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Destruction Of Hindu Culture From India
[quote name='Husky' date='22 August 2010 - 02:48 AM' timestamp='1282462817' post='108019']

Your original sentence was perfectly fine, it was clear even then that you were

In choosing to comment with reference to it, I was merely stressing the same ridiculous position we're in and our hopelessly ineffectual response (petitioning), but unfortunately didn't copy the rest of your containing sentence which made your point obvious.

Selective assassination.... If only we were like the Israelis eh, and didn't give a hoot about public opinion concerning our handling of all the threats standing in the way of the indigenous people's collective future.

Now wouldn't that be something. De-colonised at last. When everyone else is acting out of selfish (ideological/religious) interests in Indian territory, Hindus/other Dharmics seem adamant in their reticence to do anything, let alone the necessary, to remotely safeguard their own future. At best - and this itself shows the degree of how desperate is our state - we muster some non-distinct "nationalist" motivation, which more often than not ends up including our very enemies in the fold, even as the said enemies never leave the opportunity to pounce on this unnatural identity as a means to attack us (e.g. "they're saffron fundamentalist communal Hindu nationalists oppressing our poor christoislamiterrorist selves").

We lack the will to resist, or sometimes - the even more fundamental problem: - the recognition that these are situations that demand resistance from us.

The enemy when outside the gate is easy to recognise and beat off. E.g. the tyranical christo colonial powers were recognisably not one of ours, and the Indian resistance came naturally. And the same vis-a-vis islamania earier.

But, like with Rome, the enemies are now inside. They look like us, they have taken our labels and claim indigenousness through local ancestry (even as they have rejected the fundamental identity of that ancestry, which actually renders them anything but indigenous), and then they make impossible demands of Hindus that they would *never* accord to us (even in fraction) when the tables are reversed. Parasitic demands which, even as it benefits them, are simultaneously meant to destroy us.

We are paving the way to our own destruction since, by complying (even though unwillingly), we are feeding christoislamism - not merely tolerating its growing presence. All the money, all the compromises that Hindu society has been making/been forced to make towards christoislamism are enabling it to grow faster. And are simultaneously cutting the ground from beneath our own feet. We retreat, they advance.

It is brainwashing into secularism (christoconditioning) that has made this "miracle" possible.


Thought this was relevant:

Quote:Some fall into the trap of setting traps for others, by referring to 'National Issues' centered solely on expanding the rule of the Modern Greek State. This confidence trick is related to the swindle that considers innumerable Hellenic-descended people as Turks or Italians, simply because they are not Orthodox Christians and do not reside within the borders of the Modern Greek State.

An Ethnos is not defined simply on the basis of a country's political borders and may be smaller or greater than that defined by them. We therefore inform those who would present issues centered on which state a piece of land or sea belongs to as 'National'; that the Pontians, the Muslim converts of Asia Minor, the latinised Southern Italians and the native Pomaks belong to the Hellenic Ethnos. Whereas, many Orthodox Christians, who just happened to fall within certain borders, do not belong to it. The state idiotically and dishonestly defies historical facts and with great cunning identifies 'Hellenism' with 'Orthodoxy', for itself and the Church it serves.


Quote:Firstly, an important point that Sitaram Goel and Ram Swarup brought to the fore should be remembered here: Hindus are by definition a nation. It is the sanAtana dharma that gives them their nationhood. The geography that they occupy is secondary to the role of the sanAtana dharma. The geography of India is important today because it constitutes the natural habitat of the Hindus.

However, this habitat of the Hindus has been historically attacked by the two violent monotheisms and its safety is compromised. The freedom from the British reign did not result in a freedom from the Hindu mind. Sadly rather than re-establishing a state under the natural principles of sanAtana dharma, fooled by the West the founders of the new Indian empire established a secular state. The result of this secular state is a further defanging of the Hindus. Secularism has eroded Hindu traditions that are the only scaffold of India- if we wanted a secular state we did not require freedom from the British. We could have happily continued under the secular rule of a Western powers, after all England and the rest of Europe were secularizing. We needed freedom only to have a state under dharma not under secularism. But now secularism has had an even more threatening aspect: It denuded the spirit of dharma amongst the Hindus and replaced it with crap in the form puerile Hindi cinema, blind imitation of the West like the proverbial jackal with a blue hide in viShNusharman’s tale, decadence of brahminical social leadership, and atheism a direct consequence of secularism. In contrast it embolded the two monotheists to act with impunity funded respectively by their Western evangelist and Middle Eastern Ghazi masters.


