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Alternatives to Sangh Parivar

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All India Workers’ Training Camp, Raipur (Chhattisgarh)


All India Workers’ Training Camp, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) June 5 to 7, 2009

A Report

The Second All India Workers’ Training Camp of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) was organized at Shri Chhapru Panchayat Bhavan, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, from June 5 to 7, 2009. The first camp was held at New Delhi in 2007. The Raipur camp was attended by warkers of MRM coming from 15 states of India.

It may be noted that the Muslim Rashtriya Manch has completed six years of its fruitful existence and has been successful in spreading its work in over 135 districts in 22 states of India under the able guidance and leadership of Sri Indresh Kumar, Sri Mohd. Afjal, Sri Salabat Khan, Sri Tanveer Ahmed and others.

Looking at the spread of the organization the need for creating better workers was felt and with this view the first training camp was held in New Delhi in 2007 in which nearly 100 workers had participated. The second such camp was organized at Raipur. The stress was on inculcating skills and values required for building an organizational network throughout the country among the Muslims. Chairman of Chhattisgarh Madarsa Board and Haj Committee, Dr Salim Raj was the person who shouldered all the responsibility of the host. He was assisted by Advocate Mustafa Khan, a full time worker of MRM. Both Dr Salim Raj and Adv Mustafa Khan are associated with the MRM from its launching.

The number of participants from various states is as follows:

J & K – 11, Himachal Pradesh- 1, Punjab- 6, Delhi- 22, Uttarakhand- 10, Uttar Pradesh – 24, Bihar- 11, West Bengal- 5, Andhra Pradesh- 1, Maharashtra- 7, Gujarat- 16, Chhattisgrah- 23, Madhya Pradesh- 8, Rajasthan- 14. (Total- 159 from 14 states).

For the first time there was representation from Muslim students and women. 22 students from Jamia Milia Islamia and Delhi University and Lucknow University participated while 19 women from Delhi, Bihar, UP and Bihar attended the training camp.

Addressing the inaugural session of the camp Sri Indresh Kumar stressed the origin and progress of the Manch. He said that during an Id Milan program held on December 24, 2002 at Bapu Dham, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, a fruitful interaction took place between top RSS leaders and Muslim representatives and there this idea of launching a forum for the Muslims was conceived. The then RSS Sarsanghchalak Sri Sudarshan, Maulana Jamil Iliyasi, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Sardar Tarlochan Singh, Sushama Swaraj, Mufti Muqurram of Fatehpuri Mosque, Indresh Kumar besides 200-250 Muslims and equal number of Hindus participated in that Id Milan program and discussed the idea of MRM. Now this movement has spread to 22 states and around 150 districts in India. Therefore December 24, 2002 is the foundation day of MRM.

What this movement has achieved so far? Indresh Kumar said that we had decided that we will help each other, look at the best qualities in others and greet each one with ‘Jai Hind’. We also decided that there would be an open dialogue between the different sections of the society. The movement had given four programs like ‘Salam 1857’ which saw organization of over 2500 programs all over the country in 2007 corresponding the 150th anniversary of 1857 War of Independence. The last program was held at Meerut on May 10, 2007 in which 4-5,000 Muslims had participated from all over the country; they lit candles in memory of the martyrs and paid their tributes to them. The MRM demanded that life sketches of all the martyrs be included into the school curricula all over the country so that the upcoming generations would draw inspiration from them.

The MRM also gave a clarion call to stop slaughter of cow and its progeny which forms the basis of agriculture-based economy. The MRM activists collected 5 lakh signatures of Muslims from all provinces and when delegation of MRM met the Vice-President Hamid Ansari and submitted its demand for banning the cow slaughter, he said that he had no objection in getting the law passed by the government, but the demand should come at least from 15 lakh Muslims of the country. The MRM immediately accepted the challenge and promised that they would bring 15 lakh signatures to the government soon. Meanwhile, the Deoband Madarsa came out with a fatwa forbidding Muslims to kill cows and oxen on Id or other occasions.

The third major achievement of MRM was its campaign against terrorism. The MRM believes that we are all Indians and terrorism has no place in Islamic tenets. It believes that terrorism is not jihad at all but it is worst kind of violence being perpetrated against the hapless individuals. A group of 175 Muslims from 12 states marched from Red Fort to Lal Chowk in Srinagar, in solidarity with the Hindus fighting for Amarnath land in J&K.

