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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 02-13-2013


From : [color="#FF0000"]Daily Times of Lahore![/color]

[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="6"]UK threatens to ban PIA flights over passport scandal[/size][/color][/center][/url]

LONDON/ISLAMABAD : The British government has reportedly threatened to place a ban on all PIA flights over reports of tens of Afghan nationals illegally flying into the Kingdom on Pakistani passports.

According to British officials, more than 50 Afghans bearing Pakistani passports landed in different UK cities from Karachi and Islamabad during the last two months. The British officials feared that Qaeda and Taliban terrorists could sneak into their country.

Sources said immigration officer of the British High Commission, acting on a tip-off on February 2, offloaded six Afghan citizens – with their passports numbered as NRO159751, PH1158611, AJ0152881 and BK36877931 - from PIA’s flight PK-785 set for London. During the investigation, it was revealed that Afghan nationals had paid 25,000 Pounds each for sending them to the UK. FIA Additional Director Sajjad Haider was reportedly found involved in the scandal.

Haider is a very ‘influential’ person. A reference was filed in accountability court of Rawalpindi against Haider in 2004 and he was sentenced for three years. He appealed against the decision but high court did not give him relief. He was reinstated on his post through NRO on July 18, 2008, and was promoted to the seat of deputy director. After Supreme Court’s decision in NRO case, his promotion was cancelled. online

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Guest - 02-17-2013

Quote:UK threatens to ban PIA flights over passport scandal

Why threaten them, just do it?

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Guest - 02-17-2013

[url=""]Large blast rips through Quetta; 63 killed[/url]
Quote:The explosion occurred near a market at the busy Kirani road area of the city, located close to Hazara Town, where a large population of the ethnic Hazaras community resides.
Quote:The provincial capital has become a flashpoint for sectarian linked violence, where at least 93 people were killed in a series of bombing last month. A majority of the people killed in the Alamdar Road blasts on Jan 10 belonged to the Hazara Shia community.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 02-19-2013


[url=""][center][size="7"][color="#006400"]Iranian MP Criticizes Islamabad's

Weakness in Protecting Pakistani Shiites[/color][/size]
[/center] [/url].

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pakistani government has failed to give enough care to the protection of the lives of its Shiite community, a senior Iranian lawmaker legislator said on Sunday.

Member of the parliament's Presiding Board Alireza Monadi Sefidaan expressed deep regret over the growing trend of anti-Shiite attacks in Pakistan, and said that the long-term goal of extremist groups is massacring the Shiites in genocidal attacks.

"The negligence shown by Pakistan's central government has allowed these terrorist groups to kill Shiites easily and carelessly in an effort to change the demographical strategy of Pakistan to the loss of the Shiites," Monadi told ICANA.

He further lashed out at the international circles for their silence over these crimes and the extremist groups' genocidal attacks on the Shiite Muslims in Pakistan.

In the latest attack on the Pakistani Shiite community, a bomb blast killed at least 81 people, including women and children, and injured 200 others.

The bomb was attached to a motorcycle outside a crowded vegetable market in Quetta, and targeted the area's Shiite community.

The death toll has risen to 81 after law enforcement dragged several more bodies from the rubble of the collapsed two-story building.

Several houses and shops were completely destroyed by the blast. Security officials said that an estimated 100 kilograms of explosives was used in the attack.

Following the attack, Iran strongly condemned the bombing, and warned that the terrorist attacks are aimed at sowing discord in the Muslim country.

In a message to his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani on Sunday, Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condoled with the people and government of Pakistan over the death of the country's citizens in the recent terrorist attack.

He said that such criminal acts are in line with the aliens' divisive plots against Pakistan's people and interests, and added that these crimes serve the inauspicious goals of the enemies of Islam.

Salehi also called on the Pakistani officials and religious leaders to take necessary measures to prevent bloodshed in the Muslim state.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Guest - 02-20-2013

Quote:Iranian MP Criticizes Islamabad's

Weakness in Protecting Pakistani Shiites

Let them settle score.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 02-20-2013

[quote name='Mudy' date='20 February 2013 - 09:31 AM' timestamp='1361332380' post='116479']

Let them settle score.


