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Alternatives to Sangh Parivar

Guardian of Saraswati Sishu Mandir and Devout RSS supporter murdered on duty :: No condolence from a fractured Parivar, no protest even yet :: Is RSS a paper organisation in West Bengal ??

Posted by hinduexistence on January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ex-Army Muslim culprit kill Hindu Police Officer

Murdered Sanat Ghosh by the Muslim culprits.

Family recounts last-night chat – Wife asked ASI to wait till morning

As he was a profound supporter of RSS ideology, he tried his best to put her daughter in Saraswati Sishu Mandir successfully. He learnt dedication for work and the punctuality from the RSS Sakha (one hour daily performance) in his teens. And he sacrificed his life for the dignity of his assigned duties. But it is a great surprise to every locals that no men from RSS or the authorities of Sishu Mandir reached Sanat’s home to give a solace to the bereaved family of Ghoses.

“Sanat Ghosh’s wife recounted the last conversation she had with him last night and lamented why she hadn’t implored him enough to conduct the raid in the morning with more men.

The assistant sub-inspector of police had called up his wife Mita around 11pm yesterday(Saturday, 24.01.2010). He said he was going to raid a house in a Ratua village. Mita who stays at the police lines here with the couple’s daughter had asked him not to enter the village at the dead of night with so few men.

“It cannot be helped, the number of policemen at the thana is, too, inadequate,” Ghosh told her before leaving the Ratua police station.

“If only I had pleaded enough. I cannot forgive myself,” said Mita surrounded by neighbours.

“I am going on a raid. You have dinner and go to bed I will call you in the morning,” Mita quoted Ghosh as saying. “When I asked him who else were accompanying him, he told me. I asked him why he had home guards and the NVF (and not constables) with him, he told me he had no other alternative as there was inadequate force at the police station,” Mita said.

She said her husband was totally devoted to his duty and paid scant attention to household affairs. “His work was his priority, when I tried to pull him up, he used to say that at his age what else could he do? Now I am left with our 10-year-old daughter all by myself. We were supposed to join him in Ratua next month. All those plans are now shattered.”

The couple’s daughter is a Class V student of Saraswati Sishu Mandir.

Ghosh’s younger brother, Swadhin Ghosh, arrived this morning from their ancestral home in Kardaha in Tapan, South Dinajpur. Swadhin, a high school teacher in Tapan, stays there with their ageing parents and his wife.

“Our parents had struggled financially all along. When my brother joined the police in 1997, he used to supplement the family income,” Swadhin said.

Additional police superintendent of Malda Kalyan Mukherjee remembered Ghosh as the most courageous and responsible among the ASIs in the district police force. “He could be very acceptable to the public,” Mukherjee said.

When confronted with the information that the NVF personnel had rifles that allegedly did not work, Malda police chief Bhuban Mondol said: “The police fired one round. Ghosh did not get the chance to touch his revolver, so the bullet must have been fired by the other policemen. So how can you say that the rifles did not work? We are investigating into what exactly took place.” Senior officers said the role of those accompanying Ghosh was being probed.

The police chief said three years ago, the family of a youth had filed an abduction complaint against 48-year-old Ansarul, his wife Mamtaz Bagum and four sons Sheikh Ibrail, Shiekh Rasel, Shiekh Kayes and Shiekh Ayesh, and three others. They had complained that the youth from a village in Manikchak had been lured away with the promise of a job in Delhi by Ansarul and his family and had gone missing since then.

“The police had been trying to track down Ansarul for sometime. Ghosh had got the news that Ansarul had turned up in Chandpur and had gone to arrest him,” Mondol said.

Early this morning, enraged villagers ransacked Ansarul’s house and set it on fire. A former Congress panchayat pradhan of the area, Abdul Mannan, said: “The police came looking for Ansarul regularly and the family had earlier been chased out of villages in Manikchak and Ratua.”

The police handed over Ghosh’s body to his family after a post-mortem and a guard of honour.”

From a very reliable source it is known that Sk. Ansarul has been operating a racket of trafficking along with some suspected activitivism in favour of Islamic Fundamental Organisations in the border district areas with his full home team of Mamtaz Begum (wife), and four sons Sheikh Ibrail, Shiekh Rasel, Shiekh Kayes and Shiekh Ayesh. As Ansarul was a Ex-Army man, he always tried to grab the situation with the help of his pervious designation. It has also been surfaced that Ansarul supplied a huge number bullets to the Muslim goons of the area from an unknown source. Ansarul had a suspected connection with Jagroto Muslim Bangla Dal (JMB Party) which is connected with a plan to divide West Bengal on communal basis.

