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Islamism - 7 - Husky - 11-16-2010

Christoislamism. Episode: "More Equal" Part II.

Continued from above.

Same warning applies.

Oh yeah, and *this* is what happens to them kaffiri heathens:

5. Starting with the recent plight of Aryavati. Sorry, misspelled it. It's transliterated as "Ariyawathie" -

Quote:27 August 2010 Last updated at 10:18 GMT

Nails removed from 'tortured' Sri Lankan maid

Ms Ariyawathie (left) was deeply traumatised, doctors said

Doctors have removed 13 nails and five needles from a Sri Lankan housemaid who said her employer in Saudi Arabia hammered them into her body.

LP Ariyawathie, 49, told staff at Kamburupitiya Hospital her employer inflicted the injuries as a punishment.

X-rays showed that there were 24 nails and needles in her body.
Doctors said those remaining inside her body posed no immediate threat to her life.

The nails were up to 2in (5cm) long, a hospital official said.

"The surgery is successful and she is recovering now," Dr Satharasinghe said, according to news agency Associated Press.

Ms Ariyawathie, a mother of three, underwent a three-hour procedure.

Doctors said they would carry out further surgery later to remove the remaining nails.

'Deeply traumatised'

Ms Ariyawathie travelled to Saudi Arabia in March to become a housemaid.

Doctors say this X-ray shows nails embedded in the housemaid's hand

Last week, she flew back to Sri Lanka and was admitted to hospital in the south of the island, where she told doctors she had undergone abuse for more than a month.

The doctors found 24 metal pieces in her legs and hands.

She could not sit down or walk properly, doctors said.

They said Ms Ariyawathie was deeply traumatised and unable to give full details of her experience.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan authorities have launched an investigation.

"We have launched a strong protest with the Saudi government through the external affairs minister, but there has been no response yet," Kingsley Ranawaka, chairman of Bureau for Foreign Employment, told the BBC.

Around 1.8 million Sri Lankans are employed abroad, 70% of whom are women.

Most work as housemaids in the Middle East, while smaller numbers work in Singapore and Hong Kong.

6. And here comes the faithful islamic Saudi response. Nothing surprising:

Quote:11 October 2010 Last updated at 17:59 GMT

Saudi Arabia urged to suspend Sri Lankan recruitment

Ms Ariyawathie (left) was left deeply traumatised after the August attack, doctors said

One of the main recruitment organisations in Saudi Arabia has called for a suspension in the hiring of thousands of workers from Sri Lanka.

The Saudi Arabian National Recruitment Committee urged officials to implement the freeze as soon as possible.

The Saudi authorities say that the main reason for the proposal is a row over recruitment charges.

But officials in Sri Lanka say the move is linked to torture claims by a Sri Lankan housemaid.

Saudi officials denied earlier reports that the ban had already been implemented.

They say the final decision now rests with the Saudi government.

'Baseless and harmful'

(I.e. here come the excuses)

Doctors say this X-ray shows nails embedded in the housemaid's hand

A spokesman for the Saudi government told the BBC that the main reasons for the proposed suspension on hiring from Sri Lanka were high recruitment charges - $2,000 per worker - and the Colombo authorities' failure to train maids adequately.

(Of course it just must be the Sri Lankan heathens' fault. They deserve to be tortured, because jeebusjehovallah okayed it.)

They say the ban will not affect more than 500,000 workers from Sri Lanka already in the country, most of whom are women.

(What are they still doing there? Get out of there.)

Saudi officials denied that the proposed suspension is linked to abuse claims by former housemaid LP Ariyawathie, 49.

Sri Lankan medics who treated her on her return from Saudi Arabia in August say nails and five had been forced into her hands and legs.

She told medical staff in Colombo that her employer had inflicted the injuries as a punishment.

Ms Ariyawathie travelled to Saudi Arabia in March to become a housemaid.

In the first half of this year nearly 20,000 Sri Lankans went there to work.
Islamic justice.

7. The following contains some documentation on a few older cases. Shows it's been ongoing:

Quote:Monday, 24 November, 2003

Work is torture for Sri Lanka maids

Frances Harrison

BBC correspondent in Colombo

Kusuma says a Saudi employer burned her with an iron and hot knife

What makes Kusuma cry is not the memory of repeated assaults but the look on her children's faces when they saw her in hospital.

"After three months, I asked Madam for my salary and she started to beat me with iron bars and wooden sticks," the maid explains of her time in Saudi Arabia.

"Sometimes she would take a hot iron and burn me or heat up a knife and put it on my body."

Kusuma is still trying to understand why her employer treated her this way when she had not done anything wrong.

(As usual, heathen trying to 'understand' islam. There IS no understanding the disease. It's just the way it is.)

Kusuma says that one day her employer just tired of her. The employer said they were going to the police station and that Kusuma would be arrested.

Instead she just put her on a plane back to Sri Lanka, knowing she would never be prosecuted for torturing her.


Sri Lankan Minister of Labour Mahinda Samarasinghe assures maids that the government "has been taking these issues up with the relevant authorities and they have been in the main responding positively".

However, labour activists say it is essential Sri Lanka operates a blacklisting system for rogue employers.

The minister says that will depend on the co-operation of the Saudi authorities, who have not yet agreed.

A recent survey by Colombo University found a quarter of Sri Lankan maids had suffered problems such as abuse or lack of payment while abroad.

The Bureau of Foreign Employment runs a counter at Colombo airport to help returning maids with problems.

It says on average 50 a day come back in distress.

Lebanon does operate a blacklist system for bad employers, but that did not help 41-year-old Soma, who recalls repeated rapes by the 18-year-old son of her female employer.

Yatsu o *korose*

"When I went to his bedroom he closed the door and removed my clothes and his. When I tried to resist he threatened to kill me," she says.

Soma says she begged him to spare her on the grounds that she had a son his age.

"Another day, his four friends came to the house. When I took tea to the room they closed the door and kept me on their laps and started to touch my body and abuse me," she says in tears. All the men then raped her.

There was little comfort from Soma's employer, who seemed to think she had employed a prostitute for her son rather than a cleaner for her house.

"I complained to his mother and she just said, 'I will give you pills to make sure you don't get pregnant' and she beat me."

(How faithfully muslimah of his mother. An accessory to the crime.)

Soma eventually escaped from the flat and walked for four hours until she met by chance a Sri Lankan couple who took her home, fed her and took her to the embassy.

Although the rapes were reported to the embassy and police, Soma was just put on a plane home. Nothing happened to her rapists.

Training efforts

(There are images at the news links. Of nails in hands. Of hurt victims. People don't need to see that. There's nothing one can do. Just keep your kind - and all others - away from (christo)islamania.)

This is islam. It's the "brotherhood" that it guarantees. The *only* 'brotherhood' it has to offer.

Murder and brutal torture of humans. With impunity. Especially of those lower in the islamic hierarchy, the islamic casta system. Most especially of the kaffirs.

