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Hyperspectral Imaging
The Indian defense and intelligence establishments have recently made, albiet with massive Israeli assistance, some progress in using SAR in satellites. The RISAT series is one such effort. While SAR is based on interferometry, it appears that the Indian establishment has not made any significant strides in hyperspectral imaging (HSI) which is based on spectroscopy. SAR and HSI need to compliment each other, and neither of them is a substitute for the other. While the US has recently made significant strides in the ARTEMIS program, sometimes, one wonders as to the state of comprehension of HSI within the Indian establishment.

One example, among the myriad of military and civilian uses of HSI is in BMD. HSI is an invaluable tool in identifying and tracking targets. I propose that this new topic concentrate on discussing the theoretical and engineering fundamentals of HSI (including various competing HSI architectures and ancilliary technologies like independent component analysis and blind source seperation) and its uses within the context of Indian defense and intelligence gathering requirements. Especially welcome will be credible descriptions of ongoing Indian efforts in HSI.

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