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Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-04-2010

Above article is on dot.

Situation is Turkey will be more harmful for India because stupid leaders are on Secular Kilafat mode, who are implementing nonsense of Khalid of MIT.

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 06-06-2010

we know that chatollic-vatican and arab-saudis pay big bribes for politicians from all over ,to make laws that are favorable to christo-islamism.

how long it will take for north-koreans to change from dear lieder Kim to dear lieder Jesus?

isn't communist a preparation for christianism?

without a special law that forbids the christo-islamics to be in government ,they will reach to indian nukes.

Islamism - 7 - G.Subramaniam - 06-06-2010

If you type in the above URL you can watch Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan

6 yr old boy and 8 yr old boy, dressed up as girls and forced to dance like a woman stripper

This happens due to shortage of women in islamic countries

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-06-2010

If you see this, here adult is doing female dance on Hindi movie song.

Homosexuality and related crime are very high in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-08-2010

[url=""]New Fatwa Calls on Men to Drink Women's Breast-Milk[/url]
Quote:Exactly three years ago, on May 22, 2007, an Egyptian scholar was disciplined by Al Azhar University, one of Islam's most prestigious institutions, after he issued a fatwa calling upon women to breastfeed their male colleagues. Dr. Izzat Attiyah said that his fatwa offered a way around mixing of the sexes in the work place since breast-feeding established a maternal relation even if the beneficiary was not the woman's biological son or daughter.

women could give their milk to men to establish a degree of maternal relations and get around a strict religious ban on mixing between unrelated men and women. [Because] a man who often entered a house and came in contact with the womenfolk there should be made symbolically related to the women by drinking milk from one of the women. Under the fatwa, the act would preclude any sexual relations between the man and the donor woman and her relatives.
<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Rolleyes' />

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-08-2010

I recently discovered that one of my desi friends believed that the Muslims who live in India are all as a result of foreign influx; and only a small percentage had actually converted. He believes this because, the school history books never talked about the mass conversions.

I want to share some good links with him about the mass conversions. Any suggestions for material and links? I do not want controversial or fringe authors.

Islamism - 7 - ramana - 06-08-2010

SwamyG on the lines of your nexus chart maybe we need an Islam in India chart which shows the various schools and what they stand for?

BTW, your friend must be thinking of the Ashraf-Ajlaf divide. Ashrafs are descended from foreigners and Ajlafs from local converts. And Ashrafs are <5% of total IM population.

Islamism - 7 - Pandyan - 06-08-2010

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-09-2010

[quote name='ramana' date='08 June 2010 - 11:43 AM' timestamp='1276014912' post='106798']

SwamyG on the lines of your nexus chart maybe we need an Islam in India chart which shows the various schools and what they stand for?

BTW, your friend must be thinking of the Ashraf-Ajlaf divide. Ashrafs are descended from foreigners and Ajlafs from local converts. And Ashrafs are <5% of total IM population.


I don't think he knows about the Ashraf-Ajlaf divide. I did not know about it until a few years. Here I was a Kendriya Vidyalaya student living in several cities and went on to College in big city and lived in Hyderabad as well. The history books or sundry do not inform us about all this. Thanks to internet and curiosity I know one or two things. There are plenty who do not have the inclination to know such things. As I was explaining it to him, another friend interjected that sometimes knowing these could cause unnecessary harm to the individual. He thought an individual might not be able to handle the truth and might start hating Muslims. I pointed out that after knowing such history I do not hate the current Muslims for the crimes committed by their ancestors he rationalizes that we can not expect measure, calm or mature response from everyone.

