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Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - dhu - 12-23-2009

Looks like Manmohan pulled out of Kashmir after attending Obama's wine and dine session as a faithful courtier.


Mullen believes resolving Kashmir key to stability in S Asia[/url]

Quote:Resolving the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan is key to stability in South Asia, where all terror groups including al-Qaeda, Taliban, LeT and JeM are "working much more closely together" now than a year ago, top US military commander Mike Mullen has said.

"I actually believe that the challenges that exist tied to the border in Kashmir are key to solving that or moving forward on that are critical in terms of the overall stability of the region," Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff, said.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Kevat - 12-23-2009

I agree, its ridiculous to say Jammu and Kashmir are now safe and make that the basis of pulling out our troops. Its like you said, the government should go in there and take out all the anti-nationals instead of trying to work out a deal. However, the creation of a new state does not solve anything. We should send more troops and stabilize the region.

On a different note, why don't we just build a wall around Kashmir and keep the damn Pakis out??

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 12-24-2009

[quote name='Kevat' date='23 December 2009 - 05:26 PM' timestamp='1261568908' post='103095']

I agree, its ridiculous to say Jammu and Kashmir are now safe and make that the basis of pulling out our troops. Its like you said, the government should go in there and take out all the anti-nationals instead of trying to work out a deal. However, the creation of a new state does not solve anything. We should send more troops and stabilize the region.

On a different note, why don't we just build a wall around Kashmir and keep the damn Pakis out??


This govt seems to be planning a sellout on Kashmir.

Either they have advisors with vested interests or they themselves are traitors.

It's time for all the nationalists to come together

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 12-24-2009

UPA had cut deal with Pakis.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 12-25-2009

[quote name='Mudy' date='24 December 2009 - 12:16 PM' timestamp='1261636709' post='103115']

UPA had cut deal with Pakis.


??? pls explain

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - agnivayu - 12-25-2009

What's so hard about flooding Kashmir with Hindus from the rest of India? Even a damn fool knows this will dilute the Islamic crazies there. How many Muslims live in Kashmir, like 8 million? One year of India population growth of 16 million can be dumped there, and Muslim percentage drops below 30%. Problem solved. India can then hold a U.N. Plebiscite or whatever the Paki's keep demanding and Kashmir will democratically vote to be with India. Infact for Kashmir, an intermediary group will work better than just Hindus, dump atleast a few million Christians there from trouble spots in India. Faced with Islam, even Christo fanatics will join Hindus.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Husky - 12-29-2009

Quote:manmohan to give obama and pak what they want: kashmir for mohammedans

dec 24th, 2009

after this, of course manmohan will give a) hyderabad, <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' /> malabar, c) assam to the mohammedans.

did i mention that manmohan is the worst prime minister india ever had, even eclipsing jawaharlal?

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 12/24/2009 08:13:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


Quote:Indian PM's group recommends autonomy for Kashmir

(AFP) – 24/25 December 2009

SRINAGAR, India — High-level advisers appointed by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are recommending autonomy for Kashmir, where militants have fought for 20 years against rule from New Delhi.

Under its accession to India in 1947 upon the country's independence from Britain, Muslim-majority Kashmir was granted autonomous powers over all sectors excluding communications, defence and foreign affairs.

These powers have been eroded over the years. But the advisory group, headed by former supreme court judge Saghir Ahmad, recommended that the prime minister look at various formulations "to restore the autonomy to the extent possible".

The group's report was delivered to the Kashmir chief minister late Wednesday and made public Thursday.

The Kashmir legislative assembly in 2000 passed a resolution favouring full restoration of the state's autonomy. But India's then Hindu-nationalist government rejected the resolution passed unanimously by the assembly.

Autonomy is the main demand of the ruling National Conference, the state's biggest pro-India political party, which had moved the resolution in 2000.

The government has not reacted to the report so far.

"We will react only after going through the report. It is a long report," said Ali Mohammed Sagar, Kashmir's law and parliamentary minister.

