Hindoos and other inconvertibles can't tell christoislamism apart. When they so obviously are the same religion!

But I don't understand muslimahs. Why do they want to be in this sick religion? Their allah is a really bad dream aka nightmare. Leave islam, return to freedom that is the natural right of all humanity/creatures.
Still less do I understand Hindu women who marry into islamania <!--emo&:blink:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /><!--endemo--> (e.g. Aditi Govitriker or whatever her name was before she changed it to Sara Muzza-something upon getting married to some islami).

Muslimahs have protested against the islamaniac Aboobacker Musaliyar's mania. A rather futile exercise:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Muslim women demands unconditional apology from their spiritual leader</b>
28/10/2008 12:04:58 
<b>Muslim scholar's 'unclean' theory on polygamy irks women</b>
Pioneer News Service | Kozhikode

Why Muslim men are allowed to marry more than once and up to four? Is it because women are not fit for conjugal acts once in a month due to menstruation? This justification offered by a conservative Muslim scholar for polygamy has led to a standoff between male-oriented Muslim forums and Muslim women's organisations.

<b>3. islamania in Indonesia</b>
The following is better than mohammed by 3 years (as per islamic faithful scribbles called the hadeeths or something, mohammed paedophilically attacked the little girl 'Aisha' when when she was 9; he had married her at 6).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Outrage as Muslim cleric weds girl, 12</b>
28/10/2008 00:50:18 

A Muslim cleric has caused public outrage in Indonesia after marrying a 12-year-old girl.

Pujianto Cahyo Widianto married the girl in the central Java city of Semarang, during an unofficial religious ceremony.

He reportedly chose her from a pool of 20 girls, before flying to Singapore with his new bride, as well as his first wife.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Read More at<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hindus, Taoists, Shintoists, Hellenes, traditional native Americans, traditional Africans and traditional Europeans no doubt daily thank their Gods they belong to a humane way of life instead of sick christoislamism.

Islamism - 7 - Shambhu - 10-29-2008

But I don't understand muslimahs. Why do they want to be in this sick religion? Their allah is a really bad dream aka nightmare. Leave islam, return to freedom that is the natural right of all humanity/creatures.
Because the cult has perfected treatment of people who leave islam..and women are worse than just people..they are women..Stoning to death (rijjam)

Still less do I understand Hindu women who marry into islamania (e.g. Aditi Govitriker or whatever her name was before she changed it to Sara Muzza-something upon getting married to some islami).
Like Mark Twain said, "There is nothing a man won't do to avoid the trouble of thinking". The idiot Aditi G probably knew nothing more of the cult than the super-sanitized lies that the mullas use to their men to lure in kaafir women; and she did not want to do any reserach on her own, that would be too tiring to the brain! Now Sara will slowly but surely start getting glimpses of the glory of islam...

Islamism - 7 - Bodhi - 11-02-2008

<!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Oct 29 2008, 11:12 PM-->QUOTE(Shambhu @ Oct 29 2008, 11:12 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->But I don't understand muslimahs. Why do they want to be in this sick religion? Their allah is a really bad dream aka nightmare. Leave islam, return to freedom that is the natural right of all humanity/creatures.[right][snapback]89618[/snapback][/right]

check this video. Spanish Woman being converted through the propoganda of Sufism:

Islamism - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 11-05-2008

An Appeal of Ms.Sunita Rani Mondal (19) A Hindu victim for legal assistance from Bangladesh
04/11/2008 15:27:22


The Chairman,

Global Human Rights Defense, Dhaka Bangladesh Dated: 2.11.2008

My name is Sunita. I am 19 years old, I am B.A. second year student of NatoreDegreeCollege. I am the only daughter of my parents. My father- Shymal Kumar Mondal is a destitute laborer and my mother is house wife and my only younger brother is the student of honors RajshahiUniversity. My father gave us education with scanty income. We are passing our lives with great disadvantage.

I used to take coaching from Abdul Mannan – a English teacher of the locality while I was studying Intermediate and Secondary education. I am major and educated girl of my poor parents. While I was taking coaching from Abdul Mannan then the said English teacher tried to intimidate me with ill intention for conversion and marriage, I refused to do so. As I refused to comply his request then Abdul Mannan put pressure on my parents on various occasions and was threatening. I told that I am Hindu girl and Abdul Mannan is a Muslim. I preferred Hindu religion other than becoming Muslim despite mental pressure. This goon again on 22.08.2008 at night attacked me and took me away from my home forcefully and put me in different places for illegal deeds. I became senseless for 24 hours. Then those perpetrators started to create false documents for marriage and put me constant pressure to become Muslim. I was taken in different unknown places for obtaining my consent. I had intention to go to my parents and as such I did not let allow them to know that where I would go.

On the other hand my father lodged FIR at Lalpur police station for my recovery, then I told Abdul Mannan “I wish to go to the court and I will go with you” I appeared before the court for getting my parents back. I was produced before the court wearing BORQUA given by Abdul Mannan. Then I decided to punish them. I was produced before the court on 25th September,2008 and I declared to go with my parents. Then the court on 25.09.2008 directed to hand over me to my legal guardian. I passed my 3 days in jail custody. The perpetrators are so powerful they again threatened me in the jail custody to accompany with them. Now I am free from the clutches of terrorism perpetrated on me during my captivity. The names of perpetrators who tortured me along with Md.Aslam, Raihan, Kibria and Abdul Mannan.

I want those perpetrators to be punished so that they can not commit such crime in future so that they can not come out from real justice and punishment.

My case Number 26 dated 24.08.2008. Those perpetrators took forceful initiative to convert me from Hindu to Muslim and all the perpetrators violated me, tortured mentally and physically during my captivity (29 days)

I am requesting you to be kind to help me giving legal assistance and rehabilitation.

Yours obediently

(Sunita Rani Mondal)

daughter of Shymol Kumar Mondal

Vill: Nagsosha, P.O. Bilmaria, Lalpur PS, District: Natore, Bangladesh.