Pandyan, thanks for the link. I think I have seen that one earlier. Will skim that again. I think Wikipedia rates this book by Lal as a controversial one :-)

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 06-09-2010

Muslims attack fleeing Christians with acid

Suspects in Turkish attack accuse each other

Tortured brickmakers refuse to embrace Islam

Christian teen recovering from attack by Islamists

Pakistani Muslims Burn A Christian Man

Pakistan Authorities Investigate Burning, Rape, Of Christian Couple

Young Muslims in Turkey Murder Three Christians

Turks in Christian murder trial

Turkey Christian Missionaries Horrifically Tortured Before Killings

Turks Threaten to Kill Priest over Swiss Minaret Decision


Somalia Militants Kill Christian As Attacks Spread

Turkey's Catholic church head killed, suspect held

Muslims Murder Pakistani Christian with Axe Blows for Refusing to Convert

Egypt: Judge Tells Of Desire To Kill Christian

"I wanted to kill a Christian that day and was visiting churches for this reason."‏ ... A young Turkish face on the old monster

Funeral of Turkish Bishop: Brutal Beheading. Muslim Confesses 'I killed the great Satan!'

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-10-2010

Prisoners convert to Islam for jail perks


From The Times, June 8, 2010

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-11-2010

This is what IF & BRF gurus have been saying for ages:

Quote:The most dangerous religions in the world manifest three distinct, though related, characteristics. First, [color="#FF0000"]they hold absolute truth claims,[/color] generally based on a literal interpretation of some "sacred" book and maintain that nonbelievers, sooner or later, are damned. Second, they frequently [color="#FF0000"]attempt to impose their beliefs on others through violence and coercion.[/color] Third, [color="#FF0000"]they seek political power[/color] to further their aims--and to suppress dissenters--wherever and whenever they can find it. Obviously, these religious characteristics can change over time and vary from place to place, thereby modifying once-authoritarian faiths to such a degree that inquisitors would never recognize the anti-rational credos they once tried to torture others into accepting. And there are clearly important differences among branches of large faith groups, like Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and among individuals who nominally adhere to the same religion.

Quote:By my criteria, the most dangerous religion on the international stage today is clearly radical Islam.

Btw, this article should be sent to all pseudo-seculars, pseudo-intellectuals, Marxists and activists of India.


Islamism - 7 - ramana - 06-12-2010

A French essay

Understanding Islam

Unfortunately most of what he says applies to Christianity too.

Quote: Over the past ten years, the work of a number of researchers has made it possible to uncover texts written in Georgian, Armenian, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew or Coptic, that give information (a few sentences in books of several hundred pages) on what the Islam of the origins was. The discoveries are surprising : Mohammed was never a Muslim, for the words Muslim and Islam appeared sixty years after the death of Mohammed. His first companions called themselves the 'Magrayes', a Syro-Aramaic term meaning emigrants. Their holy language was Syro-Aramaic, not Arabic. Mohammed was not born in Mecca, for the work of Patricia Crone, a specialist on Islam who teaches at Princeton and Cambridge, has shown that the town was founded around 670, forty years after the death of Mohammed.

Islam as we know it today is a fabrication by the caliphs, invented to serve as an ideology for the empire that Mohammed's companions had started building, and that his successors developed. Mohammed's religion was Nazareism, a Judeo-Christian sect born in the Middle-East. Nazareism could not serve as a binding agent for the empire they were setting up, on the one hand because it was not Arabic, while the Arab conquerors wanted a religion that would justify their pre-eminence over all other Muslims, on the other hand because Nazareism anticipated the return of Christ, who would come and take command of the Nazarene armies to conquer the world by force. Since that had not happened, Nazareism had to be replaced by a religion that made no false prophecies. The construction of the new religion out of material drawn from the earlier one and the obliteration of all trace of the earlier religion went on for over two centuries. Hence the destruction of all written evidence of what had happened, and the construction by the caliphs in power of a sacred book in Arabic, an Arab prophet, and an Arab history that could be used as a basis for their ideology.

The enormous number of researchers in every field in the modern world, the use of new techniques in exegesis, archaeology, epigraphy, etc., the discovery of ancient, non-Muslim texts on the development of Islam, dating from 10 to 30 years after the event, and not from over 200 like the Islamic documents - all the above are leading people to question everything they thought they knew about the development of Islam. It is unlikely that the Islamic religion and ideology will be able to withstand the destruction of their historical foundations by modern science.