As per the statement of Ibrahim Khan, a sitting Congress Panchayet member of the village and the Ex-Prodhan of the concerned Panchayet, Abdul Mannan – “Ansarul is a very dangerous type of man. Nobody dare to mix with him or his family members”

The affairs in details definately struck the concerned to the matter of posting of Muslims in Army and Police, as no army or police training can help to change these Muslim Fundamentalists from the clutch of obstinate religiosity and devout anti-socialism.

posted by Sambuddha Gupta.
Sunday, July 5, 2009

"The Stand" of Hindu Samhati

Our Stand / Our Opinion / What We Stand For

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

A fresh chapter of minority (Muslim) appeasement has been opened by the ruling Marxists of West Bengal after their debacle in the recent Parliament Election. Now the appeasement is not barely a promise. It is getting to turn into a reality. Though the Constitution of India does not provide space for any sort of reservation along religious lines, the government and other political parties together can not resist the temptation to extend reservation facilities in the government services by any means. Tax payers’ money is being poured in the name of providing education to the minorities. Despite the fact that reservation for any religious community is not entertained by the Constitution of India, government of West Bengal is set to open special morning session in the three leading colleges of Kolkata exclusively for Muslim students. After the electoral punch received from the Muslims in the recent Parliament election which evidently laid the basis of an unprecedented disaster of omnipotent Marxists in Bengal, the rulers are now determined to regain the chunk of Muslim vote with fanatic desperation. Even a replacement of our comical Chief Minister Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharjee with a new unknown Muslim personality might also be a part of their desperation in near future. Then the circle will be full. Mamata Banerjee, the leader of opposition, who claimed distinguished notoriety for being a drama queen in the past, is another emblem of Muslim appeasement in our unfortunate state.

This trail of events is being seen as a prelude of an ever increasing demands of Muslims that will be raised in the next years, however illicit and illegitimate, and will finally culminate in the formation of another Muslimstan in the subcontinent.

Hindus of Park Circus, Metiaburuz and the districts of rural Bengal being inundated by waves of an unchecked explosion of Muslim population for various known and systematic reasons, are now realizing their fate in th e days to come. But even their realization is now becoming woefully inadequate to challenge this rapidly deteriorating situation. They are discovering themselves in a gloomy future. It is a complete despair. With listless eyes they are watching how ground is being eroded beneath their feet. But they can not help it. Why? The quest requires a deeper insight of this problem.

A hundred years before, Swami Vivekananda, the great warrior-monk of India was able to trace the roots of this malaise. Hindu psyche is cloaked with self-denigration and self-disowning. A leading symptom of this disease is an inferiority complex and cowardice. Hindu minds have to collectively be transcended from “Tamas” to “Rajas” quality. Vivekananda asked the Hindus to deluge the land with “Rajas” quality, implying courage and action. It ought to be remembered that when the animals are sacrificed for Gods and Goddesses, it is done as a symbol of their “Tamas” quality. Therefore the Goat-like animals are sacrificed but not the Tigers and Lions, not just because of their ferocity of the latter. The Lions are Tigers are endowed with “Rajas” quality, whereas, the goats are synonymous with “Tamas”. And that’s why, goats are sacrificed.

One can not achieve “Satva” quality without a prior achievement of “Rajas” quality by completely annihilating “Tamas” quality from his own self. A soul can not leap directly from “Tamas” to ‘Satva”. No one can be a “Sativk” without transcending from “Tamasik to “Rajasik”. So it is impossible for a cowardly and spineless person to achieve the “Satva”. The hypocrisy or pretension to be a “Satvik” to shield the inner weakness and cowardice is shoving the Hindu society to the point of oblivion.

So in order to counter the tsunami of Islamic aggression blustering round West Bengal and Assam with an increasing ferocity, we need to inject vigour, strength, ardour and alacrity into our veins through ceaseless effort, labour and determination. These are all about “Rajas” quality. So the bravehearts of ‘Hindu Samhati’ must be filled with “Rajas”. Those who blame such quality are deadly mistaken. The people who lazily sit and sleep and depend upon luck and god are nothing but unproductive “Tamasiks”. This Tamasikata is core reason behind the entrapment and enslavement of Hindu race for several centuries in the past. It must be understood that as long as Hindus are tortured, exploited, abused, molested and defeated, a complacent talk of “Satvik” and “Satvikta” is no less than committing a sin. Because it is hypocrisy and hypocrisy is a sin.

