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Kerala Conundrum
<b>Kerala Conundrum</b>

What good is of any state where you have highest literacy rate, better life expectancy, low infant mortality rate and overall better quality of life index, but you have economical chaos, rampant unemployment, Militant trade Unions, frequent strikes and 11,000 suicides a year, child Prostitution. A developed state or a failed one?

Welcome aboard Kerala's sinking ship!

Despite being an international tourist attraction with pristine sandy beaches (second best attraction after Tajmahal) tranquil water, hill stations, historic monuments, exotic wildlife, water canals with rice boats and lush green vegetation as endorsed by National Geography, this kerala boat is sinking fast with a big gaping hole in it.

The failed state is already living on a central dole of thousands of crores every year as a bankrupt economy a la Kashmir, apart from the fact that most kerala expatriates are remitting stacks of dollars towards their native land from the gulf area which is concentrated with them coupled with tourist boom bringing financial injection in the local economy which is growing every year. But it seems that all of this is of no avail! Alas the estate is in financial comatose. If Kerala were a corporation, it would have filed for bankruptcy.

Can you imagine a chief minister of Kerala being denied a seat at the aircraft and sent back from the airport just because the state has not paid its due to the concerned airline? How shameful and shocking it must be for such a VIP!

But ask Mr. Anthony and he would honestly tell you what transpired when he was about to board a flight to Delhi and got turned down for state's bad credit standing with concerned airline.

So how come that such a developing state with such a rich coastal area with a capable fishing industry and human resources would fail miserably as such?

Blame it on COMCONG, an alliance of communists and congress for decades which has ruled this state with the help of Muslim League, who are virtually responsible for economical chaos of the state due to financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, lax laws, political corruption at high level, rampant unemployment, 11,000 suicides per annum and what not!

While Saudi Arabia is the beheading capital of the world, no less is tiny Kerala, the world's suicide capital (per capita basis) with average 32 deaths per diem among 30 million of its inhabitants. Almost all Hindus.

Kerala is not an industrial state, its a consumer state, the ideologies of communism have taken a toll on its infrastructure and industry with failed economics. If a capitalist has a choice he would rather invest in a vibrant growing state such as Gujarat or Maharashtra than an already crippled Kerala with Militant trade unions and frequent strikes.

Kerala is a CO headquarters of communists along with West Bengal who have made sure to wipe Hindus out from kerala with the active help of Congress and Muslim league. Thus the socio-politico-economy interests are trifurcated among Hindu Muslims and Christians in Kerala with 55 percent Hindus of the states. Again when such a scenario exists its difficult to coordinate policies which are hijacked on political and religious bias, hence the economic mismanagement is imminent due to political impasse, bottlenecks against the progress

Alas too many cooks spoil the broth adage is being proven right in Kerala with all these monkey fights.

There is no conducive atmosphere for industry and manufacturing due to mismanagement in planning and misplaced priorities of COMCONG. May be that's why the entrepreneurs are scarce commodity in kerala and people are left to fend for themselves on tourism income and overseas remittance by keralite expatriates besides fishing industry, handicrafts and agrarian economy.

Against this backdrop, the people of Gujarat are honest and hardworking with patriotic qualities who speak with one voice when it comes to garvi Gujarat, That's the best reason to determine that due to these exceptional qualities, Hindu unity, sense of belonging, Gujrat's economy is vibrant, engine of India's growth -- whopping 14 percent.

Just five years ago the state was devastated with massive earthquake and got rebuilt, and if that was not enough, there came Ghodra. But despite these hurdles, the Guju people pulled it all through against massive odds. But why not Kerala?

Hahahaha look at the following poll results:


Chhattisgarh's Raman Singh has been rated as the best Chief Minister in the country while his Kerala counterpart Oommen Chandy ranked the lowest in an opinion poll conducted by India Today-A C Nielsen-ORG Marg.

Why is Microsoft having a soft corner for Gujarat despite such ridiculous and mischievous alleged pogrom in Gujarat and not in kerala? Why there are no billionaires a la Ambanis in COMCONG kerala while its neighbors like Andhra and Tamil nadu do?

The reasons are not far to seek.

Billionaires are born in solvent democracies with capitalistic trend, business friendly atmosphere and not choking communist economies, leaving Hong Kong how many billionaires do China have despite having the third largest economy in the world? Wealth creation is not their forte if you look at North Korea and Cuba, which can be compared with Kerala economy wise.

The newly emerged countries or Asian tigers are all non communists who have made it despite all odds (south Korea was bankrupt when it started reforms).

Kerala's political porridge needs better ingredients, its stale, even the plate stinks. The system is begging for quick overhaul. Kerala is already known to be the Bihar of the South with its matching GDP, how lower it can go. Its time for Hindus of kerala to unite in the interest of nation and vote BJP in and COMCONG out.

This is my request to those Hindus of congress and communists. Nothing I can do with regard to intransigent Muslims of kerala, who have deceptive agenda against Hindus of India.

After all Marad happened in Kerala where Hindus got killed and no Muslim modi was ever produced. Malapuram is a copious Muslim district with many anti nationals, It was here, where Coimbatore Bomb Blast terrorists were given refuge. Mallapuram is a mini Pakistan and a base of ISI.

The haul of RDX from jama masjid of Marad is an eye opener for Hindus but may be not for Keralite Police which is spearheaded by COMCONG cabal.

Think of Muhammad Ismail who was elected for Lok Sabha from Kerala and did not speak Malyali, Religion gave him the boost, Islam did his job.

Muslims of Mallapuram are well connected with ISI and Petro Ports in the Gulf who grease its palm and Mallapuram does its bidding like a dog, ultimatum goal is to drive Hindus out.

Concern here is not Kerala's prosperty or poverty but its anti national activities and its tentacles reaching till Lok Sabha.

Also read: Coastal Kerala is getting de-hindunised http://www.rediff.com/news/2003/jul/10iype.htm?zcc=ar

Kerala Hindus going from bad to worse: http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story....t_id=67014

Why do we need such a kind of Kerala which is a liablity on exchequer and harbouring terrorists who want to duplicate many parliaments and coimbatores in India?

Love me or leave me.
Keshto Patel.

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