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Russian SA-21 Missile system - ravish - 10-16-2016

During the current visit of the Russian President to Goa, India - agreement has been reached to purchase six sets of SA-21 Surface to Air Missile systems at a estimated cost of Rs.40000 /- crores. This will be the first anti missile system to be procured by India. It has a range of 400 kms and is capable of destroying upto 36 targets simultaniously. It can be used against any flying object from aircraft to incoming missiles and even drones.In the face of continous nuclear threat from Pakistani leaders, it is a very timely acquisition and will certainly enhance national security.

Russia has also agreed to allow India the licensed production of light utility helecopters which will replace our Cheetak helecopters. The Indian navy will also be acquiring four medern warships, two of which will be built in Indian shipyards.All these measures will be art of the modernisation program which is long overdue.