Dear reader, you might be feeling hurt within but I am writhing with a deeper pain. I have worked as a RSS whole timer over three decades and it pinches me, it hurts me, it tramples my sentiment, it numbs my sensory nerve, it traumatises me. Dear reader, you are not aware of the following facts. When these so called great BJP leaders were central ministers, they gave directives in their own ministry that if any office bearer of any Hindu organization writes any letter- it need not be replied. Not only was any reply sent but also there was no acknowledgement of these letters. All other letters used to be replied as a routine.

We in RSS always used to pledge by 'Akhanda Bharat' i.e. " Undivided Motherland'. How is the character of so called BJP leaders? Vajpayee went to Pakistan, wore a white band of clothe across his forehead and kissed "Minar-e-Pakistan". Minar-e-Pakistan stands for Pakistani nationhood. By acknowledging this Minar-e-Pakistan, Vajpayee supported Pakistani nationhood and buried the resolve for our great undivided motherland. The visit was not obligatory for Vajpayee to do this. It was his characterlessness and abdication of ideology. When the head of state from Pakistan visits India, he visits Tajmahal but never goes to Rajghat to bow his head in front of epitaph of Gandhi.

Haj subsidy is provided to the Muslim pilgrims and Hindu pilgrims have to pay pilgrimage tax for Gangasagar Fair and other numerous places of pilgrimage. Previously from three embankment centers, Haj pilgrims used to fly. Vajpayee's aviation minister Shanawaz Hussain increased that from three to twelve. In Kishanganj, Vajpayee declared that he would give employment to two lakh Urdu teachers. In Jharkhand, BJP made Urdu the second state language. We, nationalists had agenda like Uniform civil code, scrapping of article 370. These all became back benchers in the Government agenda on the pretext of coalition politics. They stooped to such a low level that they also scrapped these main agendas from BJP's programmes. Not a single infiltrator got arrested. These all resulted in the defeat for BJP in 2004. The greatest credential for any entity is it's credibility. BJP had lost that. Common people came to understand that what BJP professes, it does not follow that. But the leaders were like Ostrich with their necks submerged into deep quagmire.

Thereafter came UPA of Sonia Manmohan. This Government failed in all fronts. Inflation had rocketed. Every week, Jehadi terrorist attack, in some city or other. It continued as a routine and numerous innocent lives got sacrificed. At last came the 26/11. Indian prestige in the international arena got shattered. BJP left no stone unturned to propagate against the same. During the shooting period, no less a person than the stature of Narendra Modi visited the spot. They projected Advani as a strong leader with a decisive Govt. Still people turned them down. People did not believe them. They have already lost their credibility. In Mumbai, Congress bagged all the Six seats. BJP in it's own city Delhi got zero. Even in Gujrat BJP got one more seat but lost 0.9% vote. Modi is over zealous to project himself as Vikash Purush. It could be a fallout of that.In a nutshell, BJP went in a secular mode and it was badly defeated in 1984 & 2004. Advani made BJP bite the dust in 2009. The word secular is great but in Indian real politik it's real meaning is appeasement, blatant minority appeasement and pandering to the base instincts to the fullest extent. Advani went to Pakistan and termed Jinnah as secular. This Jinnah was responsible for division of India that resulted in the genocide and bloodbath of millions of Hindus.

Had there been no Varun Gandhi, BJP would have been in single digit in UP. Varun Gandhi won with a huge margin of 2.3 lakh votes with a Hindu flag in his hands and purely on a Hindu agenda even during the worst BJP plight. Is that Hindu vote or secular vote? BJP garners Hindu votes and dreams of distorted secularism under the influence of media which itself is corrupt, immoral and bribed by petro dollars. In the yore, one foolish Brahmin had a goat but ten frauds repeatedly kept on misleading that foolish Brahmin that it was a dog and the Brahmin abandoned the goat thinking it to be a dog. BJP grew up from 2 to 182 on Hindutva. Analogically, BJP has left Hindutva equating it to be a dog rather than a goat and has declined to 116. It will fall further. However, if BJP gets CONGRESSIZED fully, it will rise again. The young generation leaders of BJP are striving hard to bring in Congressization into BJP.

