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Inflitrators (aliens) sabotaging jetsetting Indian cults
(Actual example cases will appear in the next posts.)

This thread is on how aliens (infiltrators) always sabotage any jetsetting Indian cult that becomes prominent/popular or even just a part of alien scenery.

E.g. ISKCON which was - and will be again - marred by child sex abuse scandals, Sai Baba had way too many alien "followes and the same thing happened there. Then there was Nityananda, also exposed by alien and native women for alleged sexual misconduct too.

I don't care if these people/orgs are allegedly innocent and if it was false allegations or cryptochristo infiltrators that have tarred them.

My point is that these "charismatic" "swamis" or organisations are actually a threat to real Hindoo religion and Hindoo society because they invite aliens to come terrorise Hindoodom. The same problem seen in anti-Hindu govts allowing "certificates of conversion to Hinduism" to *alien* converts, so that these can invade Hindoo temples and sacred sites in the Hindoo homeland. Who invited aliens? Not traditional Hindoo society. Only jetsetting Indian cults/Indian cults conceitedly seeking western conversion=approval=admiration.

So whether the allegations of misconduct and foul play against the various cults "movements" be true or not, the ill-fame is all actually good for Hindoos and their Hindoo religion, because traditional Hindoos never wanted aliens to "convert" or "dabble" and are Not grateful to jetsetting cults inviting western people and thereby facilitating alien dabbling.

For now, Indians - unable to wake up to the threat - only speak about international Indian cults not "vetting" aliens properly etc. That is, the "error" is apparently in not choosing quality aliens but blindly accepting any and all. In reality, lots of aliens who are made "swamis" and given high rank and position tend to be the greatest infiltratis of all: inculturationists, subversionists, you name it.

But like native Americans, Hindus may realise the scale and extent of the real threat too late, but even Hindus may in time realise it.

So that eventually:

+ Hindus *will* realise that all alien-dabbling=aliens=bad, without nonsensically trying to differentiate between "good aliens (good alien dabbling)" and "bad aliens (bad alien dabbling)". Because neither belong in Hindoos' ancestral heathenism.

+ Hindus *will* one day - too late, of course - come to the very same conclusions as the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota native N Americans who issued their declaration of war to all alien-dabblers and the native traitors facilitating both alien dabbling and the conversion of their heathenism into new-ageisms. At present Malhotra is only objecting to aliens' dismantling and usurping of Indian religions, eventually even he may twig that dabbling by aliens=unheathens are universally the problem, and that all Indian attempts to universalise Hindu religion (to use my own words) is the other half of that problem.

Hindus too will issue a Declaration of War on that day - the realisation itself an indicator that it is all too late and the damage is beyond reparable at that point - banning all alien dabbling (including "converts" etc) and invasion of temples, and banning "Hindu" charlatans inviting aliens to dabble and selling "Hinduism Lite" under various new-age labels to alien climes.

  • puffin.creighton.edu/lakota/war.html

  • thepeoplespaths.net/articles/warlakot.htm

+ aliens will cease to "join up" in jetsetting Indian cults, or to learn aspects of Hindoo religion from Hindoos, becoming more set against Hindoo religion as an "evil" (though they will still dabble in Pure Vedicism and other rebranded alien variants unashamedly poached from Hindoo religion) and so aliens will cease to terrorise Hindoos in the homeland. It will take much longer for aliens to grow so tired and bored with all things Hindooism - whether under that name or others like "Pure Vedicism" - that they stop dabbling altogether. But by that time, no doubt the alien vampires will have started to en-masse suck the life out of Taoism etc next, although beginnings to this end have already been made by many alien dabblers, though not the majority. And Taoism will be subjected to the levels of oryanist dabbling seen in Hindoo religion, when Victor Mair et al have had some more decades to brainwash the world into believing that Taoism's origins are derived from some oryan religion. Then the alien's sense of entitlement to all things oryan will take over and they will - in larger numbers than are at it now - do to Chinese religion what they have been doing to Hindoo religion. <- This is actually in large part Hindus' fault. Perhaps Hindus are paying for it in advance? Time will tell. The irony of course is that traditional Taoists have always taken cares to keep their religion entirely private from prying envious alien eyes and prohibit dabbling still. Nevertheless, Hindus having encouraged aliens' self-entitlement complex, will have fed the alien frenzy for dabbling and grown their self-entitlement so much more that aliens will just leap into Taoism without even waiting for jetsetting cults to issue invitations.

All sincere western people (i.e. of the christoconditioned world) would be returning to their own ancestral religion=Gods, never dabbling in others' ancestral heathenisms, and there's no two ways about this. As argument: How would Hindoos react if a Hindu said they were converting out to Hellenismos (or Taoism)? I mean, both are like the regional/ethnic equivalents of the Indian variant of heathenism, Hindoo religion. So why would any Hindoo convert to Taoism or Hellenismos. *Likewise* it makes no sense for western people to convert to Hindoo religion, when their own ancestral heathenisms exist, and most importantly because their ancestral Gods cannot die and live forever and therefore yet exist, and so they can very definitely regain their ancestral heathenism (with some effort) if they but sincerely pursued their ancestral Gods.