Mudy Ji :

Iran is in no position otherwise Iranians would have reacted many moons ago.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 02-20-2013

[url=""][center][size="7][color="#006400"]Neelum project may need to be


Terence J Sigamony

ISLAMABAD - With the award announced in the Kishanganga dispute by The Hague-based Court of Arbitration to divert only a minimum flow of water from the Neelum/Kishanganga River for power generation, the 969MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project would be badly affected and would have to be redesigned.

Background interviews and discussion with energy experts show that with the verdict of International Court of Arbitration, Pakistan would have to face around 150 billion annual loss as the designed capacity of 969MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project will be reduced by 150MW. The verdict has an ultimate impact on Pakistan as it will reduce water flow in the River Neelum, leaving very little water for Pakistan. They were of the view that the International Court of Arbitration ruled in favour of India on the diversion of Neelum (Kishanganga) water, setting aside objections by Pakistan that halted work on the 330MW Kishanganga Hydropower Project in Indian Held Kashmir. A detailed order in the shape of the fine print will be made public soon.

They were of the view that the verdict is a clear green signal for the Kishanganga project because Indian spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin, announcing the decision on Monday late night, asked Indians to celebrate the coming Sunday as a celebration day.

Official sources, on the condition of anonymity, held Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Water Resources and Agriculture Kamal Majidullah responsible for the defeat in the legal battle over the Kishanganga hydropower project. Giving the reasons for this debacle, [color="#FF0000"]they said the team leader had no knowledge about trans-boundary water management.[/color] In addition, an undue delay was made by the government of Pakistan in the launch of Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Plant, which was approved in 1989 and was to begin in 2002. “This vital point gave an edge to India that started Kishanganga in June 2006, while in Pakistan, On July 7, 2007, the Chinese consortium, CGGC-CMEC (Gezhouba Group and China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation) were awarded the contract to construct the dam and a power station, said an official in the water and power ministry, on the condition of anonymity.

Arshad H Abbasi, a water expert, when contacted, made it clear that with the ICA verdict, Pakistan would have to redesign the 969MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project and it would also cause reduction in hydel power. He said due to the disputed Kishanganga Dam, work on the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project had already been badly affected. At present, Pakistan is facing financial hardship in implementing the Neelum-Jhelum project. The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) is also facing internal problems in generating funds for the project and the Finance Ministry is reportedly not providing funds, he added.

In 1960, Pakistan and India hammered out the Indus Water Treaty, which governs the sharing of water on rivers heading downstream from India to Pakistan. However, India had been racing to complete the 330MW Kishanganga project which would divert the River Neelam to Wullar Lake, leaving very little water for the Pakistani project, which is just 70 kilometres downstream from Kishanganga, thus reducing the power generation capacity of the 969MW Neelum-Jhelum plant by about 11 percent. On May 17, 2010, Pakistan instituted arbitral proceedings against India under the Indus Waters Treaty 1960 and approached the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) against the violation of the treaty.

The arbitration went through tumultuous phases after New Delhi and Islamabad failed to agree on the nomination of three neutral judges. Both sides invoked a provision in the treaty under which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had to nominate Stephen M Schwebel, a former president of the International Court of Justice, as the head of the seven-member arbitration bench. The bench for which the two countries nominated two members each visited both sides of the LoC before beginning a detailed hearing which concluded on August 31 last year.

The seven-member International Court of Arbitration (ICA) barred India from undertaking any permanent works above the riverbed level at the Gurez site of the Kishanganga hydel project dam. Due to the effect of the stay order, work remained suspended for more than one year.

An official of Wand Power Ministry told this scribe that Pakistan needs Rs2 billion on a monthly basis to continue work on the Neelum Jhelum project. Due to the undue delay in the proper commencement of the Neelum Jhelum project, the cost of the project has ballooned from 84.5 billion to a staggering Rs 274.8 billion, which might result in an exorbitant power generation cost of over Rs 10 per unit, against the existing hydroelectric generation cost of 16 paisa per unit.

The burden of the costs arising out of delays and inefficiency is also expected to be transferred to consumers, as the government has decided to arrange 40 per cent of the required funds through a levy on consumed energy imposed by the Government of Pakistan

It is a matter of deep concern that a permanent works above the riverbed is not allowed. But India went ahead with the construction of a powerhouse, tunnelling works, constructing cofferdams, temporary bypass tunnel and concretisation under the riverbed for the dam. And the controversy owes its genesis to India’s plan to build a 330-megawatt hydropower plant in Held Kashmir across the Jhelum River.