Please also be kind to communicate with our Office at Dhaka for further information and necessary asistance:

With best Regards,

Adv.Rabindra Ghosh

Observer-Global Human Rights Defense, Dhaka, Bangladesh

12, K.M. Das lane, Tikatully, Bholagiri trust, Sutrapur PS, Dhaka

Phone : 088-02-9673945

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 11-05-2008

^ <b>Very</b> important post.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>RoP mercy: convict a 13-year-old rape victim of adultery and stone her to death</b>
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Stoning victim 'begged for mercy'</b>

A young woman recently stoned to death in Somalia first pleaded for her life, a witness has told the BBC.
(Not a young woman. She's a young girl. Just a teenager. Rape victim. Victim of islamanic stoning. Victim of islam.)

"Don't kill me, don't kill me," she said, according to the man who wanted to remain anonymous. A few minutes later, more than 50 men threw stones.

Human rights group Amnesty International says the victim was a 13-year-old girl who had been raped... deleted

Cameras were banned from the public stoning, but print and radio journalists who were allowed to attend estimated that the woman, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was 23 years old.

However, Amnesty said it had learned she was 13, and that her father had said she was raped by three men.

When the family tried to report the rape, the girl was accused of adultery and detained, Amnesty said.

Convicting a girl of 13 for adultery would be illegal under Islamic law.
... deleted

<b>'Checked by nurses'</b>
... deleted

... deleted

According to Amnesty International, nurses were sent to check during the stoning whether the victim was still alive. They removed her from the ground and declared that she was, before she was replaced so the stoning could continue.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/11/04 13:12:21 GMT

© BBC MMVIII<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->Mij ontbreken de woorden

Islamism - 7 - Shambhu - 11-16-2008

<b>Professor Hired for Outreach to Muslims Delivers a Jolt: PBUH probably never existed</b>

MÜNSTER, Germany -- Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany's first professor of Islamic theology, fasts during the Muslim holy month, doesn't like to shake hands with Muslim women and has spent years studying Islamic scripture. Islam, he says, guides his life.

So it came as something of a surprise when Prof. Kalisch announced the fruit of his theological research. His conclusion: The Prophet Muhammad probably never existed.

Muslims, not surprisingly, are outraged. Even Danish cartoonists who triggered global protests a couple of years ago didn't portray the Prophet as fictional. German police, worried about a violent backlash, told the professor to move his religious-studies center to more-secure premises.
Theology Without Muhammad

Read a translated excerpt from "Islamic Theology Without the Historic Muhammad -- Comments on the Challenges of the Historical-Critical Method for Islamic Thinking" by Professor Kalisch.

"We had no idea he would have ideas like this," says Thomas Bauer, a fellow academic at Münster University who sat on a committee that appointed Prof. Kalisch. "I'm a more orthodox Muslim than he is, and I'm not a Muslim."

When Prof. Kalisch took up his theology chair four years ago, he was seen as proof that modern Western scholarship and Islamic ways can mingle -- and counter the influence of radical preachers in Germany. He was put in charge of a new program at Münster, one of Germany's oldest and most respected universities, to train teachers in state schools to teach Muslim pupils about their faith.

Muslim leaders cheered and joined an advisory board at his Center for Religious Studies. Politicians hailed the appointment as a sign of Germany's readiness to absorb some three million Muslims into mainstream society. But, says Andreas Pinkwart, a minister responsible for higher education in this north German region, "the results are disappointing."

Prof. Kalisch, who insists he's still a Muslim, says he knew he would get in trouble but wanted to subject Islam to the same scrutiny as Christianity and Judaism. German scholars of the 19th century, he notes, were among the first to raise questions about the historical accuracy of the Bible.

Many scholars of Islam question the accuracy of ancient sources on Muhammad's life. The earliest biography, of which no copies survive, dated from roughly a century after the generally accepted year of his death, 632, and is known only by references to it in much later texts. But only a few scholars have doubted Muhammad's existence. Most say his life is better documented than that of Jesus.

Sven Muhammad Kalish

"Of course Muhammad existed," says Tilman Nagel, a scholar in Göttingen and author of a new book, "Muhammad: Life and Legend." The Prophet differed from the flawless figure of Islamic tradition, Prof. Nagel says, but "it is quite astonishing to say that thousands and thousands of pages about him were all forged" and there was no such person.

All the same, Prof. Nagel has signed a petition in support of Prof. Kalisch, who has faced blistering criticism from Muslim groups and some secular German academics. "We are in Europe," Prof. Nagel says. "Education is about thinking, not just learning by heart."

Prof. Kalisch's religious studies center recently removed a sign and erased its address from its Web site. The professor, a burly 42-year-old, says he has received no specific threats but has been denounced as apostate, a capital offense in some readings of Islam.

"Maybe people are speculating that some idiot will come and cut off my head," he said during an interview in his study.

A few minutes later, an assistant arrived in a panic to say a suspicious-looking digital clock had been found lying in the hallway. Police, called to the scene, declared the clock harmless.

A convert to Islam at age 15, Prof. Kalisch says he was drawn to the faith because it seemed more rational than others. He embraced a branch of Shiite Islam noted for its skeptical bent. After working briefly as a lawyer, he began work in 2001 on a postdoctoral thesis in Islamic law in Hamburg, to go through the elaborate process required to become a professor in Germany.

The Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. that year appalled Mr. Kalisch but didn't dent his devotion. Indeed, after he arrived at Münster University in 2004, he struck some as too conservative. Sami Alrabaa, a scholar at a nearby college, recalls attending a lecture by Prof. Kalisch and being upset by his doctrinaire defense of Islamic law, known as Sharia.

In private, he was moving in a different direction. He devoured works questioning the existence of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Then "I said to myself: You've dealt with Christianity and Judaism but what about your own religion? Can you take it for granted that Muhammad existed?"

He had no doubts at first, but slowly they emerged. He was struck, he says, by the fact that the first coins bearing Muhammad's name did not appear until the late 7th century -- six decades after the religion did.

He traded ideas with some scholars in Saarbrücken who in recent years have been pushing the idea of Muhammad's nonexistence. They claim that "Muhammad" wasn't the name of a person but a title, and that Islam began as a Christian heresy.

Prof. Kalisch didn't buy all of this. Contributing last year to a book on Islam, he weighed the odds and called Muhammad's existence "more probable than not." By early this year, though, his thinking had shifted. "The more I read, the historical person at the root of the whole thing became more and more improbable," he says.

