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Reforming and Restructuring Indian Political Process
The reforming and the restructuring of the Indian political process have already started at a great speed since the just concluded General Election. It was fought more on a presidential line rather than on a parliamentary line. Shri Modi could mobilize the voters on his own in almost all the States of India. It was surprising to see that h3e could corner a sizable number of votes in a State like West Bengal where the BJP does not even have a proper organization . Similarly, in UP the caste and religious factor did not work, as is seen by the performance of BSP and SP. same has been the case in Rajasthan . The regional parties are almost finished and it is only the two national parties viz BJP and Congress that are now visible.

For a vibrant democracy, there needs to be a working opposition party. At present the Congress with its 44 odd members is in a limbo. It is time for the regional parties to fold up their organization and join the two National level parties. In the process, we may see many more effective one party government in the future. We had the coalition experience, which resulted in delayed decision making and indecisiveness on many important national issue. The mood of the general public at the moment is to have accelerated development of the Nation. In this race, caste, religion and regional factors have lost their importance.

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