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Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-08-2003

Latest News (sorted by date) pertaining to India in:

[url=""]New York Times[/url]

[url=""]N Y Post[/url]

[url=""]N Y Daily News[/url]

[url=""]Washington Post[/url]

[url=""]Washington Times[/url]

[url=""]Boston Globe[/url]

[url=""]San Jose Mercury[/url]

[url=""]Philadelphia Inquirer[/url]

[url=""]US News[/url]

[url=""]Worldnet Daily[/url]

[url=""]The Guardian[/url]

[url=""]Sky News, UK[/url]

[url=""]Independent, UK[/url]


[url=""]The Jerusalem Post[/url]



[url=""]Globe and Mail[/url]

[url=""]International Herald Tribune, France[/url]

[url=""]Star, Malayasia[/url]



[url=""]ABC News[/url]

[url=""]CBS News[/url]





Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-08-2003

Mudy: Moving your link on Arafat in first post to this second one here. Hope you don't mind <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Am using you first post for a better cause. Besides, you can take credit for my little tech research up there in the first post <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />


[url=",2763,1058298,00.html"]Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide [/url]

[url=""]Stephen Fleming slammed over booze ad in Gujarat[/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-08-2003

[url=",000900030004.htm"]Assam police seize 3.5 tonnes ganja from oil tanker [/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-08-2003

[url=",000600010001.htm"]Espionage ring busted, ex-armyman among two held[/url]

With the arrest of an ex-armyman and his associate, Delhi Police on Wednesday claimed to have unearthed an espionage ring active in the capital for about five years

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-09-2003

[url=""]15 Pak troops feared killed in retaliatory strike[/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-10-2003

[url=",0008.htm"]Defence research facility burgled [/url]

Target: Scientific Analyses Grp

Lost: Encryption data on codes used by strategic forces

Application: Securing communication channels of nuclear command chain

Target: Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses

Lost: Assessment of competing weapons systems of rival manufacturers and weapon effectiveness studies

Application: Such scientific inputs are critical in defence buys and analysis of military hardware

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-10-2003

HC permits PoK citizen to stay in Srinagar

SRINAGAR, Oct 9: Jammu and Kashmir High Court has given permission to Raja Mohammad Hussain Khan, a citizen of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to reside in Kashmir till further orders.

The State Government had refused Khan permission to reside in Kashmir after his Indian passport expired and he was conferred citizenship by PoK.

A division bench of the High Court comprising Justices V K Jhanji and Syed Bashir-ud-Din admitted the appeal on October 7 and allowed Khan to reside in Srinagar, reversing an earlier order.

Khan had filed a writ petition in the High Court stating that he was a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir under section 6 of the State Constitution and had a right to reside here.

The Court ruled that, till further orders, the appellant shall be allowed to stay in Jammu and Kashmir.

Khan said in his petition that 1984 he had gone to Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK, on an Indian passport to meet some family members.

He said he had to prolong his stay in Muzaffarabad due to unforeseen circumstances and, as a result, his Indian passport expired. He, therefore, returned to Kashmir on a Pakistani passport with a valid visa.

After the visa period was over he had sought extension of his stay here, apprehending deportation by the authorities.

He was refused permission and he filed a plea in Court, which came up for hearing before a single Judge bench. The Judge had dismissed Khan’s plea.

Khan then approached the High Court against the order. (UNI)

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-11-2003

Discovery to telecast film on IAF

DH News Service NEW DELHI, Oct 8

In a first of sorts, a film highlighting the capabilities of Indian Air Force (IAF), including the key role it played during the Kargil war, has been selected by the Discovery Channel for telecast in its “Discover India” series.

Full of breath-taking shots of various IAF aircraft in action, the film “Aakash Yodha” for the first time shows extensive aerial footage of IAF warplanes from 15,000 feet, shot using cameras fitted on the underbelly of Jaguar aircraft.

To be telecast on October 11 and 12 on the channel, the film has actual footage from the Kargil war to show the pivotal role IAF played in neutralising enemy positions and supply dumps, which helped the Army to counter the ground manoeuvres of the Pakistani forces.

“The premier of the film on Discovery Channel is a major step towards showcasing the role played by IAF in zealously guarding the sanctity of our skies. The aim of the film is to project the IAF through the television medium, including the role in Kargil,” Vice Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal M McMohan, said after a special screening of the film directed by the husband-wife team of Kunal Verma and Dipti Bhalla.

Shot all over the country – from the Siachen area to the Andamans and from Rajasthan deserts to the North-East – the film took over a year to be completed, and was selected by the Discovery Channel to be telecast under its “Discover India” series.


Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-15-2003

Made change to the first post of this thread. Will delete this post later.

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-15-2003


Congress dominance is over : BJP

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-16-2003

[url=""]Mahathir attack on Jews condemned[/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-17-2003

It is good that this is getting a lot of publicity.

