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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 1/?

The following set of posts are taken from the blog of an ex-christian Chinese (or Korean?) American, "Big wowo/Jae-whan" ("Byron"?).

At present the excerpts are taken mainly from this page: bigwowo.com/2010/05/asian-women-and-the-invisible-chain

and also a few from: bigwowo.com/2010/05/sister-can-you-lend-an-ear-by-julia-oh/

Want to eventually link to/post from other pages at this and its related blogs.

The comments that give insight into the serious issues they have to deal with are pasted split into section headings rather than all being chronological.


- Some of the comments are angry. And the anger is entirely justified IMO - I'd be quite as angry in their place.

- Not all Asian females are like this, many are very loyal (and most back in their ancestral homelands are loyal, and certainly have been historically). However, there is a large number that is partaking in the phenomenon, and these numbers as well as the racism involved in it is what has led to the anger.

1. Zhang Zi Yi - "Kingstonian Switch"

(Related to what the blog's dubbed the "AFCU"="Asian Female Celebrity Union" - Asian or Asian American female celebs who date white men (only)/marry white men/who brag about it and contrast it with Asian men]

Excerpt from the main article which is on E Asian men's default preference:

Quote:For the rest of us, the situation is hopeless. We’re stuck on Asian women. There’s an invisible chain around our necks, and nothing we do–nothing you do–will change that. Sorry. Asking an Asian man to give up Asian women is like asking a gay man to give up men.

Look at [color="#0000FF"]Zhang Ziyi[/color] in that picture above. [color="#0000FF"]I think it’s clear that judging from her interviews and everything else she’s done (Snow Flower with Hugh Jackman?), she’s made the Kingstonian switch. She’s going to produce Orientalist movies and rob our people blind until all Asian men end up in ye poorhouse subservient to anyone who will be our masters. She used to be all about China and representing China, now it’s all about representing the (White) Man’s interest.[/color]

Note that another page on this blog, bigwowo.com/2009/10/the-secret-of-asian-american-scholastic-achievement/, linked to:


(photo captionSmile "Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and her boyfriend Vivi Nevo, one of TimeWarner's biggest stockholders, attended a celebration party held by Vanity Fair magazine in Hollywood, 26th February. [Photo: sina.com.cn]"
Et tu Ziyi?

See also

- bigwowo.com/2009/10/the-secret-of-asian-american-scholastic-achievement/

- and bigwowo.com/2009/07/the-end-of-history-and-the-last-asian-man/

for yet another movie to be boycotted by anyone with taste.

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