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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 3/?

3. Apparently now there's even lampooning of the "white-guy onlee AF" stereotype

Another comment from the main link:

Quote:This is a sad post I stumbled upon today while on the topic. Looks like Asian men aren’t the only ones getting the negative stereotype. I didn’t post this but I’m almost 100% certain it was done by another frustrated Asian guy.

Quote:Dummy’s Guide to Asian Girls with White Fever

The WHIGGIE (White Guy Groupie)

A brief profile of Asian girls afflicted with “White Fever”

ORIGINS: A subset of women of Asian ethnicity, usually found residing in major U.S. cities, although they have been known to appear overseas occasionally. Closely related to their cousins, Yellow Cabs (Japan), Gwei-Po’s (Hong Kong), Sarong Party girls (Singapore), Twinkies and Bananas.

NOT TO BE CONUSED WITH: Intelligent, emotionally-secure women who are free of identity problems, self-hate, racial prejudice and chips on their shoulders.


- Poorly developed self-identity. Pathetically insecure with themselves and their ethnicity.

- Resentment of father’s traditional, authoritarian upbringing (whether real or perceived).

- Brainwashed into believing that they, as AF’s, are more desirable than other women in exotic lotus blossom kinda way. Willingness to pander to western media sexual stereotypes of AF’s, which they perceive as marketing advantage.

- Thoroughly whitewashed. Desperate need to fit into “mainstream” (i.e. white) society and to distance themselves from their Asian heritage. Racial inferiority complex.

- Feigned air of superiority when dealing with members of own race and any other minority groups. In need of major attitude adjustments.

- Exaggerated, whiny, Encino-esque valley girl accent.

- Delusions of grandeur… “I want it all…and that begins with the right (i.e. white) guy…” Asian-American princess complex.

- Uncanny ability of determine one’s nationality, occupation, earning capacity and make of auto within three minutes of commencing a conversation.

- Exaggerated perception of white males’ value in increasing AF’s social status.

- Ignorant and narrow-minded, eager to adopt and perpetuate fallacious western media stereotypes of Asian men.

- A compulsion to trash Asians, particularly Asian men, in order to justify their autoracist tendencies, placate their guilt and bolster their self-esteem.

- Extremely shallow, self-centered, argumentative and boring.

- Disdains ethnic studies; regards it as a major threat to her carefully constructed, self-deceptive whiggie identity.

- Despises all Asian men, with the occasional exception of their brothers (after all, they share the same genes.

- Believes that racism does not exist because she, as an AF, has never experienced it first hand, or is too dense to realize it. Besides, those Asiaphiles are so nice to her (while plotting to get into her pants.

- Gets a warm fuzzy feeling when watching The Joy Luck Club, while snuggled up to her geeky Asiaphile boyfriend.

- Believes that the only reason an Asian person would disrespect her is because they are racist.

- Has lost count of how many WM’s she’s done this month.

- The wet-dream come true for socially-handicapped Caucasian nerds who are unable to attract Caucasian women.

- Threatened and insecure in the presence of any culturally-perceptive Asian person or any AM not fitting her stereotype of the quiet , marginalized, “model minority” geek.

- Fundamentally insecure, utterly confused, lacking in self respect.

- Many aging whiggies, after being used and abandoned by WM’s in favor of younger, more nubile whiggies and being rejected by AM’s who see through their transparency, develop a bitterness towards all men, period.

- Denial of all of the above.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: a) Look of contempt when eyes meet those of any non-white male, converting to beaming grin upon sighting of WM victim/target; b_) terminal pout or c) bimboish expression that defies deep thought.

TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anything trendy, mainstream-looking and seductive (especially if it’s black and tight). Big hair (perhaps their most valuable asset) tossed with hand every 15 seconds. Wonderbra. Fanatical whiggies have been known to undergo certain procedures such as eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and vaginal tightening operations in order to increase their marketability to WM’s. Blue contact lenses and bleached blonde hair have even been sported on occasion. Note: Attire may vary depending on the specific type of WM being targeted.

I.Q: Too low to measure.


Personal ad columns (“exotic, slim, SAF seeks successful, generous SWM”), cheerleading squads, sorority houses (role: token “oriental sisters”), T.V. newsdesks, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs (usually found necking with aging WM’s), Chinese restaurants (slumming with the WM and demonstrating that she’s “in touch with her heritage”), anywhere else frequented by White males.


Age 10: “Mom, why do we have to be (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)? Do you have to dress like that? And what’s with Dad and his accent?

Age 12: “Mom, I want an eyelid job for Christmas, okay?

Later on…

“I’ve always only dated white guys. I don’t know why, I just have.”

“Race doesn’t matter. I just happen to like white guys. It’s just a preference.”