The greatest question as of today is that whether these gross flaws are confined only to the topmost rung of the party or whether the entire stratum and structure of the party has been Vajpayeeized and Advanized. The true answer to this question would dictate the party in future. That would be the rudder for the party. That would determine the level of obnoxious pollution within the party and how the purging movement could be carried out and if at all this purging movement would be carried out or not. If the answer is in negative, it would create a process of deoxygenating that does not allow any healthy existence. Some optimists in the top rung of RSS like Sri Ashok Singhal think that this disease and distortion is confined to few leaders only and in general the party mechanism is normal. But many veterans hold an opposite view. Many of them who hold this opposite view have dedicated their entire life span for Mother India. In that case, we need to echo the famous 2001 utterance of Shri Ashok Singhal:- " In India, Hindus are politically orphan". So, Hindus badly need a new platform today.


What is Congressization?

Congress as of present date can be best described as a conglomeration of opportunists and self seekers. This trend is very predominant over last four decades. It has not even slightest trace of organizational infrastructure anywhere and it is and it was not a cohesive party but a platform. Anybody may come in and anybody may go out at any point of time. It is the empire of one dynasty and loyalty is the only criterion. Naturally, merit can't coexist with flattery. So, this so called party revolves around a culture that panders to lower base instincts. Indira Gandhi's husband Feroze Khan was a Muslim and so all in Gandhi family bear the legacy of Muslim blood and Muslim appeasement thus becomes a natural corollary. There are regional satraps in every province who maintain their seat of power only and only owing to close proximity with that single family. Sons and daughters automatically get nomination for contesting and no growth in the party is envisaged for organizational acumen but only on relational proximity and being in the good book of some or other influential office bearers. This culture does not only exist in Indian National Congress but also every offshoot and branch that it has shed like Trinamool Congress, Tamil Manila Congress etc. Only personality cult reigns supreme. Whatever Mamata says is the first word and last word and whatever she decides is the final policy in Trinamool Congress and no second thought can be conceived of. Proximity and closeness to her decides one's position in the party. Ayarams and Gayarams are a common feature of this culture and this movement depends on one's opportunistic suitability.

This very mean Congress culture is going to engulf BJP. This is most worrisome and this degenerative process has set in. Advani's daughter with no political experience but only on the strength of being Advani's daughter wants to be projected onto the political projectile. Naturally, those who are dedicated enough and have gone up the rung feel dejected and disheartened. The classic example can be cited from the money bag manager of BJP---late Pramod Mahajan. After his murder, his son Rahul was to fly to Assam for being projected the future leader of the party. Unfortunately, he got critically ill for taking heroine beyond his tolerable limit. Pramod's personal secretary Vivek Maitra even died because of overdose. This just got highlighted because of this death but many such malice have crept deep inside BJP, but BJP was launched as " a party with a difference". Dear reader, judge yourself--where it stands today. There are many Pramods behind your eyes those you know not. Many office bearers could not reconcile with this fact. These type of characterless, parvenu who are absoloutely devoid of any ideology are trying to call the shots in BJP.
Those decision makers have to take the blame. So, not only BJP leadership, Shri Ashok Singhal and RSS central leaders are also to be equally blamed who took this absolutely wrong decision. Whenever they put the red light on their cars they have shown the red light to Ram as Ram belongs to common man.
Ascending the throne not only implies Vajpayee becoming the Prime Minister or Advani becoming the Home Minister, but it also implies Uma Bharati, Swami Chinmayananda becoming ministers, B.P.Singhal (Ashok Singhal's brother), Srishachandra Dixit and Kameswar Chaupal (the ‘dalit’ caste RSS Pracharak who laid the foundation stone on 9th Nov) becoming MPs, Red Light on Ashok Singhal’s car and aquisition of Gas agencies and Petrol pumps and a lot more.
Outside our home we see the horror of Islamic expansionism and hear the sound of blast of Jehadi terror, and inside our home we hear the cry of molested Hindu womenfolk in Kashmir, Bengal and Assam. The soul of Mother India is molested by ISI agents, ‘Khan’ senas of Bolywood funded and pampered by petro dollars, Communists, Secular hypocrites, Media, agents of USA, China, Pope etc.; innumerable inimical elements. This huge Rakshas Vahini needs elimination. Then only the true temple of Ram can be built up. This Ram temple is not of bricks and stones but symbolic, tuned to our heart, our dreams and promise of a safe, happy, trouble free, prosperous Motherland. This will the Temple of our Nationhood or Rashtramandir. To achieve this lofty goal, Ayodhya is not suffice. For that, we need to liberate Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi--all three. And in the process of this liberation, all of our ‘Rashtrashatrus’ will be eliminated
That means a leadership that is capable, energetic, courageous, devoid of greed, does not compromise on ideology and deviate from Dharma. Lord Ram must send it. Ashokji (Singhal)--Farewell to you. I know that out of the whole of Sangha Parivar today the person who longs Ram Mandir the most is you. But, you can't visualize that in this birth. When the purest soul Paramhansa Ramchandra Das could not see it, you also can't
As a result of these developments, there is not a single organization in today’s India that can teach the people of this country the things like patriotism, national duty, in addition to what is good and what is bad for the country and who is a friend and who is foe of the nation. Once upon a time, the people of this country regarded the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as an organization of this kind. But today, it has been so much engrossed in ongoing politics, being controlled by BJP, that it has completely lost its past glory. People today cannot trust RSS as an organization that is above the petty politics of grabbing political power.
Hindu Makkal Katchi (Hindu Peoples Party), is a Hindu political party in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. HMK was founded in the mid-1990s as a split from Hindu Munnani. HMK was founded by S.V. Sridhar. The party general secretary is Arjun Sampath.