Singh had appointed the working group in May 2006 to try to find a permanent solution to the unrest in the scenic Himalayan region, which is split between India and Pakistan.

Most of the rebel groups fighting New Delhi's rule want the region to become part of Pakistan. A few support its independence.

India has been dangling the promise of greater autonomy to Kashmiris for many years but the idea has been rejected by the separatists.

Copyright © 2009 AFP. All rights reserved
Autonomy is just token formality, an intermediary step. Christo govt intends to give Kashmir to islamania. And hopes to make Nagaland for christos, etcetera.

When the christian emperors get into power once, they make sure they stay there. I mean, even when the christoislamics are still in the minority, the christogovt managed to get itself "re-elected". (By playing to the christoislamic votebank, conversions to create a loyal christo fanbase that will ensure votes, voting fraud, media fiction about heathenism=communalism to turn the popular opinion against it and any nationalists still sporting the Hindu banner.)

If christianism can help it (and it will surely try), it will never allow nationalists - let alone heathens - to regain governance of India. It's already successfully cheated to stay in power. It can succeed better next time, as the demographics in future look to get worse.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Capt M Kumar - 12-31-2009

Jhelum formula the Kashmir solution.


Is there a Hindu counter-proposal to the Dixon-Musharraf-Habibullah-Chenab solution? Is there any way Hindus can undermine the repugnant Article 370?

What is pertinent here is the Hindu desire for full integration with India coupled with the free flow of the Indian constitution, geographical contiguity with Hindu-Buddhist regions and the symbols of Hindu civilisation, and the preservation and protection of the critical symbols of the Himalayan civilisational frontier.

This can be achieved by keeping the Jhelum as an unofficial dividing line in Kashmir. The north and east of the Jhelum can be given to Kashmiri Hindus as a Union Territory (the Panun Kashmir homeland), wherein the Indian constitution prevails, Article 370 is negated, and full emotional integration with India can take place.

This has the merit of having geographical contiguity with Buddhist Ladakh, thus reinforcing and protecting the cultural identity of that sparsely population region and sharing viable land access and a foothold with Hindu civilisational symbols. This homeland is less than 5% of the Valley, and roughly corresponds to the Hindu demography of Kashmir (a heart-breaking reality). As Ladakh has more land than Buddhist population, it will be strengthened with Hindu contiguity.

It has the additional merit of geographical contiguity with Jammu province.

Further, all important water resources will remain on the Hindu side of the divide.

More critically, the most important symbols of the Himalayas on this side of the civilisational frontier, namely the Pir Panjal and Zoji La Pass, will remain in Hindu hands.

Thus, with the critical Himalayan geography and ecological systems intact, there is no compromise on any of the civilisational symbols of the land founded by Rishi Kashyap, progenitor of the gods and sages.


J&K: Jhelum (not Chenab) Solution.Sandhya Jain


Message from Google Groups "Hindu Religion".

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Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-08-2010

Quote:23-hour Srinagar siege ends, Pakistani among two terrorists killed

IANS | Srinagar

A 23-hour terror siege that left Lal Chowk, the bustling centre of Jammu and Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar, looking like an abandoned battlefield ended on Thursday noon with two holed up guerrillas, including a Pakistani, of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) being killed.

"The operation is over. Two LeT militants have been killed," Jammu and Kashmir's police chief Kuldeep Khoda told reporters near the shootout site in Lal Chowk, the downtown business hub of Srinagar.

"We had inputs that the LeT was planning an attack in Srinagar. There is a desperation on part of Pakistan-based elements. They wanted to target not only Srinagar but any part of India and Srinagar is their prime target," Khoda said.

The other slain militant belonged to north Kashmir Sopore town, according to police.

A civilian and a policemen were also killed and 10 people, including two paramilitary troopers, were wounded in the fidayeen attack that came amid official claims of steep fall in violence. According to home ministry figures, there has been a 25 percent drop in terrorist violence.

Did these dead terrorist were carrying Let ID or visiting card?