The dam site is located 160 km upstream from Muzaffarabad and involves the diversion of Kishanganga River (called the Neelum River in Pakistan) to a tributary named Bunar Madumati Nullah of Jhelum near Bunkot. The diversion will change the course of the Neelum by about 100km, which will then join the Jhelum through Wullar Lake near the town of Bandipur in Baramula district. As a result of this diversion, the Neelum and Jhelum rivers which at present join each other near Muzaffarabad at Domail will meet in Indian Held Kashmir.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 02-21-2013


[url=""][center][size="7"][color="#006400"]Iran refuses to slash gas export price[/color][/size][/center][/url]

ISLAMABAD : Iran has firmly stuck to its stance and refused to bring down the price for gas export to Pakistan to match the price agreed for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project, officials say.

Pakistan and Iran have already set the price at 78% of crude oil rate for 750 million cubic feet of gas per day to be transported through a pipeline from Iran’s South Pars field to Pakistan, commonly dubbed as Iran-Pakistan pipeline. However, according to an agreement, Pakistan has the right to renegotiate the price if it finds cheaper gas from some other source.

Under the TAPI project, Pakistan will pay 69% of crude oil price for import of 1.3 billion cubic feet of gas per day.

“Pakistan can enter into fresh talks with Iran for price revision after gas flow starts from alternative resources,” a senior government official said, promptly clarifying as gas supply from Turkmenistan has not started, “we cannot engage into negotiations with Tehran.”

Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain disclosed that all technical matters for the award of gas pipeline construction contract to an Iranian company had been finalised. However, he cautioned that some financial issues still needed to be resolved.

A team of Inter State Gas Systems (ISGS) – which works on gas import projects – had to leave for Iran on Wednesday night to resolve these issues. “Construction contract will be signed in Pakistan,” he said.

Iran to set up largest refinery at Gwadar

In a positive development, Iran has agreed to set up the largest refinery in Pakistan at Gwadar Port with refining capacity of 400,000 barrels per day in a joint venture with oil marketing giant Pakistan State Oil (PSO).

“The two countries will ink an agreement on the refinery project during the visit of President Asif Ali Zardari to Iran on February 27,” Hussain said.

Pakistan and Iran agreed to establish the oil refinery during the visit of Iranian Energy Minister Rostam Ghasemi to Islamabad on Wednesday. The Iranian minister also offered to provide liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to ease Pakistan’s energy woes.

According to sources, Iran will export 400,000 barrels of crude oil per day for the refinery. For this, it is interested in setting up an oil pipeline between the two countries.

Experts call the proposed refinery project a major milestone in the wake of handing over of Gwadar Port operations to China. The refinery will help meet oil needs of China as well. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />/>

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 03-20-2013


[url=""][center][size="7"][color="#006400"]Budget paper : Extra billions given to

army acknowledged - Shahbaz Rana[/color][/size]

ISLAMABAD : After years of keeping it under wraps, the outgoing government has finally admitted to releasing an annual grant of around Rs. 200 billion to the armed forces, the burden of which is likely to be passed on to taxpayers from next year.

In its budget strategy paper – a document encompassing this year’s revised budget estimates and projection for the next three years – the Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition government conceded that it was paying the annual grant in security-relating spending, which was earlier largely financed out of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF).

[size="5"][color="#FF0000"]The government had never accepted releasing the amount in the past despite repeated reports in the media.[/color][/size]

The documents further stated that from 2009 to the current fiscal year, a whopping sum of Rs. 687 billion was given to the armed forces under the head of security-related spending. The highest payment was made in fiscal year 2009-10 with Rs. 215 billion given to the forces.

Much of the additional grant was paid out of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) reimbursements by the US. During the current fiscal year, the US has reimbursed $ 1.9 billion.

For the next fiscal year 2013-14, commencing from July this year, and till 2016, authorities have estimated Rs. 190 billion in annual security-related expenses. However, Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Dr Nadeemul Haque suggested adding the grant in the regular defence budget once the CSF facility exhausts.