He has doubts, too, about the Quran. "God doesn't write books," Prof. Kalisch says.

Some of his students voiced alarm at the direction of his teaching. "I began to wonder if he would one day say he doesn't exist himself," says one. A few boycotted his lectures. Others sang his praises.

Prof. Kalisch says he "never told students 'just believe what Kalisch thinks' " but seeks to teach them to think independently. Religions, he says, are "crutches" that help believers get to "the spiritual truth behind them." To him, what matters isn't whether Muhammad actually lived but the philosophy presented in his name.

This summer, the dispute hit the headlines. A Turkish-language German newspaper reported on it with gusto. Media in the Muslim world picked up on it.

Germany's Muslim Coordinating Council withdrew from the advisory board of Prof. Kalisch's center. Some Council members refused to address him by his adopted Muslim name, Muhammad, that saying he should now be known as Sven.

German academics split. Michael Marx, a Quran scholar at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, warned that Prof. Kalisch's views would discredit German scholarship and make it difficult for German scholars to work in Muslim lands. But Ursula Spuler-Stegemann, an Islamic studies scholar at the University of Marburg, set up a Web site called and started an online petition of support.

Alarmed that a pioneering effort at Muslim outreach was only stoking antagonism, Münster University decided to douse the flames. Prof. Kalisch was told he could keep his professorship but must stop teaching Islam to future school teachers. <!--emo&Tongue--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /><!--endemo-->

The professor says he's more determined than ever to keep probing his faith. He is finishing a book to explain his thoughts. It's in English instead of German because he wants to make a bigger impact. "I'm convinced that what I'm doing is necessary. There must be a free discussion of Islam," he says.

—Almut Schoenfeld in Berlin contributed to this article.

Write to Andrew Higgins at

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 11-23-2008

^ Muslim scholar on islam discovers that Mohammed Never Existed after all.
Taken together with Jesus Never Existed, this but constitutes additional proof as to why christianism=islamism.

Islam=racism (again, exactly just like christianism):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>al-taqiya alert: why the fuss? this is exactly what mohammedans think of blacks</b>
nov 22nd, 2008

what al-qaeda said is exactly what arabs think of blacks. they think of blacks as natural slaves.

if you don't agree, just see what arab mohammedans are doing to black mohammedans in darfur, the sudan. they enslave and rape them, treat them like animals.

black american mohammedans have been sold a bill of goods about mohammedan brotherhood and all that good stuff.

technically arabs think obama is a mohammedan but an apostate, so they would want him dead. that is, unless they have funded him and he's a manchurian candidate. ah, the possibilities for al-taqiya upon al-taqiya -- like double and triple agents -- are deliciously complex.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
From that CNN link:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->November 22, 2008 -- Updated 1103 GMT (1903 HKT)
<b>U.S. Muslim leaders denounce al Qaeda's slur toward Obama</b>

NEW YORK (CNN)  -- Spiritual leaders of New York's African-American Muslim communities lashed out Friday at <b>a purported al Qaeda message attacking President-elect Barack Obama and, using racist language, comparing him unfavorably to the late Malcolm X.</b>

The imams called the recorded comments from al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri "an insult" from people who have "historically been disconnected from the African-American community generally and Muslim African-Americans in particular."

"We find it insulting when anyone speaks for our community instead of giving us the dignity and the honor of speaking for ourselves," they said in a statement read during a news conference at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial, Educational and Cultural Center.

The al Qaeda statement, an 11-minute, 23-second audio message in Arabic with subtitles in English, appeared on the Internet on Wednesday. Its authenticity has not been confirmed.

The message said Obama represents the "direct opposite of honorable black Americans" like Malcolm X.
Video Watch al Qaeda official criticize Obama »

<b>The speaker also said Obama, former and current Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice and "your likes" fit Malcolm X's description of "house slaves."

An English translation of the message used the term "house Negroes," Malcolm X's term for blacks who were subservient to whites. The term refers to slaves who worked in white masters' houses. Malcolm X said those slaves were docile compared with those who labored in the fields.</b>

    * Al Qaeda leader mocks Obama in Web posting

Malcolm X, the fiery African-American Muslim activist from the 1950s and 1960s, was an early member and leader of the Nation of Islam. He left that group in 1963 over disillusionment with its then-leader, Elijah Muhammed, but remained a Muslim.

After months of death threats, he was assassinated in 1965 by members of the Nation of Islam, who shot him 16 times at close range. The three men who were convicted of the crime have been paroled.

On Friday, Imam Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid, recalling Malcolm X's legacy, said that he "stood for human rights and the principle of self defense ... international law. He would have rejected, and we who are Muslim African-Americans leaders reject, acts of political extremism."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations also condemned Zawahiri's comments in a statement issued Thursday.

"As Muslims and as Americans, we will never let terrorist groups or terror leaders falsely claim to represent us or our faith," the statement said. "We once again repudiate al Qaeda's actions, rhetoric and world view and re-state our condemnation of all forms of terrorism and religious extremism."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Funny how islamis call non-muslim people of African origin in the west "slaves (of christianism)". And how christians call muslim people of African origin "slaves of islam".
And how both have always considered <i>every other</i> (that is, inconvertible) African people as slaves for the making/taking.

Christoislamis see everyone as slaves/sheep to be converted and subjugated. Christoislamism is sick.

Islamism - 7 - acharya - 11-29-2008

A commenter on writes:

"On jihadi websites, India is often referred to as the "House of the Spider" (Koranic reference, Sura 29) indicating weakness."

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 11-30-2008

Another typical islamic real-life fairytale:
Iranian islamaniac tried to pull the usual <b>Islamic Incest Move</b> (made famous by Shah-Jahan, which forms part of the history of Shah "Taj" Jahan and his daughters Jahanara and Chamani).
The Iranian faithful tried it on a step-daughter, but it's the same thing.
The islamic met its end at the hand of its Mrs, for which the Mrs did 7 years jail and is now islamically sentenced to death.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Death Sentence to a Woman who resisted rape attempt of her Daughter, as per Islamic law</b>
25/11/2008 11:36:12  Courtesy: National Movement of the Iranian Resistance ( NAMIR )

According to news from reliable sources in IranFatemeh Haghighat Pajouh, a 37 years old woman prisoner, is at imminent risk of execution.Several prisoners including her have been transferred to solitary confinement at the Evin prison for execution on Wednesday November 26.

