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1. We medical students/doctors don't dress up fancy to the hospital, because you and your family wouldn't want to get treated by someone wearing a short skirt and sporting a sexy hair style. Since you think that they won't be "good doctors" and would be too pricy to care!

2. We don't go out as often as you do,during the 5 and half years(UG) and 3 years (PG) (a 4 and a half years and then of course clearing the license - applies to PTists) because we're so exhausted by working for long hours, that we choose to sleep and get rid of those sleep-deprived dark circles.

3. Yes, we STUDY. Like crazy. Call us nerds, if you have to. Because tomorrow you wouldn't want to get your kidneys removed instead of your appendix or take drugs for TB instead of common cold.

4. We give our 100% in doing whatever is possible to treat you. Oh of course, you smoke 10 cigarettes a day and then, in the end blame the medical science for not coming up with a 100% cure against lung cancer!

5. Sorry, we fail to make it to your night parties since we have Night Shifts, where probably you would get your friend who passed out too bad or met with an accident after drinking and driving.

6. We are totally into our family. Because with time, we realize that they're the only ones who bear the expense, the pain, the stress along with us. And we believe, in being nice to them as a sign of gratitude.

7. We move aside in buses and trains,giving you space to sit/stand. And you try to push us out all the more to get some more "space" for yourself.

8. We stay humble and polite and patiently try dealing with you. But you choose to get violent because you lost your cool and think that creating a scene would better your kith's condition.

9. We don't argue with you when you criticize the lifestyle of docs because we know you would never understand.

10. Everything being said and done, we know that things or opinions won't change in a minute or two or that you will stop slapping or sue-ing us; we will still continue to help you recover from what you've invited on yourself. We chose to be doctors, not only because we had the brains. We could've chosen engineering or the other fun filled courses with good money and settled lives. But we did, because we know that no matter what happens, you will NEED US!

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