In his comments on the three-year strategy paper, Dr Haque wrote that “security-related spending is stagnant at around Rs 190 billion whereas it has gone up from Rs 122 billion in fiscal year 2012 to Rs 185 billion and then remained stagnant at Rs 190 billion for the next three years”.

He said the amount was consistent with reimbursements under the CSF which is going to exhaust in fiscal year 2014.

However, it is yet to be seen whether the finance ministry adds the spending in the regular defence budget or keep financing it as a separate item.

The strategy paper also increased this year’s defence budget to Rs. 570 billion – an addition of Rs. 25 billion over the budget approved by parliament in June last year.

By only adding the security-related spending and the supplementary budget, the stated defence budget has peaked to Rs. 755 billion.

Furthermore, the services fees from the United Nations on account of military personnel involved in peacekeeping missions, which is estimated at Rs30 billion for this year and over Rs100 billion for military pensions, the accumulative defence spending crosses Rs880 billion.

Next year

For the next year, the proposed defence budget stands at Rs 627 billion –an increase of 10%, or Rs 57 billion, over this year’s revised budget, according to official documents. Similarly, Rs 190 billion will be released for security-related spending, Rs 120 billion for military pensions and at least Rs30 billion of the UN peacekeeping mission reimbursements. [color="#FF0000"][size="7"]The proposed

accumulative defence spending adds up

to Rs. 970 billion or roughly 30% of the

next year’s proposed budget.[/size][/color]

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Guest - 03-24-2013

Death toll from Miramshah suicide attack reaches 22

Musharraf lands in Karachi

Fun will began. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 03-25-2013


[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="6"]Post 2015 : Provinces may foot part of defence bill[/size][/color][/center][/url]

ISLAMABAD : As the defence budget continues to gobble up almost one-third of the total federal budget, federal authorities have begun crafting a proposal to make the provinces foot part of the bill for defence spending from 2015 onwards.

The proposal, which is currently in its initial stages, will be discussed once talks for the 8th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award formally kick off, a source in the finance ministry told The Express Tribune.

Under the Constitution, the defence budget falls under the federal government and for that reason all defence-related expenses are borne by the federal government.

The accumulative defence spending for the current fiscal year has been estimated at Rs880 billion or roughly 30% of the Rs 3 trillion federal budget, according to the budget strategy paper. The amount includes expenses on army pensions. [color="#FF0000"]Defence spending is expected to increase to Rs 970 billion in the next fiscal year.[/color] The federal government’s financial constraints after the implementation of 7th NFC Award, which is in its third year of its five-year life span, lies at the heart of the proposal.

In the 7th NFC Award, the share of the provinces in the federal divisible pool had been increased to 57.5% — an increase of almost 10% over the previous award to the provinces, which took political parties 14 years to agree on.

According to sources, the finance ministry has embarked upon a mission to find new ways in which the provinces can share some federal responsibilities, as the Constitution does not allow a reduction in the provinces’ share in the divisible pool. Even in the next NFC Award, the provincial share has been guaranteed at minimum 57.5%.

The Planning Commission has advised the finance ministry to take up the defence fee proposal along with some other key outstanding issues at the appropriate forum, which is the NFC.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 03-25-2013


[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="6"]Pakistan to face 31% water shortage by 2025[/size][/color][/center][/url]

FAISALABAD : [color="#FF0000"]Water shortage in Pakistan will increase to 31% of people’s needs by 2025[/color] and this underlines the need for some tangible steps, including water usage charges and building of storages, to cope with the problem.

These were the views of speakers at a seminar arranged by the Department of Irrigation and Water Management Research Centre, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) in collaboration with the International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (Icarda) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to observe World Water Day here on Friday.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Country Representative Dr Mahmood Akhtar Cheema pointed out that India was constructing 11 big dams but Pakistan was still in a fix about building of dams and a breakthrough was yet to be made.

“Owing to climate changes, glaciers are melting. And in the absence of water conservation methods, we are experiencing heavy floods, leading to loss of many lives and damage to agriculture,” he said.

Per capita water availability at the time of creation of Pakistan was 5,600 cubic metres, but [color="#FF0000"]it currently stands at only 1,000 cubic metres, placing Pakistan among water-scarce countries.[/color] To tackle the situation, Cheema suggested that the government should apply reasonable water usage charges to discourage wastage of the resource.

