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chittorgarh, a very beautiful city with great history . Traditions which almost sounds legendry ascribes the foundation of the Chittorgarh Fort to Lord Bhim, the second son of pandava who undertook to build it within a short period of twelve hours in deference to the promise he made to Yogi, Nirbhayanath. Historically speaking, it is said to have been built by Chitranganda Mori. He built Chittorgarh Fort about 7th century, Chitrakoot (chittor) was named after him. It is not known how many rulers of Mori Clan followed Chitranganda but the Man Mori was the last Mori ruler of Chittor from Bappa Rawal,Guhilot Prince of great repute got this Fort in 734 A.D. [url="http://chittorgarhcity.com"]chittorgarh[/url]

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