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Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 05-26-2006

Let me list recent achievement of UPA and appointed PM of India in J&K

0) Ready to let go Siachien.
1) Hindus are still butchered by terrorist
2) Called Army to become civil, when he will make his own cabinet civil?
3) Terrorist refused to join Spineless Man mohan for chai-panni /roundtable
4) Coward Mudmohan suddenly rushed back to Delhi.
5) Setup committee to let go J&K from India.
6) Raising reservation statement from J&K with his soiled pants.

India's bad karma, we get such a useless as PM and politicans.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Bharatvarsh - 05-31-2006


Mohit Kandhari | Jammu

A month after the militants massacred 32 Hindus in two separate incidents at Kulhand in Doda and Basantgarh in Udhampur, residents living in remote hamlets adjoining Kulhand and other sensitive villages in the area continue to live under the constant fear of becoming an easy fodder for the jehadi elements, mastermind behind the carnage.

Though the state government claims to have strengthened security in the area besides setting up at least 85 village defence committees comprising 605 members, large number of terrorised villagers from Doda district continue to brave heat wave conditions and holding protest demonstrations in Jammu demanding foolproof security and weapons to counter the militant threat in the area.

School children are yet to fully return to their classrooms, a classic example of lurking terror in the minds of the local populace.

Growing presence of foreign mercenaries and regrouping of local militants has further compounded miseries of local residents and security forces, as specter of fresh strikes targeting members of the minority community looms large. Security forces are apprehensive that militants carried out massacre to scare away minority population from the area in order to establish their hideouts and bases for launching more operations in the coming months.

DIG Doda Lalit Mohanty told Pioneer "we are facing a peculiar situation. Every villager wants to join village defence committee to ensure safety of his or her loved ones. We have strengthened security grid in the entire hilly district by covering broad contours and hill features so as to block the exit routes for militants with the help of VDCs". Sources said at least 350 applications of local youth were still pending with the police authorities for enrolment as VDC member.

When asked about the presence of foreign mercenaries in the area, Mohanty said "I do agree, movement of some foreign mercenaries in the area has been spotted" but admitted that "it was difficult to quantity their numbers".

He said security forces are on the job to bust their hideouts before they execute their plans.

Meanwhile in Jammu, over 150 Doda residents continue to hold protest demonstrations in front of the office of the Divisional Commissioner to highlight their plight. "We will not return home without weapons nor migrate from our villages. We are ready to face militants and even sacrifice our lives", 24-year-old Ranbir Singh said in Jammu. Ranbir, resident of Bagwa in Ghat block in Doda tehsil is participating in dharna for the past 12 days demanding setting up of village defence committee in their area and weapon from the state government.

Gandharav Singh, another youth from village Marmat in Doda, is camping in Jammu and echoes same sentiments. "I will not return home until I am armed. I cannot compromise with security of my family members", Gandharav said, explaining that his application was turned down by local authorities in Doda forcing him to agitate in Jammu to get weapon sanctioned in his name. "I am prepared to sacrifice my life", he added. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-09-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>'Rs 1 lakh to kill terrorist in J&K'</b>
JAMMU: Bounty calling seems to have caught on. BJP leader Vinay Katiyar on Thursday announced Rs 1 lakh reward for any civilian who killed a terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir. He said the party would organise a public fund collection to create a corpus to pay the bounty.

"The BJP will reward any civilian who kills a terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir Rs 1 lakh. And, if a civilian kills more than one terrorist, his reward will multiply per killing," Katiyar told a massive rally to protest the recent killing of Hindu families in Doda and Udhampur by terrorists.

Katiyar's stunning call to vigilantism came with a rider, the reward was for civilians who weren't part of authorised village defence committees or counter insurgents.

The last time a bounty was announced, creating a huge furore and calls for his arrest, it was UP minister Mohammad Yaqoob Qureshi, who announced a reward for killing the Dutch cartoonist who lampooned Prophet Mohammed.

