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How Hindus Fought To Keep India Hindu Againt Islam
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Have now quickly skimmed the article and on these bits:

Quote:How Muslim invaders faced repeated defeats before each victory

The magnitude and persistence of Islamic invasions

Yes. With hindsight: they were allowed to wear Hindus down, because total war was not implemented in reverse. They lived to "try try again". Were allowed to fight another day.

And they have worn Hindus down, through the long centuries. Their (christoislamics') real success is that the nation has gone from ancient Hindoos fighting for their heathenism to turning it into the modern one where Hindoos are in the grip of de-heathenisation/dhimmitude.

The lesson learned: should fight total war with total war. Let nothing christoislamic remain in the homeland. Should send them back to ISIS territory where they all belong (most of all the christos).

They've committed enough genocides. Hindoos none. And history is written by the winners. Christoislamania whitewashes genocide against heathens. They're always ready to genocide.

Should return the favour. And send them packing to the ME once and for all.

The christoislamics have committed more than enough genocides to warrant total eradication of the christoclass virus.

All christoislamics are a liability, being a promise of genocide to come: Future Hindoos will pay very dearly (in their lives or their heathenism; i.e. from the christoclass virus' convert-or-kill programme or more subtle conversion sprees/death of their heathen identities) unless christoislamania is kicked out of the subcontinent now and out of the world entire shortly thereafter.

Quote:To read our post-colonial dhimmitude into Hindu warriors’ failure to understand Islam would be a grave mistake for Hindus today: our ancestors had the remedy to the otherwise invincible weapon of Islam while we do not. From Hindu kshAtra alone comes fearlessness which is the only antidote to fear.

And the only antidote to violence is violence. As much as it takes to stop the serial offenders=christoislam.

"The pen is mightier than the sword" is only true in terms of exposing lies hence liars and launching counter memes. (But I know of none greater than the christoclass virus, and doubt that any such which could come to exist could be positive rather than even more negative. C.f. islam being slightly more brutal than christianism today, noticeable from how islam usually replaces christianism.)

Otherwise, nothing beats the sword. Stop fearing it. Stop fearing its use. And stop relegating all meant for the sword to the pen instead.

HindOOs are not afraid of violence: they live on the receiving end everyday, and eventually all of them will be willing to repay violence with violence, at least when making their individual last stands. The problem is that HindOOs are dragged down by the cowardly gangrene. That's not even counting the weight brought to bear against the Hindoos by the pseculars/christoconditioned and cryptochristos and outright christoislamics, and of course the anti-heathen laws and the increasingly anti-heathen governance of the nation as seen in the decades since (and before) independence.

Quote:Superficially, it might look as if Hindu warriors did not take “Islam” as the enemy in contrast to “Muslim” or that they did not “study Islam”. Today’s “intellectual” analyses not only undermine but simply fail to understand Hindu genius that was committed to the ideal of creating a Hindu state. We do not even realize our grand failure that we are in a position where we cannot even dream of a Hindu state and are defeated by our own false idealism of privileging our civilizational aggressors through our own constitution.

Yeah, I heard that excuse in the first line too. Well, modern self-appointed/sudden 'scholars' always failed to impress when they started their lectures with the ever-smug (and ever-predictable) conclusions, that the ancient Hindoos did not "analyse" islam properly and thus "failed". Modern "Hindus" - wannabe scholars very much included - fail to analyse themselves/their own times. And fail to be critical about what deserves criticism.

Whatever the ancient Hindoos had done or omitted to do, they didn't fail as hard as the degeneration seen ever since HindOO Nationalism degraded into secularism. And everything in between was mostly rhetoric or at most Hindu laity being forced to riot in return to save themselves and their families (like in W Bengal when islamaniacs kept going on the rampage before partition.)

And almost every Hindu English language vocalist today is one of either Bauddhified/of Indic Universalism/"Hindu means atheist/agnostic too" types. I.e. anything but a heathen. So at a minimum they don't even understand the stakes. They've already lost most of the battle: that against de-heathenisation ('cause their recent ancestors were HindOOs i.e. heathens, not Buddhists etc.)

Quote:Yet we try to do a critical analysis of the pre-colonial successes of our ancestors and not of our post-independence failures. Today’s analyses that pretend to have a more accurate understanding of Islam have a deeper problem than profound and Hindu-thinking analyses of our ancestors: they can use words like dhimmitude but they don’t have a solution to it rooted in human nature.

