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Iskcon and Gaudya Math


Is Hare Krsna Iskcon a hindu religion or was Prabhupad influenced by years spent in catholic school to form a misionary religion ,similar whit christianity?

Let’s look more carefully at what “Prabhupada" said in the

Room conversation February 14 1977, Sri Dhama Mayapura

Satsvarüpa: Lord Caitanya, when Ramananda Raya brought this up (That the perfection of life can be achieved by following Varna-ashrama dharma) He said it was not possible in this age to introduce this.

Prabhupäda: “Yes. Not... He did not say possible. Ihä bähya”

(He said that it is external- iha bahya, meaning that it has nothing to do with the true nature of the soul – divine love for Krishna) Caitanya Mahaprabhu was interested only on the spiritual platform. He had no idea of material side. He rejected material side.”

Satsvarüpa: But don’t we do that also?

Prabhupäda: No. Our position is different. …

In this statement “Prabhupada” rejects this teaching of Sri Caitanya, saying that what if

Caitanya Mahaprabhu was interested only on the spiritual platform…

Our position is different. (meaning that one should be interested also in something else than spiritual platform-

eventually practicing karma (in reality vi-karma) mishra bhakti – under the later label daivi varNashram dharma, which in the beginning of his preaching in the west SB Narayan M. reject too)

It is true that everybody can choose what he pleases, or is qualified for. Everyone has his/her own independent potency – shatantra shakti, and follow his own iccha shakti desires.

One can follow Sri Caitanya’s teaching or one can follow “Prabhupada” teaching.

“Prabhupada” knew siddhanta:

“… Caitanya Mahäprabhu personally took sannyäsa. He rejected completely material. Nishkincana – (one must get rid of any material possessions).”

And than he says again that his followers should not take up this teaching of Sri Caitanya:

“But we are not going to be nishkincana. We are trying to cement the troubled position of the...”

And for the fact that he don’t want to follow this teaching of Sri Caitanya he says that there is a prescription in the Bhagavad-gita:

“That is also in the prescription of Bhagavad-gétä. We are not rejecting the whole society.”

The idea to model the society is of course very nice, so that it may bring a good environment for spiritual practices. But this was not the concern or the teaching of Sri Caitanya, and “Prabhupada” knew it well, than he says further:

“Caitanya Mahäprabhu rejected everything, ihä bähya. Rejected meaning, “I do not take much interest in this.” Bähya. “It is external.” He was simply interested in the internal, the spiritual.”

“But our duty is that we shall arrange the external affairs also so nicely that one day they will come to the spiritual platform very easily, paving the way. “

But Sri Caitanya doesn’t say that this would be our duty (Sri Caitanya says this is external, this has noting to do with the duty or true nature of the soul – divine love for Krishna / Radha-krishna, caused by tasting His sweetness and beauty).

And Prabhupada adds:

"And Caitanya Mahäprabhu, personality like that,.."

This is cheating, Sri Caitanya rejected it. How can He like that what He rejects it?!

Here it is the core of the teachings of Prabhupada and his teacher SB Sarasvati:

… But we are preaching. We are preaching. Therefore we must pave the situation in such a way that gradually they will be promoted to the spiritual plane, which is not required

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