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Suppression Of Hindu Narrative
The main stream media in India is 'supposed' to exihibit an anti-Hindu bias. The politicians go on appeasement sprees suppressing legitimate Hindu concerns. The Westerners are accused to have a distinct anti-Hindu (and anti-India) bias.

Let us give some teeth to our accusations and claims by documenting the actions that suppress our Hinduness. This thread is not to discuss if the suppression occurs or not, it is purely about observation and recording an act of suppression.

My thoughts are that this thread should record the fact without any opinion, commentary or editoralization. Let the facts stand out to speak for themselves. If a member wants to counter a post, IMHO, s/he could start a thread and discuss it elsewhere. And if the member, who posted the tid-bit (information), concedes that it is not an act of suppresseion s/he can edit or add som remarks to the original post.

When we cry wolf, let us make sure there is really a wolf. Ladies and Gentlmen the ball is in our court...

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