[center][Image: 1000-5.jpg?w=625][/center]

Icarda Country Head Dr Abdul Majeed emphasised the importance of promoting water conservation techniques by sensitising people and taking fruitful measures. He said Icarda’s strategy combined continuity with change, addressing current problems while expanding focus to emerging challenges such as climate change and desertification.

South Asian Conservation Agriculture Network’s Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Gill was of the view that [color="#FF0000"]Pakistan was wasting two-third of its water by following traditional conservation methods and agricultural practices.[/color]

Citing examples, he said per capita water availability in the US was 6,000 cubic metres, in Australia 5,500 cubic metres and in China 2,200 cubic metres. In Pakistan, it is only 1,000 cubic metres, posing a threat to people’s lives.

He expressed concern that no authority was working for saving groundwater and suggested that off-channel water reservoirs should be set up to preserve flood water and prevent loss to life and property. “This (saved) water can be used later,” he stressed.

He said Punjab had around 1.3 million tube wells to pump out groundwater, which is bringing down the water level. Eighty per cent of the tube wells were being run on diesel, increasing the cost manifold and requiring application of alternative methods to face the situation, he suggested.

UAF Acting Vice Chancellor Dr Iqbal Zafar said water availability [color="#FF0000"]in 2025 would stand at around 100 million acre feet compared to the need of 135 MAF.[/color] He stressed the need for increasing water storage capacity to save people’s lives as water resources were shrinking and population was growing rapidly.

To meet the demand for water, he called for kicking off a comprehensive awareness drive to educate people about benefits of judicious consumption and consequences of wastage.

Professor Dr Allah Buksh was of the view that big dams like Kalabagh should be built to save water for coming generations and application of techniques of efficient use of water was the need of the hour to combat water scarcity.

My Comments : At the time of its Creation in 1947 Pakistan had a Population of 30 Million. It now has a Population of over 200 Million.

As such the Per Capita Availabilty has been reduced by 5.6 Times. However, Pakistan's Population has gone up Seven Times.

Thus no External Circumstances/Actions can be blamed for Pakistan's Per Capita Water Availablity being reduced from 5,600 Cubic Meters at Pakistan's inception in 1947 and now. It is to be noted that with a Population Increase of Seven Times the Per Capita Water Availability should have been reduced to 800 Cubic Metres.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 03-26-2013

[url=""][center][size="6"][color="#006400"]Water security : Pakistan’s water woes highlighted on

World Water Day[/color][/size]

ISLAMABAD : Despite having largest irrigation system in the world, [color="#FF0000"][size="5"]Pakistan loses about two third of its water resources due to poor state of infrastructure,[/size][/color] said climate and agriculture experts here at a seminar marking World Water Day 2013.

An International Seminar on World Water Day 2013 was organised on Friday by Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (Parc) with the purpose of raising awareness about water management challenges.

This year the theme for World Water Day 2013 was “International Year of Water Cooperation”. [color="#FF0000"][size="5"]Federal Secretary Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSR) Ahmed Buksh while addressing the seminar said “About two thirds of our water resources are lost in transmission and seepage. This means that about 68 million acre feet of water can be brought in use if the canal system is adequately repaired and maintained”.[/size][/color] Buksh stressed on the need for addressing the issue of water resource management at local, national, regional as well as international levels.

Parc organised the seminar in collaboration with International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Planning Commission of Pakistan (PCP), Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP) and other national and international organisations. Speaking on the occasion, former chairman Parc and ICIMOD Board Member, Dr Amir Muhammad said that agriculture sector has great potential to boost country’s economic growth and productivity. He said that owing to increasing population, the use of land is increasing and water resources are decreasing, so there is a need to develop a roadmap for future planning.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 03-26-2013


[url=""][center][size="7"][color="#006400"]Bilawal leaves Pakistan due to[/color]

[color="#FF0000"]security concerns[/color]

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) patron in-chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has reached United Kingdom [color="#FF0000"][size="7"]keeping in view security concerns,[/size][/color] Geo News reported here on Tuesday.

Sources in the PPP said that there were no difference between Bilawal and President Asif Ali Zardari.