Your last statement is very true, even a majority of so called English educated Hindu "activists" are brainwashed.

Note the amount of ink and effort they waste on the Christian vs Muslim issue of Cordoba House which has very little relevance to us. These are the same people who won't lift a finger about this very important issue of Veda Pathashala's. All because they have been brainwashed by the American narrative of USA being the "land of the free and home of the brave" etc and don't even have the wisdom to note whose interests they are serving when they ally themselves with the various Christian kooks who lead the opposition to this Muslim building.

I had asked them why Cordoba house is so offensive yet Christians building Churches all over US after genociding the Natives is fine. Surely if one is offensive the other should be even more offensive for it had not stopped with a terrorist act but committed an outright genocide over whole continents. Never got an answer.

To these kind of people it is fine if future generations of Hindus forget Vyasa and Valmiki and repeat the latest trendy fads from the West, just as long as there is no Muslim takeover they are happy.

Quote:The country is a Palimpsest. Barbarians are writing over the scrapped history and culture of Hellas. . . . Greek children and students sing the praises of Christian saints, some of them with abominable records of anti-Hellenism, but barely know the poetry, or even the names of, Homeros, Hesiodos, Aischylos, Sophocles.

OK, I don't write or blog much, but the recent ads on Indian television has been really p!ssing me off big time. I decided to write about them in my blog, posting excerpts from the same here.

Australian Barbarian Ad

OK. Now there is a new set of ads in which Indians canvas for Australia in the visit australia ads. One Indic lady goes as far as saying that one should come to Australia to "Really" live life. Oh poor bigoted me, why on earth can't I see it with a broad-minded "secular" approach like the rest of 'em roach psuedo-secs that there is semantics to it and not to be taken literally. Yeah right! Us Indians don't know how to "really" lead life do we? We need the Aussie barbarians to teach it to us and to do that we need to visit a beautiful land once owned by native "real" Australians and in a grotesque barbarian manner snatched from them by the "wonderful real-life-living" White barbarians. The indigenous population of Australia were a beautiful great people but no, Karma dictated that they would face extermination at the hands of the "wonderful" white man who would teach them how to "really" live life, in another birth though. If the diseases brought in by the white barbarians wasn't enough the "wonderful humanity" of the invading whites was the final blow to the natives who really were exterminated and I use the word in its literal sense.

So, now that the natives no longer can live the "real" life as they were all murdered, why not us Indians not learn the wonderful virtues of "really" living it up, eh? And what life is it? You mean adventuring over the unburied remains of the natives or the now destroyed dwellings of theirs? In that place where little indigenous children played around with themselves watched over by their loving parents now resides the "playgrounds" of the barbarians. And now they have ads to them to draw other people in. Wonderful isn't it?

Wait, when do the Indians get shot? After the fun ride on the beaches? Sure, they are not racist in nature, those confessing police officers and ministers don't know a damn thing. So we Indians in Australia get to have our life snatched away after we have had this short "really" life?

My dear native indigenous Australians, we Indians grieve for you and are proud of your resilience and tolerance to these modern day rakshasas who now rule over you, throwing open the "real" life to others. You are one of us and we are one of you. Your culture no longer exists, but believe me one day I will review it for you and let the world know how great your culture and people were.

Stop casting foreigners in Indian ads

OK you Indian ad houses, if you wish to milk the "colonial hangover" by casting white folks in your ads then remember that one day even your own children will be ashamed to be in any way linked with you. India is growing and this resurgence will see its way through to its logical end of India regaining her past glory, power and influence. Then "whites" will want Indians to appear in their ads. When you go back in time and look upon your "old" ads casting whites won't you feel ashamed? STOP CASTING FOREIGNERS in Indian ads! And stop the crap of "fairness" creams as well. I am brown/dark/green/yellow and I am goddammit proud of it. Wait, are you using some of these fairness creams yourself?