Compiled and Edited by

Sita Ram Goel

Voice of India, New Delhi

The credit for the present compilation goes wholly to Dr. Shreerang Godbole. It was his letters written to us in August-September 1996 which prompted us to circulate in October 1996 an 8-page brochure - Time For Stock Taking: A Swayamsevak Speaks - which we reproduce below:

Dr. Shreerang Godbole is a young medical practitioner at Pune in Maharashtra. He has been a swayamsevak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for seventeen years. We have received from him the two documents which we are reproducing in the pages that follow. He has given us permission to circulate them widely among the Hindu intelligentsia with a view to elicit Hindu response.

1. The first document carries his comments on eight formulations which have been popularized by the Sangh Parivar in recent years. These were presented by him to a Seminar held at Pune on 27-28 July 1996 under the aegis of Prajna Bharati in order to review the political scene in India after the 1996 Lok Sabha Elections and the fall of the first BJP government at the Centre. Participants in the Seminar included Sarvashri K.S. Sudarshan, Murli Manohar Joshi, Dattopant Thengdi, K.R. Malkani, S. Gurumurthy, Devendra Swarup, Muzaffar Hussain, P. Parameswaran, and M.G. Vaidya, among others.

2. The second document is a letter which he wrote on 8 August, 1996 to Shri K. S. Sudarshan, Joint Secretary of the RSS, regarding Sarva Panth Samãdar Manch (a platform for extending equal honour to all ways of worship) floated some time ago by the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) which works in the labour field under RSS inspiration. The moving spirit of the Manch is Shri Dattopant Thengdi, though it is presided over by a Parsi gentleman from Nagpur.

The two documents speak for themselves. We invite Hindus in general and members of the Sangh Parivar in particular to respond to the issues which Dr. Godbole has raised. VOICE OF INDIA will welcome all responses, and publish them in due course so that leaders of the Sangh Parivar may know how the Hindu intelligentsia view the latest Sangh slogans and strategies.1
Shreerang Godbole is still lambasting the Sangh Parivar

His latest target is fatso Nitin Gadkari

This fatso wants to help mullahs regain waqf land, which had been usurped by NCP psec hindus

Idiot Sudharshan also wants to help mullahs regain stolen waqf land

Godbole says that psec NCP is actually doing a good thing, by pretending to be muslim friendly and usurping

thousands of crores of waqf land
The failure of the sangh parivar is too much brahminism

Too much of the leadership is brahmin, and it needs more bloody minded OBC like Vinay Katiyar

Like the traditional brahmin, it is too politically stupid to intellectually denounce abrahamists

Hindu Makkal Katchi of TN led by Arjun Sampath, OBC, broke with brahmin led Hindu Munnani of Ramagopalan
The Statesman

New Delhi, 29 March 1997

27. VHP drops plan to ‘liberate’

Kashi, Mathura


AYODHYA. March 28 - The Vishwa Hindu Parishad in a major policy shift has dropped its “Direct action Plan” to “liberate” Kashi and Mathura.

At the three-day in-camera proceedings of the VHP which concluded at Karsevakpuram here today, the front ranking leaders of the parishad abandoned programmes to launch movement to “liberate” the two shrines by taking possession of the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi and the Shahi Mosque in Mathura which they consider encroachment upon the Lord Vishwanath Temple and Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple respectively.