The announcement was received with thunderous applause at the rally in Jammu. The Satyagrah, a nine-day protest by top-rung BJP leaders was triggered by the massacre of 32 Hindus on April 30.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-12-2006

<b>8 labourers shot dead in J&K </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->At least eight non-Kashmiri labourers were shot dead and five others were injured on Monday by unidentified gunmen in a village in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Bharatvarsh - 06-13-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Two top LET militants killed in encounter<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-14-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Blood in Kashmir </b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Terrorism is back with a bang ---- The sudden spurt in terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir cannot be wished away as the annual spike that occurs with the onset of summer. Nor can the UPA Government pretend surprise at the renewed slaughter of innocent men, women and children - be it in the upper reaches of Doda, in the heart of Jammu or in Srinagar and elsewhere in the Valley. There were enough indications over the past few months that the ISI has been priming terrorist organisations like Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Hizb-ul Mujahideen to strike with renewed vigour in Jammu & Kashmir. And, as in the past, the ISI's nefarious gameplan has the approval of Pakistan's President and Army chief Pervez Musharraf. By returning to his policy of promoting cross-border terrorism, Gen Musharraf hopes to achieve the twin objectives of keeping Jammu & Kashmir on the boil so that the Government of India cannot claim any success in beating back the jihadis, and deflecting increasing attention on Pakistan's role in trying to resurrect the Taliban in Afghanistan. Like the proverbial leopard who never changes his spots, Gen Musharraf has demonstrated, though not for the first time, that he cannot be expected to give up terrorism as state policy. So much for America's "trusted ally" in the war against terrorism in whom Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has naively chosen to repose extraordinary faith. The Government's critics would be harsher in their comment and suggest that Mr Manmohan Singh has ignored intelligence reports and information provided by security agencies while reaching out to Gen Musharraf. Instead of calling the bluff of the ISI's patron, the Prime Minister has conveyed the impression that his Government is more than happy to toe the line of least resistance. The result of such an effete approach is there for all to see: Hindus are being massacred in Jammu region, tourists are being targeted in Srinagar, and immigrant labourers are being killed in cold blood.

Monday's bloodletting that saw Nepali immigrant workers being shot in cold blood and buses being bombed - the sight of blood being washed from the bus stand in Jammu flies in the face of Government's claim that the "situation has improved" - is part of the larger plan to unleash widespread terror in Jammu & Kashmir<b>. The massacre of Hindus in Doda signalled the onset of a bloody summer; subsequent violence and relentless attempts by terrorists to sneak across the Line of Control from their ISI-sponsored camps confirm that the Prime Minister's assessment of the situation in Jammu & Kashmir is horribly wrong. It is on the basis of his flawed assessment that Mr Manmohan Singh wants to scale back the deployment of security forces in Jammu & Kashmir and pull out troops from Siachen. It is this assessment that has been used to provide a veneer of justification and legitimacy to his so-called 'Round Table Conference' initiative. Instead of being incandescent with rage, the Prime Minister and his advisers have chosen to turn a blind eye to Pakistan's brazen promotion of cross-border terrorism. There is time still to prevent the situation from spinning out of control. But is anybody listening? .</b>
On ground there is no change. Mushy is still doing same act, Indian fools are doing same. It will end when either of them come out to be best fool. My take, if spineless stays in power, we may see end soon.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-16-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>terrorists chop noses,tongues of villagers-J&K</b>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Posted on 16 June, 2006 # ANI
Jammu: <b>Sixty-five year-old in a Kashmir village bled to death and dozens more are facing disability for life after suspected militants chopped off their noses and tongues.</b>

Nearly 13 families in Donga Neoch village were round up and attacked by the rebels late on Wednesday.

"At around 9.00 pm the rebels entered homes and took villagers to another large house. Some people's tongues, some people's noses were slashed. One man died on the spot. The rebels then set their homes and livestock on fire," Safdar Ali, block officer said.

The injured, which included four women, seethed in pain for nearly 12 hours before the village children contacted the army. The Army personnel immediately took the villagers to a hospital and took over the entire region.

<b>Eyewitnesses said the heavily armed rebels, who wore the traditional Kashmiri long shirts and baggy trousers, barged into their homes, dragging even the women to a bigger house, where they first beat them with sticks before slicing their noses and tongues with knives.</b>

They said, the rebels accused villagers of being informers of the police and termed the act as a revenge for killing of one of their members by the Army on the outskirts of the village earlier this month.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-22-2006

<b>Army finds huge weapons caches near LoC</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The recoveries include some 900 grenades, over 60 kg of explosives, anti-tank mines, <b>flame throwers</b>, a large number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and assault rifles.

The dumps were located close to the LoC, army sources said, to enable the terrorists to sneak into Kashmir without weapons and then pick up the arms from the Indian side of the frontier.

Personnel of 41 Rashtriya Rifles and 20 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles stumbled on two huge such arms dumps near<b> Naogam and Khanabal areas of Kupwara district on June 20.</b>

The Rashtriya Rifles personnel, acting on intelligence tip-offs, searched a heavily wooded area close to the LoC in Naogam and recovered a sniper rifle, two assault rifles, two universal machine guns, pistols, 17 grenades and 12 kg of explosives.