What do we know about Muhammad Patrica Crone


Google Book:

Meccan Trade and Rise of Islam

Patricia Corne

Meccan Trade and Rise of Islam

Fordham Uty article.

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 06-14-2010

^ Wow.

Christianism. Scary.

History. Repeat. Repeat. Rep[Where's my parrot...]

Anyway, sorry if the following news topic was posted on IF already - as I'm sure it would have been. (Where...?)

Islamaniacs genocide islamaniacs a stone's throw away from - well in "Central Asia", in an area where Russia is always called in to Fix It.


Quote:Kyrgyz gangs accused of 'genocide' as death toll rises

By Shaun Walker in Moscow

Monday, 14 June 2010


Image Caption: [color="#FF0000"]75,000 ethnic Uzbeks are said to have fled Kyrgystan to seek refuge in neighbouring Uzbekistan[/color]

In the worst ethnic violence this Central Asia nation has seen in 20 years, marauding Kyrgyz gangs were last night accused of "committing genocide", burning ethnic Uzbeks out of their homes and embarking on a three-day rampage of killing, which some human rights activists on the scene estimated has killed more than 500 people.

(Uzbek political representatives claim >200, Kyrgyz politicos claims 117-118. Etc.

But, mass murders become numbers games as usual. Universal rule: Christoislamis always do the lying. But in this case both sides are islamaniac, so who is speaking the truth?)

Uzbekistan's Emergencies Ministry said that more than 75,000 people – mainly women, children and the elderly – had fled across the border to escape the rampage of killing, which began in Kyrgyzstan's second city of Osh and across the south to Jalalabad.

Speaking from behind the barricades he had erected to protect his home, Takhir Maksitov of the human rights group Citizens Against Corruption said he believed there could be a political dimension to the slaughter.

"This is genocide, because there are many Uzbeks here, and if we were to create our own party and go to the polls..." he told Reuters, his voice tailing off, before adding: "[color="#FF0000"]Send in the peacekeepers, Russia[/color], the UN, whoever. The most important thing is to stop the slaughter."

Kyrgyzstan's interim authorities – in charge since former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was deposed in violent riots in April – have appealed for the Russian Army to intervene and restore order in the south.

Moscow yesterday sent a battalion of troops to the country to protect its Kant airbase in the north, but insisted that it would not intervene in what it described as an "internal matter". [color="#0000FF"]The US – which also has a base in the north that is a crucial supply hub for troops in Afghanistan[/color] – called for the "immediate restoration of order".

At the Uzbek border, which had been closed since the April riots, there was chaos with long lines of people, some of whom had gunshot wounds, begging to be let across. The Emergencies Ministry said it was setting up refugee camps in several areas of Uzbekistan.

In Osh, the region's main city and the epicentre of the violence, there were few attributes of a functioning city remaining yesterday. Residents said almost every shop had been looted, and cafes and restaurants burned to the ground. There was no food to be bought and communications are difficult as people were unable to buy credit to top up their mobile phones.

[color="#FF0000"]Video: 80 die in Kyrgyz riots[/color]

Ash clouds hung low over the city, a constant reminder of the orgy of torching and killing that has unfolded over the last three days. Soldiers have been ordered to "shoot to kill" if they come across rioters, but witnesses said there was little military presence in the region.

"God help us! They are killing Uzbeks like animals. Almost the whole city is in flames," Dilmurad Ishanov, an ethnic Uzbek human rights worker, told Reuters.

Officially, 113 people are reported dead but residents described dozens of corpses in the streets and predicted that the final death toll would rise dramatically. "The real figures are going to be much, much higher than what we are hearing at the moment," Angela Berg of Human Rights Watch, who has been in the city throughout the riots, told The Independent. "Adding up the numbers of dead that have been reported to me from different districts, I have a figure of about 520, and it may be even higher than that."