But aliens don't because they are either new-agey of mind and want to dabble or because they are christian of mentality and want to infiltrate Hindoo religion and Indian cults and scuttle these.

A lot of posts that belong equally in this thread - such as those arguing against alien dabbling, and examples of alien dabbling that none but morons among "Hindu" Indians would welcome - have already been posted in other IF threads. Some newer examples follow.

The actual War Declaration of the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota:


And here are the considerations and arguments that gave rise to their Declaration of War:


Quote:Article On The

"Lakota Declaration of War"

By Valerie Taliman

Copyright © 1993 Taliman

All Rights Reserved

This article is from the twice monthly newspaper, News From Indian Country, 1993. As published by Indian Country Communications, Inc. with offices at Rt.2 Box 2900A, Hayward, WI 54843.

It also appeared in The Circle, 1530 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 871-4555. Subscription - $15/yr; $25 2 yrs. Voted BEST NATIVE AMERICAN MONTHLY NEWSPAPER - 1991, 1993 by the Native American Journalists Association.

While Native Nations continue the flight for religious freedom rights, "New Age" hucksters and other exploiters of Indian spirituality run rampant throughout the country, forcing Native people to take a stand against the desecration of their spiritual ways.

As more people turn away from conventional religions and seek spiritual solace in alternative beliefs such as the New Age movement, increasing numbers of Euroamericans "wannabe" Indians when it comes to spirituality. But in their quest to learn and practice Indian ways, non-Indians have often abused sacred ceremonies and ceremonial objects suck as pipes and medicine bundles. And that abuse of the sacred, say many medicine people, is causing turmoil in Native societies prompting some spiritual leaders to speak out against further desecration of ceremonial ways.

At the Lakota Summit V, an international gathering of US and Canadian Lakota, Dakota and Nakota nations, about 500 representatives from 40 different tribes and bands of the Lakota unanimously passed a "Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality." The summit was held June 7 to 11, 1993.

The Declaration of War is intended for those who "persist in exploiting, abusing and misrepresenting the sacred traditions and spiritual practices of the Lakota people." The declaration denounces individuals involved in the New Age movement, shamanism, cultists, neopaganists and the men's movement who promote "intolerable and obscene imitations of sacred Lakota rites."

"For too long we have suffered the unspeakable indignity of having our most precious Lakota ceremonies and spiritual practices desecrated, mocked and abused by non-Indian wannabes, hucksters, cultists, and self-styled New Age shamans and their followers," the Declaration of War reads.

"The absurd public posturing of this scandalous assortment of pseudo-Indian charlatans, wannabes, commercial profiteers and cultists comprise a momentous obstacle in the struggle of traditional Lakota people for adequate public appraisal of the legitimate political, legal and spiritual needs of real Lakota people."

Wilmer Mesteth, a traditional spiritual leader and Lakota culture instructor at Oglala Lakota College, told the summit participants that he was aware that sacred ceremonies were being imitated and even sold by non-Indians as well as certain Indian people.

"We have to put a stop to it," Mesteth said. "We are the ones who were given these ceremonies so that the people would remain together and strong. We were told to take care of these ceremonies so that our children and their children would have future.

"For a long time we have stood by and watched this abuse going on and we see how it is affecting the people. Nut now its time to take a stand to defend our people and our ways."

Mesteth, along with Darrell Standing Elk and Phyllis Swift Hawk, was one of the principal authors of the Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality, which urges Lakota people to prevent "our own people from contributing to and enabling the abuse of our sacred ceremonies by outsiders and certain ones among our people who are prostituting our spiritual ways for their own selfish gain, with no regard for the spiritual well being of the people as a whole."

It also urges people to identify instances where sacred tradition are being abused and to work toward stopping the abuse through demonstrations, boycotts, press coverage and direct intervention.

With many other spiritual leaders present and in support of the document, Mesteth told the crowd, "Sacred traditions like our Lakota Pipe ceremony, vision quests, sweatlodge ceremonies and the sundance were given to us by our Creator and have enabled Indian people to survive a 500 year holocaust," he said. "Those sacred tradition are precious to us and can't allow them to be desecrated and abused."

One hot spot that has attracted the ire of Lakota spiritual leaders is California's Bay Area, where street vendors on Telegraph Avenue routinely sell drug paraphernalia made from sacred pipestone.

New Agers in the elite section of San Francisco hold their weekly "sweat ceremonies" with rocks heated in propane barbecue pits and living room fireplaces. Many charge admission for imitation sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quests and puberty ceremonies for young women that are performed by self proclaimed "shamans."