Indian/paki/bd muslims, African muslims, Indonesian muslims, Malay muslims, etc. Can't they see what everyone else in the free world can see? They're *blind*.

Islamism - 7 - Bharatvarsh2 - 11-27-2010

VS Naipaul Withdraws From Turkish Event After Row Over Islam Comments

THE GUARDIAN: Turkish writers expressed outrage at Nobel laureate's invitation to European Writers' Parliament, after comments he made about Islam in 2001

The Nobel laureate VS Naipaul has pulled out of a literary event opening in Istanbul tomorrow, after Turkish writers threatened a boycott because of deeply critical comments he has made on Islam.

The row erupted after Naipaul was invited to give the opening speech at the European Writers' Parliament (EWP), the brainchild of novelists Orhan Pamuk and José Saramago, which aims to bring together authors from across Europe to debate key issues of the contemporary literary scene and opens today. But several Turkish writers expressed outrage at the invitation, citing hostile comments Naipaul made about Islam nearly a decade ago.

Naipaul, who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2001, caused controversy that same year by his remarks about Islam at a London reading from his book, Half a Life. The writer compared the religion to colonialism, saying Islam "has had a calamitous effect on converted peoples. To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say 'my ancestral culture does not exist, it doesn't matter'."...

Islamism - 7 - Bharatvarsh2 - 12-01-2010

Great news, one less anti Hindu Muslim fanatic.

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 12-01-2010

[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='01 December 2010 - 02:34 AM' timestamp='1291150592' post='109562']

Great news, one less anti Hindu Muslim fanatic.


All because of Allah

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 12-05-2010

Teams of muslims flaggers road on internet trying to ban any video that is critical of islam.

on youtbe they flag video as being inappropriate.

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 12-09-2010

Dutch Politician: Dutch Jews must emigrate to the U.S. or Israel.

In other words,blame the victim.

Euros authorites cant save jews from the atacks of antisemitic muslims ,so instead to expel thoose muslims ,they prefer to expel the jews.

Frits Bolkenstein, a Dutch politician and former EU commissioner, has sparked a heated debate in the national political environment after the Netherlands to emigrese recommended Eve in Israel or the U.S. government in The Hague inability to manage the growing number of incidents antisemitic.

Bolkenstein made this recommendation in a book written by a Holocaust survivor, Manfred Gerstenfeld, and recently launched "decline." Former president of the liberal VVD party, the main party in the current ruling coalition, has argued that the declaration by the growing number of incidents over the past decade have focused on Hebrew community in the Netherlands made him believe that the Dutch government does not is able to keep the phenomenon under control.

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, former commissioner's remarks have provoked heated reactions from the political class, especially among fellow liberals. Himself Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party, said that "not Jews should emigrate, but Moroccans anti-Semitic."

In his book, Gerstenfeld examines attitudes towards the Dutch Protestant Church claims that the Hebrew and Semitic manifestations are not confined to Muslim immigrants. Gretta Duisenberg He quotes a Dutch queen and a close pro-Palestinian militant who said he was "proud to be called anti-Semitic about."

The Netherlands has a Jewish community of nearly 40,000 people. According to a report published in September by Dutch police last year recorded 209 incidents were directed against Jews, 50 percent more than in 2008.

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 12-09-2010

WikiLeaks: Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll -- Saudi style

CNN) -- "The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available -- alcohol, drugs, sex -- but strictly behind closed doors."

If you want to get your readers' attention, it's not a bad way to start. The language comes from a short but tantalizing U.S. diplomatic cable sent last year from the consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia -- where alcohol is banned and carnal relations strictly regulated.

"Behind the facade of Wahabi conservatism in the streets, the underground nightlife for Jeddah's elite youth is thriving and throbbing," the cable begins.

In evidence, then Consul General Martin Quinn refers to a Halloween party last year. The redacted cable reads: "Along with over 150 young Saudis (men and women mostly in their 20s and early 30s), ConGenOffs accepted invitations to an underground Halloween party at Prince XXXX residence in Jeddah on XXXX."

What is WikiLeaks? Here's how it works

Julian Assange's legal tangle WikiLeaks editor in jail


Saudi Arabia

"The scene resembled a nightclub anywhere outside the Kingdom: plentiful alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ at the turntables, and everyone in costume," it said.

The notorious Vice Police were nowhere to be seen "because the religious police keep their distance when parties include the presence or patronage of a Saudi royal and his circle of loyal attendants." There are literally thousands of princes in Saudi Arabia, but the host of this event was able to trace his lineage back to a direct ancestor of King Abdullah.

As for the details of the party, the cable continues: "The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made moonshine.... It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact 'working girls,' not uncommon for such parties."

The cable goes on to make the point that black-market liquor is prohibitively expensive -- even for princes. A bottle of Smirnoff vodka might cost the equivalent of $400. "Additionally, though not witnessed directly at this event, cocaine and hashish use is common in these social circles and has been seen on other occasions," it adds.

The Consul General draws an interesting conclusion at the end of his dispatch. "Parties of this nature and scale are believed to be a relatively recent phenomenon in Jeddah. ...It is not uncommon in Jeddah for the more lavish private residences to include elaborate basement bars, discos, entertainment centers and clubs."

"As one high society Saudi remarked, "The increased conservatism of our society over these past years has only moved social interaction to the inside of people's homes."

Islamism - 7 - Bharatvarsh2 - 12-13-2010

A Muslim man has been arrested for killing his teenaged daughter who

was in love with a Hindu youth from the same village, police said on

Thursday. Mushtakeem, a resident of Mawaithakuran village, strangled his

18-year-old daughter Rehana Parveen after she insisted on marrying her lover

Bhoora Prajapati, 21, police said.

Mushtakeem was arrested late on Wednesday after Parveen's body was recovered

from their home. The village is in Moradabad district, some 300 km from


According to police, Prajapati and Parveen used to meet regularly in the

fields on the outskirts of the village. But as Parveen had not been coming

for the last few days, Prajapati approached police suspecting the girl could

be in trouble.

Police raided Mushtakeem's house and recovered his daughter's body from a

locked room.

"Preliminary investigations indicate it's a case of honour killing. The

father has confessed to the crime," police inspector Ravi Kumar told

reporters on Thursday.

"The father told us he committed the crime as he thought his daughter's

marriage with the youth of a different community would bring a bad name to

the family," he added.

According to police, besides the father, the girl's family members could

also be involved in the crime.

"Investigations are on in this regard," said Kumar.

Islamism - 7 - Bodhi - 12-18-2010


Suri, Santhia (WB)

An electronics shop in the Sainthia Municipality market was ransacked by a group of people on Friday moring when the shopkeeper refused to give 'chanda' for Muharram, which a local club had demanded.

Samir Dutta, the shopowner, lodged a complaint with Sainthia police. He alleged that a team of police was standing nearby but did not help them when the armed attackers broke into the shop and beat him up.