Another cheap thing noticed is how multinational companies use ads intended for other target audiences to Indian audiences. I remember this Philips ad where all the actors in the ad were white and the whole ad appeared to have been primarily filmed for the Western Europe audience. But no, they had to grin in their thrifty ways of using those ads in India for a "rousing" reception. Indians after all, they argue" are so obsessed with white skin folks and also white skin in itself that these ads will be longingly viewed by them "admiring" it at the same time. I bet they are 100% right. Indians have this big colonial hangover and are obsesses with the west so much so that they are 100% A Grade unadulterated Agmark certified wannabes without doubt. I see it all around me, people wanting to be seen as "oh so western".


Some of the Indian ads I know of which have foreigners in them are,

1. BLUE STAR AC (white bald guy)

2. PHILIPS (fat white couple fighting over bed)

3. PONDS FAIRNESS CREAM (featured Yana Gupta)

4. AMERICAN TOURISTER (Gora man having a "tough" time in India)






I will keep updating this list. Let me know if you know any.

British or German, we care a Churchill-Hitler's **** about them

OK, continuing with the ads. 2 new ads caught my Indic eye!

1. Carlton, the all British Luggage

2. Hettich, German quality you can trust

Let's blow apart#1 above before we move to #2 , eh?

Carlton, the all British Luggage. Golly Mate, us Brown Indians get to enjoy "real" British luggage. Ah, swell indeed matey, eh? Move over your Brit faggots, we care a damn about your luggage. And one kick in the brown rear of VIP who are putting out these ads. Aren't you ashamed when you brain-storm such ideas in your ad agencies? What would make you stoop so low to come up with such ridiculous ideas? Money? Money that drives the colonial hangover in you? What's so cool about being British anyway? Eh? That they were a yester-year super-power who are now reduced to a third rate power well on its way to bankruptcy? So about 300 years of military and economic dominance by "Great" Britain is sufficient enough for you to "hero worship" them? to be in awe of them? To be mesmerized by them? Wait, Indians and Chinese dominated the world for much of human history, how come you are not in awe of them? How come you don't model your luggage against their name? This calls for some introspection by the Indian ad agencies.

Aez, nuv to zhe Deutsch brand eh? Achtung! Hettich is German quality we can trust? Errr, wait a minute. The Germans were real **** some 80 years back and they tried to appropriate our Indian history, culture and even genes. So are these the people whose qualities we can trust? :-) East German quality was the worst, so do we selectively trust only the products from the West German stables? Why are there already so many "ifs" to trusting German quality. These people were hunter gathers as recently as the 3rd-4th century. Cannibalism was found in the caves of Bonne well after the Indians had their Vedas and the Buddhas. What quality can we expect from a people who took several thousand years after others to completely civilize? NO, we don't trust German quality or their qualities. They are another one of the "mutt" cultures. Sorry!


http://indicrace.blogspot.com --> Check out the Barbarian ad label
Continuing my series,

American Tourister ad


I have this idea for a new ad line for American tourister. This time the "hassled" Gora guy travel in US itself, not in the dark, uncivilized Pagan lands but in the land of "freedom". So this guy gets into the New York subway with his "truly" American luggage. Since we in Indic Race are highly liberal with Barbarians we give this Gora guy the choice of another barbarian brand by name "Carlton". Ah yes, matey that "So English" luggage. In the sub, the gora is first attacked by Black groups with knives. Next, he is hassled by a homosexual group who are liberal on the vaseline. America you see, land of plenty! Then the gora guy recovers and is attacked by a group of "Ku Klux" folks for having had some "sort of interaction" with black guys earlier. Finally we finish the ad with a group of Hispanics throwing him out and his "American tourister" luggage out of the metro. Ahhh! Truly American eh? The freedom and the liberty, it just drills its way into you, the vaseline notwithstanding!
Mods, my apologies if I am not posting in the right thread. Frankly I could not think of any other. Please move posts as applicable.
[url="http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=13852&SKIN=B"]Students kicked out for wearing Chandan on forehead[/url]

Applying Sandalwood paste in forehead is a crime in this Missionary School

17/05/2011 23:01:12 HK

Kalady: Three students who attended Vaccation class here at Malayatoor St. Thomas School were kicked out from the school.

Crime - They came to school by applying chandan (Sandalwood paste) in their forehead.

Head Master David Lilli, got infuriated after seeing the Chandan and asked them to wipe it out if they want to attend the class. Students who got insulted went back and complained to their parents. As the news spread ABVP Kalady unit and SNDP Malayatoor Shakha registered protest against this religous discrimination.