Similarly, the Manch has condemned all the terrorist activities and extended help to the victims of terrorism.

Indresh Kumar said that the Prophet had said that he used to get a cool breeze of peace from Hindustan. Therefore, the Darul Ulum said that the land of Hindustan was a land of peace (Darul Aman). It is still Darul Aman and will remain so forever. If this land does not remain Darul Aman and gets converted to Darul Harb or Darul Islam, then there can’t be any great deceiving of the Prophet. Indersh Kumar said that when the Prophet used to get cool breeze of peace at a time when Islam had not reached India. We must strive to maintain the status of Darul Aman for India.

Indresh Kumar further said that the Darul Ulum had also issued a fatwa saying that Hindus cannot be kafirs because kafirs are those who do not believe in God. The Hindus believe in God and as such they cannot be described as Kafirs.

Outlining the future programs of MRM Indresh Kumar said that from August 9 to 15 the MRM will observe ‘Tiranga Lehrao-Atank Bhagao’ week all over the country.

During this the MRM will unfurl the national tricolor in public places and take oath to fight terrorism. The MRM activists will also spread the message of love and brotherhood all over the country.

To pay tributes to the martyrs of 26/11 terrorist attack on its first anniversary, the MRM will organize a massive rally at Mumbai on November 25, 2009 and commit itself to thwart the terrorists’ designs to destabilize India.

During the Holy Ramzan the MRM workers will organize plantation programs to save environment and control pollution under the slogan ‘Pradushan Bhagao, Paryavaran Bachao’.

Indresh Kumar said that so far the MRM work has spread to 22 states and there are 15 full time workers. Besides, a monthly magazine is also being published. So far 7-8 books are also published by the MRM.

The MRM has decided to concentrate on students and women wings and will shortly organize national level convention of students and women. It has also decided to set up a VIP Contact cell which will work in establishing and developing contacts with ambassadors, envoys, bureaucrats, and people in higher echelons.

The MRM has set up its publication wing ‘Madare Watan Prakashan’. Advocate Siraj Qureshi has been entrusted with the responsibility of this publication wing.

The second session was devoted to ‘Role of Muslim women in National Reconstruction’. (Bharat ke nirman me Muslim Mahilaon ki Bhumika). Srimati Shahnaz Afzal of New Delhi chaired the session while Shama Khan was the main speaker. Shama Khan traced the contribution of Muslim women in freedom struggle and sighted some examples of modern India where Muslim women had contributed to development of the nation and society. She said that an atmosphere of freedom was necessary for the Muslim women to go out of her house and work for the society.

Shahnaz Ali Begum, Chairperson of Urdu Academy of Chhattisgarh said that encouragement from the men folk of Muslim community was required for women to devote their time for social work. Nazira Hussain also spoke on the occasion.

In his concluding remarks Sri Tanveer Ahmed said that Muslim women of India have excelled themselves in any field in Asian continent. They can contribute a lot in reconstruction of our nation.

The third session discussed the system of organizational functioning. Sri Girish Juyal, Organising Secretary of MRM dealt in details with the functioning style of the MRM.

On the second day i.e. June 6, 2009 the first session was held on Indian Culture and Traditions. Mohd Afzal, National Convenor of MRM, New Delhi was the main speaker. Kabir Award for Communal Harmony winner from Gujarat Ganibhai Chowdhary presided over this session.

In his speech Afzal said that the India was world leader because of our rich and all inclusive culture. Our culture strives for welfare of mankind and leads them to become a pious soul. We Indian have always honored the religious sentiments and beliefs of other people. We must strive to remain loyal to our motherland (Madare Watan) and imbibe good qualities to enrich our lives. He said that Id-e-miladunnabi is the contribution of Indian Muslims to Islam. In Saudi Arabia, where the prophet was born, no birthdays are celebrated. It is only in India that we Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Prophet. This is in accordance with our Indian culture, he said. Even many a Muslim families follow rituals like Haldi, etc. during marriages, which are part and parcel of our Indian tradition and culture. We must take pride in being Indian and Muslim too.

The second session was devoted to zonal meetings. Zone 1- J&K, HP, Punjab, Delhi, Zone 2- Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Zone 3- Bihar, West Bengal, Zone 4- AP, Maharashtra and Gujarat, Zone 4- Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. The meeting of Maharashtra, and Gujarat was conducted by Tanveer Ahmed.

