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HEC2007 Distorted History
Does anybody happen to have the picture of the Great indian Uprising 1857, where the sipahis were tied to cannon and blown to bits
In this thread you can find

<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Feb 13 2008, 01:45 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Feb 13 2008, 01:45 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->In this thread you can find


Thank You Mudy
The proceedings of th4 history seminar are now available at the url indicated

Review of “Astronomical Dating of Events & Select Vignettes from Indian history”
Edited by Kosla Vepa PhD
ISBN 978-1-4357-1120-4
This is an anthology of essays on the distortions that have accreted in the historical narrative of the Indic peoples and their civilization. Most of these egregiously erroneous accretions have been initiated at the behest of the colonial overlord and are the result of preconceived notions on the part of the Colonial Power . These preconceived notions include

The set of assumptions underlying the Aryan Invasion Theory . The most important assumption was that the Indic civilization could not possibly have been the product of the autocthonous peoples of the subcontinent and must have been seeded by a superior race of people from elsewhere.

In order to make this hypothesis stick with some degree of credibility, the other major postulate was that the seeding occurred after the Golden age of Greece (400-600 BCE)and that all of the science developed in the subcontinent was a derivative of the Greeks

The inherent contradictions of the Aryan Invasion Theory by the mythic and yet to be identified Aryan race.

The insistence on clinging to a racial terminology even when it is widely discredited and abandoned elsewhere

The insistence that Indic astronomy , geometry and mathematics was not autochthonous to India but was borrowed from the Greek or the Babylonians,without any evidence

The origin of the Brahmi script becomes a victim of the ‘anywhere but India’ syndrome

Devaluation and denigration of the extent of the ancient Indic contribution to Mathematics and Astronomy

There are resulting inconsistencies in the chronology of the Indic historical narrative, which is now horribly mangled to fit the straightjacket of British assumptions.

The result is a tectonic shift in the Chronology of the Indic civilization, with the resulting falsification of most of the important dates

Dating of the Mahabharata

Dating of the Satapatha Brahmana

Dating of the Veda

Dating of the Vedanga Jyotisha

Dating of the Sulva sutras

Beginning of the Vikrama era

Dating of the Buddha

Dating of the Arthashastra

Dating of Chandragupta Maurya

Dating of Panini’s Ashtadhyayi and consequentially the dating of Panini himself

Dating of Aryabhata

Such a distortion has resulted in vast gaps in the narrative of the history of the Indics and has resulted in absurdities such as the naming of the calendar after a person who is yet to be born.

This collection of papers , summarizes these lacunae in the chronology and advocates the use of Astronomical Software to determine the accurate dates.

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