Ms Berg said that some of the city's Uzbek neighbourhoods were now quiet, but in others there were reports of torching, looting and killing underway. Some houses and cars had been daubed with the word "Kyrgyz" in painted letters, to warn off potential rioters looking for Uzbek victims.

Around 1,400 people have reported injuries, with some 600 being hospitalised, but again this figure may not give the whole picture. It is thought that many Uzbeks with injuries have not dared to venture in search of medical assistance, terrified of repeat attacks if they leave their houses.

Habibullah Khurulayev, a retired builder in a besieged Uzbek district of Osh, told Reuters Uzbeks armed with hunting rifles had set up improvised barricades to keep out roaming gangs of Kyrgyz. "They are killing us with impunity. The police are doing nothing. They are helping them kill us... There are not many of us left to shoot."

The violence spread yesterday to the neighbouring city of Jalalabad, where residents told Russian television that there were dozens of bodies lying in the streets.

[color="#0000FF"]There is a history of violence between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in the region. In 1990, as the Soviet Union was disintegrating, violent clashes left hundreds dead, and only the quick deployment of Soviet troops quelled the fighting.[/color]

Throughout the recent political turmoil in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbeks mostly supported the new provisional government, while Kyrgyz in the south of the country, Mr Bakiyev's traditional power base, back the ousted president. The interim authorities suggested dark forces loyal to Mr Bakiyev had provoked the riots, attacking both Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in a bid to stir up violence and destabilise the country.

Mr Bakiyev, who has taken refuge in Belarus, denied these claims. "The Kyrgyz republic is on the verge of losing its statehood. People are dying and no one from the current authorities is in a position to protect them," he said.

Kyrgyz and Uzbeks: a violent history

Why has the violence broken out?

There is a long history of violence between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in the densely populated Fergana Valley, split between Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Poverty and unemployment are rife, fuelling discontent and mistrust, and the power vacuum created by Kyrgyzstan's April revolution has allowed old grievances to be settled in the most bloody way.

Will the situation deteriorate further?

Since April, Kyrgyzstan has been teetering on the brink of chaos, and it is clear that the interim authorities are not in full control of the country. The situation remains volatile and unpredictable, and there is a possibility that both ethnic and political-based violence between supporters of the deposed president and his opponents could worsen.

Will Russia send its troops in?

[color="#800080"](What, get involved in more islamania? Only if they want to court Certain Death.

Should learn from India's intervention to save the islamoTerrorist State of Burglardesh from the genocidal islamoterrorist maniacs of TSP. (Although the real victims of TSP-W were the indigenous Dharmics of eastern Bangladesh.) And now TSP-E is joining with TSP-W to massacre Dharmic India. How unexpectedly islamic of them.)[/color]

Russia has so far declined to get involved. However, if the violence continues, Moscow may decide that it has no choice but to intervene. Russia may also welcome the chance to show that it is still the key player in Central Asia, despite recent [color="#0000FF"]US and Chinese inroads into the region.[/color]

Is the [color="#0000FF"]US airbase[/color] affected?

The Manas airbase, which handles US troops and cargo en route to Afghanistan, is in the north, well away from these riots. But Washington will be worried about the continuing instability.

Will Uzbekistan get involved?

Uzbekistan has partially opened its border and let through some of the ethnic Uzbek refugees fleeing the violence, but it is unlikely to get intervene militarily. Strongman President Islam Karimov will be worried about potential knock-on effects of the instability. Thousands of refugees fleeing rioting and revolution could be a destabilising influence on Karimov's iron grip on power.

Comments section:

Quote: Akahon Aka 3 hours ago

NeilMcG and 4 more liked this

Dear Independent,

I would like to say I am very disappointed by the poor coverage of this large scale massacre in southern Kyrgyzstan. [color="#0000FF"]Most pepople are reporting about these killers being in masks and military uniform with professional training. These killers are also well masked to hide their real identities.[/color] Why not talk about these instead of pointing to ethnic claims? [color="#0000FF"]There are real instigators behind these atrocities who may benefit from such instability.[/color]

I have never heard a human can do such vicious acts. I have heard about many other mass killings and ethnic cleansings. But what these killers are doing simply beyond human understanding. These hired killers/mercenaries are slaughtering kids, raping and burning women, killing and burning man and torching all houses and hospitals.