It's an oft-seen inversion. Can see the dhimmi attitude in the little of Jadunath Sarkar I accidentally read, and apologetics. (And typically heathenism didn't compute to JS: his analysis was totally off - that it was in spite of heathenism not because of it. Thanks to his prejudices and foregone conclusions.)

Any Hindoo with even but a smattering of knowledge of Hindoo history knows that it was Not the ancient Hindoos=heathens who were dhimmis (a.o.t. Buddhists and the like, who were totally mowed over for reasons obvious to any). At least ancient Hindoos were willing to use violence against violence, even if they didn't implement total war, instead of shrinking from grave necessity and thus heaping increasing relentless misery on all heathens then and now. In contrast, today's vocalists/intellectuals can't even manage that or recommending it - forget implementing the beginnings of it (seems to always be left to someone else for homework. There's no Shivaji now). Introspection has come to mean rather focussing on the "errors" of the Hindoos of the past without seeing how we can't even repeat the successes of said historical Hindoos: *they* (the dead heroes of HindOO-dom, all) had repeatedly reclaimed territory and even people. Today's vocalists are content to write, criticise and oh yeah, de-heathenise Hindoo heathenism into some new-ageism or mere civilisation (a.o.t. religio-civilisation, being heathen from the ground up). Meanwhile, we lose more of Hindoo-dom by the day - including all that had been repatriated with the very life of our heroic heathen forebears - and losing all this to bloody christoislamic violence, what's more. And it goes virtually unchallenged! The crime has become to even threaten violence in return. Screw that. Give them more than threats.

Late Rome imbibed too much of their own brand of the pseudo-Vedanta poison [if you look closely] by the time christianism mounted its main and repeated offensives, but historical Hindoos were NOT infected back in the day by mass de-heathenisation. Traitors there were in time, but gangrene was utterly limited compared to today, whereas today there's even a whole class of bleeding hearts/infiltrators/cryptos.

De-heathenisation however is a very real threat to Hindoo-dom in an additional sense relevant to context: as it *makes* dhimmis out of Hindoos. In fact, it has made huge numbers of nominal Hindus into dhimmis and apologists/protectionists of christoislam. (Christianism has been so successful in generating dhimmis among even modern "nationalist" types, that not only was the BR fora infected besides being infiltrated by christians in high places, as per others, but at IF itself, protectionists of their own=pre-programmed accord refused to even implicate christoislam by name in the anti-Indian nexus - because of their 'sensitivity' about christoislamics' "feelings" - until years later when it is of course too late, when they have served christianism's interests well.)

Quote:This does not mean that there were no mistakes done in the past by our warriors: after all they were human and they did commit mistakes that we are aware of in hindsight. But given all the mistakes, they got their basics right at a deeper level than we currently have, and it is they who stand examples for the world and not the other way round. Given all their mistakes, they achieved what could not be achieved by any other civilization, and stand out as kind of superhuman examples. This sense of proportion is lost in the post-independence Hindu critique, and this is not merely being unfair to our warriors–this blinds us to the most important lessons we have from them: a remedy for the Islamic fear mongering mind set, a commitment to Hindu state-society, a proper emphasis on kshAtra, an understanding of the need to protect soft aspects of civilization (women, learned people, the arts, and so on).

Aside: I don't think Hindoo women should be in that list of "soft aspects"*, only the elderly and children. And agreed that learned people are a major asset so they should be protected (c.f. illiterates like me).

* - Again: as a famous character said, even those without a sword may die by one. So better to get one and go on the offensive than invariably end up on the receiving end of christoislamic violence.

- Plus the gun's made everyone equal, IIRC. That means more manpower. About 50% more.

Manpower is one of modern India's few remaining advantages. I suggest Hindus use it at last. Like some other countries (was it not Israel?) every Hindoo should be drafted, not just the men but the women too. And call in the NRI HindOOs to do their 'tour of duty' too.

At least let the willing join. Even the de-heathenising era of pre-Independence saw masses of individuals willingly join the resistance to christobritish tyranny, even if all some did was die all too quickly (and sometimes even by accidentally blowing themselves up).

And a minimum of self-defence training to all including the old and the very young.