In nearby <b>Khanabal</b>, a contingent of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles found 851 grenades, four AK-47 rifles, a sniper rifle,<b> two flames throwers</b>, 35 IEDs, 50 kg of explosives and some anti-tank mines.
Are they planning mini war?

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-24-2006

PoK: "We want freedom, we want azadi, we want reservation seats in IIM/IITs" <!--emo&:blink:--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Sunder - 06-25-2006

<b><span style='color:blue'>Memorial of Mistakes
Converted Kashmir
A Bitter Saga of Religious Conversion.</b>
by Narender Sehgal

This is a good read..

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-26-2006

<b>Army chief convenes high-level meeting on Kashmir</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->This will be the third high-level meeting in less than a fortnight to discuss the increase in infiltration from across the border in Kashmir.

"The situation is grim and a large number of foreign mercenaries have managed to enter the state from Poonch and Mendhar sectors of Jammu region and the Kupwara belt of Kashmir area," a senior defence official said.

<b>The infiltration figures till June 15 this year showed over 200 militants had sneaked into the state, whereas the figure for the corresponding period last year had been 75, the sources said. </b>

The meeting comes within days of the tough talking done by National Security Advisor M K Narayanan to the top brass of the Army, police and paramilitary forces in Srinagar last week, when he asked them to put their heads together and frame a joint strategy for countering the rise in infiltration.

Narayanan had expressed apprehension at the increase in militancy from across the border, saying Pakistan might be doing this to silence hardliners within the country who are opposing the Islamabad regime's policy of fighting Al Qaeda in WANA, bordering Afghanistan, sources said.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-26-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->PoK: "We want freedom, we want azadi, we want reservation seats in IIM/IITs"<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Why not, when Pakis are entitled for reservation why not gilgit, atleast they are not upper caste <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 06-29-2006

<b>Govt decides to re-deploy Army on Indo-Pak border</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->With the growing infiltration of militants in Jammu and Kashmir, the Centre has decided to redeploy the Army in Gurez and Poonch sectors along the Indo-Pak border.

The decision was taken on Wednesday at a high-level meeting, chaired by Army chief General JJ Singh, to review the security situation in the state in the wake of increased infiltration this year.

<b>About 200 militants are reported to have crossed over since April this year</b> as against 231 militants in the whole of 2005. After 2002, there was a gradual decline in the infiltration of militants. But 2006 has proved to be an aberration.
Too little too late.

When these paki scums are already in India, now what Army can do when Spineless PM was sleeping till now.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-01-2006

<b>Militants kill Lt Col in Bandipore after shootout in market</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->“Lt Col Chauhan along with a jawan went into the complex, searching each floor. The officer found nothing and returned. On a hunch, he and BSF officers again moved to the third floor and found a false ceiling. The officer (Lt Col Chouhan) began breaking the ceiling. The militants who were hiding inside the room started firing. <b>The officer, before succumbing to his injuries, managed to kill two of the militants,” said Maj Gen Singh.</b>

According to the GOC, a militant threw a grenade and the building caught fire. <b>“After searching the rooms, three charred bodies along with three AK rifles were recovered. A BSF soldier also sustained injuries.”</b>

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-02-2006

<b>Four JeM terrorists shot dead in J&K</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Four Pakistani intruders affiliated to Jaish-e-Mohammad outfit were killed near Line of Control on Sunday as the Army foiled a third infiltration attempt in over a week in Jammu and Kashmir.
One terrorist was killed in Pulwama while a fierce gunbattle was going on in Bandipora area of Baramulla district, while terrorists blasted a house and set another ablaze.
Four AK assault rifles, 20 magazines, 300 rounds, a wireless set and 16 hand grenades were recovered from them, he added.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-08-2006

<b>Nehru in Kashmir 1947</b> - Video

<b>Indian troop stopping invasion of Kashmir in 1947 - Video</b>
Watch destruction by Pakis before leaving Kashmir.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - acharya - 07-11-2006

A Taliban-coloured dawn in Kashmir

Praveen Swami

Resurgent Islamists have used the prostitution scandal to subvert democratic institutions and processes.

LAST MONDAY, the Lashkar-e-Taiba tried terrorist-turned-informer Tanzim Ahmad for treason. No accounts of the proceedings, which took place in the forests above the frontier town of Mendhar, are available. Medical examiners, however, later recorded the gruesome punishment. Ahmad was severely tortured before someone did him the kindness of slitting his throat.

Ahmad's story illuminates just where the slow implosion of democratic institutions in Jammu and Kashmir could end. Since April, media audiences across India have been transfixed by the unfolding of a prostitution racket in Srinagar. Two former Ministers, senior bureaucrats, and decorated police officials are among the 15 persons so far arrested on charges that range from rape to peddling official favours for sex.