(Times Of India Kolkata Ed. Dec 18 2010 P6 -- not available online)

Quote:Suri(WB), Dec 17 (PTI) Angry businessmen of Sainthia today blocked the Behrampur-Suri road for around four hours to demanding the arrest of the people, who ransacked of an electronics goods shop for refusing donation.

The businessmen alleged that a group of people demanded Rs 200 donation from the electronics shop owner Samir Dutta for taking out a religious procession. When Dutta asked them to accept Rs 20 instead of Rs 200 the group barged into his shop and beat him up and ransacked the shop and damaged many electronics goods/.

Dutta alleged that a police team was standing at a stone throw distance from his shop when the incident occurred but did not help them.

Dutta has lodged a complaint with the Sainthia police station.

The businessmen alleged that two months ago similar incident took place there.

Saithia is one of the biggest whole-sell market of the state for mustard oil.

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 12-20-2010

1/3 posts of sequential spam.

So much islamania has been going on, it's hard to organise everything one hears on the news.

1. This next piece is from Oct. Not unexpected, not unsuspected, but important.

The global jihad is On. Again. Islam slept for a while - tossing and turning violently. Now it's awake and consciously violent. Off on a jihad against Africa in another session of taking nations for islam.

Quote:North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is poised to overrun five states in North Africa and the Middle East, creating terrorist safe havens from which the network can launch attack on the West, Europe and the US have been warned.

[Photo caption:] Large swathes of Somalia are already under the control of al-Shabaab, a Somali al-Qaeda affiliate Photo: REUTERS

By Praveen Swami, Diplomatic Editor 9:00PM BST 21 Oct 2010

Mauritania, Mali and Niger have seen a steady escalation of al-Qaeda activity targeting Western aid workers and experts. Somalia, to their east, has disintegrated in the face of Islamist assault. In Yemen, across the Red Sea from Somalia, security forces have been waging a losing battle against resurgent jihadist armies that have claimed the lives of dozens of troops.

Amadou Marou, the President of Niger's National Consultative Council has been in Europe with a grim message for governments. "Somalia got away from us", he said, "and northern Mali is in the process of getting away from us".

Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed, Somalia's new Prime Minister, has also called on the US and Europe to "step up to the plate". Aid to Somalia, he said, "is not an option, it's a necessity. We are dealing with al-Shabaab, who are extremists and seeking to take their war throughout the world".

Al-Qaeda's regional affiliates have expanded dramatically throughout this belt of states, exploiting the administrative weaknesses and corruption of their governments.

Large swathes of Somalia are already under the control of al-Shabaab, a Somali al-Qaeda affiliate, which is known to have hundreds of US and UK citizens among its ranks. Western intelligence services say they have evidence that those recruits are preparing for attacks on the West.

(There you go: it's in everyone's best interests to bring down islam. Still, there are self-serving govts and ideologies that think they can keep islam as an attack hound. Never mind it's rogue and can't be tamed and works for itself.)

Last month, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, its north African branch, kidnapped seven people, including five French citizens, from a uranium mine in Niger. AQIM has demanded a ransom of £5 million and a rollback on France's burka ban for the lives of the hostages Mauritania has been engaged in pitched battles with AQIM, and the country's air force has been bombing jihadist targets in northern Mali the region where British tourist Edwin Dyer was executed by terrorists last year.

Mauritanian jihadists also murdered an American aid worker last year, and earlier attacked Israel's embassy to the country.

Yemen, which is home to another al-Qaeda affiliate called al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has served as hub for several plots targeting the West, often carried out by western citizens inspired by the charismatic Islamist televangelist Anwar al-Awlaki.

"There's obviously a lot that needs doing in countries like Somalia", says Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, an American counter-terrorism expert, "but it isn't obvious how to do what needs doing".

Local efforts to address the problem have had little success. Amisom, the African Union's 7,000-strong peacekeeping force in Somalia, has been unable to restore government control over even the capital, Mogadishu. Peacekeepers received no wages for six months last year. Poor security conditions have made aid work all but impossible.

Experts say aid should be focused not just on upgrading regional counter-terrorism forces, but also addressing the poverty and poor governance that have helped al-Qaeda gain ground in the region.

Britain is a key member of Friends of Yemen, an international consortium that has committed to pumping millions of pounds into the country. But although Yemen has committed to economic reforms and anti-corruption measures, there are still doubts about just how much the aid has achieved on the ground.
Africa is always being victimised by christoislamania.

2. And thus follows the predictable:

Nov 2010

A great many things in the following -

Quote:Terrorism in the UK

Suspect linked to al-Qaeda plane bomb plotters arrested in Britain

A member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was arrested in Britain for allegedly plotting an attack in this country, the Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

By Tom Whitehead and Caroline Gammell 12:14PM GMT 03 Nov 2010

The suspect was an "associate" of the terrorist group, which was linked to last week's cargo plane bomb plot in which ink printer cartridges were loaded with enough dangerous explosive to blow up aircraft.

In her first speech on security, Mrs May warned such threats will continue against the country and that the police and security services were working to disrupt al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) operatives in this country.

Mrs May also warned that the threat of AQAP and its capability in Yemen was increasing.

Mrs May said: "An AQAP associate was arrested here earlier this year.

"He is alleged to have been planning a terrorist attack in this country. Threats such as these are likely to continue."

Her disclosure about the arrest earlier this year came a day after the conviction of a female student who tried to murder former Labour minister Stephen Timms because she was inspired by a radical AQAP cleric.

(Oh, like in The Netherlands.)

British-born Roshonara Choudhry had watched a series of sermons on the internet which were preached by Anwar al-Awlaki, who is wanted in connection with the cargo plane bomb plot.

Ministers have called on the White House to put pressure on US websites - such as Youtube - to remove propaganda videos from figures such as al-Awlaki.

(Gets my vote. Hopefully Zakir Hussein will be included?)

During her speech, the Home Secretary also warned that Somalia will become a terror hotbed if "left to its own devices" plotting attacks on the UK.

"We know that people from this country have already gone to Somalia to fight," she said.

"It seems highly likely, given experience elsewhere, that if left to their own devices we would eventually see British extremists, trained and hardened on the streets of Mogadishu, returning to the UK and seeking to commit mass murder on the streets of London."

Mrs May added: "Most threats to the UK continue to come from the federally-administered tribal areas of Pakistan.

(The More Faithful hence troo-er muslims.)

"When we have a Pakistani diaspora of over one million people, and there are hundreds of thousands of journeys between our countries every year, what goes on in Pakistan matters on the streets of Britain."

(Read "islamania" for "pakistani". It has nothing to do with geography.)

She said: "Where necessary we will enhance our protective security measures; we will invest in conflict prevention and stopping terrorist plots overseas; we will refocus the strategy for preventing radicalisation in the UK; and we will strike a better balance between our liberties and our security.

(Strategy for preventing radicalisation in the UK: stop allowing islam in. Like that German lawsuit said about the babble: ban the koran.)

"There is much good work under way to tackle the terrorist threat.