Though the local Hindus protested against this discrimination, Think for a moment what if the victim was a Muslim girl who got targeted by Christian Management School for wearing Hijab or Veil.The whole media will be there to make live reports and by now Muslim organisations will be on streets across the state demanding action against that Fanatic Headmaster.

And we wonder - Why Hindu organisations cannot make an impact upon Hindu Psyche!
cast-ism is only the reason of distortion in India its is from the old days people first know by his caste then his works and others that's why the India culture was divided...
On Indian ads, true that many foreign actors casted, i think the obession with white will be around for few more decades.
[quote name='rhytha' date='25 June 2011 - 02:09 PM' timestamp='1308990685' post='112036']

On Indian ads, true that many foreign actors casted, i think the obession with white will be around for few more decades.


when Indian incomes start approaching western ones and also Indian technology reaches levels of western ones confidence in Indians will rise slowly and the love for everything white will disappear. When Shivaji destroyed several Moghul generals of Uzbek, Abyssinian and Turkic origins under seemingly very difficult circumstances with odds stacked against him, the confidence of the Hindu populace increased and they no longer felt they were powerless against Muslims. On similar lines Indians will need to have their confidence jacked up again to once again lead the world in every sphere of action and thought.
On the topic of Lalitaditya's 182 and related:

Post 1/2

One can argue for Indian cinema and TV (incl ads) being representative of its native population without knocking other people.

- Many pro-Indian Indians of younger generations are starting to confuse skin-colour with identity. It was never *Indians* identity. (Don't make it so, because it's *intended* to be a replacement identity.) And colour is not Indians view on the world. It is a *late* invention in the west: invention of christianism, turned into spin-off.

- The opposite is true too: many Indians want to "forget colour" by which they don't mean colour, they mean they have forgotten/relinquished their actual identity (which was never colour anyway) and want to be an "international citizen". Concepts like "a citizen of the world" - pretty as it sounds - does not exist yet and humanity is a *very* long way from it.

Both cases are the results of confusion of and loss of identity.

To the main point: The problem works both ways these days. E.g.

1) Why is an Indo-Portuguese christian (a woman from SlumMovie it seems) cast as what's apparently a Greek character in the upcoming hollywood movie on Theseus? Did the (presumably Indian-origin) director cast her? Poor Greeks, never allowed to play themselves: first sidelined by British and other Germanic people playing them, all while they're not even allowed to protest "but they're not Greeks". And now there's a somewhat-Indian - looks even less Greek - playing some Greek character.

On the web you can see various Europeans - in many languages - trying to patiently explain that while this is obviously another hollywoodism, that "No, Indians *don't* look Greek". But secular Indians eager to play international citizen apparently can't tell the difference between Mediterranean people and Indian people and argue that it's all actually plausible. Usually they imagine Indians look "South American" and "therefore" can pass as "Mediterranean". The western side tends to argue that Greeks are actually "European" (too few Greek voices ever represent themselves, everyone else always seems to talk on their behalf - or maybe Greeks just got used by now to being tossed aside from matters concerning their own ethnicity).

Personally, I find Greeks look Greek and not Dutch or English etc, but they certainly don't look Indian. And while the western argument tends to be on the fundamental mismatch being the skin-colour ("she can pass for a gypsy" is the best they can say for the Indo-Portuguese christian, but then, Europe's Roma tend to be christians anyway), I think that beyond skin-colour lies an even more fundamental difference: facial features. As far as my experience goes, Indians of whatever colour don't look Greek. The person who comes closest that I can think of is the very lovely Pooja Batra, and even she can pass for Iranian at most IMO (though I happen to think Batra looks Indian more than anything else).

And of those multi-ethnic people who have any bit of Indian ancestry, the only female that comes to mind that actually looks European is the Irishwoman Rhona Mitra, but she's only a quarter Indian anyway and looks fully European. Still, can't see her quite as a Greek (perhaps I'm used to her being Irish).

Oh but of course one will see the whining and whinging continue in English at imdb. 10 threads long apparently:


Quote:Freida Pinto as Phaedra

And just by glancing over a page, I see that the secular Indian side - arguing against all sense for the most meaningless of prizes - has descended into gross foulmouthedness. Gives new meaning to "desperate wannabes".

And these are the next generations of visible Indians.