[color="#800080"](Uh, above person is very naive. Never heard about christoislamism and its bloody history? Never heard of the catholic ustashe? Never read what's been going on in Sudan, etc.?)[/color]

Please post these comments. Thank you very much.

2. Pukistan is happy to report that only one Pukestani was killed (so far) by their own Universal Islamic Brotherhood:

Only one Pakistani student killed in Kyrgyzstan: Envoy


Quote:Refugee Crisis Looms as Uzbeks Flee Kyrgyzstan


Published: June 14, 2010

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — Gangs of gunmen continued raids on ethnic Uzbek enclaves, and a refugee crisis grew at the border of this strategically important Central Asian nation on Monday, after four days of violence left swaths of the country’s ethnically mixed south in ruins.

Enlarge This Image

Oxana Onipko/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

[image caption] Ethnic Uzbeks walk beside the wreckage of burned houses in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, on Monday.

The city of Osh, where mobs marauded for three days, was mostly quiet on Monday morning, and its government buildings appeared to be well protected.

But Kyrgyz volunteers armed with bats and iron bars — some recently arrived from the north of the country — continued to patrol outlying villages, saying they were defending the country’s south against an Uzbek attempt to seize it.

Thousands of people fleeing the violence massed at Nariman, on the border with Uzbekistan, where Dilmurad Failakov, a doctor from a local hospital, said four newborns had died on Monday morning and dysentery was spreading among the children. Refugees, who were mostly sitting on the ground, said they had seen truckloads of humanitarian aid passing by, but none of them had stopped.

The government of Uzbekistan estimated that 75,000 people were fleeing and said it had set up refugee camps on its side of the border.

Doctors in Nariman said they were scrambling to treat gunshot wounds and cases of dysentery under circumstances they described as desperate. There was no government presence at the growing camp, and Mr. Failakov, the doctor, said 10 of his patients had died because he had no access to medical supplies.

Roughly 70,000 refugees had crossed the border on Sunday, and about 1,000 were able to cross on Monday, said Akmal Khaidarov, another doctor at the site, who estimated that the number of Uzbeks crowding into the border village had grown to 5,000.

Occasional truckloads of people fleeing the violence continued to arrive, including a man who said he had been driving when a gunmen in a bus opened fire on his car, which flipped over as he tried to escape.

Families sat together in groups under a scattering of tents, and naked children played in the open air as Uzbek border guards in camouflage faced them from the other side of a barbed-wire barrier. Ethnic Uzbeks make up about 15 percent of the overall population of Kyrgyzstan, but they are represented in much higher numbers in Osh, which has roughly 225,000 people and is on the Uzbek border.

The Associated Press quoted Zhalalidin Salakhuddinov, the leader of the Uzbek community in Kyrgyzstan, as saying that more than 200 Uzbeks had been killed in the violence — much higher than the interim government’s estimate of about 117.

[color="#0000FF"]Tensions between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have erupted before, but fighters on both sides said they believed these riots had been orchestrated for political reasons. The south of the country has remained largely loyal to the former president, Kurmanbek S. Bakiyev, who was ousted in April, and the provisional government in Bishkek has accused Mr. Bakiyev of provoking the violence in order to wrest back control.

Mr. Bakiyev, who is in exile in Belarus, has said he played no role in the violence.[/color]

After four days of looting and arson, the Uzbek enclave of Zheleznodorozhny Raion was spray-painted with the letters “SOS” and surrounded by the carcasses of burnt-out cars. But some Uzbeks refused to flee. A man called Alisher, who would not give his last name, said Muslim tradition forbade him from fleeing across the Uzbek border with his family.