Lakota songs and prayers are often used as are rituals from many other tribes and mixed with non-Indian occult practices. Many medicine people say that these groups are creating a hodgepodge of harmful and offensive imitation ceremonies that exploit and abuse spiritual traditions of the Lakota and other tribes.

To meet the growing demand for Native spiritual knowledge, Bay Area universities and institutions have responded to the growing demand for Native spiritual knowledge by offering classes that purport to teach the particulars of vision quests, sundances, shamanism and the "Good Red Road" way of life.

(Comparable to the various western-self-appointed wannabes and dabblers who set themselves up to teach yoguh and tantra and "shaivam" - see a book by an anti-Hindu (from Oxford uni IIIRC) reviewed by Koenraad Elst at koenraadelst.blogspot.com/2013/06/tantra-for-practitioner.html and the book's dabbling author has profusely spammed the comments section - and the 'vedas' and 'mantras' in general. And how western universities have anti-Hindu aliens to "teach" "Hinduism" by deliberately distorting it in the worst possible ways. It's what the west has always done.

The west - esp. its universities - "teaching" native American religion/spirituality in order to cheapen it and make it new-age is also *deliberate* genocide by the way. Ex-christian AmeriKKKans went through a phase of wanting to dabble in native American religion and AmeriKKKan christians/academe quickly noticed the "threat" to their "christian civilisation" of so many people dabbling in native American religion that they invested heavily in subverting native American religion in order to put a stop to it and to kill native Americans some more.

That is exactly what is happening now with Hindoo religion too.)

As the epidemic of exploitation and expropriation of Indian spirituality continues to spread, more Native people are taking direct action to put a stop to the "spiritual genocide" being committed by those who imitate Lakota ceremonies.

John LaVelle, a Santee Dakota living in the Bay Area, recently was shoved and pushed into the street for confronting a Berkeley street vendor who regularly sells pipestone carved into marijuana pipes. Police responded to the scuffle and assault charges were subsequently filed against the vendors.

LaVelle's actions are part of the ongoing efforts of the center for the SPIRIT (Support and Protection of Indian Religions and Indigenous Traditions), a San Francisco-based organization of Indian people committed to halting the exploitation of Native ceremonies. The Center in dedicated to protecting Indian spiritual practices and traditions and is working to raise public awareness on American Indian religious freedom issues.

Darrell Standing Elk, a Sicangu Lakota and long-time traditional Lakota counselor who serves as board president of the Center, said the situation in the Bay Area reached a point where he and other Native people felt that something had to be done.

The Center for the Spirit has made a practice of confronting and refuting books, literature and seminars promoted by self-proclaimed "medicine people" such as Lynn Andrews, a Beverly Hills housewife-turned-shaman. Andrews has written several best-sellers on her journey to becoming a "medicine woman" under the tutelage of a Canadian Indian elder and conducts expensive, and very popular, seminars on shamanism.

At this year's Whole Life Expo, a conference of "New Age thought" held in Los Angeles in March, Center staff and members of the local American Indian Movement confronted Andrews and tried to convince her to admit that what she was writing about was fantasy, not Indian spirituality. Andrews is reportedly considering the proposal but has not officially responded as she is negotiating a movie deal, according to Patti Jo King, a publicist for the Center.

(Can compare with Penguin publishers' unPerumal unMurugan's fantasy-derived libel against Hindoo communities in Tiruchengode.

Also like anti-Hindu Donigers' and new-agey aliens' nonsense about Hindu religion should all be made to admit they are indulging in fantasy.

And the "pure vedicism" nonsense meant to replace Hindus with aliens, i.e. to dislodge Hindoos from Hindoo religion.)

As Native Nations lobby Congress and work toward strengthening the Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act (NAFER), Standing Elk noted that it is imperative that supporters address the exploitation of Indian spirituality. "We are in danger of having our sacred spiritual ways stolen from us - the key to our survival," he said. "We must raise a united voice of protest against those who steal our spiritual traditions and tell them 'You cannot have them, not today, not tomorrow, NEVER.'"

Exactly. Hindus need to *learn* from these people who - unlike modern Hindus - tend to have the sense to at least learn from their experience of the behaviour and character of aliens.

So ok, admittedly modern Hindus are nowhere near as clever as native Americans - seen in how the more English that modern "Hindus" can speak, the more desperate they are for foreign converts and defending alien dabbling. But you know, once in a while, even modern Hindus should stop being conceited and try to learn from other similar heathen populations' experiences instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Hindus should likewise pull the rug from underneath aliens' feet and declare - as is the truth - that there are no aliens who have ever been genuinely "initiated" into anything Hindoo.

Nothing but subversion and death of heathenism comes from aliens. They are spiritual "vampires" who like to suck the life out of heathenisms. It's all they can do. Because they are aliens. (If they weren't alien=unheathens, they'd be practising their own ancestral heathenism instead of terrorising that of others.)

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