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Book folder - balai_c - 06-20-2012

Cross posted - James Mil,father of John Stuart Mill, a premier historian in Raj era India. His books were a compulsory read for all ICS aspirants. His notorious works influenced Hegel's and Carl Marx's vision of India and the famous (or infamous) Hegelian evolution of civilizations:

[url=""]book 1[/url]

[url=""]Book 2[/url]

[url=""]Book 3[/url]

[url=""]Book 4[/url]

[url=""]Book 5[/url]

[url=""]Book 6[/url]

Folks, this can be said to be the spawn of all anti Indian narrative found in all Raj era history books that is continuing to this day.

Book folder - balai_c - 06-21-2012

[url=""]A Code of Gentoo laws, or, Ordinations of the pundits : from a Persian translation, made from the original, written in the Shanscrit language (printed in the year 1776)[/url]

[url=""]The Gentoo Code-WIKIPEDIA[/url]

The Gentoo Code is a legal code translated from Sanskrit (in which it was known as vivādārṇavasetu) to Persian by Brahmin scholars and then from Persian to English by Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, a British grammarian working for the East India Company. The translation was explicitly funded and encouraged by Warren Hastings as a method of increasing the colonial hold over the Indies.