Few, though, have paused to examine the prospect that what has been hailed as a triumph for justice might also mark the dawn of the Lashkar's civilisational vision in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir's High Court Bar Association has passed a resolution prohibiting its members from defending those arrested on charges of having had a role in the prostitution racket — an action almost without precedent in Indian legal history.

As a consequence of the controversial — and in the view of several legal experts, illegal — resolution, several of the accused have had no legal representation at successive bail hearings. On July 8, nine of the accused were brought to a Srinagar court in handcuffs, in violation of Supreme Court orders on the treatment of prisoners. It transpired that none had even been presented with copies of the charges against them.

Advocates who have chosen to defy the KBA resolution have faced unsubtle coercion. Maulvi Aijaz, a Srinagar advocate who represented one of the accused at the June 23 bail hearing, withdrew after facing abuse and insults from an Islamist women's group, the Dukhtaran-e-Millat. Sunil Sethi, a Jammu-based lawyer who travelled to Srinagar to defend former Additional Advocate General Anil Sethi, was threatened at gunpoint.

Since June 29, the Jammu Bar Association has been on strike, arguing that the accused cannot receive a fair trial in Srinagar. Lawyers in other parts of Jammu province, including Mendhar and Samba, have joined them. Given the sometimes fraught state of relations between the State's major regions, the lawyers' action holds out the possibility of driving a wider communal conflagration.

Islamist resurgence

What is it about the Srinagar prostitution case that has brought about this extraordinary situation? And just why is it that we ought to be concerned about the rights of people charged with trafficking in women and rape? For answers, we must examine the ways in which the prostitution scandal has enabled Islamists to gain ground in Jammu and Kashmir — and the ugly world they hope to construct with their new power.

From as early as 2002, the Jammu and Kashmir Police began investigating Srinagar-based madam Sabina Bulla, concerned at the prospect that her high-profile clients might become vulnerable to blackmail. Later, in 2004, Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed received warnings that a television channel had been approached to conduct a sting targeting Ministers who were among Ms. Bulla's patrons.

Ms. Bulla was arrested along with several of her associates, but the prosecution went nowhere. With the aid of her influential clients — and the lack of real evidence — Ms. Bulla was soon back in business. However, this March, a pornographic video clip involving a minor who worked at Ms. Bulla's brothel began to circulate from cellphone to cellphone in Srinagar. Outraged city residents complained to the police.

Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad sensed an opportunity to demonstrate the credentials of the new government — and, his detractors charge, to rid himself of potential rivals like former Minister Ghulam Ahmad Mir. The case was referred to the Central Bureau of Investigations. Meanwhile, in response to a KBA petition alleging that a cover-up was under way, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court began direct supervision of the case.

If nothing else, the arrests that have followed demonstrate that the system does indeed work — at least sometimes. After all, an elected Chief Minister turned over investigations to an organisation that demonstrated its professional resolve by arresting high-profile suspects. But Islamist groups in Srinagar's old city — a longstanding stronghold of the religious Right — sensed that the scandal could be leveraged on the street.

Under the patronage of Islamist patriarch Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the Dukhtaran-e-Millat leader Asiya Andrabi unleashed protests across Srinagar. KBA president Abdul Qayoom, who is affiliated to Mr. Geelani's hardline Tehreek-i-Hurriyat, led a parallel battle in the courts. Political Islamists and terrorist groups were able to reclaim centre stage by representing themselves as the sole guardians of religious-cultural order.

Politicians like Ms. Andrabi and Mr. Geelani contend that the prostitution scandal is intimately enmeshed with the secular state's larger agenda in Jammu and Kashmir — the obliteration, they contend, of Islam. According to a June 25 press release issued by the KBA, "the sexual exploitation of Kashmiri girls is a conspiracy hatched by India and its collaborators in Kashmir to harm our moral values and ethos."

Writing in the Srinagar-based Greater Kashmir, the commentator Z.G. Muhammad placed this proposition in a historical context, arguing that "the Kashmir women has [long] been a victim of lust and lasciviousness of the evil eyes of marauders." "History is replete with instances from the days of Mongol desperado Zulju," wrote Mr. Muhammad approvingly, "about [sic.] women drowning themselves in Jhelum to save their chastity and honour."

For Islamists, the prostitution scandal is opportunity to recover this culture of "honour." In a recent article, columnist Nisar Patigaroo argued that prostitution was facilitated by the "leniency that the parents have given to their children, particularly females." This had, he claimed, led to "waywardness amongst boys and girls who throng the public parks, [use] the modern gadgets viz. mobile telephones, Internet and [watch] obscene scenes."