Mr. Ashok Singhal, working president of the VHP confirmed today that “right now there is no programme for direct action to liberate the shrines at Kashi and Mathura”.
Abhas Chatterjee -

But conscious, perceptive Hindus cannot but see that the RSS has proved a paper-tiger. All its bombastic pronouncements have been ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’. Whether on Ayodhya or on Kashmir, on Article 30 or Article 370, on infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims or enactment of common civil laws, on Sanskrit or Urdu, on Vande Mãtaram or cow-slaughter - the RSS has always taken a step forward only to take two steps backwards. Rather, it has made one appropriate noise and then retreated into its hole. On no issue has the RSS been able so far to mount a campaign resulting in successful protection of Hindu causes.
Abhas Chatterji - Look at the shakhas of which RSS brags as running 40,000 across the country. The unpleasant truth is that, thanks to their unimaginative functioning, they now evoke little response in the minds of Hindu youth and not even 4 or 5 swayamsevaks attend an average shakha. Even the largest shakha in Bihar draws no more than a dozen. But the show goes on.

In December 1993, my son (18) used to go past an RSS shakha every morning. He always saw the poor pracharak performing all by himself in front of his saffron flag. For a few days, an obese Sikh boy was seen working out with the pracharak obviously because the former’s father thought the boy should lose some weight. Soon the boy was not to be seen again. Then came the climax. It was a bitterly cold, foggy morning. The grass was wet with dew and the sun was not yet up when my son passed by. He told me sadly what he had seen at the shakha. The saffron flag was up on the pole. The poor pracharak was again busy doing his usual drill by himself, while a shaggy street puppy stood there looking up at the pracharak’s face and vigorously wagging its skimpy tail!

In another local shakha, the prachrak himself told me, some Mohammedan youths would defecate at night at the point where the saffron flag was to be erected. The pracharak would just clean the mess in the morning with a shovel, put up the flag again and start doing his acrobatics!

Organisations generally reach a stage when the organisation itself becomes more important than the idea it was supposed to promote. The vehicle becomes more important than the goal. The RSS too has reached that stage. Serving the interests of the Sangh Parivar now surely ranks higher than serving the Hindu nation. A tendency to weave a cocoon around itself is on the increase.

Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhpur praises work of Hindu Samhati

Calls for the Mobilization of Hindus to forcefully respond in Bengal

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh - In an attempt to link Hindu Forces fighting for the Hindu cause across the Northern and Eastern Plains of India and in the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Mandir dedicated to Bhagwan Gorakshnath, Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati, met and received the blessings of Mahant Avaidyanathji Maharaj, the Peethadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Peeth and Gorakhpur MP Mahant Yogi Aditynathji as well as apprised both of these important leaders of Hindu society of the grave and rapidly deteriorating situation of Hindus in West Bengal as well as presenting the ever expanding activities of Hindu Samhati to combat these alarming developments that confront the Hindus of West Bengal. Ghosh was in Gorakhpur on the specific occasion of the Shraddanjali Sabha dedicated to the legendary Mahant Digivjaynathji Maharaj, who played a pivotal in mobilizing and uniting Hindus from all backgrounds both in his role as the Peetadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Peetha as well as the leader of the Hindu Mahasabha.

In the beginning of the meeting, Tapan Ghosh received the blessings and encouragement of the Peetadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Math, Pujiya Mahant Avaidyanathji, who exhorted Ghosh and all present to mobilize Hindus in Bengal as well as across the whole of India. Yogi Adityanthji asked in a rhetorical and reflective manner that what has happened to the land of Bengal which has given such giants of Hindu society such as Sri Aurobindo, Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Swami Viekananda, and so many others is the place that the center of anti-Hindu activities as well as is one the areas where Hindu society faces the most serious threats to its existence. Yogiji further stated that this situation is due primarily to a severe lack of awareness of their basic Hindu identity. Ghosh made a emphatic statement that Bengal is very quickly headed for another partition, to which Yogiji further added that Hindus across the Indian subcontinent are facing serious threats to their identity. Ghosh then presented the latest edition of the monthly paper published by Hindu Samhati, whose main story was the recent atrocities on the Hindu community in Deganga. Tapanji went on to show Hindu Samhati’s response and protests to the atrocities committed by the Muslim community in Deganga. Yogi Adityanthji expressed his deep concern and assured his full support to stand up for the Hindus of Bengal.

