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Handsome heathens
This thread is not about anything important.

After having my senses assaulted by witnessing 5 entire seconds of bollywho crap** (sue!), I discovered that the only means of recovery is to look at pictures of Handsome Heathens, which is an adjective traditionally used for both males and females.

** I suppose I should be grateful that at least I wasn't exposed to freakishly horrendous entities like Sagarika Ghose, but still, I barely survived.

Since I figured it possible that other visitors may suffer from similar torment on exposure to hideous christo-islami-secular faces on TV and the internet - and there really should be a ban on images of ugly people on the internet and tv, it's just not decent - I thought I'd start this thread.

Although my present intention is to post pictures of beautiful/handsome Hindoos if and whenever I feel like it and remember to, it may happen that at some point I start pasting pictures of beautiful/handsome Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese/other heathens also.

It's not an Illegally-Ogling thread: these are officially snapped pictures. Meaning: I didn't take these pictures.

Nevertheless there is nothing wrong with staring at kallai heathens just as there is nothing wrong in staring at cuddly animals (<- that last is something all Hindoos are guilty of, no use denying it. E.g. [color="#0000FF"]attackofthecute.com[/color]).

Pictures can be of either gender, all ages and species: babies to elderly, male or female, human or other animal. The only condition is that they be heathen. (All other animal species are automatically classified as heathens.)

Initially I was going to paste two pics: one of a terribly kallai Tamizh Hindoo - not to mention he's a supremely talented 2D artist of sacred Hindoo imagery (he's the famous shiShya of my very famous relative-by-marriage) and also one of another famous elderly kallai TN Hindoo who also makes sacred 2D imagery, both of whom wear the sacred Hindoo markings, but I thought that would give away some of the people I'm a big fan of. They're *my* heroes and I hate sharing, especially heroes.

Instead, here's some pictures of handsome young Hindoo men from TN:

[Image: w2m8lc.png]

Grrr. If my hair ever did something crazy like that, it would look laughable at best or just downright-scary. But how come he (Hindoo on the right) still looks good? Indeed it seems to even suit him... :disturbing: Is this fair, I ask you?

If the camera wasn't taking a picture, I predict the two in the image would have plotted to hug their beloved Ganapati. I know how Hindoos think. They're restraining themselves for the picture.

[Image: fy1s9w.png]

Though it's not very clear, from the original print in my possession, the tiny second picture above is filled with these and more kallai faces yet again, most of which bear Hindoo markings (being Hindoos).

[Image: zyja8j.png]

Oh great smile in that last. Love it.

And note how they all have the typically Awesome - capital A - cheekbones and jaws, all round perfect bone structure - perfect Hindoo genetics. Unique to the Hindoo subcontinent. And lovely thick eyebrows. Attractive and individual skintones. Great teeth. (Though teeth are frustrating as they're hard to draw.)

So endearingly kallai. I could stare at Hindoos forever.

But I must say that Hindoo men are possibly The Most Annoying in that they always have luscious, thick, long eyelashes that Maybelline ads would kill for (beat that Maybelline) - and so, coupled with their great facial bone structure, they look thoroughly masculine and dashing.

Sigh. I'm so going to lose if I tried "Mirror, Mirror" just now. I must tell myself repeatedly that this is not a competition. ("This is not a competition. This is not a competition." Not working...)

I know from personal experience that TN and KN are full of such handsome Hindoo men. Such faces don't exist anywhere outside of the Hindoo subcontinent and its settlements in SE Asia. And such kallai faces are not wasted on me, since I have the ability to value them. (Possessing a keen Eye For Beauty, and all. Not everyone has that, I have learnt. I'll Mirror Mirror on that and prove my indisputable overlordship that way.)

And while Hindoos don't have anyone who looks like Donar - whereas a Norwegian and a Dutch young man looked to me like what I imagine Thor must look like (and very kallai they were) - no one else but the Hindoos have anyone who remind one of the Hindoo Gods and Goddesses.* So Woo Woo.

Just like none but the E Asians have any humans who look like *their* Gods and Amman-s.

All the really ugly people are visibly represented in bollywho/christomedia. Maybe bollywho is an ultra-regressive form of "positive discrimination": since ugly people are a minority in India (correlating with alien religious "minorities", I notice), maybe bollywho - being by and for the ugly minority - took pity on their kind and decided to boost their confidence by featuring their insipid, ugly and samey-looking faces everywhere?

Honestly, I can tell every E Asian actor's and individual's face from every other E Asian face that I've ever seen, but most modern Indian actresses and actors look the same to me. It is worrying when you can't even tell people who are allegedly of your own nationality apart. (Although I have no problems distinguishing regular natives, so it's not me but bollywho/christo-news).

The entirely false impression that christo news media and bollywho give - and which is where all the representatives of the ugliest seem to congregate - is that Indians have a small phenotypical diversity and are all ugly.

In reality the Hindoo natives - like E and SE Asian heathens - look extremely kallai and don't look the same at all.

Post summary: see the pictures in this post.

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