[color="#800080"](Do they mean the Territory rule? That only applies in Dar-ul-harb. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan - like Tajikistan and Chechnya and Kazakhstan etc are all islamaniac/dar-ul-islams already.)[/color]

“We have no back doors,” he said, on a morning that was interrupted by heavy bursts of gunfire. “We have already said goodbye to our wives and children. Whether we return or not, we died for our own people.”

[color="#800080"](Uh, maybe he means: died at the hands of his own islamaniac people - the brotherhood/ummah.)[/color]

It was difficult to determine whether the ongoing attacks were being carried out by troops or civilians. Mirzohid, another resident who would not give his last name, said groups of attackers, some on armored vehicles, would make swings through the neighborhood, unleashing heavy fire in attacks lasting 10 or 20 minutes.

“Whoever dies, they throw gasoline on them and burn them,” he said.

[color="#0000FF"]Outside the barricade, young Kyrgyz men cast the Uzbeks as the aggressors. Sultan Shakhamadiyev, who rushed here from Bishkek, gestured toward a blood-spattered car where he said a fleeing Kyrgyz family had been ambushed by Uzbek snipers.

“There is a war to take our Osh and make it into an Uzbek region,” said Mr. Shakhamadiyev. “It’s our Kyrgyz region.”[/color]

[color="#800080"](What Global Brotherhood?)[/color]

Kyrgyzstan’s army and police forces are preparing to sweep two areas on the outskirts of Osh, Ismail Isakov, the country’s acting defense minister, told the Interfax news service. Mr. Isakov said forces from Bishkek would set up bases in Uzbek enclaves near a hospital and Osh’s airport, allowing safe access to both places.

Both the above articles combined contain more than one allusion to a conspiracy underfoot.

Which country is famous for dealing in genocides? There could be more than one, but the question was: which country is *famous* (as in *well-known*) for dealing in genocides for strategic purposes. After this post is over I may go away and have a deep think about it.

4. More from the NYT, from the links at the bottom of the previous news article:

a) Ethnic Rioting Ravages Kyrgyzstan (June 13, 2010)

Quote:The rioting could pose a challenge to the legitimacy of the unelected provisional government, formed by several opposition figures in April. Political analysts said a hard-line politician could try to seize power, arguing that the current leaders had been ineffectual in ending the unrest.

A Russian-backed news Web site in Kyrgyzstan, Bely Parus, appeared to withdraw support for the interim leader, Ms. Otunbayeva, over the weekend. Russia still has considerable influence in the country’s internal politics, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the new government.
Russia had an interest in regional stability.

b ) Kyrgyzstan Seeks Russian Help to Quell Unrest (June 12, 2010)

What, so the ingrates can kick Russia again after it's all been fixed?

Instead, can't Chechnya go in and join in the islamaniac fray? Islam is happening in Kyrgyzstan. Islam has issued a general invite: "all islamaniacs come on down and see what the Universal Islamic Brotherhood means first-hand."

c) Kyrgyz Government Retakes Buildings in Restive South (May 15, 2010)

d) Kyrgyzstan Opens an Inquiry Into Fuel Sales to a U.S. Base (May 5, 2010) <=<=<=

Ya don't say:

Quote:Kyrgyzstan Opens an Inquiry Into Fuel Sales to a U.S. Base


Published: May 4, 2010

MOSCOW — Prosecutors in Kyrgyzstan have opened a criminal investigation into whether, for the second time in a decade, a son of a president of this small Central Asian country illegally profited from contracts supplying jet fuel to an American air base.

The investigation focuses on Maksim Bakiyev, the 32-year-old son of former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who was ousted in an uprising last month in which opposition to corruption was a rallying cry.

Prosecutors are examining whether the elder Mr. Bakiyev’s government broke the law in granting tax breaks to companies that eventually became affiliated with his son, the Interfax news agency reported.