"But where there needs to be change I will not be afraid to make it."

She added: "I want an approach which is more targeted against extremist individuals, but that impacts much less on the good people of our communities.

"I want an approach which allows people to enjoy their liberty in safety and security.

"And I want an approach that is effective in dealing with an evolving threat. That is what we will deliver."

Delivering her first major speech on the subject, the Home Secretary said the success of domestic counter-terrorism work depended on international collaboration and co-operation.

Mrs May said Britain could not "entirely eliminate" the threat of an attack, but could reduce the risk.

She said the Labour administration did not "get the balance right" on often invasive measures such as control orders, pre-charge detention and other counter-terrorism powers.

But Mrs May added: "I don't believe the previous government got the balance right, but let me be clear: I will do absolutely nothing which will put at risk Britain's national security."

The Home Secretary said programmes to deter people from engaging with terrorism, called the Prevent strategy, were here to stay, but a new approach to dealing with Britain's Muslim communities was needed.

She said: "We want to increase the participation of everyone in our society. And participating in society also means standing up against the extremists who would seek to divide us."

(Good luck with that. I "predict" re-treading that worn-out avenue won't be rewarding. Sounds like a remedy in the line of "If we all hold hands together and sing 'Silent Night...Sleep in Heavenly Peace', everything will work out".)

Assistant commissioner John Yates, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "These attempts clearly show the threat is very real and very much upon us. We may never totally eliminate the threat."

The senior officer, who is responsible for counter-terrorism operations, said police and the security services often felt that a 100 per cent success rate was expected of them.

He said: "In recognising this, we can perhaps therefore only aim to reduce the risk and it is in this collective effort we must reconcile how and what we do with what the public expects of us in terms of their civil liberties.

"We must not do the terrorists' jobs for them, either by unduly increasing the fear of terror itself or by responding to the threat in a way that encroaches unnecessarily on freedoms."

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 12-20-2010

Post 2/3

3. 12 Dec 2010


Quote:Stockholm Bomber Killed Himself in Blast, Police Say

December 12, 2010, 11:16 AM EST

By Kim McLaughlin

(Updates with Swedish national broadcaster’s details about suspect in ninth paragraph.)

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- A suspected terrorist bomber killed himself and injured two other people in separate explosions near a central shopping street in Stockholm, police said.

Sweden’s Security Service is investigating the two blasts a few hundred meters apart around 5 p.m. local time yesterday. The first set a car on fire, the second killed the suspect and injured two people, Stockholm police said in a statement on its website today. Shortly before the explosions, police and a Swedish news agency received an e-mail with a sound recordings in Swedish and Arabic from a man who said it was “time to strike” because a “war was being waged against Islam.”

(Yes, the free world doesn't approve of terrorism.

And christoislamism=terrorism.)

“We don’t know yet that the three incidents are connected, even if much evidence points to this,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said at a news conference in Stockholm. “It’s important to say that this is unacceptable and very serious, but let’s be patient and let the police and the security police work.” It is important not to victimize groups in society based on presumption, he added.


b )

Quote:Stockholm suicide bomber 'may not have acted alone'

Swedish officials are investigating whether Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly was helped in Saturday's attack

Associated Press, Thursday 16 December 2010 22.11 GMT

Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly. Photograph: Sipa Press/Rex Features

The suicide bomber who blew himself up on a street in Stockholm may have had help preparing the attack, Swedish officials said today.

Investigators initially said that Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, an Iraqi-born Swede, appeared to have acted alone during Saturday's bombing, in which he died and two people were hurt.

But they are also "investigating whether there could have been someone else involved in the preparations", though there are no suspects at this point. The Swedish investigators said they were aware of claims made by Iraqi officials that captured insurgents had revealed the suicide bombing was part of attacks being planned by al-Qaida against the US and Europe during the Christmas season.

"We consider it interesting," said Jan Garton, of the SAPO security service. He wouldn't say whether Sweden was in touch with Iraq about the case.

Abdaly spent much of the past decade in Britain and appears to have been radicalised there. SAPO have said he was not among roughly 200 Islamists they had identified in Sweden.

An audio file sent shortly before the blast from his mobile phone referred to Sweden's military presence in Afghanistan and an image by a Swedish artist that depicted the prophet Muhammad as a dog and enraged many Muslims.

They said they had performed an autopsy on Abdaly and analysed the explosives he used, but were not ready to release the results yet. They believe the explosives went off by mistake and that Abdaly may have planned to detonate them in a busier place, such as a shopping centre or railway station.

One theory is that Abdaly had problems with his explosives, and walked off the busy pedestrian street to a side street, "and that's when something happened", Anders Thornberg of SAPO said.
Oh well, just another christoislamaniac. What else is new.

This next news article is the most interesting though, since it has other things to say:


Quote:Stockholm bomber: banned extremists recruit near Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly's Luton home

The outlawed Islamist group al-Muhajiroun is openly recruiting near the home of the suicide bomber who blew himself up on a Stockholm street last week, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

[Photo caption:] Image 1 of 2: Mohammed Quayyum Khan, left, is alleged to recruit terrorists.

By Jason Lewis, Investigations Editor 9:25AM GMT 19 Dec 2010

MI5 and anti-terrorist police are attempting to unravel what transformed the father of three into an extremist.

(Uh... it's called islam. The ideology/brainwashing derives from the koran. Mystery solved.

The latest example of the effect of the koran can be found in the next post.)

But moderate Muslims in Luton, where Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab lived for almost 10 years, claim the authorities are to blame for turning a blind eye to the activities of hard-core jihadi sympathisers.

(Correction: islam is to blame for the jihad. Mohammed and the koran is to blame. The more hard-core the muslim=jihadi, the more faithfully he is following mohammed=koran=allah.)

Unimpeded by the police, the group, now calling itself The Reflect Project, is accused of mounting a campaign of intimidation and violence against those who disagree with it.

(How islamic.)

The group's members are followers of the radical cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad, who is being held in jail in Lebanon on terrorism charges, and are led locally by Ishtiaq Alamgir or Sword of Islam – a former inland revenue accountant.

Earlier this year, Mr Alamgir helped to organise a protest at a homecoming parade in Luton for troops who had served in Afghanistan. The demonstration ended in violence and arrests.

It is illegal to be a member of Bakri's organisation after it was outlawed for glorifying terrorism and for outspoken statements praising the "magnificent" September 11 hijackers.

But Bakri's supporters still regularly set up a stall on the high street near Abdulwahab's family home to try to recruit more young Muslims to their cause.

Last week, gathered around a trestle table after Friday prayers, Mr Alamgir and a dozen other activists handed out anodyne Introduction to Islam leaflets before quickly disappearing when approached by this newspaper.

Carefully written, apparently to avoid breaching anti-terrorism laws, the leaflet's purpose appeared to be to direct prospective recruits to a website containing inflammatory speeches by Bakri and articles against "the terrorist activities of Britain".

