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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 9/9

Different link but came up earlier.

Shows movies twisting history, and all in order to revisit the 'popular' match yet again


Quote:The End of History and the Last Asian Man

Posted on July 16, 2009 by bigWOWO

[caption to movie poster for a movie called 'Iron Road':] [color="#0000FF"]A Canadian-Chinese Work of Orientalist White-Worshipping Glory[/color]

Orientalists–you people are everywhere.


So I saw the picture above on another Asian site which was promoting this movie, which is apparently showing in Vancouver this week. I was interested, thinking that it was a historical drama about the Chinese building of the railroads. And since the White guys are in the background, I assumed that the story was about the Chinese woman and the Chinese man–which logically makes sense, since the Chinese railroads are a story about Chinese people. Since the movie was promoted on the website as a collaboration between the Chinese and Canadians, I also assumed that they would be true to both sides involved. I thought they would focus on the history.

Let me just say this–you people did some clever marketing by putting the Asian people in the foreground and putting Chinese han zi on the front. You had me tricked. Unfortunately for you immoral turds, I read the fine print. I went to your site and saw:

When James arrives, he’s accosted by a street urchin nicknamed ‘Little Tiger’, whose fierce ambition is to get to North America, where his father died mysteriously, working on the railroad.

In a fight with a Chinese gang lord, Little Tiger saves James’s life. James is grateful and agrees to hire the kid on his crew sailing to the new world.

He never suspects the truth: that Little Tiger is actually a beautiful young woman who has disguised herself to work in a man’s world … and that she’s falling in love with him!

You people actually took the story of the predominantly male Chinese American railroad story, where thousands of us died from the torturous and dangerous work, and you turned it into yet another WM/AF movie? [color="#0000FF"] You needed to do the Chinese version of the Hollywood Japanese American internment? Let me get this straight–your ancestors invite cheap, unregulated labor that kills thousands of men, they stick Japanese American citizens in prisons that destroy families and spirits, and you so-called artists have the racist audacity to turn these terrible abuses of human rights into romances between Asian women and a White guys?[/color]

I was talking to Anna about Rice Chasers and how they drag down Asian American organizations if you let them, and this illustrates exactly what I’m talking about. [color="#0000FF"]How do you take Asian American history seriously when the main point all the Asian American movies is just to glorify the masculinity of White men? And the media–when it comes to interracial relationships, you bury the bad when it suits the majority. Good God, how do we get a dialogue going when everything is designed to make one race look better than another?[/color]

[color="#800080"](Note that the above words "bury the bad" at the blog site links to another of its articles.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]What’s so sad about this one is that some Asian people co-opted us in order to sell this movie.[/color] I was dismissive of Dogs of Chinatown, but at least the director and producer have an excuse in that they’re from North Carolina. (And the producer Blake listened with an open ear–I think he’s a nice guy.) This one is even worse–their #$%$^ director is a Chinese guy, who should know better. This is a guy who knows what racist Hollywood asks for, a guy who has probably read interviews with Bruce and Jet, a guy named “David Wu,” a guy who no doubt sees what Hollywood does to minorities. He’s got the same name as my Congressman, and he should change it. Fucker.

Seriously, when are these scumbags going to stop hurling their monkey crap?

[color="#0000FF"]If you can tell, I am particularly angry at the Chinese people behind this. I remember reading the Philosophy of History by Georg Friedrich Hegel. Brilliant thinker that Hegel. Racist–like all other Germans of his time–but brilliant. He talks about how Chinese history stays in one place and doesn’t progress, and while that’s obviously not true, I can see where he gets it after reading about guys like “David Wu.” Talk about repeating history ad nauseum.

These people make me sick. I have no problem with them producing this stuff, but call it what it is–racial propaganda. This way we can at least all be honest.[/color] Hell, if the director claimed that White people were oppressed and needed some yellow lovin’, at least I could respect him for his honesty, even if I disagreed with his premise. [color="#0000FF"]To market this as some kind of cross-collaborative celebration of history when it’s only there to perpetuate the supposed masculine superiority of one race over another, however, is nothing more than a complete lie. And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of these smiling, Asian Step-n-Fetchit Charlies who sell their souls to the Man at the drop of a hat.[/color] I’ve had enough, and I need a vacation from you people.


Some of the comments:


This is more proof that some of the greatest oppressors of Asians are Asians themselves. This demographic has the largest concentration of sellouts that I’ve yet seen and I’ve noticed that Asians are far more likely to attack me from behind.


jaehwan says:

July 17, 2009 at 11:26 am

One more thing (sorry, even I’m amazed at how much these Asian Toms ticked me off), [color="#0000FF"]I think this movie illustrates the need for Asian American Studies and Asian American history classes. I remember reading Takaki’s book which noted at one point there were around 3,000 Chinese men working on the railroad, accompanied by something like 10 women. That’s history.[/color]

Pozhal says:

July 22, 2013 at 6:03 pm

Wow, this movie is just so contrived that it’s sick. I don’t think there’s a single Asian-centric story that’s safe from the white dick.

[color="#0000FF"]For god’s sake, “Flowers of War” took a story about a PRIEST and gave him a AF love interest.

And there’s going to be a movie about the building of the Great Wall of China that will star Henry Cavill. Because there were so many Europeans hanging out in Qin Dynasty China, right?[/color]

This shit is so unbearable.

Apparently the last mentioned film - the one on the Great Wall - got cancelled (?) But they're not feeling completely optimistic, thinking the obvious absurdity may get resurrected in time.

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