Human rights defender and journalist Asieh Amini, wrote in her weblog Varesh, that according to people close to Fatemeh Haghighat Pajouh, she is among prisoners who have been transferred to solitary confinement for execution on Wednesday.

Fatemeh Haghighat Pajouh is convicted of murdering her husband, who allegedly tried to rape her 15 years old daughter from a previous marriage. The court sentenced her to death without taking into considerations the circumstances under which the murder took place.
She has been in jail at least in 7 years, and human rights organizations have previously issued urgent actions for her<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Chances are very high that this will be something for Testy Teesta Seetalwaddle and Shady Shabana Azmee to look forward to. But their being such pillars of islam, I am sure they will not come to the defense of any (step)daughters, but continue to insist on the right of islam - in this case islamic incest - to take its course.

Islamism - 7 - Shambhu - 12-05-2008

Dec 5, 2008

<b>Ending Islamic terrorism – Challenges and Opportunities</b>

from: Kalyan Viswanathan
date: Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 5:56 PM

The terrorist attack executed in Mumbai in a commando style operation, reminiscent of 9/11 was executed after careful planning, preparation, training and ideological conditioning. It was not the work of some disgruntled elements, who took law into their own hands, and went on a shooting spree. They had visited Mumbai before, familiarized themselves with the targets, and intensely prepared for the sea voyage and the subsequent attack. We could say that a new batch of terrorists had been graduated from “Terrorism School”, and they had come to Mumbai for their first real life practice mission. But how was this Terrorism School created in the first place? We have to go back a little in history.

The infrastructure for Terrorism - A little history

The Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan in the year 1979, to support the Marxist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, which was in power at the time. This was itself part of the “Cold War” fought between the US and the Soviet Union, for many decades. Months before the Soviet Union intervened, the US had been secretly providing aid to the Mujahideen rebels, in an effort to bring down the Communist Party in power at the time. To quote Zbigniew Brzezinski, Defense Secretary to President Jimmy Carter, from an interview he gave to the Le Nouvel Observateur, in 1998 he said :

“We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would...That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Soviets into the Afghan trap...The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. We now have the opportunity of giving to the Soviet Union its Vietnam War.”

Zbigniew Brzezenski

As part of the CIA Program called “Operation Cyclone” the intense arming and militarization of the Mujahideen started sometime in the second half of 1979, authorized by President Jimmy Carter, and continued unabated until 1989. Several nations including Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia among others were active participants in creating the pipeline, which delivered both the weapons and the young Muslim recruits for this secretive militarization of the Mujahideen. Osama Bin Laden was himself one such recruit.

The Perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev brought an end to the domination of the Communist ideology, resulting in the fall of the Berlin Wall in August 1989, and the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1989, Gorbachev also completed a unilateral withdrawal of all Soviet troops from Afghanistan, bringing and end to the 10 year war with the Mujahideens. But while the war ended, the infrastructure that had been created for the training and arming of the Mujahideen has remained largely intact even to this say, almost 20 years later. No one took responsibility for the dismantling of this infrastructure which became the Terrorism School from which new batches of terrorists have been graduated and sent on deadly missions all around the world. 9/11 was a product of this same “Terrorism School” from which came the group called Al Qaeda.

The US bears a great responsibility in destroying and eliminating this Terrorism infrastructure which it left behind in Pakistan and Afghanistan at the end of the War in Afghanistan. However the infrastructure is only one ingredient which goes into the creation of this deadly product called Terrorism. There is a second ingredient, for which the US is not responsible at all - the ideology behind terrorism, which the US failed completely to anticipate when it first set up this infrastructure.

The ideology behind Terrorism

By now it is also very clear that the terrorist attack in Mumbai was planned and executed by the Laskar-e-Taiba (The Army of the Pure) which was founded in 1989 by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed based in Pakistan – the same year when the US proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan ended. Incidentally, the launch of terrorism through insurgencies in Kashmir, also began in the same year in 1989, resulting in thousands of lives being lost. What is the Laskar-e-Taiba and what does it stand for? We turn to the words of Hussein Haqqani, the current Ambassador (2008) of Pakistan to the USA. He says in an article he wrote for the Hudson Institute in 2005 :

“Lashkar-e-Taiba has adopted a maximalist agenda for global jihad though its operations so far have been limited to Kashmir. The group justifies its ideology on the basis of the Quranic verse that says, “You are obligated to fight even though it is something you do not like” (2:216). Extrapolating from this verse, the group asserts that military jihad is a religious obligation for all Muslims. The group then defines the many circumstances in which that obligation must be carried out.

For example, a Markaz al-Dawa wal-Irshad publication titled Hum Jihad kyun Kar rahe hain? (Why Are We Waging Jihad?), declares the United States, Israel and India as existential enemies of Islam. It lists eight reasons for Jihad:

1) To eliminate evil and facilitate conversion to and practice of Islam;

2) To ensure the ascendancy of Islam;

3) To force non-Muslims to pay jizya (poll tax, paid by non-Muslims for protection from a Muslim ruler);

4) To assist the weak and powerless;

5) To avenge the blood of Muslims killed by unbelievers;

6) To punish enemies for breaking promises and treaties;

7) To defend a Muslim state; and

8) To liberate Muslim territories under non-Muslim occupation”

-- Hussein Haqqani
<!--[if !supportLists]-->

The ideology explained above is not unique to the Laskar-e-Taiba. This ideology is shared by many Islamic radical groups, including the Al Qaeda, the Students Islamic Movement of India, Hamas, Hezbollah and many others with diverse names, around the world. Thus the infrastructure created to arm the Mujahideen in its war against the Soviet Union, has been co-opted by this Islamic supremacist ideology, launching the numerous terrorist brands that have since come into being.

The confluence of Ideology and Infrastructure

Global Jihad inc. is thereby sustained by this happy confluence of ideology and infrastructure, and to this day, almost twenty years after the end of the Soviet-Afghan war is able to graduate yet another batch of young terrorists, armed with lethal firepower, and the willingness to die on a suicide mission, while causing maximum damage. This combination is what produced 9/11 in the US, the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) from the Kashmir valley in Jammu and Kashmir, numerous terrorist attacks in India and elsewhere, including the latest Mumbai attacks.

