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Unresolved tragedies - tentatively "secular"
Christoislam should be kicked out to Pakiland, then these "secular" tragedies - of spontaneously igniting firecrackers stored in a temple's storeroom - will not be happening, I guarantee it.


10 Apr 2016

Quote:Firework-triggered fire kills 79 at temple in India's state of Kerala: Chief Minister

More than 50 people died on Sunday (April 10) in a fire that swept through a temple in southern India during a fireworks festival.PHOTO: TWITTER

Sunday (April 10) in a fire that swept through a temple in southern India during a fireworks festival, Kerala's top official has said.

“I got the information that 79 persons are declared dead,” Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told the NDTV news network, after officials earlier put the number killed at more than 50.

There were a range of different figures given earlier for the death toll in the blaze, ranging from more than 50 to more than 80.

“More than 50 people have died, that is the information that we we have,” Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala earlier told the NDTV network, while local media said the death toll was at least 60.

More than 250 others were injured in the fire that engulfed the temple complex where hundreds had come together during the night for a festival celebrated in Kerala state marking the Hindu new year.

The fire is said to have occurred at about 3.30am on Sunday after an explosion at a storeroom on the temple’s premises that was housing large amounts of firecrackers for the festivities, according to the Press Trust of India.

(In other words, yet another pre-meditated christoislamic terrorist attack on Kerala's temple-going Hindoos.)

The festival is concluded with the setting off of fireworks at around 1am local time, The Times of India reported. Large crowds had come together at the temple at 3am to watch the fireworks display.

Mr Chennithala has ordered an investigation into the tragedy, reported the BBC. "The temple holds an annual firework display every year. We're doing our best to rescue those still trapped," the BBC quoted Mr Chennithala as saying.

The minister said firefighters and police worked during the night at the temple in Kollam district to douse the fire and take the injured to hospital.

“Now the situation is under control... the police are on the spot,” he said.

Television footage showed a series of large explosions and fireworks erupting as plumes of smoke filled the night air after about 3am local time. The injured were also seen arriving at nearby hospitals in cars and in ambulances in chaotic scenes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed shock at the disaster, and said he was dispatching his health minister and he too would also fly to Kerala soon to “take stock of the situation”.

“Fire at temple in Kollam is heart-rending & shocking beyond words. My thoughts are with families of the deceased & prayers with the injured,” Mr Modi tweeted. “Arranging for immediate shifting of those critically injured via helicopter.”

Mr Chandy said the temple officials had gone ahead with the fireworks display despite being denied permission because of safety concerns.

“That is correct. District collector of Kollam denied sanction for this fireworks (display),” he said when asked after whether permission had been given.

(Christian terrorist Oomen Chandy and his government and the police in his pocket are trying to blame Hindus for unsafe practices - to stave of suspicion from premeditated christoislamic acts of terrorism against Hindus aka genocide. But see PTI below.)

The Kerala government ordered an inquiry into the cause of the fire, as a senior police officer said it is suspected to have started when sparks flew onto the fireworks lined up ready for the show.

“During the time of the fireworks, it is believe that a spark flew onto the panel where the pyrotechnics were being kept and then it all exploded,” assistant commissioner of police for Kollam district K. Laljy told AFP.

The Press Trust Of India said, however, that the fire erupted after firecrackers kept in a storeroom on the temple’s complex ignited.

Fires and stampedes are common at temples and during religious occasions, often because of poor security arrangements and lax safety standards.

Anti-Hindu western media elsewhere are dragging in how the Congress-ruled state of Kerala is going to go to polls, insinuating left and right that it may be a voting stunt done by some "anti-Congress" party.

In reality, it is indeed very likely not an accident, but rather perpetrated by the same christoislamic scheming that each year causes the deaths of Hindus at Sabarimalai (by creating stampedes etc) or otherwise tries to prevent Sabarimalai pilgrims from their yatra.

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