Some claim the group was involved with Abdulwahab, whose "will" told his wife and children he had lived for "the last four years with the secret of being mujahid or, as you call it, terrorist".

(Admission that jihad=terrorism=islam.)

The group described Abdulwahab, who studied at the town's university, as a "lone wolf" and denied having anything to do with him.

The group, whose members use an ever-changing variety of names, has been holding rallies in community halls where, until his recent arrest, it was addressed by Bakri over an internet link.

Residents in the mainly Muslim Bury Park area claim Abdulwahab attended these meetings and complain that the government ban has not stopped the group or led to any police action against it.

[color="#0000FF"]Despite public money from the previous government's anti-radicalisation "Prevent" scheme, which is currently under review by the Coalition, MI5 and the police appear to be getting little help or intelligence from the community. It is claimed much of the cash distributed by Prevent in Luton – reported to be £554,000 since 2008 – has either been squandered on schemes not designed to tackle extremists or is the subject of investigations over financial irregularities.[/color]

The Luton Islamic Centre, where Abdulwahab prayed and which forced him out when he attempted to preach about his radical views, admits it did not inform the police.

"We try to work with the extremists, rather than force them underground," a spokesman said yesterday.

Others dismiss the police as powerless. They talk about how an alleged terrorist recruiter, Mohammed Quayyum Khan, known as "Q", moves around the town unimpeded.

Mr Khan has been named in Parliamentary reports and at the Old Bailey and was accused of arranging for the 7/7 plot leader Mohammed Sidique Khan to attend a terrorist training camp. However, he has never been charged with any offence and last week was still working as a minicab driver in Luton, taking children on the "school run" and ferrying hotel guests to the town's busy international airport.

Another local radical is a Pakistani man in his twenties known as Charlie who, it is claimed, has been banned from Britain on national security grounds.

After being recruited in the town, Charlie, who attended a local school and whose family remain in Luton, is now believed to be in Islamabad "driving around in an expensive Land Cruiser with access to lots of money", according to one friend. Others talk darkly of his links to "senior" people in al-Qaeda.

"We fear for our children and the influence these people have on them," said Mohammed Bashir, of the Khadmit welfare centre, whose office is just along the road from where al-Muhajiroun set up its "recruitment centre".

"I have received death threats, threatening phone calls. They have been trying to intimidate me. Threatening violence, threatening to come to my home. They are only a small group, some 20 or 30 people. I even know some of their families. But they won't listen to reason.

"We tell our youngsters not to speak to them, but you cannot watch after your young people all the time. They go to school and to university and it is here that these idiots try to influence them, try to convince them to join them, to spread their hatred."

(That's what happens when people remain in islamania: faithful islamaniacs think they have a right to brainwash your kids into the True Islam. As opposed to the lax non-islam that backsliding pseudo-muslims enter into on occasion. Sensible people have to realise there aren't 2 islams:

Either one agrees with mohammed/koran/allah to kill the kafirs or one doesn't.

In the former case, one is a muslim. In the latter one is a kafir oneself.)

Qurban Hussain, a local councillor and former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, has also had death threats and has been physically attacked. "During the last election campaign a group of them surrounded my car. They were banging on the windows, shouting abuse and chanting slogans. They think democracy is un-Islamic.

"All the time they were filming it. They were shouting and screaming at me and filming me inside my car – then they put it on the internet. It was so intimidating. I go to Pakistan regularly to see my family and friends. I wondered whether the video was meant for someone there. A message to them saying: 'Here is an unbeliever – deal with him'."

(Mr Hussein realises he is an unbeliever=kafir for participating in democracy, which is haraam. See further below again)

Mr Hussain said the group also stops people attempting to vote. "They will obstruct you, bully and harass you. Throughout the election I was constantly followed, harassed and chanted at. They try to intimidate you and anyone you come across. They do the same to anyone they disagree with."

He said on another occasion a local al-Muhajiroun activist confronted him on the street and allegedly threatened to kill him. "I know the boy. I know his father. But he threatened to kill me," he said. "I reported it to the police but they didn't pursue it."

He said his campaign offices were also attacked, daubed with paint and his posters pulled down. "Last May, on the day of the election they gathered outside my house. They pushed and shoved me and my supporters. There was a scuffle. I feared there was going to be serious violence. My neighbours came out on the streets. People were threatened on the way to the polling station."

Mr Hussain said he had stopped reporting the incidents to the police. "It's a waste of time. They spend two hours taking your statement and then they do nothing."

The father of one activist spoke to The Sunday Telegraph last week. He did not want to be named, apparently afraid of the reaction of his son and his friends. He said: "He will not listen to me. He is not in my control. He once cared about his education, getting a job, helping his community. Now he is lost."

The community has tried to take the law into its own hands. The mosques have confronted them. There are reports of minor scuffles and the al-Muhajiroun activists are now not welcome to pray at any of the local mosques as a group. They are also banned from preaching or trying to recruit people outside the prayer halls.

Instead they set up a table near to Barclays Bank to hand out their literature, welcoming anyone who shows an interest. They talk about Palestine, detention at Guantánamo Bay, and Iraq and Afghanistan. They show jihadi films and invite people to go to a café for a chat and a soft drink. Some call it "grooming".

"Anyone who disagrees is abused. There is no debating with them. They call me a hypocrite," said Mr Hussain, who will be sworn in at the House of Lords in the next few weeks after being awarded a peerage by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister.

(Hypocrite or not, they should call Mr Hussain a *kafir*. Democracy is kafiri.)

"They are trying to brainwash the young. Fill them with hatred. Something needs to be done to stop them. They are supposedly banned, yet no one is prepared to tackle them, to breach their rights, their freedom of speech."

The Islamic Centre, the Masjid al-Ghurabaa, attended by Abdulwahab until 2007, also claims it has nothing to do with the radicals in Luton. It claims al-Muhajiroun is banned from the mosque and has been since 2000.

Teachings on the mosque's website are radical, many would say extreme. They include a defence of the flogging of a 19-year-old gang-rape victim in Saudi Arabia, and sermons by Abu Usamah at Thahabi, a cleric who has said: "Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain."

(And *that* is an example of a mosque that describes itself as having "nothing to do with radicals/radicalism". Scary, nah?

Then again, Leviticus and other anti-human biblical madness is still legally allowed to be part of the babble/gawd's word. Guess the islamics in the UK figure that since it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.)

Yet the mosque condemns Abdulwahab's attack as "against God" and says it too is "sick" of the al-Muhajiroun activists, who it claims are "protected by the police".

(Oh yes, the usual public display of "we disapprove" when the islamics do approve of the shaheeds and live jihadis.)

The mosque has been distributing its own Refuting Extremism pamphlets attacking the followers of radical clerics including Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, both of whom are held in British jails on terrorism charges.

(It's only since 2000 that al-Muhajiroun was banned from this mosque. And if they didn't vocally disassociate themselves from it after serving as an initial breeding ground for it, it would mean they were endorsing terrorists currently held in UK prisons. Hardly conducive to their continued operation.