Leaders of Kyrgyzstan’s interim government have said that Maksim Bakiyev’s companies skimmed as much as $8 million a month from fuel sales to the base. That charge and other corruption allegations contributed to the uprising that drove his father from office.

Kyrgyz officials have also accused the United States of using the fuel distribution system to curry favor with Kurmanbek Bakiyev in order to hold on to the air base, but the prosecutors have not alleged wrongdoing by the Pentagon, according to the Interfax report.

Petroleum purchased from refineries in Russia and Central Asia accounts for about half of all helicopter and jet fuel used in the war in Afghanistan, according to an American Congressional investigation into possible corruption among suppliers and resellers.

In Kyrgyzstan, where the fuel went to a transit hub and aerial refueling base at the Manas airport outside the capital, Bishkek, prosecutors are investigating the legality of a 2005 parliamentary decision to grant tax exemptions worth $77.8 million to companies that they say came to be run by the younger Mr. Bakiyev.

[color="#0000FF"]Kurmanbek Bakiyev had assumed power that year, on the heels of another uprising. Then, as now, allegations that the ruling family benefited from behind-the-scenes deals with the base helped foment popular discontent.

The Pentagon agency in charge of buying fuel has said it would not be illegal to do business with a member of the family of a foreign ruler.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Especially if you innocently help them to power. Mutual Backscratching rule. See sockpuppet Madmoron Stink and the nation-looting Catholic Mafia family in India.)[/color]


5. Back in May, the news of 2 dead made ripples in 'regional' reporting:

2 killed in ethnic clashes in S. Kyrgyzstan

(I'm not sure, but there may have been something on the late night Beeb 'news' back then too.)

Where is the unIndian 'Indian' Bloody Hearts brigade whenever the real genocides go on. They ignored the ongoing one in Nigeria of christos and islamics. Can they show up for the one in Kyrgyzstan this time? It's islamaniac upon islamaniac. 75,000 refugees in a country that has far fewer people than India (well, assuming that Central Asia is as sparsely populated as Iran etc are).

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 06-14-2010

is as populated as western part of Jokestan.

Islamism - 7 - ramana - 06-15-2010

Husky the Kirgyz riots should be in the News hopper forum. The riots are not linked to islamism but power struggle inside Kirgyzthan.

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-17-2010

[url=""]Australia: Khilafah Conference 2010~ Video[/url]

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 06-22-2010

future islamic caliphate acording to al qaida

[Image: 01_al_qaida.jpg]

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 06-23-2010

Why they are avoiding China, Nepal, Mongolia, SriLanka?

This is Pakistan Army dream, not Al-queda.

Al-queda dream is Europe and USA. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 07-03-2010

Don't know where the radicalisation of Indian islamics thread went (though there's only 1 kind of islamania=radical).

1. More of the Christo "Freedom To Screech" (secularism=diluted christianism) and what it actually means to heathens and their heathenism:

Quote:Rajeev Twitter Updates

freedom of speech = freedom to say nice things about mohdans. jammu papers shut down for reporting attack on temple. about an hour ago
Points to:

Quote:Three newspapers sealed in Jammu

2010-07-02 11:00:00

Last Updated: 2010-07-02 11:59:13

Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir government has sealed the presses of three newspapers in Jammu for 'printing inflammatory material'.

The printing presses were sealed on Thursday night and the publications suspended indefinitely on the orders of Jammu Deputy Commissioner M.K. Dwivedi.

[color="#800080"](Stench. Smells like Traitor Spirit.

Yeah okay fine: apologies to Nirvana fans. Tss, it's not like mine was a memorable cover.)[/color]

'According to him, three newspapers (The Shadow, Early Times and Glimpses of Future) were publishing inflammatory material,' said a notice served on the three English newspapers published from Jammu.

[color="#800080"][Link in original:][/color] Amarnath yatra begins peacefully, curfew extended

The action has come after some reports suggested that a Hindu temple in the south Kashmir town of Anantnag had come under a mob attack, though it was denied strongly by the administration.