[url=""]Malaysia Explains Anti-Jewish Remarks[/url]


Associated Press Writer

Misc News Folder - acharya - 10-18-2003

Muslim leaders warn of `counter-terrorism'

By Our Special Correspondent

MUMBAI Oct. 16. Muslim leaders warned here today of Islamic "counter-terrorism" in response to the "Hindu terrorism" of the VHP, RSS and threatened to move the United Nations to carve out a `safe haven' for Muslims in India on the lines of the Kurdish area in Northern Iraq.

Maulana Saiyad Musannah Miyan, chief patron of the Jamia Qadria Ashrafia, alleged in a statement circulated at a press conference that the Prime Minister was according "tacit endorsement" to the VHP and the RSS.

"It would be a mistake to imagine that Muslims in India are not capable of self-defence against religious terrorists," they said. They were reacting to the reported statement of VHP leaders that the Government action against its proposed rally in Ayodhya could start riots.

The statement, also signed by the Tanzeem Aimmae Masjid president, M. Khalilurrehman Noori, and the general secretary of the Raza Academy, Mohammed Saeed Noori, said: "Hindu terrorism would breed Muslim counter-terrorism, making India the largest breeding ground of terrorism in the world. It seems that the `War on Terror' initiated by the U.S. may have to be extended to India to fight Hindu terrorism."

It praised the Uttar Prades Government and the Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav, for the crackdown on the VHP activists. The statement applauded the Hindus who opposed the VHP and the RSS.

Misc News Folder - acharya - 10-24-2003

The colour of blood

Tarun Vijay

A close collaboration between Communist terrorist

organisations from different parts of the country is

strengthening their ‘armed revolution’ against the

Indian State

During the last year, Communist terrorist

organisations have registered an unusual increase of

36 per cent in their activities. The precision with

which mines were blasted with the intention to take

Chandrababu Naidu’s life speaks a lot about the

preparedness of the People’s War Group (PWG).

Since the 1917 October revolution, violence has been

an inseparable part of the Communist ‘practical party

line’. From Stalin and Mao to EMS and Jyoti Basu,

violence has always been the hallmark of Communist

parties’ growth even as banners inscribed with the

words ‘Peace, Harmony, People’s power, Condemn the

Bourgeois, Long Live the Revolution’ continue to

flutter on the graves of the ‘enemies of the working

classes’ (read dissidents and opponents). Terrorism is

used as a tool to perpetuate their hold on the masses

as well as their own party workers. Another

interesting facet of the Communist violent movements

in this subcontinent is their presence in the only two

Hindu majority countries, i.e. Nepal and India. They

are, surprisingly, not active in any of the Islamic

countries in our neighbourhood.

What is most worrying the government is the

realignment and rejuvenation of Communist extremism

and its spread to new frontiers. The close

collaboration between the Maoist Communist Centre

(MCC) and the CPI(M-L) People’s War has almost

crystallised into a broad ‘united front’ of Communist

terrorism in India. This is one of the three

pre-requisites laid down by Mao for a successful armed

revolution, the other two being a ‘people’s army’ and

a ‘strong Communist party’.

The main purpose behind the unity of the MCC, CPI(M-L)

People’s War as well as the Communist Party of Nepal

(Maoist) [CPN-M] is to carve out a ‘compact

revolutionary zone’ from Nepal through Bihar and the

Dandkaranya region to Andhra Pradesh. This arrangement

also involves imparting training and supplying arms

and ammunitions to Nepalese Maoists, while maintaining

close ‘fraternal relations’ with anti-national outfits

like the ULFA and the NSCN(I-M).

Chandrababu Naidu is on the hit list of the PWG mainly

because its cadres were attenuated by a series of

debilitating losses inflicted upon it through the

anti-PWG drive of the Andhra police. But the PWG still

retains enough manpower, organisational network,

arsenal and striking power to remain a major threat to

internal security. It has raised companies on the army

and paramilitary pattern by upgrading its existing

military platoons.

It is also engaged in training its overground

sympathisers in guerrilla warfare, development of

capabilities to make wireless sets and form a

‘people’s guerrilla army’.

Intelligence inputs indicate that in pursuit of their

efforts to evolve a united platform of Communist

revolutionaries for strengthening their ‘armed

revolution’ against the Indian State, the MCC and the

Revolutionary Communist Centre of India-Maoist

(RCCI-M) have agreed to merge into a single entity, to

be christened the Maoist Communist Centre of India


It is significant that the erstwhile CPI(M-L)-PWG had

been similarly formed in 1980 by the merger of seven

splinter Communist outfits operating in Andhra Pradesh

and Tamil Nadu. The CPI(M-L)-Party Unity of undivided

Bihar merged with the CPI(M-L)-PWG in August 1998 in a

new avatar called the CPI(M-L) People’s War. Since

then, the outfit has acquired a national dimension and

today accounts for about 64 per cent of country-wide

Communist violence, with its activities being reported

from 12 states.

In Kerala, the main targets of Communist terrorism

have been RSS and BJP workers.

