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Perils of Global Capitalism
[quote name='sumishi' date='06 December 2011 - 10:58 AM' timestamp='1323148823' post='113965']


Great lecture!!

Capitalism as an economic system has morphed into what is known as "crony capitalism," which is the bane of the global economic system. There is a bigger picture behind the forces pushing, manipulating, and benefiting from this "crony capitalism," but in the short/medium term it is not germane to the ideas/views being presented by MR Vekatesh. The issues have to be identified first and the knowledge disseminated, before the real puppeteers can be targeted.


M.R.Venkatesh's book "Sense, Sensex and Sentiments" is an absolute eye opener!

By the way, 'capital' as the national surplus has not been the virtue of these so called capitalist countries and Sri Venkatesh very clearly establishes that. Way back in time, capitalism started in Europe by the loot from colonies especially from India and it is never from Europe's own surplus. And Venkatesh clearly establishes that the leading capitalist giant viz. U.S.A. is a deficit country. And it will keep threatening more and more countries as the deficit begins to enlarge. No sane person will believe the Americans and their European allies for what they say such as freedom, secularism and such other fraudulent shibboleths. They all weave self-serving arguments to swallow Iraq, Libya, perhaps Syria and sooner or later Iran. They are trying to swallow India by neo-colonial means with their secularist fraud by planting the barmaid as the virtual dictator. Yet the imminent clash of nations as happened in the first and second world wars cannot be avoided. This time the result could be a surprise!

ParithraaNaaya saadhunaam vinaasaayacha dhushkrithaam

Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge.

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