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Inflitrators (aliens) sabotaging jetsetting Indian cults
Alien "convert" to ISKCONism.


Quote:Australian 'guru' sentenced in France for raping teen sex 'slaves'



The three young women were believed to be in a "trance-like state". © ajari/Getty Images The three young women were believed to be in a "trance-like state".

An Australian man who passed himself off as a Hare Krishna "guru" was sentenced to 19 years in jail in France for repeatedly raping three teenage girls he turned into mesmerised sex slaves.

Sean O'Neil, a 43-year-old computer programmer, was found guilty by a closed-door appeals court in the southern French city of Aix-en-Provence of multiple rape and of corrupting minors.

The court rejected O'Neil's argument the sex was consensual to confirm a lower court's October 2013 conviction, and to lengthen an original sentence of 15 years in prison. It also barred him from re-entering France once he had served his time.

O'Neil forced a total of four teenage girls to live as naked slaves in his French Riviera apartment in the town of Valbonne, where he subjected them to pornographic photo sessions and made them recite the Hare Krishna mantra 1,700 times a day.

The three girls he regularly raped between 2009 and 2010 while they were aged around 15 and made psychologically dependent on the Australian. One expert testified that the girls cooperated because they were in a trance-like state approaching "hypnosis".

The victims described O'Neil as a "guru" who urged them to recruit other young virgins of the same age with the aim of starting a commune in Australia.

The crimes came to light in 2010 after one of the girls described what they were enduring to a school employee.

Am sure this will be blamed on Hindoo religion too, even though ISKCONism is a missionary cult that is evangelising Hindoos in the homeland, converting them out of their ancestral heathenism into ISKCONism/Harry-Christna monotheism.

ISKCON is bad news. And it opened the floodgates to aliens. They have started invading India too. Hindoos should keep their kids away from them, IMO.

ISKCON centres mushrooming everywhere. Alien ISKCONists inviting themselves to every Hindoo temple to Vishnu - including in TN, S India, which has what to do with ISKCON? - as if ISKCONism grants them this right, and where they try to harry-christnaise Shri Vaishnavam (after having attempted the same on Madhvas, who have vocalised against the ISKCONist missionising and subversion by the way.)

But am surprised that aliens haven't yet (hint, hint) thought of quoting Elst as an expert on the subject of Hindu religion (as his fawning fandom declares him to be) - who lectured, to 0 remonstrance, that 'Krishna is a womanizer as per the MBh' - and therewith try to forcibly tie ISKCONism onto Hindoos' God Krishna by concluding that, with such an example, converts to ISKCONism "therefore" would merely have developed further on the theme of their inspiration.**

And then - this is the fun bit, surely - can watch the same Elstians hypocritically protest/squirm when someone other than Elst says it. They always do, mystifyingly. But subvertibles are hypocrites as a rule. Though perhaps they may by now be well advanced in their de-heathenisation, having long since accepted Elst's initial statement, and be ready to agree to subsequent conclusions too? Hmmm, that would surely suit them. Anything but backpeddling is allowed after all.

** I.e. that heathenism/heathen Gods are to blame for the above sicko's behaviour, instead of his own rapist inclinations, combined with the opportunity afforded by his alien dabbling, and the subversive missionary cults that invite alien dabbling into ethnic=heathen religions. This is, after all, only the nth such case of alien converts to ISKCON and other Indian cults over the many years who have revealed themselves to be predators. Wonder if Hindoos will ever learn? Angelsk-speaking still tend to go running after them, seeking their approval and admiration. I.e. ego-trip.

And some chaun of idiots clearly raised the above entity to a level of "guru" - just count the number of aliens (entirely ignorant of Hindoo heathenism, and better versed in new-ageism or in rote learning from books) who are conferred with titles of expertise. Presumably on account of their alienness, though - that being said - only the western kind are granted instant access to the highest echelons. Who said that Indians are racist against western persons? They grant such aliens direct access to the Vedam (eventually to discover that they just invited enemies worse than Asuric forces.)

Poor children who were victimised by that vermin.

Wonder whether Prabhupada would have accepted the blame of inviting aliens? Don't think so. He was zealous in his missionising.

Missionary cults. Nothing good ever came of them.

And the news was: Australian ISKCONite, elevated (by who knows whom) to alleged "guru", does what alien "converts" do best:


Australian 'guru' sentenced in France for raping teen sex 'slaves'



Bet if there's a documentary on this one, they'll still blame Hindoos and Hindoo religion for it. Actually, there probably will be a documentary.

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