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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 2/?

2. Asian men facing "white men only" racism by the brainwashed section of Asian Females who then oddly imagine they're not racist


No one in mainstream media has said it’s not cool to date an Asian woman, but many have said publicly, and consistently, they would rather not touch an Asian guy with a ten-foot bamboo stick. Whether that is true or not, I honestly don’t think it is. The masses are easily swayed trends.

I truly think that anyone that says they wouldn’t date someone of the same race has serious issues internally — out of shear bitterness or self-hate. Pick one. That’s just me of course. Some Asian girl could say she doesn’t date an Asian guy in public all she wants, but part of that is a rejection of her own yellow/brown skin. No matter how attracted she is to an Asian man, she will never admit it to the masses. I’m just talking about those that snub us Asian men in public and not the ones that stand beside us.


Hell, nevermind all these non-existent forums or blogs. Just do a random sample of personal ads from Asian women from an online dating site, pretty much any one will do, and see what you find. The message is clear: you are not wanted (SAF for WM). At best, you are an afterthought (SAF for WM……..or AM).

[color="#800080"][SAF = Single Asian female][/color]


I’ve had Asian women subtly insinuate certain things to me that, if you just stated it flatly, meant “even if things don’t work out between us or if there’s something I don’t like about being with you, it’s OK because I can always count on finding a white guy to replace you”. I was in a relationship with a Korea girl and at one point I was having difficulties with my parents. Asian parents can be a real pain in the ass because they get too involved in your relationships as we all know very well. I mean, that’s an entire topic in itself. Anyway, she said to me, “it would be a lot less hassle if I just dated a white guy”. That what she said. Instead of saying “let’s work through this together” she pulled a” white guy card” on me. I have another friend, a KA just like myself. Some other Korean girl said some really fucked up thing to him also. She said she’d rather hook up with a black guy who’s rich than be with him. This friend was a schoolteacher, btw. The implicit message here is that even a black guy (despite being black,, of course) but as long as he’s rich is preferable to a fellow Asian who only happens to be a teacher. This is what we’re dealing with, fellas.


It PAINS ME when I read or hear these kinds of stories, because I’ve experienced the same kind of crap countless times. I’m sure many Asian men have at one point or another.

Granted, I’ve had some flashes of success with Asian women as well – one night stands, flings, girlfriends, etc. However, in retrospect of the totality of my endeavors these are substantially less than all of the times I heard the \white guys only\ line.

So after reading through all these posts recently and reviewing some of my own blogs I decided to cycle through my entire life and figure out at what point this whole IR dating disparity passed the threshold of fascination to annoyance to sheer contempt. I’ll probably post this on my blog in the near future just so I can empty out all of this negativity churning within, but looking back I can say it all started to unravel my junior year of college. The irony is as a child I truly embraced seeing interracial AF/WM pairings.

Just like <KK> however, I began noticing and receiving this pattern of responses from Asian women I either saw or met on the street, at the mall, in the club, at the bar, in the restaurant, in the bookstore or online. It was like listening to the same 10 songs on your local pop radio station.

[color="#0000FF"]\I only date white guys\

\I like white guys\

\Sorry. Only interested in white guys\[/color]


[color="#800080"]via bigwowo.com/2010/05/sister-can-you-lend-an-ear-by-julia-oh/[/color]

The first time this happened I was on a road trip and had stopped at a 711 type store, somewhere in Houston. As I came out I noticed an Asian girl walking in. Since she was also Asian I presumed that she wouldn’t mind helping a brother with directions. LOL. As I got closer and as I said “Excuse me” she turned her nose up and said “I like white guys” and brushed past me. Then an older white dude who I hadn’t noticed walking just behind her asked me if I needed something and so I asked him for the directions. He seemed happy to help me. Funny thing was, he turned out to be her partner or friend and seemed embarrassed by her behaviour and was actually decent enough to fuss at her for being rude. She blushed and blinked sheepishly.

The second time this happened was even more bizarre. A white girl I was dating had an uncle in his fifties who had recently married an Asian-American girl of 26, and he thought it would be a good idea to to have my girlfriend and I over for dinner since there was this “Asian connection thingy”. Well it wasn’t a good idea. Apparently, he hadn’t told his wife that I was Asian – I think he wanted to surprise her with how progressive his family was – so guess what she said when she saw me? That’s right, as I reached out my hand to greet her she said something like “I like white guys!” and then looked at me with confusion (who knows why she was confused – even more importantly, who cares?). I looked over at my girlfriend and then at her uncle and I could see that they were wearing the same tight, mirthless, smile that I knew was spread across my face. Anyways, it was an uncomfortable night, with a lot of tight smiles, fake mutual interest, and disingenuous calls to “do it again sometime”. But at least the food seemed authentic.


Here is an example why we shouldn’t marry ourselves to one group of women. I just moved to the Bay Area from Chicago. I thought “great! the Mother Land away from the Mother Land!!”. This would be a great opportunity to diversify my dating experience. Admittedly, I was looking to date an AF because I thought that my ex-girlfriends didn’t get me or my family to some degree and an AF would. So, the goal has been set.

I moved into a new small apartment complex where the neighbors are friendly and pretty close. I had met most of them with the exception of a new AF across the way. However, a friend of mine (Caucasian) visiting from Chicago met her while walking my dog. He told me that she was pretty cute and was really friendly. So naturally I was certain that we at least would be friendly neighbors. Not so fast.

After my friend’s visit ended I actually met her, if you can call it that, while talking to my next door neighbor. She apparently was in his apartment while I was talking to him (Caucasian) in the front yard. He told me that the new neighbor was there and called for her to introduce us. When I turned around I expected her to come out and shake my hand, at the very least say “hi” in person. What she did was not only ridiculous but also appalling. Rather than come outside like a normal person, she stands in the doorway exposing only half of her face looking at me without even a wave. I waved and greeted her as I would anyone else.

I passed this off as strange. But a few nights later I was outside talking to the same next door neighbor and she walks by. She cheerily greeted him and completely ignored me as though I were a doorstop. That’s some straight up racist crap if I’ve ever seen it and I’ve seen plenty.

I have to contrast this with the numerous women that have said “hello” to me while I was walking the dog or dining out. A colleague’s new neighbor called out to me from her garage to say hi and ask how I was doing. She was CAUCASIAN!!


Jaewhan, [color="#0000FF"]we’ve reached a point where if someone like Kim Yun Jin or an Asian woman who calls herself an ‘activist’ turns out she’s actually hooked up with an Asian man (holy shit! no way!), we treat it like a God-given miracle. Ohh…look she’s actually MARRIED to an ASIAN GUY!!! PRAISE JESUS and Hallelujah! It’s a M I R A C L E! *tears*

Is this normal? People, we are beyond any conventional notions of “normal” or “absurd” here.[/color]


Look, almost everything you all have mentioned is something that ALL Asian men in America experience. What Asian man hasn’t heard “I only date White guys” or “White guys are better looking” or “he’s good looking for an Asian man” all while seeing this in the media:


The world is unsympathetic. Even our own Asian men step on us and abuse us to make a profit:


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