To end this terrible disease that humanity has now caught, called Islamic terrorism, two things have to happen. One, the infrastructure must be completely dismantled. Second, the ideology must be completely repudiated. This then is the most urgent mission on the planet, today. The USA, Israel and India, the so called three existential threats to Islam, (Read Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism) have to join together in this mission to completely dismantle the infrastructure within the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And the Islamic world itself has to completely repudiate the ideology that breeds and sanctions violence against innocent civilians, merely because they are guilty of being non-Muslim i.e. Christian, Jewish, Hindu or some other Non-Muslim faith.

The obstacles to ending terror

But all of this is easier said than done. First of all, Politicians in the US, India and Isreal, have to come to terms with the fact that this is a common enemy, and they must work together in ending terrorism. This may be the easy part. However, the hard part requires persuading Pakistan that it should actually be interested in destroying this infrastructure and ideology. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not a single unitary entity and has a variety of State and Non-State actors within it, with varying degrees of proximity to this terrorist infrastructure. The Civilian Government of Pakistan, has a vested interest in playing on both sides of the terror game – i.e. through the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Armed Services, it may actually be supporting and maintaining this infrastructure for political purposes. This terrorism infrastructure has enabled successive Pakistani governments to sustain a low grade insurgency based war against India and Afghanistan, on the one hand, while on the other, it has also generated a lot of financial assistance from the US, in the name of being a principal ally in the war on terror. However, Pakistan may still be persuaded to join in as a partner, in this effort to clean up the infrastructure that got created between 1979 to 1989, through proper diplomatic efforts between the US and India. Even if this happens, it remains a question, as to how much influence the Government of Pakistan actually exercises over the ISI and its Army, not to mention the various non-state actors such as the Taliban, the Mujahideen and the Al Qaeda, all of which have regrouped in the border areas, between Pakistan and Afghanistan, while the US distracted itself with a war in Iran, under the pretext of finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

The ideology of Islamic terrorism poses problems of a completely different scale and magnitude. There are many verses in the Koran that not only sanction violence against Kafirs (Infidels or Non-believers) but actually demand it as a religious duty. The Hadith and the Sira, actually make Muhammad’s life an example to be emulated and this leads straight to the 7th century Jihad of Islam against the Non-Mulsim world. Muhammad’s numerous Ghazi raids against the caravans of Mecca, which he launched from Medina represents the medieval prototype on which the modern terrorist attack is modeled. Osama Bin Ladin is simply emulating Muhammad’s life, and waging Jihad in the best recommended way, by his holy books. It is irrelevant, that there are other Muslim Scholars in various countries and universities who can provide a benign interpretation of the same verses in the Koran. What matters is that the terrorists are interpreting the same verses in a manner that provides the ideological framework for their actions. So, it is very difficult to fight and destroy the ideology of Islamic terrorism, without to some extent, appearing to challenge Islam itself – And here is where the greatest difficulty lies.

Denouncing Islamic terrorism without denouncing Islam itself

Islam does not like to be criticized or challenged. In fact, the simple act of criticizing the Prophet Mohammed, brought a Fatwa against Salman Rushdie, and an attempt on his life in London. Theo Van Gogh was murdered for making a film called Submission, and numerous threats including an Import boycott have been issued by the Organization of Islamic Countries against the Netherlands for the publication of the now famous cartoons.

Which brings us to the crux of the problem – how do we repudiate the ideology behind Islamic terrorism, without appearing to denounce Islam itself? Most of the world, has categorized Islam in the “Thought category” of a religion (like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism etc.) and therefore the world goes out of the way to accommodate Islam as a religion. What modern scholarship has singularly ignored is that Islam is also a Political ideology (like Nazism, Fascism and Communism etc.) that seeks political space and dominance, as much as it is a religion. The intellectuals and academicians of the world have failed to study Islam as a political ideology, because of its very convenient religious camouflage. It could be said of the three existential enemies of Islam – the Christians and Hindus have completely failed to understand the nature of Islam. The Jews do have a better handle on this, because of their extremely precarious situation in the Middle East, where they are completely surrounded by Islam and Terrorism.

Moderate Muslims and Islamic Terrorism

<b>Another naive way of categorizing Muslims is the two black and white categories called "Radicals" and "Moderates". Once we do this, we can easily assert that the actual number of Jihadis is probably .0001 % and all the rest are 'moderate' and therefore 'innocent'. This is the typical liberal minded position that most of us take in a well-intentioned manner. The reality however is more subtle. Islamic political agenda has always been set by the radicals. The so called moderates amongst Islam can be generally grouped into the following categories.

1. Those who will not themselves wage Jihad directly by taking arms or weapons - but nevertheless support Jihad, by donations, logistical support, manpower and other kinds of ways.

2. Those who will neither take arms nor support the Jihadis, but nevertheless agree with the Jihadis, and generally sympathize with their efforts.

3. Those who will not take arms, nor support nor sympathize - but they don't really care one way or another - because it does not affect them personally. This group tends to worry more about the fallout of the terrorist attacks on their own reputation and lifestyles.

4. Those who actually disagree with the Jihadis, and are uncomfortable with the Jihadi ideology, but are too scared to raise a voice, for fear of retribution within their community.

5. Those who actually disagree with the Jihadis, and are so passionate in their disagreement, that they actually raise their voice and say something or do something - such as standing for reform within Islam.</b>

Now while it is difficult to say what percentage of the so called Moderate Muslims - fit in which bucket above, when it comes to the last bucket - i.e. the moderates who really speak up against the radicals - and try to contain them - i.e. the only moderates who really count, can be counted on our fingers. This then is the core issue : Is Islam going to come to terms with a pluralistic world, in which the co-existence of people of many different religions can be affirmed and sustained or is Islam going to secretly nurture its hopes and ambitions of one day, dominating the world, and becoming the only religion of all mankind. If Muslims are going to situate themselves on both sides of this issue, as can be expected of them – then we have a long and arduous road ahead. If however, the moderate Muslims can be weaned away from its core supremacist ideology, and can be encouraged to speak up and exert themselves, they can form a natural coalition partner to the countries of the USA, Israel and India – in this existential struggle to stamp out the menace of Islamic terrorism. However, this will require them to be courageous and make a clean intellectual break from some aspects of Islam, which feed the Islamist supremacist ideology.