They should straight away call them what they are, they Paki Terrorist PERIOD.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-10-2010

How come no one ever asks Pakistan to give up POK

They've always asked India to come to table

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-11-2010

[quote name='Niki' date='10 January 2010 - 08:36 AM' timestamp='1263092334' post='103446']

How come no one ever asks Pakistan to give up POK

They've always asked India to come to table

[/quote]Indian leadership lacks spine and long term vision for India. Indira Gandhi's biggest blunder after 1971 War.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-15-2010

2 killed, 6 injured in militant attack PTI | Srinagar

A policeman was among two persons killed and six others were injured when militants attacked Sopore police station in Baramulla district with grenades and gunfire twice within an hour on Friday. The constable and a civilian, injured in the indiscriminate firing by militants on the police station in the North Kashmir town, succumbed to injuries on way to SMHS hospital here, official sources said. They said both the persons were declared brought dead by doctors on arrival at the hospital. The deceased civilian who was hit by a bullet in the abdomen was identified as Pervaiz Ahmad, a resident of Hajam Mohalla locality of Sopore, 55 kms from Srinagar. Additional Superintendent of Police Abdul Waheed told PTI over phone that the militants attacked the police station around 11.25 AM and the policemen guarding the complex retaliated. The exchange of fire continued for nearly 30 minutes.

Earlier, militants hurled a grenade towards the police station around 10.25 AM. The grenade exploded outside the main gate, injuring Mohammad Latief Mirchal who had unsuccessfully contested the last assembly elections as an independent from Sopore constituency"

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-19-2010

[url=""]Pakistan troops violate ceasefire in Poonch; fire small arms, rockets[/url]
Quote:In yet another ceasefire violation along the Line of Control, Pakistani troops on Monday evening fired small arms and rockets on Forward Defence Locations in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir, a senior army official said.

Pakistani troops in Kadu post fired small arms and at least five rockets on the Indian Army’s Kranti post in Krishnaghati sub-sector in Poonch from 6.10 pm till 7.40 pm on Monday, he told

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - dhu - 01-27-2010

[url=""]First time in 19 years flag not hoisted at Lal Chowk[/url]

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-29-2010

[url=""]Two Armymen killed in encounter with terrorists in J&K[/url]
Quote:Two Indian Army soldiers were killed early on Friday in an ambush by terrorists in Tandar village in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir, an official in Jammu said.

The militants attacked an army patrol that was on its way to a suspected militant hideout in Tandar in the Dachhan area, about 240 km northeast of Jammu, the official said requesting anonymity.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 01-29-2010

[url=""]Police arrest 8 minors on way to PoK[/url]
Quote:The Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday foiled an exfiltration bid and arrested eight youth in Srinagar, who were planning to cross the border for arms training in PoK.

The youth, mostly minors in the age group of 13 to 18 years, belong to the south Kashmir district of Shopian. This is the first such attempt in 2010 that has been thwarted by the police.

According to sources, the boys were picked up by the special operations group of Jammu and Kashmir police following a tip off. The group was intercepted in Parimpora area of Srinagar, near a police check point.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - dhu - 01-31-2010

Kashmir gets its own separate flag.

[url="http://"]The Second Flag[/url] by Tarun Vijay

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Husky - 02-03-2010


Quote:Fresh terror threat to Vaishnodevi: CRPF

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010 at 1717 hrs


There is a threat to the cave shrine of Vaishnodevi from militants: Special DG (CRPF)

The cave shrine of Vaishnodevi, one of the most revered places of worship visited by about eight million pilgrims each year, faced a fresh terror threat and security has been beefed up.

Central Reserve Police Force's (CRPF) Special Director General N K Tripathi on Tuesday warned of the threat to the hill shrine, about 61 kms from here, saying it is on the radar of militants.

"There is a threat to the cave shrine of Vaishnodevi from militants. We have received inputs that militants want to do some mischief," he told reporters.

"Elaborate security measures are in place as per the threat perception. There is no laxity on part of the CRPF," he said, adding "the shrine is secured and safe, so pilgrims need not fear. They can undertake pilgrimage as CRPF is there for their security".