After being shown a detailed presentation on both the serious challenges confronting Hindus as well as Hindu Samhati’s activities in protecting Hindus, Pujiya Yogiji said in order to prevent such activities, Hindus must immediately respond in any way possible, otherwise in the next five to ten years Hindus will be completely defeated and Muslim rule will be established. Pujiya Yogiji then talked specifically of the geographical belt across northern and eastern India stretching from Delhi to Bengal, saying that this is the most challenging areas for Hindus. Ghosh responded to this assertion by saying that as Gorakhpur falls in the middle of this georgraphic region, Pujiya Maharajji is in an unique position of being a forceful advocate for the Hindus across not only this region but all over the Indian subcontinent. Additionally Pujiya Maharajji, said that the activities of Hindu Samhati will help tremendously in combating the challenges faced by Hindus and urged more such activities from Hindu Samhati in the future. Yogiji then called for Hindus to be mobilized over all twenty districts of Bengal, and urged Hindu Samhati to take up this gigantic responsibility.

Along with formulating methods of working in tandem, Pujiya Yogiji made invaluable suggestions on how to strengthen the work of Hindu Samhati by telling his experiences in mobilizing Hindus in the Purvanchal regions from the enormous threats faced by Hindus from Islamic extremists in places such as Azamgarh, Mau, Deoria, Maharajganj, and Siddarthnagar. Pujiya Yogiji outlined the manner in which Hindus were organized in these regions. Ghosh presented a formal invitation to Yogi Adityanathji to come to Kolkata and to speak at the events of Hindu Samhati. Yogi Adityanthji said that whenever he comes to Bengal, he will do his utmost to assist Hindu Samhati in their endeavors. At the end of the meeting Yogi Adityanth bestowed his blessings on Tapanda and all present as well as blessed and praised the work of Hindu Samhati, by saying that this is the need of the hour and called for the expansion of Hindu Samhati.
Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youths in Deganga in broad daylight / Police pressure to stop Durga Puja in South 24 Parganas district

oct 4th, 2010

ayodhya or no ayodhya, back at the ranch mohammedans are doing their thing ably supported by communists.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Nilanjana Dutta

Date: Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 8:09 PM

Subject: Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youths in Deganga in broad daylight / Police pressure to stop Durga Puja in South 24 Parganas district



Please find below the most disturbing news again from Bengal - Deganga is only few miles away from Kolkata.

So, please help save the honour of Hindus following two tragic incidents yesterday from Deganga and South 24 Parganas.


1) Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youths in Deganga in broad daylight yesterday


D/O, SUKUMAR MANDAL, Milk business.


KIDNAPPER - NAHARUL ISLAM, Age - 22, Private tutor.



Abducted Sangita yesterday (1 October, 2010) in a Maruti Omni Van at Ambika Nagar in front of Polytechnic College. Sangita was going for another tution on foot at 3.30 pm. 5-6 young Muslims were in the vehicle.

About 3 months back, Naharul misbehaved/molested with Sangita at the time of giving tution. Sangita complained to her parents. Hence, Sangita's father stopped Sangita from taking further tution from the said Naharul.

985xxxxx (withheld: post message if you want the number) is the cell-phone number of Supriyo Mandal (uncle of the abducted girl).



Police pressure to stop Durga Puja in South 24 Parganas district

Police is forcing to stop another 26 year old Durgapuja of 'Dakshin Marjada Sovarani Atheletic Club" in the village of Dakshin Marjada under Mograhat P.S. in South 24 Parganas district only to appease the Muslims.

Local contact number is 789xxxxx (withheld: post comment here if you want the number).

Tussle with police is going on. Police has come to stop making of pandal/mandap.
Guardian of Saraswati Sishu Mandir and Devout RSS supporter murdered on duty :: No condolence from a fractured Parivar, no protest even yet :: Is RSS a paper organisation in West Bengal ??
Some quotes from Sita Ram Goel

Sita Ram Goel

Sita Ram Goel (Devanāgarī: सीता राम गोयल, Sītā Rām Goyal) (1921–2003), author and publisher, is an important figure amongst late 20th century Hindu thinkers.Contents [hide]

1 Sourced

1.1 Catholic Ashrams (1994)

1.2 Defence of Hindu Society (1983)

1.3 Freedom of expression - Secular Theocracy Versus Liberal Democracy (1998)

1.4 Genesis and Growth of Nehruism (1993)

1.5 Hindu Society under Siege (1981)

1.6 How I became a Hindu (1982)

1.7 History of Hindu-Christian Encounters (1996)

1.8 Perversion of India's Political Parlance (1984)

1.9 Time for Stock-Taking (1997)




Catholic Ashrams (1994)

Fundamentalism is as foreign to Hinduism as honesty is to Christian missions.