The sources said that Mr Bhutto was informed about the security threats and that he could not run election campaign for his party for the upcoming general election.

His mother Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a gun and bomb attack on December 27, 2007 during an election rally at Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh.

My Comments : If TWIRPstan cannot provide Security for the "Heir Apparent" then how can it be safe for Sports Teams and "Non-Terrorist" Tourists!

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 04-02-2013


[url=""][center][color="#006400"][size="6"]Cutting defence budget will leave Pakistan vulnerable[/size] [size="3"]: Imran Khan[/size][/color][/center][/url]

KARACHI : Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that cutting the defence budget at a stage when the country is “fighting at two borders” will leave it more vulnerable, reported Radio Pakistan on Monday.

“Pakistan is a vulnerable state and we are fighting at two borders including the war on terror and conflicts with India. If we cut the defence budget at this stage, then it would leave the country more vulnerable” Imran told Radio Pakistan in an exclusive interview.

The PTI Chairman emphasised that to be able to cut the defence budget, the country would have to resolve ongoing conflicts through dialogue first.

Justifying his party’s possible seat adjustment with the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), Imran said that the JI was the only party who stood by the PTI and boycotted the 2008 elections.

Imran claimed that the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) had participated in the last elections due to international pressure, as their wealth was lying in foreign banks, the report added.

Imran also said that his party will launch a national popular campaign for “change in the country” in the coming weeks.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 04-02-2013


[url=""][center][size="7"][color="#006400"]Technocratic[/color] [color="#FF0000"]turncoats[/color][/size] [size="3"][color="#FF0000"]- Dr Ashfaque H Khan[/color][/size][/center][/url]

Quote:I would also like to draw the attention of the readers towards the imminent debt repayment crisis. The State Bank of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves as on March 28, 2013 are close to $7.0 billion. In March alone, the SBP has lost almost $800 million in its reserves. [color="#FF0000"]The SBP’s reserves of $7.0 billion also include $2.3 billion of its forward buying from the commercial banks.

After adjusting for forward buying the SBP’s reserves stood at $4.7 billion.[/color]
During April 1 and June 30, 2013, Pakistan will have to repay $905 million to the IMF alone. Assuming little or no inflow during the caretaker regime, [color="#FF0000"]the SBP’s foreign exchange reserves would decline to [size="6"]$3.8 billion by June 30 – a recipe for triggering the crisis of confidence and flight of capital.[/size][/color]

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 04-06-2013


[url=""][center][color="#FF0000"][size="7"]PSO warns of complete dry-out[/size][/color][/center][/url].

Quote:ISLAMABAD : Pakistan State Oil, the country’s largest fuel supplier, on Thursday reported to the prime minister that it had defaulted on domestic and international payments and warned of a complete dry-out in a few weeks.

[color="#FF0000"]“We expect a complete dryout in or around second week of May[/color] on current total supply pattern of 16,000 tons per day of both HSFO and LSFO,”
said PSO managing director Naeem Yahya Mir to secretary of petroleum and natural resources who presented the letter to caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso.

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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Guest - 04-19-2013

Pakistan police arrest former president Musharraf

Pakistani police arrested former president Pervez Musharraf at his home on the outskirts of Islamabad on Friday and presented him in court in connection with allegations he committed treason while in office, media reports and his lawyers said.

He was later allowed to return home.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Husky - 04-19-2013

^ Ooh. Could it be he'll get what's coming to him? Better late than never I suppose.

Anyway. At least one face for all the statistics and faceless names and silenced miseries.

Quote:Kidnapped , raped , converted ~ Rinkle Kumari | #Rinkle

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: Pakistan, Rinkle, Rinkle Kumari — TheKashmir @ 10:02 am

[Image: rinkle.jpg?w=505&h=649]

Exclusive picture of Rinkle Kumari ~ taken two weeks before she was kidnapped , raped and forcibly married . You may never see her smiling again . Just in case she is still alive .