“We are the world, we are the children…We…”

“I’ve gone out with all kinds of guys…Dutch, English, French, German, you name it. Even went out with a Jewish guy once! After all, love is color blind.”

“Eeeew, Jennifer, how could you go out with that (insert minority group here) guy!?” Totally gross!

“Oooh Roger, you’re like soooo strong and intelligent. Did you say you drive a beemer? Kewl! (giggle).”

“I want to learn English better…you maybe teach, handsome man? Are you U.S. citizen?” (Yes FOB’s can be whiggies too!)

“Like why would I want to go out with an Asian guy? They don’t own me or anything. Uhh, and besides they are all male chauvinist …and domineering too…yeah that’s it! Didn’t you see The Joy Luck Club?”

Like, I’m dating *out* of my race, so how can I be racists?!! Duh!!

CLOSELY RELATED TO: Racists, bigots, wannabes, ho’s, chameleons, white supremacists, a fish out of water.

MEDIA REPRESENTATION/ROLE MODELS: Connie Chung, Amy Tan, Lisa Ling, Margaret Cho, Sheryl Wu Dunn, any of The Joy Luck Club protagonists (except the one who married an Asian dude).

NATURAL COUNTERPARTS: Asiaphiles…who else?

As an aside:

I'd caught parts of the "Joy Luck Club" on TV many years ago. There was a historical segment that was playing when I tuned in, so I thought it was a Chinese historical movie. It is about an abusive and philandering man, and another selfish and unloving and mercenary man, and I remember Andy McCarthy (Blaine from PiP) playing the 'saviour' of at least one of the many Chinese women involved. It's all vague in my head now, but one man measured out his 'love' with money: the woman had insisted they go half-half on everything, and eventually he settled into this routine, then she eventually blamed him for continuing it when she's the one IIRC who started it and who trained him in it.

I remember thinking how unlikely it was that there were only Chinese (male) villains in the movie, and feeling it was a manipulative movie: everything from the sobstories of the female characters, to the (Chinese) men for whom one really had no sympathy and who really had no emotions other than violence and oppressiveness and a clinical interest in money. So it turns out that the manipulative aspect wasn't my imagination after all, and that was its actual purpose. Anyone who falls for such crap - they deserve to believe nonsense.

Until Andy McCarthy showed up - at which one breathed a sigh of relief (also manipulated, I now see) - I thought the movie was angry at all men.

While I don't live in the US, I know from first-hand observation that there are lots of loving Chinese couples, as all the examples I'm thinking of arrived in the last decade or so from Taiwan and China. The men love their wives and child/children and the women love their husbands and their children. (The children may love hamsters or not, I don't know.) I would gush more on how affectionate and loving the couples are, but will keep the descriptions objective. But the husbands and wives both love their parents too, and are mindful and dutiful to these - like the old Hindoos were/are - and go back home to look after ageing or unwell parents whenever they can, and to visit family for happier reasons too (like taking baby to form connections with family members as well as imbibe the native culture and ethos from them).

And such observations as mine matter because the cases I've noticed concern the very people who come from the allegedly "repressive" society in the ancestral homeland - as this is what is being stigmatised. Contrary to being money-oriented or patriarchal, the men are affectionate (the PDA is fortunately limited to affectionate glances - sufficiently warm/caring for me to think "that's it, get a room, you two"), but then they look kindly on everyone, including friends. The men I've seen carry their weight about the house and look after the babies quite well. I mean, I have heard one of these dads sing to his baby, and getting all greedy to go home at work's end to play with his bairn, and oh yeah, he even babbled back to baby's gurgling on the phone - yes we *all* overheard. But lots of men stop to think of their 'image' once they're fathers, I've noticed.

In short, all quite like my Hindoo dad (and granddads, uncles as well as male cousins who now have kids).

I also want to defend their women: those I have seen are very admirable women - in the extreme. Besides having a brain, they're quite wary of engineering and media misportrayals (whenever the latest international media attack against "all Indians/India" comes along, one of the women asks me cofirmation on how much the exagerration must be this time. I suppose being from China she's used to people willing to believe the worst.) And they love their husbands. They further don't see themselves as some gender unit constantly under attack and nursing resentment. Rather they see themselves as part of a collective: their [entire] family as the smallest unit, all the way to their entire (heathen) community.

I can't work out what the demographic is of the people open to fall for such psyops as the Joy Luck Club and the like. Is the target audience just the christowest - they are indeed happy in their smug ignorance and belief that others are oppressive and they themselves are therefore the pinnacle of humanity. Apparently only they love. Or are capable of caring. Or can be equal partners. Etc.

Or is the target rather that particular AF and WM demographic which tends to form convenient and amnesiac amorous connections with each other and who wish to feel justified in their easy choices by the disparaging of others?

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