Defence of Hindu Society (1983)

As one reads the scriptures of Christianity and Islam with a morally alert mind, one starts getting sick of the very sound of word ‘god’ which word is littered all over this literature like dead leaves in autumn. The deeds which are ascribed to or approved of by this God are quite often so cruel and obnoxious as to leave one wondering that if these are the doings of the Divine, what else is there which is left for the Devil to do.


Freedom of expression - Secular Theocracy Versus Liberal Democracy (1998)

Ascribing human brotherhood, social justice, world peace, self-sacrifice and compassion to Christianity and Islam is tantamount to proclaiming that the wolf is a votary of vegetarianism.

But what has happened is that the Indian State actively patronizes the exercise aimed at making all religions mean the same things, and persecutes those who defy the exercise. A whole army of 'secularist' scribes in the media and the academia has been employed and paid handsomely for whitewashing Islam and Christianity so that whatever is bigoted in the scriptures and blood-soaked histories of these creeds, is carefully exorcised. On the other hand, whatever is liberal and large-hearted, humane and civilized in the pluralistic spirituality of India is remorseless pruned to the prescribed and proper size. In the process, Christianity has been made to mean only the Sermon on the Mount, and Islam equated with two Quranic sentences torn out of context - "Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion" and "There is no compulsion in religion."

For Leftists in general have always opposed Theocracy in Muslim and Christian countries. It is only in India that they have become its unrivalled champions.

No newspaper or periodical worth its name in India will publish what I write in the lines that follow.

All religions were equal. But Islam was more equal.


Genesis and Growth of Nehruism (1993)

I am placing this book before our people, as I did so many others, simply because I want to be true to my own impulse for action in terms of my own lights. Rest is in the hands of Him who sends Saviours as well as Scourges according to His own inscrutable Law.


Hindu Society under Siege (1981)

Thus Hindu society not only presents itself as a prey to these exclusive, intolerant and imperialist ideologies but also acts as a buffer between them. India is secular because India is Hindu. It can be added as a corollary that India is a democracy also because India is Hindu. If Hindu society permits this free for all any further, the days of Secularism and Democracy in this country are numbered. Let the Hindus unite and save themselves, their democratic polity, their secular state, and their Sanatana Dharma for a new cycle of civilization, not only for themselves but also the world.


How I became a Hindu (1982)

To me, Dharma had always been a matter of moral norms, external rules and regulations, do's and don'ts, enforced on life by an act of will. Now I was made to see Dharma as a multi dimensional movement of man's inner law of being, his psychic evolution, his spiritual growth, and his spontaneous building of an outer life for himself and the community in which lie lived.


History of Hindu-Christian Encounters (1996)

It never occurred to these knaves and fools that the Christian missionary whom they were aping and helping was viewed in the modern West as a maniac whom it was better to dump abroad with a bag of money.

In the case of Islam, our effort aims at raising the dialogue from the street level to the level of scholarly platforms. For a long time, Hindus have been flattering Muslims by seeing nothing wrong in the doctrine of Islam. For a long time, Muslims have been taking to the streets and shedding blood whenever and wherever Hindus object to their behaviour pattern. Muslims have never been asked by Hindus to reflect on the dogmas of Islam, and revise them wherever they go against peaceful coexistence. We are appealing to Hindus to start asking some questions about Islam so that Muslims are made to rethink. If asking questions with a view to holding a dialogue is provoking violence, we plead guilty again. Hindus had a long tradition of asking questions even about their own cherished doctrines. I wonder if you are well-acquainted with our acharyas - Brahmanic, Buddhist and the rest. It was only with the advent of Islam and, later on, Christianity that Hindus were terrorised into the habit of remaining silent when faced with wild claims and not asking any questions. We are trying to revive the ancient Hindu tradition.

Meanwhile, please pardon us for saying that we have found no music in the language of your letter, no rhyme in your reasoning, no value in your judgments, and no art or education in your performance as a whole.


Perversion of India's Political Parlance (1984)

The word secular is defined in the dictionaries as "the belief that the state, morals, education, etc. should be independent of religion." But in India it means only one thing -- eschewing everything Hindu and espousing everything Islamic.


Time for Stock-Taking (1997)

The only substantial contribution was made by an RSS lawyer hailing from Anantnag in Kashmir. “I have studied Islam in depth,” he said, “and found it to be a great religion. I cannot understand anyone placing Islam in the dock.” Ironically enough this defender of Islam was literally the first to be shot dead when the ethnic cleansing started in the Valley in the winter of 1989.

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