The signs of an internal renaissance within Islam are almost bleak and non-existent, which makes this a difficult war. In the mean time, we have to be satisfied with taking out the infrastructure, again and again. We can be sure though that the underlying ideology, will recreate the infrastructure again and again as well. This is the new “Cold War”. In this war there are two targets. One is the infrastructure. It has to be taken down again and again. Second is the ideology. This has to be taken on frontally, with sufficient clarity, and with adequate international support. Otherwise we will be reduced to watching out for the next terrorist attack, and occasionally being able to pre-empt an attack and catch a few terrorists.

Islamism - 7 - Shambhu - 12-05-2008

What out psecs are leading us into

..and read on, this does not just happen to schoolgirls who dont wear veils. The woman was divorced by her husband who had his eyes on another woman. After 3 kids. To add to that, this man was living off his wife's (the victim's) income.

This is islam.

Islamism - 7 - Shambhu - 12-07-2008

– Musings of Khwaja Jahan, a 17-year old former Hindu Rajput Prince who was forcibly converted to Islam, on the event of his first experience of forced sodomy by a Muslim Mansabdar.

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 12-11-2008
See <b>images here, from TSP newspaper. Plans of what part of India will be islamised and belong to TSP by 2012 and 2020.</b>

Problem with Hindus is that they have no plans. They think it is 'unsecular' to envision a future Bharatam completely free of christoislamism.
Meanwhile only christianism and islamism are coming closer to getting their cannibal sheep + land carved out of Bharatam. I am sure having a plan has something to do with their success.

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 12-14-2008
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>How Pak Trains Indian Muslims As Militants</b>

We all know this. But it's nice to see international media acknowledging it, too.
Posted by san at 12/13/2008 08:59:00 PM 1 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 12-15-2008

Hyderabad the “hub” of home-grown militants

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The report claimed that the police accused two local movements — Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadath (DJS) and Tehreek Tahfooz Shaer-e-Islam (TTSI) — of acting as “feeder” groups for militants seeking to recruit jihadis.

Both groups strongly denied the allegations, but a message on the DJS website reportedly admits that it has been “training…thousands of Muslim youth to defend themselves.” Its “long-term goal,” the message adds, is to “achieve the supremacy and prevalence of Islam in practice in its entirety.”


Islamism - 7 - Guest - 12-15-2008

<b>Hyderabad emerging as the hub of home-grown militants, reports Sunday Telegraph </b>
According to The Hindu, Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh, is emerging as the hub of a new generation of home-grown Indian extremists who are recruited by an underground jihadi network by exploiting “sectarian tensions” in the city, reported Sunday Telegraph, a British newspaper, on December 14 quoting Indian Police sources. The daily said that dozens of young Muslims had disappeared from the city and were suspected to have gone to Pakistan to be trained by terrorist groups. Hyderabad Police Commissioner Prasada Rao was quoted as saying that “We have tried to establish where they have gone, but we just don’t know. We know they have gone to other places, either Indian states or abroad. We are checking but the parents will not let us in on what’s going on.” Meanwhile, the report claimed that the police accused two local movements Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadath and Tehreek Tahfooz Shaer-e-Islam of acting as “feeder” groups for militants seeking to recruit jihadi. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 12-16-2008

<b>MMS to lose sleep now...</b>

Islamism - 7 - Bodhi - 12-17-2008

<!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Good bye to Apostasy,  I am a Muslim again!!!!
by Ibrahim Lone

14 Dec, 2008

Dear free thinkers and all those who have not submitted to the will of Allah,

I, Ibrahim Lone, hereby declare that I am reverting to Islam. I invite all of you to do the same. I have realized my folly in trying in leaving Islam, and to make up for my follies, I decided to grow a beard that would give Santa Claus a major inferiority complex. I have also begun saying prayers 5 times a day again. The fact that I have been kicked out of my job for cursing my Infidel Boss is hardly of any concern to me now, since I know that Allah will be giving me great rewards in the afterlife.

However, I realized that merely reverting back to Islam was not enough to wash my deadly sin of apostasy. No way guys does Allah forgive the sin of apostasy. Therefore, in my own best interests, I decided to do something that would really please Allah. Being jobless, I decided to get hold of as many infidels and do Da’wah to them. In case you Kafirs don’t know what Da’wah means, I will tell you a thing or two about it. The word Da’Wah means calling people to the great religion of Allah, Islam. Just yesterday, I did Da’wah to a very scholarly animal (Allah has said in Quran 8:22 'Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the deaf, the dumb, who have no sense [Non-muslims]'); I am really sure that he was convinced by my answers. I knew that you stupid animals would not understand me; therefore, I decided to reproduce my conversation in this article.

(Therefore his likeness is as the likeness of a dog: if thou attackest him he panteth with his tongue out, and if thou leavest him he panteth with his tongue out. Such is the likeness of the people who deny Our revelations. 7:176)

My Rendezvous with an infidel

Me= Ibrahim Lone

K=The Infidel (Kafir)

Me: Asalamo Alykom Wa Rehamatullahi Wa Barakatuu

K: Wow! You have a very long name.

ME: Oh! No Sir, it is the Islamic greeting……..

K: (chuckling) Alright! So tell me what you do young man?

ME: I am the servant of Allah; I preach his words.

K: Servant of what? Okay whatever….

ME: Sir, I want to give you an opportunity to change your life.

K: Actually I am very happy the way I am, so thank you.

ME: No Sir, I am not going away; I am here to save you from Hell Fire.

K: Hell fire, what Hellfire?

ME: See how ignorant you are [laughing without showing my teeth, it was forbidden by the Prophet of Allah (PBUH)]

K: My dear, I have a PhD in Quantum Physics and I have written several books on Quantum Physics. I am not really as ignorant as you think I am.

ME: Yes, you are! I can prove it with my superior Islamic logic.

K: (now serious) Okay son, go ahead.