Besides, what's so surprising about islamics refuting their internal competition? Christians also persecute heretic cults. Remember christocults like the anabaptists of I think the Tudor period, and the Donatists, Priscillians, Arians and the rest of the 4th and later centuries, etc?)

Farasat Latif, the mosque secretary, said: "These extremists cause us nothing but problems. People associate our mosque with them although we have nothing to do with them. Their activities led to a firebomb attack on our mosque which caused £40,000 of damage.

(Well, The More Faithful islamics of the NWFP of TSP and of Afghanistan also regularly bomb Paki mosques to send a message to the TSP govt which outwardly pretends to help the US govt crack down on the jihad in its hinterlands.

So nothing surprising. It's what islamania does: when those possessed by islamania can't terrorise others, they terrorise each other - into becoming More Troo-er muslims.)

"We have had physical confrontations with them but the police warn us that we will be arrested if we take the law into our own hands."

(Can hardly blame the UK police for not looking forward to islamaniac riots - inter-islamic though they be. Remember how the Roman police didn't like the bloody inter-christian riots aka massacres either? E.g. Joseph McCabe's memorable description: 'In the year 366 there was an election for the Papacy, which was now very rich. The successful candidate was "St." Damasus, and his methods were such that in one day his men left the corpses of 160 of his rival's supporters on the floor of a small church. The war lasted a week and was so furious that the Roman "police" were swept aside and the prefect driven out of the city.')

Last night a spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said the force was doing all it could to combat extremism. She said it was working with the community "to safeguard individuals (and) build resilience ... against violent extremism and radicalisation". She added: "We continue to undertake work under the national Prevent agenda ... to address any type of extremism."

Police, she said, would "thoroughly investigate complaints received about a small group who give out leaflets in the Luton area and actively gather evidence".

This evidence, she added, was being passed to the Crown Prosecution Service but that "at this time there (had been) no breach of the law or any proscribed order".

She added: "The powers given to the police under the order are very limited. We will continue to constantly monitor the situation and would urge anyone who believes they have witnessed an offence to come forward."

Mr Alamgir refused to answer any questions and failed to return calls left on his mobile telephone.

Last night Anjem Choudary, a former solicitor who founded al-Muhajiroun with Bakri, denied that the group had anything to do with Abdulwahab. He said: "He was a lone wolf. He was nothing to do with my brothers in Luton. We knew nothing about him or his activities."

(Deniability is admittedly very convenient. As can be seen, one doesn't even need to invent an excuse let alone an alibi if one resorts to outright denial.)

Regarding the accusations levelled against the group in Luton, he added: "It is not true that we are intimidating Muslims. But we do take action against those involved in elections. We don't think that elections have any part of being a Muslim. These people are self serving. They are involved with the Government and the local councils and we believe it is right to disrupt them."

(Muslims should listen to ^him^: faithful obviously knows islam. Yes, democracy is a heathen thing. Ref: Hellenismos.)

He said he did not believe that his "brothers" had done anything wrong when they chanted and shouted at election candidates. "They are part of the government," he said. Asked why local mosque elders made similar allegations, he added: "These people are trying to win support from the Government or get money from the local authorities. We oppose this."

(So why do these terrorists imagine they have a right to live in the UK if they refuse to abide by its government and laws? Oh that's right, for the same reason christoislamic terrorists are allowed to continue living in India: they terrorise the unconverted in order to continue terrorising them, so that they can turn the unconverted lands into nations for jeebusjehovallah.)

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 12-20-2010

Post 3/3

4. 20 Dec 2010:

Until further notice, this can go under islam. Despite the 'unknowns' at this stage, people can make up their own minds whether this latest entry for 2010 tentatively belongs here.


Quote:Terrorism in the UK

Anti-terror police arrest 12 people in nationwide raids

Anti-terror police arrested twelve men on Monday morning in a large-scale counter terrorism operation spanning from the Midlands to Wales.

Assistant Commissioner John Yates, national lead for counter terrorism policing, says: 'This is a large scale, pre-planned and intelligence led operation involving several forces' Photo: EDDIE MULHOLLAND

By Peter Hutchison 8:29AM GMT 20 Dec 2010

The men – five from Cardiff, four from Stoke and three from London – were detained on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in Britain.

Aged between 17 and 28, the suspects were detained by unarmed officers at approximately 5am.

Police believe the plotters were planning to set off a number of bombs in "multiple locations", according to Sky News.


b )

Anti-terror police arrest 12 in UK raids

Men aged between 17 and 28 detained on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism

Adam Gabbatt and Vikram Dodd,, Monday 20 December 2010 11.54 GMT


Of those arrested, five – aged 23, 23, 25, 26 and 28 – are from Cardiff, while three, aged 17, 20 and 28, are from London.

Four of the men – two 26-year-olds, a 19-year-old and a 25-year-old – are from Stoke. All 12 were arrested under the 2000 Terrorism Act.



Anti-terror squad arrest 12 men 'planning UK terror attack': Christmas plot at advanced stage, say police

By Daily Mail Reporter, Last updated at 11:16 AM on 20th December 2010


The arrests come after intelligence agencies in Europe, Pakistan and the U.S. intercepted a credible Islamic plot to launch raids on European cities, in a similar style to the attacks in Mumbai, India, two years ago.

More than 170 people were killed during a 24-hour co-ordinated attack on Mumbai, also known as Bombay, by 10 gunmen in November 2008. It has been blamed on Pakistani militants.

The planned attack in September would reportedly have been similar to the deadly commando-style raids in Mumbai, with other European cities, in France and Germany, also targeted.



12 men arrested over suspected UK terrorism plot

By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press (20/12/2010)


The arrests are the most high-profile antiterror raids in Britain since [color="#0000FF"]April 2009[/color], when 12 men were detained in raids across northern England. All were released without charge, but authorities insisted they had thwarted a major al-Qaida bomb plot in the northern city of Manchester.

(About the 2009 case of 12 suspects arrested: Yes, they were released 'without charge' officially, even though the authorities "insisted they had thwarted a major al-Qaida bomb plot" and were convinced that the suspects were terrorists. I.e. a case of *insufficient* evidence again. But several of the mostly-Pak dozen of the 2009 raid - IIRC 11 of which were TSPers on student visas - were at least deported: UK authorities got them on a technicality, finding immigration reasons to cite.)

Yates said the latest arrests followed close coordination by officers from several different cities. "This is a large scale, pre-planned and intelligence-led operation involving several forces," he said.

A British security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his work, said the arrests did not relate to any planned holiday season attack. Iraqi officials had claimed last week that captured insurgents believed the Stockholm bombing was part of a series of planned al-Qaida attacks against the U.S. and Europe during the Christmas season.

Those claims were rejected by both British and German officials, who insisted there are no specific threats to their countries over the festive period.

