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Bharat that is India that is Uttar Pradesh
Brihaspati in BRF

I think I have proposed for a long time now - that the existence of Pakistan is crucial for the ruling interests of India. There are some simple hypotheses that can explain observations on the ground for the last 60 years:

(1) the rashtryia ruling interests have a regional perception of "center" - somewhere abstractly in UP. The further you go from this imaginary centre of the world - all else becomes periphery simply by distance. Other factors that define periphery - are language, perceived cultural differences, and of course independent political thinking.

Any and all regions that have historical tendency to challenge the "centre" from dominating all the trade and demographic flow of the northern plains - are "enemies". In that sense Pakistan is "periphery". So Pakistan must be "kept out". The border is as much to keep India away from Pakistan as it is to keep Pakistan away from India. Pakistan and BD helps in keeping the two main challengers of UP-centre in GV - Punjab and Bengal - pre-occupied.

(2) Pakistan fortunately concentrates "islamism". This helps in not having to show the deep distrust and hatred of Muslims as "people" openly - and the hatred for "Muslim", not Islam which is admirable for its seamless integration of totalitarian control, can be kept covered up within pseudo-nationalistic antagonism between "nations". Indian rulers can safely go on pretending their love of "Islam" while hiding their hatred of "Muslims" - possibly out of identification of the majority of muslims as having been converted "lower class" Indians - under a hatred for Pakistan.

(3) Pakistan as an antagonistic ideological opponent of India - as an unchanging religiously motivated "enemy", helps in internal politics of India. The sole arbiter of power at the "centre" can threaten the Muslims in India with the imaginary threat of non-Muslims swallowing them up, while they can raise the threat of Pakistan and Indian Muslims joining hands together against the non-Muslim Indians. The sole arbiter can therefore play neutral and be safe in power. They can also threaten Pakistan in the same way the MKG/JLN line blackmailed the Brits in the 45-47 period - if you do not walk with us, the "others" would take over reigns of power - and then you will have it much harder.

(4) Making "peace" with Pakistan helps in keeping the uncertainty and the threat - permanent.

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