An official release quoting Deputy Commissioner, Anantnag, J.P. Singh, said the 'reports were baseless'. The temple was intact.
Wait wait, I don't get the logic in the last statement: So something could not have been attacked by a mob if it is still "intact"? (And words also conceal any info on whether there are any signs of damage.)

They're just using words to obfuscate.

The question is not whether the mob of islamaniacs (disguised by secular sify under anonymous "mob") succeeded in destroying the Temple, but whether the mohammedans attacked it at all. You see, attempted murder is STILL a crime in its own right: you don't get off merely for not having successfully done some person in.

"Curious" how heathens are slowly losing all ability for speech in their own country. (Well, it's what happens when a heathen country is forced to declare that it is "secular" instead, by the usuals - the christoislamicommuni 'minority' ideology. If people didn't see that coming, More Fool Them.)

Interesting that media is no longer content with referring to "anonymous" mobs whenever mobs of undeniably christoislamaniac persuasion are involved in attacking Hindus and/or their religion, but resorting to toying with the nicety of Details in their printed word to avoid admitting to actual anti-Hindu events. Reporting conforms to the specs of the christoarchive.


One of the comments -

Quote:Different topic:

Vengeful new militant group emerges in Pakistan

Quote:[color="#800080"][image caption][/color] AP – FILE - In this July 31, 2007 file photo, pro-Taliban militants take control of a mosque of a shrine which …

"...The emergence of the Ghazi Force was part of the outrage among many deeply religious Pakistani Muslims over the July 2007 attack by security forces against the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, a stronghold of Islamic militants...."
What a thrill, more hardcore islamania.

Well, I guess things could be worse. Imagine, instead of these Puppets of allah/mohammed wearing Socks (i.e. some sort of islamic shawl) over their heads, the SockPuppets of the picture could be uncovered. And then one would have been hit with a captioned image of their ugly islamaniac faces. :NOoooo: Anything but that. Seen enough of bollywood khans/islamoterrorist supporters, don't need to suffer through the faces of the Even More Complete Islamics.

The Gorgon was never such a danger.

From that Yahoo news link:

Quote:Christine Fair, a co-author of that [color="#800080"](some RAND)[/color] report and an assistant professor at Georgetown University's Center for Peace and Security Studies, said the battle against extremists in Pakistan is mired in layers of subterfuge by Pakistani intelligence and a "mystifying" acceptance by the CIA of Pakistan's "good-militant, bad-militant" policy.

[color="#800080"](Mystifying? Enough play-acting. Who is mystified? Not the CIA and US govt, nor their puppet christogovt of India. Not TSP govt and its islamoterrorists. Not Hindus. So who?)[/color]

She said U.S. intelligence knows Pakistan protects one group — Lashkar-e-Taiba, which India blames for the 2008 Mumbai assault and Afghanistan accuses of masterminding deadly attacks against the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

"Lashkar-e-Taiba remains intact. I have had conversations with ... officials in Washington. It is not their priority. Lashkar-e-Taiba is not an issue," she said in an interview. "Yet Lashkar-e-Taiba has been attacking us in Afghanistan since 2004."
LeT is AmriKKKa's best friend. TSP is Amrikkka's best friend. Why would they ever go after their own guys in "South Asia" who are helping to shape "South Asia" the way they want it to be? Taliban helped them against Russia. Taliban was (is) Amrikkka's best friend.

It's not all bad news:

Amerikkka has to worry about China. E.g. China according to a news item at Rajeev2004, is poised to take over some angelsk-language media. Amrikka afraid, very very afraid - and it has every cause to fear. (No wonder there are also Amrikkkan anti-Chinese movies now; US has started conditioning its impressionable populace already).

And then there's Obama who may possibly be batting for the Other team (whichever Other).

And there's also islam's thirst for taking the world - not just Dharmic Bharatam (no matter how much US hopes/imagines to contain islamism to selected geography that it has promised as reward).

So: it doesn't matter how bad things are, revenge is always sweet.