CRPF jawans have been put on high level of alert and are already keeping a hawk's vigil from the days in the run up to Republic Day on January 26 in Trikuta hills, the abode of the holy shrine, Tripathi said.


Quote:Terrorists may strike Vaishnodevi, says CRPF

PTI, 3 February 2010, 04:52pm IST

JAMMU: The cave shrine of Vaishnodevi, one of the most visited pilgrimage centers in the country, is on the radar of

militants, a senior official said on Wednesday.

"There is a threat to the cave shrine of Vaishnodevi from militants. We have received inputs that militants want to do some mischief," Special Director General of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) N K Tripathi told reporters here.

"Elaborate security measures are in place as per the threat perception. There is no laxity on part of the CRPF," he said.

Jawans have been put on high level of vigilance and they started patrolling well before January 26 in Trikuta hills, the abode of cave shrine, Tripathi said, adding "the shrine is secured and safe so pilgrims should not fear. They can undertake pilgrimage as CRPF is there for their security".

To a question, he said CRPF is main security agency providing security cover to the shrine and a full 6th battalion is guarding it. There is always a change in the strategy as per threat perception from time to time.

"I had visited the shrine for security review after the threat inputs. There is frisking of pilgrims, round the clock patrolling, check points, nakas and electronic surveillance at the shrine and around it," he said.
Only in a heathen land: Hindus on a pilgrimage have to go through a zillion security procedures when they merely want to visit their own Gods in their own temples in peace. All because christoislamic terrorists want to destroy their temples and kill them for visiting their temples. Nagaland, Tripura, Assam, Kashmir,...

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 02-13-2010

Quote:Govt diluting command over Kashmir, says Arun Jaitley

Kumar Uttam | New Delhi

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha and senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Friday hit out at the Manmohan Singh Government for its policies on Pakistan and J&K, saying New Delhi was forcing the country down an “alley of darkness from where nobody will have an idea how to come out”.

Jaitley was critical of the Government for deciding to resume talks with Pakistan. He feared that New Delhi would finally land in a situation where India’s command over Kashmir was diluted. He also questioned the Government’s intention in endorsing the J&K Government’s surrender policy for terrorists in PoK, wondering whether the current regime wanted to legitimise infiltration.

A member of the Prime Minister’s Working Group on J&K, Jaitley said he was not aware when and how did the committee recommend in favour of the surrender policy. He said the recommendations were not discussed with the members. “Forget the final report, most members had not even seen the draft. One fine day, the report by Justice Saghir Ahmed-headed committee cropped up. Last time the committee met was two years ago,” Jaitley said.

On Thursday, Home Minister P Chidambaram had said the surrender policy was among the recommendations of the Prime Minister’s Working Group.

The senior BJP leader also took on the Home Minister, who had said the Government was trying to take everyone on board, by referring to the open disagreement between Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and Omar Abdullah on the controversial proposal. "This Government has no idea what damage it would do to the country. I will like this Government to commit in front of the nation that not a single inch of the Indian territory would be compromised and that India's position on J&K would not be diluted during the talks with Pakistan," Jaitley told The Pioneer.

The former Union Minister accused the Manmohan Singh Government of succumbing to the US pressure and deciding to resume talks with Pakistan though the latter had not showed any signs that it was ready to crack down on anti-India terror groups operating from its soil.

Jammu And Kashmir - 2 - Guest - 02-15-2010

[url=""]Pakistan fires 10 rockets at Poonch[/url]
Quote:In a ceasefire violation on the Line of Control (LoC), 10 rockets were fired allegedly from a Pakistani post at the Krishnaghati sector in Jammu’s Poonch district late on Saturday evening. Indian security forces claimed to have foiled several attempts by militants to enter Jammu and Kashmir from Krishnaghati in the last few months.

“It was an unprovoked ceasefire violation attempt, in which 10 rockets were fired from the Pakistani post on our post, which was retaliated by the army,” a defence spokesperson said on Sunday. “The firing lasted more than two hours. No loss of life was reported.