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KS Subrahmanyam Garu RIP
A very personal loss for me.

One of his questions to a visitor was "When does Ramana plan to visit me?"

I guess will meet him in next life.

Arun was so lucky to meet him often. One time he skipped lunch to keep talking!

I have so many memories of him.

As college student I wrote book review and my views on post 1971 India. Had he replied I would have given up Engineering and sought a masters in Intl studies. However it was not to be. Years later I reminded him of that old review. He recalled and said India lost an opportunity when he didn't reply.

Having said that he liked the BRM review of KRC as the most objective and balanced review in and out of GOI.

He appreciated BRF for bringing together a platform for people to discuss Indian security issues without high brow pundits. Its was refreshing window for him to see non experts think about India like he did.

Of all his followers we on BRF were the most dear to him as we didn't have personal fame to gain and undertood him the closest.

Arun and I got him Dragon software for his laptop to reduce the burden of having his thoughts typed up. He appreciated it.

He was a true Bharat Ratna!

His clarity of vision as to where he wanted to see India was superb and way beyond our imagination. He wanted India to be in the foremost of all powers and this was in 1968!

Most of his columns are archived by his pratham chela Commodore C. Uday Bhaskar at the National Maritime Foundation.

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