From Friday Times ~

Malalai Yusafzai, the brilliant Pakistani girl who defied Taliban’s dictation and stood firm on getting educated and persuaded her peers to do so, is a face of Pakistan that we all want to see. More and more. With pride and denial. We like to see Malalai in denial of Rinkle. Rinkle Kumari, the 19 years old Sindhi Hindu girl who was kidnapped and allegedly forcibly converted to Islam before coercively marrying her to a Muslim Naveed Shah. The ones who show this uncomfortable face of Pakistan are condemned to be the ‘traitors’ and ‘Pakistan-haters’. If trying to correct these painful imperfections of our society is treason, let me commit it for once. Rinkle’s story needs to be told loudly and to everyone.

Rinkle was kidnapped on February 24 by Naveed Shah and four other people. Police refused to lodge an FIR and to include the names of the influential Mian Aslam, Mian Rafique and their father Mian Mithu. She was produced in the court of Civil Judge Ghotki where she insisted on going to her family but the judge illegally sent her to the police custody in Sukkur Women’s Police Station.

Read the complete story HERE

Who's betting Kumari - like the many Hindus in India who get raped and brutalised by christian and islamic terrorists - will never get the time of day in Indian newspapers?

Never mind. If she's still alive and all her bones aren't broken yet, she should pursue justice by herself (since the law won't give it to her). Besides, her rights - and her right to extract them - are beyond the law now:

[color="#0000FF"]She has the Right To Kill all her captors now[/color] (that would be her faithful islamic rapist and his faithful islamic family forcibly keeping her hostage). That way, she avenges herself and prevents them from doing this to others. (Let's see someone tell me I'm wrong. Laws are for protecting people in civil society and for preserving the latter. Rinkle Kumari does not find herself in "civil society". Same clauses concerning ethics and morality. All bets are off therefore. As ethics do not remotely govern her captors, she need not be governed/burdened by them either - where her captors are concerned.)

Every Hindu and other heathen woman captured by christoislamania has the right to kill their captors (and has to remember they have that right. Should make it their priority in fact). So any opportunity that comes their way ... I really hope they have the presence of mind and the chance and especially ability and sanity/pointedness of mind to seize it. (And make it look like an accident. E.g. Big fire that conveniently consumes all the hostage-takers in one go. Oh how tragic.) Because these women's lives - what's left of it, if anything remains of it, and if they've not gone catatonic by the incessant attacks on their body - rest solely in their hands. Besides giving them justice, killing off the vile vermin who rape and conspire to keep them hostage is the only way they can escape. Or if they don't want to live anymore, they should still ensure that their captors will never survive either so that these can't torment others (or be allowed to reproduce).

I doubt even christoislamic cheerleaders for terrorism like Suzanna Roy and Teesta Seetalvad (who are rapists themselves by extension: people are what they support) will dare try instigating proceedings against these Hindu victims for killing all the hostage-takers. Because ironically these Hindu hostage victims have that rare [moral] freedom - even if perhaps not the ability or opportunity - that everyday Hindu victims in India are denied by India's cryptochristian government and the harpies in the christomedia and bleeding hearts associations: to mete out justice to christian and islamic terrorists. In India, Hindu victims of mass (and individual) christoislamic violence - such as the christo NLFT mass rape of Hindu Vanavasi women**, or islamics regular gang-rape of Hindu Harijan women (which is often followed by setting the Hindu victims on fire) - blindly look to the christo government for "justice". Big mistake. Since the victims are actually on their own: there's no one who will look out for their interests or safety. So they have to learn to do that for themselves. But at least Hindu hostages can try to look for any chance that may ever come their way to do so - and do so with impunity, what's more. Because I can guarantee that No One - but No One - will condemn their actions against their transgressors. Not even the christian sophists (regular defenders of islamic mass-rapists) will be able to. Also, the very fact that such Hindus are silent victims - hardly anyone reports their misery or gets them released - gives them the further advantage that they can equally silently off their christoislamic tormentors (it's only fair that no one hears *their* screams either, no? The victims didn't start it, therefore they have the every Right to finish it.)



Quote:India rebels 'making porn films

27 August 2005

Rebels in India's north-eastern state of Tripura are making pornographic films to raise money for their separatist campaign, officials say. [...] The former guerrillas of the NLFT have told police their leaders not only sexually abused scores of tribal girls recruited into the rebel army but also used them - and some male guerrillas - to produce scores of porn films, officials say. [...] But while forcing tribal women to have sex with them at gunpoint or carrying them away to the rebel camps is not new, using them to produce pornography certainly is.