In October, the U.S. State Department advised American citizens living or traveling in Europe to be wary amid reports that terrorists were planning attacks on a European city.

5. No longer on the global islamic jihad. But on islamania within the family.

Here is that aforementioned example for what happens when people involve themselves with the koran and take it seriously. (Or the babble - same thing. E.g. remember how the babble=christianism killed a baby in June 2010? News was posted in christo-thread).

Latest koranic ritual killing. It's not the koranic ritual killing everyone is familiar with (i.e. the typical islamic massacres of kaffirs after Friday Prayers At The Local Mosque). Nor is it the famous recent instance of that dargah-visiting Sufi islamaniac - the fakir Abdul Gafoor - who beheaded an islamic toddler and drank the poor murdered infant's blood. (Although some Indian christomedia did it's level best to insinuate 'hindooism' in that case - despite the blatant evidence of islamania - the christolying didn't work as other christomedia admitted it was islamania.) Anyway, while that event was but another human sacrifice to the infernal non-existent jeebusjehovallah with its insatiable bloodlust, this latest case is from the UK, 19 Dec 2010.

Quote:Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl who was found with her heart cut out and other organs strewn round home

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:36 AM on 19th December 2010

Add to My Stories

Neighbours of a mother arrested after her four-year-old daughter was killed as an apparent religious offering told how they heard screams from the family's flat.

(Christoislamism='Religion' of Human Sacrifice.)

Nusayba Bharuchi's corpse was found stabbed to death in the kitchen with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat and lying next to her mother, Shayna.

The 35-year-old woman was allegedly chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter's disembowelled corpse lay next to her in the home in Clapton, East London.

(Christoislamic mindvirus. Possessed by non-existent demonic character jeebusjehovallah. Christian example here.)

[Photo caption of 'Police - Do Not Cross' sign:] Crime scene: Shayna Bharuchi, 35, was allegedly sitting in a her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter Nusayba's disembowelled corpse lay next to her.

The woman, believed to be from Somalia, had her MP3 on full blast as she listened to the Muslim holy book.

The mother, who is understood to have two teenage children of 14 and 16, has since been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is in a secure unit as police yesterday continued to guard the third-floor premises on the estate.

The gruesome scene was discovered by the girl's father, Jerome Negney, when he arrived home to the flat on Thursday to find his partner clutching a kitchen knife.

The man, believed to be a Muslim convert, dialled 999 and paramedics pronounced the girl dead at the scene. Police said next of kin have been informed.

One elderly neighbour said last night: 'Nobody knew her very well but the children seemed very nice. However I used to be awoken by terrible screaming of a woman's voice in the middle of the night which was a regular occurence.

'Sometimes the screams would last for about 10 minutes.'

Another neighbour, who lives in the downstairs flat and asked not to be named, said: 'I was feeding my daughter her lunch at about 3pm and suddenly heard horrific screaming. It is shocking and so upsetting.'

He said the couple have lived in the flat for about a year.

A post-mortem examination will take place on Saturday at Poplar mortuary in east London.

The Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse Investigation Command is leading the murder inquiry. They are not believed to be looking for anybody else.

Yesterday another shocked resident, a mum in her 30s, said the mother always wore a black headscarf with a veil.

She added: 'Usually you could only see her eyes.

'I often heard shouting coming from the flat as she and a man argued.

'Their quarrels would become very heated.'
Oh yuck. Yuck Yuck.

Islamism - 7 - Bharatvarsh2 - 12-20-2010

Quote:Samir Dutta, the shopowner, lodged a complaint with Sainthia police. He alleged that a team of police was standing nearby but did not help them when the armed attackers broke into the shop and beat him up.

Once again Indian cops show their treason and also show that any Hindu who relies on them is destined to meet a horrible end.

Gun control is for pussies, get armed and the bigger the weapon the better. Would love a ma deuce to mow down the sulla rioters.

This is what happens in a sane country to robbers and thugs:

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 12-23-2010

[url=""]Indian doctor returns from Saudi Arabia with husband's body[/url]
Quote:New Delhi, Dec 22: Eleven months after Ashish Chawla died in his sleep in Saudi Arabia, his body was finally consigned to flames here Wednesday after his wife Shalini Chawla returned to India. She was detained for months by Saudi authorities, who suspected of her being involved in his death.

"She returned today morning to India with the body... We have cremated him with full rites," Shalini's 72-year-old uncle H.P. Nagpal told IANS Wednesday.

A doctor, Shalini's nightmare started after her 36-year-old cardiologist husband, Ashish Chawla, working at the King Khalid Hospital in Najran in southwestern Saudi Arabia, died in his sleep Jan 31 this year.

[color="#FF0000"]Based on complaints of his local and Pakistani colleagues[/color], Najran authorities started inquiries and detained Shalini for interrogation in March this year. Kept in solitary confinement for 25 days, she was allowed to keep her new-born son, but was separated from her two-year-old daughter.

The investigations did not find any foul play, but a second inquiry was launched in August by another team. But even this team did not find any whiff of wrongdoing.

According to Saudi diplomatic sources, the initial inquiry had to be started as colleagues had suspected that Ashish had been poisoned.

Also, the case had become complicated as it was [color="#FF0000"]alleged by his Pakistani colleagues[/color] that Chawla had converted to Islam.

"It was sought to be turned into a Hindu versus Muslim case. There was no question of him converting. He had not changed his name on his passport or any other documents," said Nagpal.

"Ultimately, they found that the complaint was baseless," he said.

The case was formally closed Nov 30, but another twenty days was required to complete the formalities.

Nagpal was highly appreciative of the effort of the local Indian consulate to get Shalini back to India.

"They have been very helpful, especially the Indian consul general in Jeddah Syed Ahmed Baba who gave all support to Shalini," he said.

Islamism - 7 - dhu - 12-24-2010

[url=""]Hindu holy man’s kidnap in Pakistan triggers protests[/url]

Quote:The kidnapping of Pakistan’s most revered Hindu spiritual leader, 85-year old Lakki Chand Garji, of Kali Mata Mandir in Balochistan’s Kalat district, has caused widespread protests by Hindus.

Garji was travelling from Kalat to Khuzdar area to attend a marriage ceremony when he was intercepted by armed men and kidnapped at gunpoint. They also kidnapped a few others who were with him, but released one of them after his family paid a ransom.

Protesting the kidnapping on Wednesday, hundreds of Hindus blocked roads bringing traffic to a halt.

The protestors also demonstrated in Khuzdar, Quetta, Kalat and Naushki areas of Balochistan demanding that the government secured the immediate release of their spiritual leader besides providing security to Hindus.

Chief minister of Balochistan province, Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, told reporters that he believed the kidnap was for ransom and had no religious overtones. He said he had ordered the police and law enforcement agencies to secure Garji’s release at the earliest.

Raisani noted that the kidnapping for ransom cases had risen in certain areas of the province and instructed district officials to take action to prevent this.

