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The Immigrant Experience In The USA - ramana - 05-20-2005

I would like to start the thread with links to discussion of Bharati Mukherjee's "Two ways of belonging in America" op-ed in New York TImes in 1996. She wrote that piece to contrast her way versus her sister Mira. The background was that the new INS reform bill denied benefits to non citizens. Mira her sister wrote in NYT as to how she feels about it having contributed to the system and how the rules were changed later.

Now we have Indira Nooyi, CEO of PEPSICO, speaking to the graduating class of Columbia Business school. Here she tries to put in prespective what the global world things of US.

Text of speech: Indira Nooyi at Columbia Business School-2005

Comments on her speech: Sample comments

Blog :Blog on the speech

looks like Indian Americans have come a long way since 1996.

The Immigrant Experience In The USA - Guest - 05-20-2005

Nooyi's speech can be misconstrued.
It has a sermonizing tone and is full of platitudes. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be born in India and live in America. You can almost see the tension the person is feeling.

The Immigrant Experience In The USA - Guest - 05-21-2005

She is toast!

Rush Limbaugh has started a Pepsi boycott. He has asked her to return back to her "Hindu India."

<!--emo&:grenade--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/grenade.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='grenade.gif' /><!--endemo--> Indian propensity for self-goal is legendry!

The Immigrant Experience In The USA - Guest - 05-21-2005

Controversy over commencement speeches or speakers is nothing new - every year there's about half a dozen. Just today, right wingers are protesting against Giuliani's trip to Loyola. So, Limbaugh could personally boycott Pepsi and go back on Oxycontin - don't think it'll make an iota of difference to Pepsi or Nooyi.

Unfazed by opposition, Giuliani will be at Loyola commencement

The Immigrant Experience In The USA - Guest - 05-21-2005

Well, there isn't a <b>GiulianiCola</b> which will be the object of boycott by 20 million odd Rush followers. With his "american" vs. Indira's "Indianness" background, Giuliani (who has more or less given up his run for 2008 Presidency- his nominee for Homeland Security Chief controversy) can afford to do as he pleases. But in the commercial world, that's another story!

The Immigrant Experience In The USA - Guest - 05-21-2005

Limbaugh's been boycotting French wine/fries too - no fast food joint is yet selling 'Freedom Fries'. Let's see as to how far the Pespi boycott by his 20 million listeners go.

And those making the most noise about Giuliani are the same right wing rabble rousers who otherwise support Giuliani on public/party issues.