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Low performing Indian schools
This thread will discuss the educational performance of Indian schools - excluding those for

middle-class to upper-middle class

This is what shows up in PISA type results
It should be, as over 80% of

classrooms in Tamil Nadu are multigrade classrooms.


This is from a report on TN public schools

many different grades are combined and taught by 1 govt school teacher in rural TN
However, Dr C. Satish, director, Paavai Group of Schools, Namakkal, and formerly with the DAV School, Chennai, suggests that state boards will be better-off under the combined exam system, stress levels will go down, and the students will, at least on a psychological level, feel that there is a purpose to the school-leaving exam. Even this year, he points out, there were 15,000 centums in the state board examination as opposed to just 600 in the national board exams. This is evidence of how liberal the marking is in state board exams. - Thats why low IQ of TN school students is masked
G sub ji, can you tell me the proportion of Government funded schools (at least partly funded schools) to private schools(non-missionary of course), throughout India. My mum is a school teacher in a West Bengal in Haora district and she claims that Bengal has the highest number of state controlled and sponsored schools in the country.How correct is this claim? And related to that , can you tell me what the current dropout rate in high schools of Bengal is?
deleted,double post.....
About 80% of Indian schools are govt schools

Reading - percentage of 5th grade students who can read grade 2 text

0 to 30% = TN, so much for dravidianists

31 to 40% = MP, Jharkhand, Assam

41% to 50% = JK, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Guj, Karn, Bihar, UP, Orissa, West Bengal

51% to 60% = Haryana, Uttarkhand, Maharashtra, Andhra, Goa,

61% to 70% = Meghalaya, Manipur, Kerala

71% to 80% = Himachal, Punjab

Math ability - percentage of 5th grade students who can do division

11% to 20% = Guj, MP, Chattisgarh, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu ( dravidianists rank dead last in math too )

21% to 30% = JK, Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra, Jharkand, West Bengal

31% to 40% = Uttarkhand, Bihar, Nagaland

41% to 50% = Himachal, Haryana, Manipur, Kerala, Andhra

51 to 60% = Punjab
Above url

Private School enrolment

0 to 10% = Bihar, West Bengal. Orissa, Gujurat, Tripura

11% to 20% = MP, Assam, Maharashtra, Jharkand, Chattisgarh

21 to 30% = Karnataka

31% to 40% = Himachal, Uttarkhand, Nagaland, Andhra, Tamil Nadu

41 to 50% = JK, Punjab, Rajasthan, Goa, UP

51 to 60% = Haryana

61 to 70% = Manipur

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