ME: It is my pleasure to give you the great news that Islam is here to save your soul from the  eternal torture in hell.

K: Really and how is that?

ME: Well all you have to do is to recite the Shahada and you will be saved.

K: Wow! Before I do that, why don’t you tell me a few things about your Islam.

ME: Sure sir. First of all Islam is the only true religion of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is his prophet.

K: Gee! I am ignorant; tell me about Allah and his Prophet.

ME: Well Allah is the only true God.

K: Is he? Now okay, can you show me Allah?

ME: Yes, after you die you will get to see him.

K: Is that an example of your superior Islamic logic.

ME: Yes sir, wonderful isn’t it. Wait Till I tell you more.

K: I am listening.

ME: Islam is a the most peaceful religion in this world……

K: Really.

ME: Yes and the Quran is the most scientific book in this world.

K: Wait a moment. I read that the Quran says that the earth is flat and that semen is produced from between the ribs and the backbone…

ME: Allahu Akbar, that is a lie. Who told you that?

K: I read it on websites called and

ME: Those murtads are liars. They have nothing else to do but lie. Believe me, there is no such thing. Quran is the most scientific book. In fact, if you read the Quran you can become a PhD of all sorts of sciences. There is a man called Dr. Zakir Naik. He also managed to become a doctor just by reading the Quran.

K: You mean that skinny guy who keeps on shouting and telling lies…

ME: Shut up you old fool.. How you dare say that about Zakir Bhai? I will kill you.

K: Hey! You told me that Islam is the religion of peace and now you want to kill me for an off the cuff remark.

ME: Okay, alright, now listen to me: Islam teaches universal love peace and brotherhood.

K: Really? And how is that?

ME: Simple! All we Muslims have to do is either to kill or convert the unbelievers and there will be no more war. When every one will be Muslim, there will be peace and brotherhood all around.

K: (Muttering to himself) Some Peaceful religion, huh!

ME: What did you say?

K: Oh, no nothing, carry on.

ME: Well I would also like to tell you that in Islam you can marry four women and have an unlimited number of concubines. You can also divorce your wives whenever you like without having to worry about alimony. You can also beat her as much as like and you won't have worry about the cops.

K: (shivering now) Alright, go on…

ME: Do you know that Allah has promised 72 beautiful virgins for Muslim men who go to Paradise?

K: Son, I am sorry but I am gay.

ME: Hey! No problem sir, there will also be 28 pearly eyed boys…….

K: Your Allah sounds like some kind of Pimp, man….

ME: Allahu Akbar! I will kill you animal.

K: I am not an animal.

ME: Yes you are. Allah has said in the Quran that Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the deaf, the dumb, who have no sense. [8:22]

K: Goodness, your Allah sounds like a psycho.

ME: Silence you old fool.. Let me tell you more about Islam.

K: Silent

ME: Islam does not believe in terrorism actually Islam is against terrorism, the only religion to do so.

K: So what about Osama Bin Laden and the guys in Pakistan, Afghanistan Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Morocco?

ME: Oh no, they are not Muslims. Osama bin Laden is a Yemeni Jew; the Taliban and Pakistani terrorist are actually Hindus who want to disgrace Islam; and the rest of them in Libya, Morocco are Christians pretending to Muslim.

K: I have heard that there are Islamic terrorists in China too…

ME: Shut up or I will kill you for the glory of Allah…. Those Chinese terrorist are Buddhists who are pretending to be Muslims.

K: I really don’t think someone would take such pains to defame a religion.

ME: What pains?

K: You know like circumcision, bowing your body like 5 times a day, riding camels when you have cars available….

ME: I am telling you the truth, Muslims always tell the truth.

K: Really? Always?

ME: Yes, always except when we have to convert some one or get our job done; it is called Taqqiyyya….Oops did I say Taqqiyya!

K: I guess you did. Hey I have to leave now, I am getting late for dinner….

ME: Why?

K: I have to meet some Jewish friends for dinner.

ME: Oh no! Do you know that they are not human?

K: What?

ME: Yes they are apes and monkeys; Allah has said so in the Quran: And ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how We said unto them: Be ye apes, despised and hated! [2:65]

The Jews that you see today are actually descendants of monkeys and apes.

K: It's surprising to see that descendants of Apes could achieve so much; I mean no one community of people has given the world so many scientists, tycoons, intellectuals, artists. I mean …

ME: Shut up and listen to my superior Islamic logic. All this is a myth of the Zionist media. Do you know that Einstein, Shakespeare, Eisenhower, Beethoven and even Jesus were all Muslims?

K: Now that is a bit too much of hot gas…

ME: No gas, it’s true. It has been written in a book written by a Muslim; so, it has to be true, because I told you before that Muslims don’t lie.

K: Okay do you at least believe that the Holocaust was true?

ME; No, it another myth of the Zionist media.

K: And you are the honest one?

ME: Yes!

K: I am sorry to say son, you are nothing but a lying hypocrite.

ME: No I am not a hypocrite, people who don’t believe in Islam are hypocrites.

K: I am not talking about Islam; I am talking about the general sense of the word.

ME: But Allah decides the general sense of the word, not you.

K: Hey listen, your Islam is the most discriminatory religion; you guys don’t even allow non-Muslims in your Mecca and Medina.

ME: Well Allah said that non–Muslims are unclean.

K: Do you sometimes use your brains or always follow what Allah tells you?

ME: No, I always follow Allah.

K: Great, you know what you really made my day buddy. Son you can be a great standup comedian. I mean seriously your superior Islamic logic is unbeatable.

ME: Thank you I knew that you would bow down to the superior Islamic logic. Do you want more?

K: Thanks son! I guess I’ve had enough for the rest of my life. I think, I'll go back home now and take a nap to get over with your logical Nuclear Bomb.

Did you guys see how I convinced this person with the help of my superior Islamic Logic? I am sure all of you must be convinced by now, including Ali Sina and MA Khan. So friends see you at the friendly neighborhood Mosque and listen to Khutba this Jummah and celebrate the greatness of Islam.

