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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 5/?

5. IR's effects and Reaction and the fallout: Counter alienation / loss of trust / resentment / bitterness [leading to death of community, so Melting Pot-ism achieves its goal]


I don’t reach out to AFs at all because I’ve managed to develop an extreme hostility towards them. Over the years, I’ve watched and observed their apathy towards this issue which has caused my feelings to fester into resentment. Interestingly enough, I’ve never experienced these situations first hand. Almost all of it was listening to other Asian men and from friends who have had their confidence absolutely decimated because of it.

Many moved back to Asia to improve their chances. Some got better and started dating non-Asian women. One hung himself.


The longer it festers, the worse the reaction will be. In all my life, I have never seen a problem improve itself the longer it drags out. It’s gotten so bad that more and more AMs are going the revenge route. Hell, I know many AMs that view AFs the same way they view WMs. The trust is completely gone. Keep it up and people will eventually resort to revenge.

What’s the quote?

“Tickle us do we not laugh? Prick us do we not bleed? Poison us do we not die? Wrong us shall we not revenge?”


“Compliments about my physical appearance” translates into “She probably spent her life dating WM but when it’s marrying age, she wants to take advantage of my financial situation and the hard work that came with it.”


I felt betrayed because her voice did not reflect anything even remotely of disgust or discomfort. Quite the opposite in fact. The tone of her voice was filled with giggles and flattery as if she were basking in her exotification and sexual objectification of her race-gender by this white guy. At one point I THOUGHT I knew who it was but to this day I still am not 100% sure.

It puzzled me, but it also made me realize what I was dealing with. That’s just the beginning. I’ll revisit more of these so I may bring this dark chapter in my life to a close and purge the emotional scars that have tainted me and shaped my ugly views of AF/WM relationships.

[color="#0000FF"]Of course we’re angry. First they diss our kind calling us, “chink, gook, nip, jap, slanty-eyed, etc”, and now they want to go fucking our women left and right. As bad enough as it is, the biggest slap in the face to Asian men is even after all that YOU ASIAN BITCHES FLOCK TO THAT SHIT WITH OPEN ARMS.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Again, bypassing the angry language, the rational argument behind it is not rendered less valid, as the question appears to me to be: after all the christowest did to E Asian society - how it mistreated Asian men and women and continues doing so - why do there even *exist* Asian women who feel flattered by the sudden and oh-so-obviously racist-sexist attention they're getting, let alone their existing in such large and disproportionate/unnatural numbers? And why and how do they even stand for the marginalisation of the men of their own ethnic communities, and for the constant misrepresentation of their historical community/society? In short, "Where is their brain?" And: how can they live with themselves and not hate themselves?)[/color]



"But what if it didn’t work that way? What if this new divide just caused a continuing and reciprocal cycle of bitterness and mistrust? What if things got worse before they became… well, horrible? (not better) What if Asians, male and female simply got more and more entrenched in the idea that the other side was the enemy, bolstered by stories of continuing rejection and betrayal now on BOTH sides of the gender divide?"
You bring up a very fair point.

[color="#0000FF"]I call this “Mutually Assured Destruction”. At some point, one side will have to back down in order to avert total destruction. If neither side doesn’t back down, the Asian-American community is destroyed. [...] Fuck worrying about the “community”. A community where one side suffers because of what the other side is doing is not a community worth preserving in the first place.[/color]


But I dunno if AF’s really care all that much to begin with. At least not the second and third generation AF’s. They’re already accepted into the greater white mainstream culture whereas us AM’s aren’t. Perhaps I’m wrong but I just get a sense that they’re not even paying attention, and you can’t argue with someone who is self absorbed and isn’t paying attention. Hell, they don’t even know there’s a cultural genocide going on to render us completely invisible and irrelevant.

6. The other affected

Krista says:

January 13, 2011 at 5:54 pm


That. That. That. Perspective from a non-perfect Asian female who desperately wanted to date Asian men, and was rejected time and time again.

[color="#800080"](Be aware, explicit content at above link.)[/color]

jaehwan says:

January 15, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Thanks, Krista. Saw that. Julie is definitely also correct.

Note that not everyone feels quite so hopeless as to be pursuing the 'Mutually Assured Destruction' route as some of the examples above (and the particular link was discussing this particular group's views on how they wanted to react to/move past the IR disparity), but for there to exist any people who feel so vengeful/resentful as to be willing to sink their community when they didn't originally have any problems with their community, underlines that the mutual alienation is a profound issue, and certainly experienced as such by affected people.

These were people that had they lived back home in a society unaffected by western psyops and social engineering, they'd have formed happy connections and started happy families.

There is nothing *wrong* with these individuals. They are perfectly sane, clever, argue reasonably. Their bitterness is because of unreasonable circumstances - circumstances foisted on them with calculation/by unspoken policy.

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