Addressing the protestors in Khuzdar, their leaders Nand Lal, Raj Kumar and Chander Kumar said the government had failed to protect the life and property of the people, particularly those belonging to the minority community.

The Hindu Panchayat Quetta also organised a rally from the Aria Samaj Mandir in Quetta and marched through Jinnah Road, Masjid Road, Shahra-e-Iqbal and Mannan Chowk.

Islamism - 7 - Bharatvarsh2 - 01-26-2011

Quote:Vasu you need to update your knowledge a bit about how the supposedly "tolerant" Chistiyya Islam got hijacked. First of all Chistiyyas never made up the majority of "South Asia" (a perverse "secularist" term, the correct word is the Indian subcontinent) Muslims and secondly Chistiyya Muslims were also fanatics, in fact the original founder himself was a fanatic who in Muslim biographies of his is represented as having taken as a concubine a captured Hindu princess presented to him and converted many kaffirs (infidels). The so called Chisti dargah which many ignorant Hindus like you visit sits on a destroyed Sanskrit University built by Prithviraj Chauhan.

Check the following:

But while lying about Hindus and their history, Javed has told the truth about the Sufis. He writes: “It was the sufi saints who initiated the struggle for the establishment of an Islamic state in India. Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti, Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia and Bakhtiyar Kaki opposed the secularist policies of the kings of the slave dynasty of medieval India. Mujadid al-Thani Ahmed Sirhindi organized a resistance movement against the Mughal Emperor Akbar and his attempts to establish a secular Indian polity. The Mujidid’s disciples and devotees included Akbar’s great-grandson, the dervish Prince Aurangzeb Alamgeer.”

Check the section titled "True Face of Sufism" at the following link:

Also check the following which contains excerpts from the translated Persian letters of Ahmad Sirhindi and Shah Waliullah both of them impeccable sufis. The translator was SAA Rizvi a Shiite Muslim himself:

I posted the above in response to an ignorant comment by one Vasu here:

Islamism - 7 - Husky - 01-26-2011

^ Good comment, but unable to see it at the Pioneer link. But it does contain this sage bit of a post:

Quote: Say 'Islam', not 'Islamism' or 'Islamist'

By Indira Oorath on 1/9/2011 1:09:38 AM

Good article but spoiled by resort to sophistry like 'Islamism' and 'Islamist'. Our intellectuals must learn to simply say 'Islam'. And, by the way, Mr Ashok Malik, there are not 'many Islams'. There is just one Islam which can be known simply by reading the Koran and the Hadith.
Now if the same advocates could only be guaranteed to be consistent and say "christianism" and "christian" instead of "church" or "white church" and "missionaries/evangelists".

Or better to stop differentiating altogether and simply call it christoislamania/christoislamic mindvirus/christo-class meme.


Quote:Suicide bomber kills 35 in Moscow airport attack

By Andrew Osborn, Moscow 9:01PM GMT 24 Jan 2011

Terrorists struck Moscow’s busiest airport on Monday in a suspected suicide bombing that left at least 35 people dead in the worst attack of its kind in almost a year.

A disturbing video of the scene filmed by an eye witness on his mobile phone shortly after the blast showed piles of lifeless bodies scattered across the terminal floor.

Panicked shouting can be heard in the background but nobody is seen attending to the bodies. At last 130 people were reported injured, dozens of them seriously.


Russian law enforcement sources said they had received a detailed warning about the attack a week earlier but did not explain why they had not acted upon it.

They said they thought a male suicide bomber had blown himself up as he mingled in crowds in the international arrivals area.

Police were hunting three men believed to be his accomplices. The suspects were all from Russia’s troubled mostly Muslim North Caucasus area, which includes Chechnya from where Islamist terrorists have launched a series of deadly attacks in the past.

The attack is the worst terror act since March of last year when two female suicide bombers or "Black Widows" blew themselves up on the Moscow metro killing forty people.

President Dmitry Medvedev confirmed the attack was an act of terror but stopped short of blaming a particular group.

(Oh no. Not Russia a victim of PC-ism too. Dude, just *say* it. It's Islamania.)


Islamist terrorists carry out deadly bombings along Russia’s southern flank on an almost daily basis but ordinary Russians pay little attention to such attacks which are more than 1,000 miles south of Moscow.

The mostly Muslim area is plagued by high unemployment which has helped fuel a growing Islamist insurgency that Moscow seems unable to quell.

(It's not the unemployment. But people will blame anything but islamania/christomania.)

The Kremlin’s response has traditionally been to meet force with force although it is set to embark on an improbable new strategy to improve the local economy by turning the area into a ski resort.

Mr Medvedev, who is supposed to be delivering a keynote speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos later this week, postponed his trip.


Quote:Moscow airport suicide bombing: 35 dead, 130 injured

January 25, 2011

Investigators believe three suspects may lead them to the terrorists behind a suicide bomber killing at least 35 and wounded dozens when he blew himself up in the packed arrivals hall of Moscow's largest airport.

London's Daily Telegraph reports that the three were said to have watched the explosion and then left.

Time to guess WhoDidIt.

For those who guessed christoislamania/christoclass virus (pick one): you're right.


Quote:Moscow airport bombing kills 35

The blast at an arrival hall at Domodedovo Airport serving Moscow was a suicide attack, officials say. They say they are looking for three [color="#FF0000"]Chechen[/color] men in connection with the attack.


Quote:Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 | Posted by Lee Jay Walker

Islamic terrorism strikes again in Russia

Islamic terrorists kill many in Dagestan and Islamic terrorists are spreading fear throughout the Russian Federation.

Islamic terrorism once more strikes fresh fear in the Russian Federation after 35 people are killed and hundreds are injured. The attack took place at Moscow’s busiest airport and the bloodbath which took place is a clear reminder about the threat of Islamic jihadists in the Russian Federation. Therefore, renewed security will be called for and more clashes will erupt in the volatile North Caucasus region where Islamists are bent on creating an Islamic state and carving up the Russian Federation.

President Dmitry Medvedev issued stern words in a televised speech. Medvedev stated that “Everything possible must be done so that the bandits who committed this crime are identified, exposed, and brought to court, and the nest of these bandits — or whatever they may be called – must be destroyed.”

(How different from the alien christist tyrant and her christist minions occupying the throne of Dharmic Bharatam. And againSmile

Medvedev spoke emotionally and he continued by stating that “Those who offer resistance must be dealt with rigorously. They must be destroyed on the spot.” His feelings were also echoed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation because Vladimir Putin commented that “retribution is inevitable” and that “This was an abominable crime in both its senselessness and its cruelty.”

Poor Russians.

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 01-26-2011

Islamaniacs strike again

Moment of explosion at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow

Islamism - 7 - Guest - 01-29-2011

[Image: Arabmap.jpg]

Islamism - 7 - HareKrishna - 01-29-2011

Turkey: Islamic supremacists enraged over realistic TV portrayal of Suleiman the Magnificent

[Image: suleiman-the-magnificent.jpg]

At very least, a magnificent turban