But can you imagine *Hindus* or other Dharmics in the least wanting let alone needing Indians - forget Indian christians - playing Hellenistic characters? Who wouldn't rather see beautiful heathen Greeks playing out their own ancestral narratives. They have enough beautiful men and women, why do we keep seeing *everyone else* playing the Greeks? Oh that's right, because it's hollywood.

Hmmm. I have a nice idea actually. The Indian director could have opted to keep himself and his Indian cheerleading crowd happy with a nice compromise: by casting that Greek singer in India (the one who's apparently sung in multiple Indian languages - though anyone can sing/squeak decently accurately in multiple unknown languages, all you need is a feel for sounds of human speech). And as today's Indian actors can't act anyway - unless they're all *meant* to be channeling wood all the time - her singing ability will set her one up versus her competition. (And while I haven't seen the Indian christian cast in the Theseus film act, from her picture she seems to me to be a poor and insipid-looking variant of the Haitian - of African? origin - actress Meta Golding.)

Time to find the Greek chanteuse. Don't know her, but do know of the Greek musician who is said to have collaborated with her once. Ogenblikje. No, I was wrong: She's Greek AND Iranian apparently. Either way, her being part Greek may satisfy the Greeks and the west, and her being a bit Iranian may quickly put the Indian fan brigade at ease. Look for occurrences of "west", "Greek" + context at the link. Or I'll do it:


Quote:Sandeep Chandel (Wed Aug 21 20:08:50 1996 IST):

Nice name!! What does it mean?

Anaida (Wed Aug 21 20:21:37 1996 IST):

Anaida is a greek mythological character who had beauty and brains (with no claim on my side).

Anaida (Wed Aug 21 20:48:08 1996 IST):

Snap: I'm Eurasian -- Greek- Persian mix.

SNAP (Wed Aug 21 20:50:45 1996 IST):

Wow.. you sound exotic.. So tell me why does our videos have so much of western touch to it.. our songs aren't you know...

Anaida (Wed Aug 21 20:52:08 1996 IST):

Snap: MAybe because I'm a westerner?

Nel (Wed Aug 21 21:09:19 1996 IST):

Anaida: I don't know any of the songs that u have sung, nor do I follow th pop music scene in India, so what am I doing here..well just dropped in, so Hi and good luck. Tell me what does your name mean?..is it a Bengali name..i think it is nice.

Anaida (Wed Aug 21 21:11:45 1996 IST):

Nel: A greeek godess with beauty and brains but no claims.

Sudhir (Wed Aug 21 21:16:20 1996 IST):

A greek Goddess?..sounds interesting..so r u into pagan rituals?..do u think I can join u?

(Pagan what?

It's so cute: Secular, angelsk-speaking Indians trying to do "paganism". You know, "paganism" :roll:

Sounds like a sneak peak into Indians' future. The christo-conditioned West part II: more alien than the aliens.)

Anaida (Wed Aug 21 21:20:37 1996 IST):

Sudhir: I'm not into rituals .

(Maybe it was the dude's threat to dabble in her ancestors' "pagan rituals" that put her off?)
Oh enough. Even Ctrl-F can't jump through this whinge binge fast enough.

And that word "Eurasian" again, ugh. (The west had been trying to socially engineer "Eurasian" as "the new face of Asia" in the early 2000s - as if all of Asia cares to look part European or aims to produce part-European offspring. Maybe - just maybe - the various "Asian" peoples like looking like their ancestors).

There have been times when non-Greeks playing characters from Hellenismos weren't displeasing. Of the two instances I've seen where Orpheus was played by an ... unanticipated choice of actors (though Orpheus has famously been played by others before), the first was a distracting choice (British Pakistani) who ruined the otherwise excellent program he was in for me and which part should have been played by a Greek. The second appeared in a generally unremarkable American mini about Jason, where Orpheus was played by that attractive African man from the UK who also appeared in a British series about sleek con-artists in early/mid 2000s. (I can't recall his name, but it was the mini featuring many UK actors including IIRC the E-European wife of Senthil "Ultimate Force" Ramamoorti in the role of Atlanta.) While Orpheus had little enough to do in the large cast (but looked good doing it anyway), the standout was the famous and beautiful sci-fi actress of Irish ancestry playing the female lead - with the best part being where Eros hits her heart with a flaming arrow and her cool eyes grow large and intent thereafter whenever she gazed at the hero (Jason). It could so easily have gone to cheese - as it would have in the hands of others - but then, she does that sort of understated yet unmistakable thing very well. Two thumbs I mean Four Paws Up (for the 10 or so mins of good TV in the entire thing).