Terrorist groups have long shared the same sentiments. Since 1990, there have been dozens of attacks on cable television operators, bars, movie theatres, beauty parlours, women who rejected the veil or wore trousers, and even Internet facilities. Now, Islamist political groups have succeeded in vesting their longstanding rejection of modernity with moral legitimacy, without a single shot having to be fired.

A culture of silence

Part of the reason for the religious Right's triumph lies in the culture of silence that has enveloped secular mainstream parties. At least two prominent politicians — Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Beig and National Conference president Omar Abdullah — have expressed concern at the scandal's fallout. No party, though, has proved willing to mobilise people around an ethical platform distinct from that of the Islamists.

It isn't as if opportunities to critique the Islamists are wanting. Ms. Andrabi's concern for women's honour does not, for example, extend to condemning the July 8 grenade attack on Noorabad MLA Sakeena Itoo, in which she was injured and five National Conference cadre killed. Nor was Mr. Geelani exercised by the murder of 26-year-old Tasleen Akhtar in February, after she refused to marry a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander.

Jammu and Kashmir's Muslims, indeed, continue to be the principal victims of the jihad Islamists are fighting in their name. On June 16, a Lashkar squad targeted the village of Nehoch-Dunga, in the district of Udhampur, to punish villagers it believed were hostile. 65-year-old Abdul Ahad was beheaded; the noses and ears of Roshan Din and Ghulam Rasool were cut off. Six others, including Ahad's elderly wife, received a brutal beating.

But politicians who had competed to express outrage after the killings of 13 Hindus in the same area in April remained silent on this hideous violence, as did civil rights groups and the media. Chief Minister Azad, who like all politicians of State-level significance had chosen not to attend the last rites of the nine Nepali labourers killed by terrorists at Kulgam in June, displayed an identical unwillingness to travel to Nehoch-Dunga.

Other silences, though, also need to be interrogated — most notably those of the KBA itself. None of its members, notably, has ever called for the investigation of the killings of thousands of victims of terror to be fast-tracked. Nor has there been a single voice from its ranks that has expressed outrage at the well-documented killing, maiming, and rape of several hundred women by Islamist terror groups since 1990.

Experts say the KBA's enthusiastic demolition of judicial due process could compel appellate courts to conduct the trials outside the State. Legal representation, after all, cannot be the privilege of only those defendants who can afford to fly in counsel from New Delhi or elsewhere. But transferring the cases will delight Islamists, who will claim that an outcome they precipitated is in fact a plot intended to protect the accused.

Judicial authorities must intervene to put the law in order. Politicians, too, should wake up. Bharatiya Janata Party State president Nirmal Singh's public support of Ms. Andrabi's crusade demonstrates the organic unities of all fundamentalisms. Lawyers in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, have denied alleged terrorists legal counsel — a mirror image of events in Srinagar which demonstrates the nationwide threat to judicial process.

Finally, someone needs to speak out for the woman in whose name the Islamist campaign is being fought. Held in protective custody to prevent her testimony from being influenced, the minor girl has had no access to either professional psychological support or legal counsel — an appalling violation of her rights. Her life, like that of Tanzim Ahmad, has been reduced to a means to serve other people's ends.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-11-2006

Six blasts rock Srinagar, 6 killed
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Six bomb explosions rocked Jammu and Kashmir's capital Srinagar on Tuesday, killing six people and injuring 35.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-11-2006

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Five tourists from West Bengal </b>were killed and 12 injured when militants lobbed a hand grenade at a minibus at Dalgate area in uptown Srinagar. Three tourists were killed on the spot while two succumbed to injuries later in the hospital<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Any reaction from WB politicians?

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 07-12-2006

<b>14 injured in fresh grenade attack on tourists in J&K</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The latest grenade attack on a tourist bus was carried out in the Hill Resort of Gulmarg, 60 kms from here in North Kashmir's Baramulla district around 4.30 pm, the sources said.

The grenade blast at old bus stand Gulmarg took place minutes before the state road transport corporation vehicle was scheduled to leave for Srinagar.

Five of the injured were identified as Kishan Bansi of Delhi, his wife Uma Bansi, Isher of West Bengal and her son B Dutta and Shakuntala Devi of Jammu. They were admitted to hospital with splinter injuries.

Nine other persons, mostly locals, who were hit by flying glasses of damaged vehicle and subsequent panic were discharged after first aid.
Start more buses to Pakistan and gift another $50million to Pakistan