Also "mistakes" of the past are at most relative. Mainly comes down to the same mistake all heathens have made: letting total war off the hook after initial offensives showed what it (=christoislam=its total war) was capable of. But they were heathen. The mistake was therefore natural - seen among every kind of heathen - even if deplorable and regrettable in all cases (e.g. native Americans should have let the early christo Euro infestation in the continent die of the documented starvation that would have put an end to the latter. And even if today the remaining native Americans rose up and wiped out the christo infestation and chased the rest back to Europe, I would totally be morally supportive of that. It is their heathen homeland.)

Plus at minimum the old Hindoo kShatriyas didn't de-heathenise. They broke their backs for victory and continuity, but at least not for the Hindoo Nationalism -> "Hindu" nationalism -> secularism erosion. By the time of late pre-Independence nationalism, all that remained was rhetoric/bravura from the Great Nationalist Orators - no comparison to the ancient Hindoo heathens, kShatriyas, nah? - and of course reactionary violence from the put upon laity desperately defending itself from genocidal onslaughts brought upon it by conjoint jihad and its ever-helpful christoBrit conspiring (and it's no secret the christoBrits wanted to create an Indian christian standing militia to use against Hindoo resistance to christorule - as christianism had done in Japan, for instance, until the unsaved Japanese put it down with determined effort - but it progressed too slow and the fallback plan was the ever ready islam, ever ready to satisfy the commandment/greenlight to bloodletting).

Hindus have become too adamant at being "civilised" (to the point that it's become a cover for cowardice when faced with terrorism) when their enemies are still utter barbarians and far worse.

If nothing else, every christoislamic attack against Hindu temples/vigrahas and heathen Hindus (cows, women and children and learned men including old vedabrahmanas, all elderly, and ideally any Hindoo heathens) should see immediate and fatal retaliation.

By doing nothing but waiting for the subverted "laws" to take their course (and most of the vigrahas are never returned and nothing is done against the christoislamic terrorists), christoislamaniacs make bold to repeat their violence.

On the other hand, if Hindoos were to mob and strike hard and wipe out the perpetrator AND its entire christoislamic family at each instance of such christoislamic terrorism, then I can guarantee that christoislamics will grow more reticent about continuing their spree fo violence and genocide.

And I also think that Hindoos should learn to physically show solidarity the way christoislamaniacs do. When next Hindoos in W Bengal are ethnically cleansed in more christoislamic jihadi violence, Hindoos from the entire nation should stop thinking "this is happening only there in region X to Hindus Y", and start thinking like our Hindoo kShatriya ancestors: this is happening in MY Hindoo homeland to MY extended Hindoo family, and arrive en-masse, create an even greater mob - greater by an order of magnitude of 10 - and wipe out all the christoislamics who ethnically cleansed the Hindoos, and reinstate the Bengali Hindoo villagers safely in their homes. And then each time proceed to chase out infesting BD islamics in a further 10 Hindu villages they've so far annexed. Chase them back to BD.

(Surely the christomedia will not be able to report this justified retaliation when they didn't report the initiating christoislamic genocide/ethnic cleansing of Hindoos?)

Hindoos need to become a standing army. The secular "Indian" army is like the laskars/sepoys, working for inimical interests (secularism=christianism) and totally confused about its actual duty and loyalties (much of the Indian army being intermarried - or poised to - with christianism).

The very word "Hindoo" needs to strike terror into the christoislamaniacs' psyche. So much so that they choose of their own accord to run back to ISIS territory where they belong. Let them whine to the US and let the USCIRF continue to spew bile, but make it so that their incriminations are true at last: after all, since Hindoos have long been doing the time already, may as well at last do the crime, nah?

Let the west see the fruits of their own violence and their promotion of violence. The jihad may have the west. Neither it nor christianism should be allowed to have the Hindoo homeland or its heathen soul.


Was the 2nd post on:

As advised by a comment in the indiafacts link of the previous post, looked up the:


Quote:Battle of Bahraich in 11th century India

Discussion in 'Military History' started by Bhoja, Apr 16, 2012.

The battle of Bahraich was fought between the Turkic invader Salar Masud Ghazni and a confederation of several Indian kings led by Raja Sukhdev in the 11th century.

The nephew of Mahmood Ghazni, known as Salar Masud Ghazni, invaded India with an army of more than 100,000 men in may 1031 AD. This time, the army was not a raiding party like that of Mahmud Ghazni who came with intention of raiding, looting and retreating with the loot to Afghanistan . They were backed by the imperial army and came here with the intention of permanent conquest in India.