This article is a satire


Islamism - 7 - Bodhi - 12-17-2008

<img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Son of Bhajanlal, Chandra Mohan Bishnoi, the Deputy-CM of Haryana's Kangress government has converted to the religion of pieces, and become Chand Muhammad, for getting married to this woman. English media has painted the fellow as a great sacrificer, kind of the King of England who gave up his throne for love.

when will Kaangress' ex-CM of Punjab take this lead?

नई दिल्ली [सुरेंद्र प्रसाद सिंह]। उप मुख्यमंत्री का पद, बीबी-बच्चे, भजनलाल की इज्जत और धन-दौलत सब कुछ दांव पर लगाकर 'फिजा' को अपनाया। कहीं यह सौदा महंगा तो नहीं है? प्यार के सामने ये सब बौने हैं। यह कहते हुए भी 'चांद' के चेहरे पर कोई शिकन नहीं थी। चांद और फिजा अब हीर-रांझा बनकर प्यार की अलख जगाने निकल पड़े हैं। राष्ट्रीय मीडिया के समक्ष दिल्ली में जिस अदा से यह प्रेमी जोड़ा पेश आया, वह किसी फैशन परेड से कम नहीं था।

खचाखच भरे प्रेस क्लब के खुले लान में यह जोड़ा निर्धारित समय से पूरे एक घंटे देर से पहुंचा। भीतर पत्रकारों की भीड़ बढ़ रही थी तो बाहर पुलिस और अन्य लोगों की। किसी अनहोनी के भय से पुलिस का जबरदस्त बंदोबस्त था। लगभग सभी चैनलों के ओबी वैन यहां थे, जो लाइव प्रसारण में लगे थे। संक्षिप्त परिचय के बाद सवालों की बौछार शुरू हुई तो चंद्रमोहन थोड़े ढीले पड़ते दिखे। लेकिन तभी यकायक माइक फिजा ने संभाल लिया। हालांकि जो जवाब दिए, उनमें तर्क, कुतर्क और लटके-झटके ज्यादा थे। 'मुझे मेरा 'चांद' चाहिए था, जो मिला' जैसे जवाब भी दिए।

इस्लाम धर्म कुबूल करने और हिंदू धर्म से आखिर आस्था क्यों डिगी? जैसे तीखे सवालों से दोनों काफी असहज दिखे। लेकिन राजनीतिक सवाल आते ही फिजा यानी अनुराधा बाली अपनी रौ में आ गई। बोल पड़ी, 'मेरे चांद' की मरजी होगी तो लड़ूंगी और पूरे शिद्दत से, जमकर।' चंद्रमोहन बुधवार को इसी मसले पर पंचकुला के अपने मतदाताओं और कार्यकर्ताओं से गुफ्तगू करने जाएंगे।

आइए, उनसे पूछे कुछ सवालों को ज्यों का त्यों देखें। 'आपकी आस्था पहले इस्लाम में थी या शादी में? पहली शादी से तलाक लिए बगैर यह क्या किया? इस्लाम में चार शादियों तक का प्रावधान है, उसे कब तक पूरा करेंगे? उप मुख्यमंत्री की कुर्सी के छिन जाने की वजह क्या इस्लाम कुबूल करना अथवा दूसरी शादी करना है? अगर बचपन से इस्लाम में रुचि है तो फिर कुरान की पहली आयत 'सुरह और यासीन' तो याद ही होगी? आप एक राजनेता के तौर पर समाज के समक्ष क्या आदर्श पेश कर रहे हैं?

इन सवालों के जवाब में वही पुरानी व रटी-रटाई बातें। मसलन, ''उनसे पूछिए, जिन्होंने मेरी डिप्टी सीएमी ली। जल्दी ही सोनिया गांधी से मुलाकात करने की योजना है।'' आखिर में चंद्रमोहन बिश्नोई और अनुराधा बाली ने फोटोग्राफरों को गले मिलने से लेकर <b>न जाने कैसे-कैसे पोज</b> दिए।

Islamism - 7 - Bodhi - 12-19-2008

A brave boy!

Sahih Bukhari, Book 52
Volume 4, Number 290d:

Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

Umar and a group of the companions of the Prophet set out with the Prophet to Ibn Saiyad. He found him playing with some boys near the hillocks of Bani Maghala. Ibn Saiyad at that time was nearing his puberty. He did not notice (the Prophet's presence) till the Prophet stroked him on the back with his hand and said, "Ibn Saiyad! Do you testify that I am Allah's Apostle?" Ibn Saiyad looked at him and said, "I testify that you are the Apostle of the illiterates."

Then Ibn Saiyad asked the Prophet. "Do you testify that I am the apostle of Allah?" The Prophet said to him, "I believe in Allah and His Apostles." Then the Prophet said (to Ibn Saiyad). "What do you see?" Ibn Saiyad replied, "True people and false ones visit me." The Prophet said, "Your mind is confused as to this matter." The Prophet added, " I have kept something (in my mind) for you." Ibn Saiyad said, "It is Ad-Dukh." The Prophet said (to him), "Shame be on you! You cannot cross your limits." On that 'Umar said, "O Allah's Apostle! Allow me to chop his head off." The Prophet said, "If he should be him (i.e. Ad-Dajjal) then you cannot overpower him, and should he not be him, then you are not going to benefit by murdering him."

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 290:
Narrated Ibn Umar:

(Later on) Allah's Apostle (once again) went along with Ubai bin Ka'b to the garden of date-palms where Ibn Saiyad was staying. When the Prophet entered the garden, he started hiding himself behind the trunks of the date-palms as he wanted to hear something from the Ibn Saiyad before the latter could see him. Ibn Saiyad was lying in his bed, covered with a velvet sheet from where his murmurs were heard. Ibn Saiyad's mother saw the Prophet while he was hiding himself behind the trunks of the date-palms. She addressed Ibn Saiyad, "O Saf!" (And this was his name). Ibn Saiyad got up. The Prophet said, "Had this woman let him to himself, he would have revealed the reality of his case." Then the Prophet got up amongst the people, glorifying Allah as He deserves, he mentioned Ad-Dajjal, saying, "I warn you about him (i.e. Ad-Dajjal) and there is no prophet who did not warn his nation about him, and Noah warned his nation about him, but I tell you a statement which no prophet informed his nation of. You should understand that he is a one-eyed man and Allah is not one-eyed."