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Indian muslims in their own words
India Today

August 30.

On August 30, Muslim leaders , BSP MP Qadir Rana, Congress leader Saeed-uz-Zaman, Samajwadi Party's Rashid Siddiqui and another BSP leader Noor Salim Rana, attend a rally in MuzaffarNagar where the BSP MP Qadir Rana declares , in presence of DM and police and all other Muslim leaders on the podium that there be no maha-panchayat . He is on video saying the most hateful remarks against Hindus

"Tau khuda kasam Muzaffar Nagar main aik baccha bhi Zinda Nahi bach Payega "

( If the Maha Panchayat is allowed, not a single child will be able to escape alive )

Go and watch the video. You can google "India Today Muzaffarnagar hate speech"

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