King Anandpal Shahi tried to check this Gazni advance towards heartland of India . He was helped by King of Sialkot , Rai Arjun. But, this alliance was overwhelmed by superiority of numbers of Turkic army. After defeating Anandpal Shahi and Rai Arjun, Masud advanced towards Malwa and Gujarat . King Mahipal Tomara tried to check their advance here but was defeated too.

After victories across North Indian plains, Masud Ghazni settled at Bahraich near Lucknow . He stayed here up to mid 1033.

Meanwhile, 17 Kings of North India forged an alliance. This is the biggest confederation that have ever existed in India . They were Rai Raib, Rai Saib, Rai Arjun, Rai Bheekhan, Rai Kanak, Rai Kalyan, Rai Makaru, Rai Savaru, Rai Aran, Rai Birbal, Rai Jaypal, Rai Shreepal, Rai Harpal, Rai Hakru, Rai Prabhu, Rai Deo Narayan and Rai Narsinha. Raja Bhoj of Malwa also played an important role in this battle. The head of this confederation was Raja Sukhdev. It would be interesting to know how the alliance was forged and how was the game of chess played before the final showdown on 14th June.

In June 1033, as per Hindu traditions, Masud Ghazni was intimated by Rajput confederation that the land belonged to Rajputs and Hindus and Masud should evacuate these lands. Masud replied that all land belongs to Khuda and hence he would not retreat.

On 13th June, Morning, Rajput army of about 120,000 descended on Ghazni camp of Bahraich. Masud's army was completely besieged and encircled. The battle continued for hours. In the end, each and every man in Masood's camp was killed. No POW's were taken, no mercy was shown on the Turkic army. The location of this battle to be precise was near Chittaura Jheel, a lake about 8 KM away from modern Bahraich on Bahraich-Gond Road . The battle ended on 14th June with Victory of Raja Sukhdev and his Rajput alliance.On the evening of 14 June 1033 AD,Sunday Salar Masud was beheaded by Raja Sukhdev. The battle ended with Victory of Raja Sukhdev and his Rajput alliance.

The invasion was completely crushed and such resounding was this victory that none of the king from Northwest dared to invade India for 160 years..


That's how it should always be. And can still be again: If Hindoos from all over India - the kind who yesteryear would have joined the freedom struggle and given their lives for it - would form a pan-Indian native militia (isn't that a right as per the US constitution: what's good for the goose is good for the gander too), ready to be active for the Hindoo cause all over the Hindoo subcontinent, and would make mincemeat out of any christoislamic mobs (or individuals) that terrorise, genocide or otherwise ethnically cleanse Hindus and their heathenism.


And let any secular Indian govt set the secular army on HindOOs (neither of which have done anything useful to protect Hindoo interests in the face of christoislamic ethnic cleansing). It will be the independence struggle all over again. But any Hindoos in the army should know where their priorities lie. Like the Sikh bodyguards of Indira Gandhi, but more so like every christoislamic religionist in the govt who always only act for their own religion's interest and never for secularism/the nation (note how none of them are stupid, but are loyal to their religion alone). And failing to make the right decision, such sepoys in the secular army can consider themselves disinherited forever and make peace with their chosen secularism.

Hindoos have only themselves = their own kind to look after their interests (even basic interests like the right to exist, survival etc). No one else. So Hindoos have a right to do Anything to protect their fundamental rights from all those who threaten this, right such as also of Hindoo temples to be free from the christoislamic stranglehold of "govt" usurpation, and Hindoo vigrahas to be free of christoislamic theft and terrorism.

Hindus should take inspiration from ancient heroic Hindoos' determined safeguarding of Hindoo-dom - their temples=Gods, their fellow Hindoos etc - against all odds. Like their ancestors, today's Hindoos should also care only about Hindoo heathenism and only be loyal to and active for Hindoo-dom. Nothing else. Not secularism. Not any secular govt and its anti-Hindu laws, restraining Hindus more by the day, as Hindoo temples are taken over by state govts and their vigrahas desecrated and stolen in numbers beyond count. HindOOs must ensure justice and restitution, HindOOs must protect Hindoo-dom. Look to no one and nothing else. Not the sham "democracy", not the "nationalism" diversion, or "development" agendas. Let the christomedia whine "persecution" for all justice that Hindoos implement for themselves. Christomedia has as yet no other power but the mentally restraining kind that its viewers give it. Christomedia's just a verbal terrorist.

I like the whole beheading of the Salar Masud. Like Samurai.

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