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Buckle Up India
<b>Buckle up India</b>

What is a biggest Item of export of the United states of America to the rest of the world?
Is it corn meal, levi Strauss, Rayban glasses, Coke, Marlboro? Sadly none of it!

Its US Dollar stupid!

When it comes to currency, USD is the king with the colorful crown after the EU federation has vanished out of the radar with trillions of US Dollars floating in 223 countries, (US not included with its 13 trillion economy and several trillions of cash within its borders) This factor provides a buoyancy for its monetary system.

Since more than 60 percent of the Import-export is invoiced in USD, which includes OPEC and its oil which is routed through american banks (Japan quotes in yens), and those 223 countries of the world maintain 75 percent of their reserves in USD, there is nothing that is going to rattle USD in a near future.

It takes just 4 cents to print one hundred dollar bill, it means each barrel of oil costs just about two cents to US Government. Incredible yet true when you consider that USD is not even a legal tender, meaning its not backed by gold. President Nixon had delinked USD from the gold reserves in 1971 knowing fully no one is going to ruffle their feathers.

What happens if US is asked to pay back its trillions of dollar at once? Nothing!

US Government would simply say "payable when able" and nothing the rest of the world can do to remedy the situation, for it would jeopardize the global economic outlook which would be in chaos, should there be any direct confrontation between the creditor and debtor (USA -- the most heavily indebted country of the world which owes in trillions) there would be a domino effect. If the engine of the world growth fails, the world economy would collapse in default.

And the USA has realized this with its unbridled Dollar printing power!

Thus the US monetary hawks are silent on paying back their trillions, they don't have minor intention of paying back such a humongous sum which carries about 245 billions in interest alone which the USA coughs up every year, yet keeps on borrowing half a trillion every year to stay afloat on books at least.

China has 175 billions in treasury bonds of the United States along with Japan which may cut both ways, one being that, it (China) might be thinking it would have the leverage, should it legally choose to dump those securities at once.

But on the other hand, US lets in billions of Chinese cheap imports by closing its eyes, and this could change drastically, it could stop it with one presidential decree of the United States. But this would not happen for the sake of global economic harmony, against which every nation small or big would stand to loose, Japan and Germany included.

Cuba and Venezuela are trading barter by not involving US Dollar which would involve US banks and this irks the State Department who are after senior Chavez, while poor Fidel is on his last legs anyway.

One of the biggest reason that US invaded Iraq was that Saddam had said he would stop trading his oil in US Dollars, reckoning that Iran might follow the suite and erode the USD, it attacked Iraq as we know, there were no WMDs neither Al Qaida involved.

US, with its 13 trillion economy is collecting enough taxes from its citizens and thus is in a position to squander the money on future wars with no questions asked, considering that Iraq war was illegal yet nobody is ready to impeach Mr. Bush.

As far as India is concerned, the US of A is just providing a lip service and nothing else to it, whereas on the other side they are providing sophisticated avionics and nuclear delivery platforms to our arch rival Pakistan who is busy burning midnight oil to somehow destabilize us Hindus.

Is it not a mockery that a terrorist country with a tin-pot as their head be known as US friendly with NATO assistance and India being declared a flawed democracy ? http://www.rediff.com/news/2004/mar/10rajiv2.htm

Keshto's Crystal Ball has more to it than what meets the eye on US-India relation of charlatan nature involving subterfuge. India is Lucky that US is busy within Iraq, Afghanistan, followed very soon by Iran.

US is not going to go back on its goal of depriving Indians of their rightful place under the Sun by coming up with Joshua Project, declining support for India's candidacy in UNSC, denying it dual use technology, nuclear fuel for its reactors for energy and other coercive/diplomatic veiled threats delivered from time to time.

US has got all the monetary muscle and the resolve, both the ingredients are crucial to invade any country. India's top echelons have already probed US intentions of malafide nature towards India, hence our General Padmanabhan wrote a book -- The Writing On The Wall reads: “India Checkmates America 2017”. When our top brass writes such book with a foresight who clearly says "US will prove to be a threat to India," we must imagine what is coming ahead within couple of decades.

But are we prepared?

There is a secret understanding of US top brasses with Pakistani hawks to destabilize Hindu India with its (US) nod and wink. UN designated terrorist Dawood Ibrahim who also has his foot prints involved in Sep-11 is left untouched by USA why?

Because its in US interest to diminish Indian progress, it wants India to be destabilized, Modis and Advanis rebuffed, Hinduism eroded, replaced by Christianity. And this is what exactly Dawood with ISI and his henchmen in India is doing -- fleecing Hindus with phone calls, sending RDX, pimping our top film actresses to shaikhs of UAE, sponsoring Islamic terrorism through remote control and what not. And this is exactly what USA wants Pakistan to do vis a vis India, to make its (US) job easier.

What you saw in the news of how a British newspaper did a sting operation on Indian call center is a tip of iceberg of what is about to surface in the later months. There is a conspiracy to destabilize Indian call centers and its outsourcing industry beyond recognition. There are many state forces involved into it, key among them from London and Washington. Against this onslaught, Indian security forces should do their own sting on call center employees, they (employees) should be made aware to not fall under any trap before hand, there should be stiff penalties coupled with prison term for such an employee to save this industry from being poached by foreigners who envy such a novel concept that Hindus have come up with great success.

Make USA think twice on hegemony subject.
Its time Indians brood about it!
By thinking 3D.
Keshto Patel

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