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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
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2. theatlanticwire.com/entertainment/2013/09/first-indian-american-miss-america-has-racists-very-very-confused/69439/

Quote:The First Indian-American Miss America Has Racists Very, Very Confused

Alexander Abad-Santos 198,914 Views

Sep 16, 2013

Last night, the first Indian-American Miss America was crowned and opened the door for many racists to complain about her skin color and reveal their troglodyte-like understanding of geography and religion. These racists showed that Americans are not only capable of being racists, but also very un-educated racists. Here are some of the night's racist comments and just how sad America can be:

Racism Fail: "An Arab/Muslim Won Miss America"

Nina Davuluri is Indian-American. She was born in Syracuse to parents of Indian ancestry. She has has lived in Oklahoma, Michigan, and now New York City. She is not an Arab. The actual distance between Saudi Arabia and India is over 3,000 miles—about the distance from Georgia (the state) to Bolivia.

Also, the country from where Davuluri is from (the United States) is not a predominantly Muslim country (and it shouldn't matter if Davuluri is Muslim or Arab). The part of India where Davuluri's parents hail from, Andhra Pradesh, is not predominantly Muslim, either. It's around 88.8 percent Hindu.

Racism Fail: Miss USA Is Not a Part of Al Qaeda Because She Is Indian-American

There are claims that Davuluri is an Al Qaeda plant. These people don't seem to honestly believe Davuluri is a member of Al Qaeda (but hey, who knows), but are making the claim because they want to call her patriotism into question by equating her with terrorists who they mistakenly believe are the same ethnicity as her. They don't seem to understand that Al Qaeda is not a race or ethnicity. Again, take note of the map above and remember that the majority of 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian citizens. They were not American. They were not New Yorkers. They were also not Indian.

Racism Fail: Bollywood-style Dances Are Not "Egyptian"

Davuluri performed what she called "Bollywood" dance, which is the name for India's extremely long, musical-and-dance heavy movies. These are modern-day dances which have evolved over time. That, on the right is a <crossed out word: sari> gagra-choli or lenga-choli and it is very different from a burqa. And the headscarf Davuluri is wearing is worn very differently than a hijab.

(If people can't tell the difference between a midriff-baring gagra choli and an all-covering burqa, AmeriKKKans are more ignorant than I thought.

Also, why is the traditional Hindu dress like gagra choli etc being associated with bollywho and item numbers in India?)


Typical ignorance. A lot of what gets passed off as islamic "culture" is actually Indian even Hindu in origin. E.g. what's now called Iranian and Egyptian "belly dancing" is actually dancing that was taken there by the "Gypsies". Same thing for how Gypsy music often gets passed off as "Middle-Eastern" or even "east-European/Russian" or even "(modern) Greek" and "Spanish".

Also, there's no evidence that the ancient Egyptians - the *actually* ethnic/native Egyptians, not to be confused with the Copts then other Middle-Easterners/Arabs who invaded Egypt and ethnically replaced the locals - ever did so-called "belly dancing".

Even today, it is dancing done in harems in Arabia to Tunisia, and in private Iranian homes too. This was "imported" from India along with the enslaved Hindus that islam forcibly "imported" from India, who evolved into the Gypsies.

The reason one can still hear authentic Indian Hindu folk music in northern Indian villages that sounds like "gypsy" music to western ears, is because gypsy music is *derived* from that Hindu folk music. C.f. how you can find authentic bluegrass and all kinds of jazz-roots music in African villages: they didn't copy African Americans, it's because "modern" African-American musical genres are rooted in their historical music back in their African homelands.

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