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The Sea Passage Of The 26/11 Terrorists
Hindustan Times:

Headley's Ex-Wife confessed to friend

According to this report she told an American tourist in May 2008 that DCH was wanted by Mumbia Police and was a terrorist. The tourist decided not to tell anyone!

Also new name surfaces in Bollywood. I havent heard this one before.

Quote:“My ex-husband (David Coleman Headley) is a man wanted in Mumbai by the police and other authorities... He is also a drugs dealer and mixed up with the mafia in Mumbai.” This is what Moroccan national Faiza Outalha (29), estranged wife of Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley (50), who had scouted targets for the 26/11 attacks for the Lashkar e Tayyeba (Let), had told her American companion George Alexander Mapp Junior, six months before the attacks would begin. Outalha, said Mapp, had said this when they were at a Manali guesthouse in May 2008.

At that time, the Lashkar operative and his reconnaissance activities in Mumbai were unknown to the Maharashtra police. Mapp said: "I was shocked by her revelation for she rarely spoke about her ex-husband, who I later came to know was Headley."

"I did not alert the authorities as I thought that would be intruding into her private matters, or she might be exaggerating due to her then bitter relations with him," Mapp said. Cry

He added, "She also revealed to me that she and Headley had stayed at the Taj Mahal hotel near Gateway in April and May 2007. In retrospect, now, I think she was alerting about what Headley had been doing in Mumbai for his LeT controllers."

Mapp (44), a former stock trader has been questioned by the FBI and NIA due to his "friendship" with Headley’s wife. Outalha had also introduced Mapp to a woman with Bollywood links, Nickey Chua, :?: as Headley’s friend in Mumbai.

Outalha also sent Mapp a farewell text message, saying, "I am religious person, but i did sins and inshalla i would be forgiven after repenting a lot..."

Two things: What DCH did is not a religous crime but a huma n cirme. So Outalha is also an accessory to the crime. And she will pay in this life.

Same with this stock trader for not having alerted the police/people atleast in US if he didn't trust the Indians. Evenif he doesn't care for the Indians who died at a minimum the lives of those six citizens and the Israelis are on him. This rascal should never be allowed again into India. If the MEAhas any conscience.

Third who is this Nicky Chua? Is she Rahul Bhatt circle or Dawood Ibrahim's circle?

Is she a parody of Minnie Mouse?

Can folks do some research?

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