And that the NLFT is a famous christian terrorist organisation is declared loudly and openly in their manifesto:

Quote:Church backing Tripura rebels

18 April, 2000

The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura.
And so, in order to expand christ's kingdom - i.e. to generate funds for their christian terrorism - they had latched onto their very christian plan to distribute their very christian gang-rape films. (As explained in the first news item, the christian NLFT had always already been raping the unconverted native heathen women before recruiting them - same as the love jihad famously does. The difference is that now they thought taking videos of the same will additionally bring in the money needed to peacefully propagate the obvious "love" of christianism.)

christianism=islam. Same disease.

Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7 - Naresh - 05-08-2013


[URL=""][CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]Per capita income grows just 4.3% this year[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/URL]

[CENTER][Image: 545822-Income-1367956571-244-640x480.jpg][/CENTER]

ISLAMABAD : With discrepancies in the methodologies used to estimate this year’s total national income that wipe at least Rs600 billion off the economy, the per capita income has grown by an unimpressive 4.3% to $1,380.

To arrive at the per capita income figure, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics – the government’s statistical arm – estimated a 2% growth in the country’s population that reached 183 million this year. It then divided the total national income with the number of people and got per capita income of $1,380, which is $57 or 4.3% higher than the per capita income last year.

However, the total national income [COLOR="Red"]has raised eyebrows as issues of double-counting, inflated figures and exclusion of parts of income from some subsectors of the economy have come to the fore.[/COLOR] This comes amid claims from government officials that they have calculated the size of the economy according to latest international concepts.

According to estimates given by the PBS, [COLOR="Red"]the overall size of the economy has come down to Rs22.9 trillion[/COLOR] despite addition of new goods and services as a result of rebasing of the economy from 1999-00 to 2005-06. Economic growth for the current year has been put at 3.6%.

Though the PBS has applied latest concepts for calculating the value of goods and services, it has failed to deliver because of capacity constraints, [COLOR="Red"]leaving the job to those who have little knowledge of national accounts,[/COLOR] commented an official, who has been closely working with the PBS for years.

[CENTER][Image: graph4.jpg][/CENTER]

PBS has used basic prices and abandoned the factor cost valuation methodology for the economy, said officials. In factor cost, goods and services are valued according to the prices received by the sellers including additional costs while in the basic price concept, initial prices of goods and services without additional charges like taxes and subsidies are considered.

PBS Chief Statistician Asif Bajwa would clarify the distortions, if any, today (Wednesday), they said.


The officials pointed out that the PBS has added production-related taxes like customs duties to basic prices and did not remove major parts of duties that the producers claimed as input adjustment. This has inflated the value of goods and services.

PBS has also considered budget estimates of indirect taxes for arriving at the national income, [COLOR="Red"]but actual revenue collection is expected to be at least Rs300 billion short of the target.[/COLOR] It has added Rs1.54 trillion on account of direct taxes, [COLOR="Red"]but at the time of revision of these estimates the size of the economy will fall further. It is also said to have counted customs duties twice as part of indirect taxes.[/COLOR]

PBS has excluded tariff differential subsidies while calculating the value addition in electricity generation and distribution, contrary to the past practice when they used to be part of the value addition by the power sector, as it was the cost of generation that the government was paying in place of consumers.

This has caused a negative 3.2% growth in this subsector in real terms, but in nominal terms the electricity generation and distribution sector grew 9.9%, showed PBS documents.

According to sources, the reason for doing this was to show comparatively higher growth this year. Had the government added power subsidies to the cost, this would have resulted in much higher growth for last year as well, leading to a comparatively low growth this year due to a higher base.

Last year, the government gave Rs536.6 billion in subsidies including roughly Rs500 billion in power subsidies. For this year, the PBS has used budget estimates of Rs185 billion for power subsides.

The officials added when these distortions would be addressed next year, the country would have to face credibility issues while seeking financial support from international financial institutions.

Comments : Pakistan's Population as per the 2011 Census was over 197 Million. As such present Population of Pakistan should be about 210 Million whereby the "Already Inflated" Per Capita Income would shrink to US$ 1,380 X 183 / 210 which would equate to about US$ 1,203.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]