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Indian Railways - Capt M Kumar - 07-20-2010

Refuting Sahai’s claim that the ACD was not effective on multiple tracks, Rajaram said the device could have even prevented the Jnaneswari tragedy in which a goods train on another track rammed into the passenger train after it jumped rails.

“An intelligent network like the ACD could have stopped the Jnaneswari before the goods train crashed against it,” Raghuram said, adding that the decision to use the right technology was getting delayed because of multiple options with the rail ministry.

Indian Railways - Naresh - 04-15-2011


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Indian Railways - roosevelt92 - 06-14-2011

[quote name='Mudy' date='26 February 2006 - 10:02 AM' timestamp='1140927857' post='47320']

Railway Budget - 2006-2007

I don't see any efforts to stop Rail accident.


you are right but your government must take some action ...

Indian Railways - michaelK - 10-24-2011

Indian railway is the world most biggest empire.and every indian should proud of it.lack of employes is working in railway.

Indian Railways - pr.meena - 10-24-2011

Indian Railways are very safe when compared to indian roads.

Indian Railways - ravish - 10-30-2011

The Indian Railways is one of the largest in the world. It carries several million passangers every day. Apart from the superfast trains, passangers are wseen travelling on the roof top .The railway lines criss cross the entire country and each region has its own set of problems.Despite all these odds, the Railway remains the main mode of intercity transport.This speaks for itself.

Indian Railways - austinsteve - 11-17-2011

what ever happen in the world or any other railway network but i still love our railway network .we should proud that we have world largest railway network

Indian Railways - Naresh - 02-26-2013


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Indian Railways - ravish - 03-09-2013

The latest Railway Budget gives us a clear picture of the poor state of the finances. It is not surprising given the fact that for the last several years, Railway has been used by the smaller political parties to their own advantage. After a gap of 17 years the Congress Party has got back the control of the Railways. Unfortunately, the next general election is expected in a year’s time, so the present Minister do not have much time in hand to show any spectacular results. Let us hope that the modest developmental agenda meets its target.