Anyway. Topic was: ethnic Indians demanding to play roles meant for various European populations. Another example in the next post.
Post 2/2

2) Pakistani woman from the UK shrieked "discrimination" when some casting director told her honestly that she didn't look European enough to play a hobbit extra. She gave some sermon on discrimination and 'why can't I play fantastical characters even though they're based on historical European-type beings'. The director - Peter Jackson, not being Tolkien himself, but a more human person - fired the casting director and for some impregnable reason declared that any and all can try out.

Oh here:


Quote:Agent fired for light-skinned hobbit casting call Anne Barrowclough

From: The Times December 01, 2010 1:04PM


NEW ZEALAND: It has been beset by budget blowouts and strikes and now the casting agent for The Hobbit has been fired over accusations of racism.

Naz Humphreys, a Briton of Pakistani origin, was in New Zealand on holiday when she decided to try out for the part of a hobbit in the pounds 320million prequel to The Lord of the Rings films.

After travelling 80 miles (130km) and queueing for three hours to audition Ms Humphreys was told that she was not white enough to be a hobbit.

"The casting manager basically said they weren't having anybody who wasn't pale-skinned," Ms Humphreys, a social policy researcher, told The Waikato Times.

"It's 2010 and I still can't believe I'm being discriminated against because I have brown skin."

(Hobbits are supposed to be miniaturised versions of English country folk: aristocrats and rustics. It's Just The Way It Is.

"The Men of the West" in Middle-Earth's history <-> Oryans: pre-PIE western populations are the Men of the West before some of them went to Numenor, the Numenoreans are the PIE Oryans in the Oryan Urheimat of Numenor, and the immediate and late post-PIE Oryans, being the descendants of Numenorean lineages after these had returned to western Middle-Earth. This last is the point where the LOTR is set late in the timeline.)

A video of the auditions taken by the newspaper reportedly shows a film company representative telling the crowd: "We are looking for light-skinned people. I'm not trying to be - whatever. It's just the brief. You've got to look like a hobbit."

A casting agent had also placed newspaper advertisements seeking extras with "light skin tones".

The advertisements listed the requirements for potential hobbits, including age (16-80), height - below 5ft 7in (1.7m) for men and 5ft 2in for women - and the requirement that women should have light skin.

A spokesman for WingNut Films, the production company owned by The Hobbit director Sir Peter Jackson, said that no such instructions had been given to the casting company and described it as an unfortunate error.

"The crew member in question has been dismissed from the show," he said. "It's something we take very seriously."

Ms Humphreys said that she was a fan of the Oscar-winning The Lord of the Rings trilogy and, with a height of 4ft 9in, had thought that she was perfect for the role of a hobbit.

"I would love to be an extra," she said. "But it just seemed like a shame because obviously hobbits are not brown or black or any other colour.

"They all look kind of homogenised beige and all derived from the Caucasian gene pool."

A spokesman for Sir Peter said: "All people meeting the age and height requirements are welcome to audition."

The two-part film is scheduled to begin filming in 3-D in February with Martin Freeman, a star of The Office television comedy series, playing the lead role of Bilbo Baggins.

In the meantime Ms Humphreys has started a Facebook group called "Hire hobbits of all colours! Say no to hobbit racism!"

Apparently, the Pakistani woman's never read sufficient Tolkien to know there are not only reasons she is not meant to be in it, but also reasons she doesn't *want* to be in it (not if she is against racist stereotyping of particularly the Oryanist variety). She should read all of Tolkien's output on Middle-Earth and she'll get the whole picture. There *is* most definitely a place for the "coloured" people in it, but Peter Jackson et al and even the long-standing tradition of Tolkien art have merely been very kind in leaving them out:

Underneath the thick veneer of a heathen NW European fantasy-history that the Middle-Earth tales (like LOTR) *try* to be, lies the invariably christian concoction of "white history", the japhetic-hamitic dichotomy. Tolkien can't help but infuse the latter into the former and ruin it: he is a devout catholic after all, though with a fascination with (and invariably subverted understanding of) pre-christian NW European religion/literature which he christianises (and which christian fans of his work therefore imagine is a work of christianism. True only in that all the junk in it is indeed christian - the japhetic hamitic stuff. But the rest - the best part of his work - is his attempt at imitating NW European heathenism: everything from Finnish to Germanic religion is present. Some poor clones of Germanic and other heathen Gods are seen at the start of Silmarillion.

