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Useful Idiots: Indian christians' major contribution to draining India's wealth into Europe
As in the title.

The colonial west couldn't have impoverished India so completely without the help of their ever helpful Useful Idiots: Indian christians. And converts never saw how they were used (just as they still don't, just like the converted E Timorese didn't see it either).

Thread need not be limited to historical cases, as it is inevitable that the more India converts to christianism, the more the converts will slave away to do the christoconditioned west's bidding. The worst situation will be when all of India is converted to monotheism: the west will pull an East Timor, favouring islam over the idiot Indian christian converts, if islam happens to be more useful in the long run, and certainly if it is more numerous/has more power over the Indian resources the west wants. Unlike the west, islam primarily wants people - converts - not resources. The west pretends to want converts, but only to have more power over resources and better access (such as for their bases).

So, the west and islam get along quite well, which is why they made a nice pact in E Timor and sacrificed the christo-converted E Timorese for this.

Indian christians imagine that the west actually cares about their conversion to christianism/their status as christians. The converts' naivete is quite pathetic. Nothing has changed from the colonial era when Indian christians were merely a means to loot the Indian nation of its wealth and when Indian christians were merely a fifth column set up by the west to get what the *west* wanted from India and Indians (including the useful idiots=Indian christians).

This thread is actually created as a placeholder to post the material meant for substantiating the following claimed in another thread:

[quote name='Husky' date='02 January 2015 - 10:31 PM' timestamp='1420217590' post='117501']

As seen in the first article, the west very much intends for Indian christians to keep islamania occupied, to become foot soldiers in a war against islam, to keep islam occupied in prolonged bloody wars/strife, to keep the west from having to get into a messy fight with islam and to christoislamise India (which turns it into a nation paying tribute to the west and a permanent 3rd world hell-hole like Iraq now and TSP). At 150 million - as per American missions - and expected to grow, Indian christians are very great in number, not to mention on fire to do the bidding of their christian masters as their first and only loyalty is to christianism. And the west did always consider Indians - convert or not - expendable and merely a means to an end. (More fool Indian converts to christianism if they didn't know this. Even in the colonial era, several missionaries are documented as speaking haughtily about their converts whom they didn't even like. And you can find American missionaries still writing among themselves that the African and Indian converts they have made are 'idiots, but at least they're christian.' Nothing much has changed from the colonial era.)

There are missionary journal articles on why the Brits were so interested in converting Travancore's population to christianism: missionaries set up plantations to take over the region's famous wealth and converted bonded labourers working in agro into willing slaves for christian plantation missions instead (which seemed like no change in their circumstances, except their situation actually went from bad to worse, as admitted by missionaries themselves) - all in order to redirect the wealth into British hands instead of leaving it in the hands of independent Travancore, and to let the Brits control this wealth and send it back to Britain, depleting even the wealth of a part of India outside British rule. Moreover, converts would allow Britain to takeover Travancore if the chance arose/if it became necessary or useful, as sheep were always loyal to their christomasters, however alien. The same way that Indian christos have loyalty to their western masters now and are regularly remote controlled by the US.

Similarly, the Portuguese were interested in converting the Paravas, because the latter's pearl industry was worth a fortune, which Portugal eyed for itself: once again the indigenous wealth (indigenous while the Paravas were Hindu) was diverted to foreign christian nations by converting the wealth-generating Parava community into sheep. When a fight broke out between Jesuits and the Portuguese catholic rule in Goa about who could control the Paravas (for the wealth they generated), the Jesuits and Portuguese nearly destroyed the converted community by stoking civil war within the Parava community. Sheep are THAT stupid: they played right into the hands of both the Jesuits and the catholic Portuguese infesting Goa at the time. Non-existent jeebus was always a convenient fiction to rob the nitwitted converts blind.

The point being that christowest does not care about Indian converts and never did. They view them in terms of the resources, wealth and labour that they represent, and now also as a buttress against islamic jihad. Europe does not have the numbers it is willing to sacrifice against ISIS and AQ, let alone if either spreads to populous TSP-E/W or Indonesia. Indian christian converts make good footsoldiers for the west - plus christians love nothing better than to be "persecuted" and play "martyr" - plus the west always wanted to reduce the subcontinent's population. So christian converts are already marked as expendables, meant to be expended a.o.t. to survive.[/quote]

In a document somewhere on my HDD, had already excerpted passages - and inserted my own interfering comments here and there - from several journal articles penned by western missionaries, where they accidentally reveal the crucial bits of info. Two or more of the articles were mainly intended as evangelical psy-ops against Hindu religion, but in the course of this, the alien christos blabbed useful details about how the Brits and Portuguese etc actually operated and what they were actually in it for and what they actually thought of their converted sheep (to put it mildly: they *really* looked down on them. Nothing has changed.)

I plan to locate that document. In the meantime, a week or so back, happened upon the following which totally fits in with the same theme: that of this thread -


Quote:B said, on May 7, 2012 at 11:24 am

“The French traveller Tavernier reputedly (call it ancient industrial espionage) took that technology to Europe.

Regarding intellectual property theft/ industrial espionage, more research needs to be done. See this regarding Indian textile technology.

Please see Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber By Stephen Yafa p.30

“”As for the Indian methods of “animalizing” cotton, they remained mysterious to most European printers until much later than might be expected – for seventy years after the arrival of chintz. Ironically, it was a man of the cloth, Jesuit Father Coeurdoux, who betrayed these fiercely guarded secrets. In 1742 the French cleric took advantage of his missionary posting on the Coromandel coast to gain the trust of Indian master dyers whom he had converted to Catholicism. They confided their secret process to him with an understanding that he would never reveal it. Coeurdoux immediately gave a detailed description in a step-by-step letter published in France. In a blink, three thousand years of clandestine artisan practice became public knowledge.””

This missionary Jesuit Father Coeurdoux also seems to have played an active role in ‘temple/idol’ breaking in Pondicherry.

(Oh but of course. It always goes hand in hand: christian faithfulness/iconoclasm, missionising, MNCs and the making of the 3rd world. I have a feeling that that last phrase is the title of a book or something, it sounds so familiar. Oh yes, no wonder it's familiar: "Late Victorian Holocausts: El-Nino Famines & the Making of the 3rd World")


Anuraag Sanghi said, on May 7, 2012 at 12:15 pm


After: –

1. Intellectual property theft, the West mechanized textile technology

2. With which they further visited depredation on the global textile industry

3. While protecting their own markets till about 10 years ago, using the Multi-Fibre Agreement

4. They talk of free markets and intellectual property rights

This behaviour is not surprising.

What is surprising is the wide-eyed admiration that some of us have of the West!

Note all the converted 2nd and 3rd world are forever subordinated because they can't escape christianism: they object within the hierarchy but are never able to break the cycle. That's because they are christian and part of the system and uphold the christian caste hierarchy.

And so, one sees South/Central American pastors asking the US - which became rich by stealing from S/C America - about how the wealth of North America is directly proportional to the poverty of South America.

They have asked multiple times. Nothing has changed. If they were anything but christian - if the E Timorese had been anything but christian - they'd have thrown off the yoke or tried to.

But christianism has a way of undermining all and making third worlds out of industrious populations who would have been 1st worlders weren't it for christian meddling (missionising) and of course the treachery of the 5th column (the local converts in their midst). Let's be honest, if India had no christoislam infesting it and constantly blocking its rise every which way, India would already be affluent - a "1st world country" - like Japan. And not despite Hindu religion but *because* of Hindu religion.

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