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Twirp : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Republic Pakistan 3

<b>Mudy Ji :</b>

Many thanks.

Meantime more shenanigans from the Terroristanis :

[center]<b><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Dialogue on Chenab water dispute inconclusive</span></b>[/center]

<b>NEW DELHI : Talks between Pakistan and India on reduction of Chenab water flow remained inconclusive here on Friday while Islamabad has conveyed its concerns over the loss of water to Pakistan.</b>

On the conclusion of the two- day talks, Jamaat Ali Shah, Pakistan Indus Water Commissioner while talking to newsmen here said condemned water reduction at Marala Headworks and loss of 0.2 million acre-feet of water but differences remained.

Both sides exchanged information on the issue during the talks. India said it will collect more data on reduction of water flow resulting from the Baglihar dam.

However, Shah said the process of talks would continue and the Indian Water Commissioner G. Ranganathan will soon visit Marala Headworks on Chenab in Pakistan to ascertain the level of water flow.

This suggestion was forwarded by the Indian side and Pakistan has agreed to it, he said.
A six-member delegation headed by Syed Jamaat Ali Shah represented Pakistan at the talks while Indian Water Commissioner G Ranganathan led his team.

After inspection of the dam site in Jammu recently, Syed Jamaat Ali Shah had said under the Indus Basin Treaty minimum of 55000 cusecs water should flow to Pakistan at Marala Headworks during the peak season but it received about 22000 cusecs which affected Kharif crops in Pakistan.

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