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Greatest Hindu and Buddhist kings in Indian History
There were many great hindu and buddhist kings throughout the history of India.But who was the greatest Indian king in terms of military

successes and contributions to the community.I have made a list of several Indian kings who could fulfill the conditions.

[Image: chandra.gif]


He founded the Maurya Empire in 321 BC and defeated Seleceus.

[Image: ashoka.jpg]


He unified almost whole India under the Maurya Empire in 3th Century BC.He sponsored the construction of thousands of roads and canals.


The king of Kalinga conquered almost whole North and Central India in 200 BC.

[Image: buddha-head_2302.jpg]


He is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses in Indian history as he expanded the Gupta Empire at its zenith in 4.Century

Harsha Vardhana

He was able to unify whole North India after the collapse of the Gupta Empire in 7.Century.He was a great patron of Buddhism and literature and he built several stupas.

Bappa Rawal

He defeated the arabs in 738 AD in the famous battle of Rajasthan and protected whole India


He was the greatest ruler of the Pala Dynasty as he ruled whole North and Central India in 9.Century. He built the biggest Buddhist Vihara of India.

Raja Bhoja

He defeated Salar Masud and protected whole India in 11.Century.Additionally he was a great philosopher king and wrote 84 books.

Rajendra Chola

He was the greatest king of the Chola Empire in 11.Century.He unified South India and conquered Sri Lanka.And he built several

hindu temples during his reign.

Vikramaditya VI

He was the greatest king of the Chalukya Empire in 12.Century.He was famous for his patronage of art and literature and his military

successes against several kingdoms.

[Image: hist2.jpg]

Prithviraj Chauhan

He is commonly known as the last hindu king of Delhi in 12.Century.Even though he lost the second battle of Tarain against Ghori.He was still able

to defeat him in the first battle and he was famous for his victories against several Indian kings.

[Image: kempegouda.jpg]

Veera Ballala

He was perhaps the greatest monarch of the Hoysala Dynasty in 13.Century.He was famous for his patronage of hindu literature and

temple constructions.


The Eastern Ganga Dynasty flourished and reached its zenith in 13.Century under his rule.He built several hindu

temples like the famous sun temple of Konark.

Singhana the Second

The greatest ruler of the Yadava dynasty expanded his dynasty until it reached its peak in 13.Century.During his reign he

established the college of astronomy and patronized several important poets.

Rana Kumbha

The ruler of Mewar never lost a battle against the muslim invaders in 15.Century during his reign and protected his kingdom.

[Image: Krishnadevaraya_1024.jpg]

Sri Krishnadevaraya

The Vijayanagara Empire expanded and reached its zenith in 16.Century under his rule.Its said that he never lost a battle during his reign.

[Image: Maharana-Pratap_11175.jpg]

Maharana Pratap

The immortal hero of the Rajputs fought against the Mughals in 16.Century and was able to protect his kingdom.

[Image: 16“Chhatrapati%20Shivaji%20Maharaj”.jpg]

Shivaji Chatrapati

The founder of the Maratha Empire won several battles against the Mughals and conquered almost half of India in 17.Century.

[Image: peshwa_bajirao3.jpg]

Peshwa Baji Rao

The Maratha Empire was at its zenith during his rule in 18.Century

Tukojirao Holkar

He defeated the British in the first Anglo-Maratha War in 18.Century

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