Recently, a local court awarded capital punishment to

five CPI(M) workers who were found guilty of killing

Jay Krishnan, a BJP worker. Since 1969, more than 60

RSS workers have been brutally killed by the

Communists. And how! A teacher was hacked to death in

front of his students in the classroom, students of

the ABVP were drowned in a river, a former CPI(M)

worker’s legs are knifed in front of his ageing

parents for the ‘sin’ of joining a RSS shakha.

Similarly, in Bengal, Trinamool Congress workers have

been the main targets of the Communist violence. Their

hands were chopped off when found ‘guilty’ of ‘not

voting for the CPI(M)’. More than one hundred cases of

murders, rape and plunder have been reported by the

Trinamool Congress, but the Communist government

ensured that nothing happened to their ideological

comrades. Neither the ‘secular’ parties, nor their

fundamentalist Taliban-like ‘combative’ allies feel

concern for the victims of Communist violence, which

is as despicable as any other form of violence.

According to home ministry sources, more than 9,773

(till June 2003) people have been killed by various

Communist terrorist organisations active in 55

districts declared ‘Left-extremism affected’ in eight

states. Those killed were mostly farmers, teachers and

students coming from tribal, scheduled caste and low

and middle-classes. All these murders were done in the

name of janyuddha or revolution.

India, already bleeding under attacks by Islamist

jehadis, cannot afford to tolerate another jehad of

the red hue. Ironically, the ‘Marxist media’ and the

so-called secular parties keep a studied silence over

the barbaric Communist terrorism and try to

romanticise the entire movement under the cover of

some bizarre ideological shades. If this strange

ideological apartheid continues to reign, the victims

will feel driven to the wall. There just cannot be two

kinds of responses to savagery in a civil society.

When Hindus are killed, the response is a muted

condemnation for the sake of ‘record’. If non-Hindus

face a similar fate, ‘secular hurricanes’ arrive with

global dimensions. If the faith in the fairness of our

institutions has to be maintained, the murderers of

9,773 Indians should also be brought to justice.

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-24-2003

[url=""]Pakistani expats Enthusiastic About Saudi Citizenship Possibility [/url]

Thursday October 23, 2003 (0441 PST)

JEDDAH/RIYADH, October 24 (Online): The Kingdom's possible move to debate rules for granting citizenship to foreigners has met with a largely enthusiastic response from expatriates here .

Ehsanul Haque, a Jeddah-based Pakistani electrical engineer and social worker, said: "I welcome the Shoura debate. I've read some letters in the media that citizenship will be restricted to certain nationalities. If that is the case then it is unfortunate. I consider this the best opportunity for professionals like me to apply for Saudi citizenship.

But I would not like to do this at the cost of my own nationality." S.M. Arshad, an American national who has been living in Jeddah for over 12 years, was enthusiastic. "I'll be among the first applicants.

If accepted, I won't mind giving up my American nationality." The two holy cities were a major consideration for Linogaranao Mapandi, a Filipino civil engineer from Mindanao who has been living in the Kingdom for 24 years. "I wholeheartedly welcome the debate in the Kingdom. This is a very good move for people like us, as we can be close to the holy Haram. It will be difficult for me to visit with my family once I return home for good."

In Riyadh, Indians and Pakistani expatriates welcomed the proposal, which they described as a long-awaited move. Atiq-ur-Rahman Geelani, a manager, said it would boost Saudi manpower .

According to Abdul Malik Mujahid, general manager at a publishing firm, it is a landmark move. "However, I believe that the Shoura Council should also consider key professionals like doctors and engineers who only have a smattering of Arabic."

Siddique Veliankode, a translator and author of several books, welcomed the move but said the citizenship rules required some clarification. "It is not clear whom the intending candidates should approach for a character certificate," he said .

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-27-2003

[url=""]Pakistan says will not send troops to Iraq -report[/url]

ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Pakistan said on Sunday it had told the United States it would not send any troops to Iraq, the state news agency reported.

Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was quoted by the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) as saying it had been made clear to the United States that "Pakistan will not send its troops to Iraq at any cost".

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-27-2003

[url=",0008.htm"]Engine, 5 coaches of Shalimar Exp derail after blast on track[/url]

In the second attack on a train in six months, terrorists on Sunday night blasted a rail track derailing the engine and five bogies of Delhi-bound Shalimar Express at a place about 50km from here but there was no casualty, senior railway officials said.

Jammu Station Superintendent Mulkraj Sharma said the blast on the rail track went off at a place between Sambha and Gagwal stations at around 2206 hours, almost an hour after Shalimar Express left Jammu Tawi station.

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-27-2003

[url=""]No talks, only courts can solve Ayodhya: Mulayam[/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-27-2003

[url=""]Army may not vacate LoC posts this winter[/url]

Misc News Folder - Guest - 10-28-2003

[url=",00430004.htm"]2 held for vandalising temple in London[/url]


One of the men snatched the mike and allegedly shouted there was only one God, the Jesus Christ, and they (the gathering) were stupid to worship a stone. The other man, it is said, then went up to the Ram idol and started shaking it. As a result the idol fell on the ground and one of its arm and the bow and arrow broke..