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Implications of the verdict
Implications of the verdict

HC has given a very clear verdict, leaving little scope for conjectures. It has surprised VHP, being much beyond their expectations. After all, there was a real risk of HC trying to appear secular.

It has left Congi clueless. They seem to be in a daze. Karunanidhi has been struck dumb. Reds too are silent. Wind has been taken out of their sails.

Sickular trio of Mulayam, Laloo and Paswan are not disclosing their cards, but they must be scheming about how to exploit the judgement. Even they seem to be stymied.

But recall that none of these sso called secularists has ever declared : There shall be a masjid there.

Laloo-Paswan strategy

It is a heaven sent opportunity for the duo to frighten or cajole the muslims into their camp. They will, of course, blame Congi and Central Govt, for their inability to to protect "secular" cause. If that happens, Congi might be pressed making some "secular" noises like a possible law for masjid. It cannot do it openly, but hints can be dropped. Otherwise Congi has no alternatives, and it rout in Bihar is gauranteed.

What about Nitish and NDA? A consolidation of muslims behind Laloo-Paswan will defintely bring in pressures. BJP has nothing lose, but Nitish might lose a lot. Will he now be a bit defensive about his opposition to Narendra Modi? Likely, but not gauranteed. In response to muslim consolidation, BJP too might try for a Hindu consolidation. After all, Yadavs are not "secular" enough to disown Ram Lalla. After all, they too are Hindus. What has Laloo got to offer the OBCs now? Nothing more.

They have got their share of pie.

Bihar election will tell a lot.
The verdict reminds me of TOI survey conducted immediately after the demolition of Babri masjid and there were various options which I don't remember but there was an option to add your own option which I added and this verdict is the same which I had added then.

RE: Bihar

The way you are predicting, it's possible that BJP may emerge as stronger than JD. If it happens, Bihari Modi may be CM and Nitish his deputy.

My chavani:

However I think that Muslims may stand behind Nitish and Hindus behind BJP and status quo may be maintained. This may be 'common man's' interpretation of verdict.

Laloo-Paswan may be routed and so would the Congi.

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