The same is true with the Narnia series: best parts are directly lifted from Hellenismos - Fauns, Bacchus literally mentioned, etc etc, but are yet cheap shadow copies of the real thing - the worst parts of the Narnia series are the christian doctrine nonsense meant to be drilled into readers. Shows that no one can swallow the christian pill without the tasty heathen coating.)

The LOTR is a very very good yarn - the modern pseudo-historical/mythical fantasy epic for Europe - and it's only just borderline when it comes to racialism owing to too few mentions of the southern and eastern peoples (the armies of Men who join to swell Sauron's ranks in undermining the free Men of NW Middle-Earth). Few as these mentions are, their import is hard to mistake when you encounter them. But the Unfinished Tales and Silmarillion leave no doubt about Tolkien's racist notions. Tolkien's whole back story in Silmarillion and UT is based on the idea that the dark people - of the south and east :hand-waving: - were a separate class of men who were born evil and invariably born for evil. Even their *language* - note language, such an important defining feature in such thinking patterns that concern racial/inherent superiority and inferiority - is uncouth. As for their creativity - what creativity? when they were a by-product of creation that brought only destruction. They were admittedly not the Great Evil themselves - they had not the power for it, only the pettyness and *propensity* - they just merely naturally aligned with the Great Evil. (As they did again in LOTR.)

Apparently they had a knack of destroying everything the fine, fair-of-colour Houses Of Men of the west had constructed with hard work and intellectual and creative genius (sound familiar?). The dark people were moreover the kind inclined to easily side with Evil: easily lured by it, having neither the will to resist it nor the remotest inclination. And best of all: the dark men loved nothing better than the fair women and abducted them for their wives/harems at regular intervals, and kept the fair men as slaves. (Shades of Birth of a nation/KKK)

Tolkien was just a product of his time - of the heady thought patterns prevalent in his time, especially among the intellectuals.* A "product" of his time - with obvious predilection - being the telling word. Moreover, Tolkien wasn't the kind to be immune to anything - other than anti-semitism (despite being catholic, he spoke well of Jews as a people when asked about them by the nazis sent to decide whether or not to publish his fantasy books in their oryan reich.)

CS Lewis with his Narnia series was no different, though slightly more toned down. But Lewis' manner of racism was more modern christian in its approach than the (typical of the 19th and first half of 20th century) Oryanist which the *more* devoutly-catholic Tolkien was: Lewis' "ethnic" arabian-persian characters could *become* good, heroic characters - *if* they converted to christianism I mean aslanism. And 2 characters of the 7 books do just that.

(You see the same two streams - the two christian patterns of thinking - magnified in the churches of nazi-era Germany: the confessing churches that would accept converts among Jews but would hate inconvertible Jews just like the rest of nazi Germany hated them, while the mainstream churches insisted that all Jews - converts to christianism or no - were an *intrinsic* evil, just like Martin Luther had insisted before. The 2nd class of arguments - "inherently evil/depraved, christian or not" - are still implicitly made about "Gypsies", by the way.)
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Both cases are the results of confusion of and loss of identity.

woman from SlumMovie it seems) cast as what's apparently a Greek character in the upcoming hollywood movie on Theseus?[/b] Did the (presumably Indian-origin) director cast her? Poor Greeks, never allowed to play themselves: first sidelined by British and other Germanic people playing them, all while they're not even allowed to protest "but they're not Greeks". And now there's a somewhat-Indian - looks ev

Oh but of course one will see the whining and whinging continunderstated yet unmistakable thing very well. Two thumbs I mean Four Paws Up (for the 10 or so mins of good TV in the entire thing).

Anyway. Topic was: ethnic Indians demanding to play roles meant for various European populations. Another example in the next post.


Greeks beautiful?lets see how 'prety' they are in this clip


While Orpheus as a black man seem a little unusual,i see no problems if secondary caracters are played by people from other races.A hobbit is usually a secondary caracter in a play so there is no problem.

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