The afternoon session was assigned to regional reports. Workers from various states give information about the activities being conducted in their states under the banner of MRM. Bashir Ahmed from Jammu, Nazir Ahmed from Kashmir, Abdul Gayum Raja from Punjab, Abu Talib from Delhi, Islam Khan, Muin Khan, MI Adam Khan, Dr Sadaqat from Uttarakhand, Israt Jahan from Bihar, Inamul Haq from West Bengal, Saroj Khan from Rajasthan, Latif Maqdoom from Maharashtra submitted the reports of activities of MRM in their respective provinces. Besides, Girish Juyal gave information about the work in Jharkhand while Indresh Kumar said that MRM has set up its units in Karnataka and responsibility of setting up branches in Nagaland and Assam has been given to Adv. Siraj Qureshi and Girish Juyal.

Indresh Kumar also declared the national team of MRM on this occasion. The team is as follows:

Janab Tanveer Ahmed-- Patron

Janab Mohd Afzal-- National Convenor

Janab Salabat Khan-- National Convenor

Shri Girish Juyal--National Convenor Organising Mobile-0 93122 56571

Janab Umer Iliyasi-- Convenor, Public Relations

Janab Pirjada Sibli Kasmi-- Convenor, Public Relations

Mohtrama Shama Khan -- Office Prabhari

Shri Nandan Bist -- Office Incharge

Janab Siraj Qureshi(Advocate) -- Madar-E- Watan Prakashan

Mohtrama Saroj Khan-- Madar-E- Watan Prakashan

Janab Imran Chaudhary --Convenor Students’ wing

Janab Mustafa Khan (Advocate) -- Convenor Students’ Wing

Shri Mahirajdhwaj Singh -- Special Invite

Indresh Kumar also declared names of the in charge of various zones.

Mohd. Afzal will look after J&K, HP, Haryana, Punjab and New Delhi; Prijada Sibli Kasmi and Mihirdhwaj in charge of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Adv Siraj Qureshi and Girish Juyal in charge of Bengal, Jharkhand, and North-east; Tanveer Ahmed in charge of Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh; Umer Iliyasi in charge of A.P., Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Laskhdweep.

Besides some convenors were also appointed. Accordingly, Sanwar Patel will be convenor of MP, Khurshid Aga for Awadh, Moin Khan for Kanpur, Afjal Engineer for Patna, and Shakeel Patel for Nagpur.

Indresh Kumar said that the above are the main workers and office-bearers of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch. The MRM is a non-political movement and will not take part in politics in any form. But at the same time the workers of MRM are free to join any political party of their choice.

The Third session was conducted by Tanveer Ahmed on qualities of workers. He also discussed the issue of Vande Mataram and said that there was a fatwa stating that Vande Mataram is praying to the motherland. Therefore there is no objection to chant first two stanzas of Vande Mataram, he said.

On June 7, 2009 the first session was conducted by students of Jamia Milia Islamia. Imran Qureshi chaired the session while Adv Siraj Qureshi was main speaker. The students talked about the problems they are facing and pledged their support to spread the work and message of MRM amongst the student community.

The Concluding session was addressed by Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh, Dr Johar Mia, noted Sufi scholar and former RSS Chief K S Sudarshan. Dr Johar Mia said that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no place for any kind of violence in it. Terrorism is entirely against the basic values of Islam. He praised the MRM work and pledged his support to spread the message of MRM in future.

Dr Raman Singh informed about the welfare activities undertaken by his government for the minorities, poor and below poverty line people. He said that his government did not discriminate among the poor and took care that the benefit of all these schemes reached the deserving people. He congratulated the MRM workers for spreading the message of patriotism and love and brotherhood among the masses.

Sri K S Sudarshan, former Sarsanghchalak of RSS, who was instrumental in formation of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), addressed the gathering with clarity and explained the vision of MRM. He said that when he first met Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Maulana Jamil Iliyasi and other Muslim Scholars, he asked them: “When 99.9 per cent Muslims in India belonged to this vary land, then why did they consider themselves ‘minority’? This question came to the Muslim scholars as most unexpected and set the ball rolling. Sudarshan said that the Muslims in India are not minority, but are very much the part and parcel of the national and social life. They must understand this and contribute their mite in development of the nation.

He said that in true sense the Parsis, Jews and Anglo-Indians are minorities in India. The Muslims, who had not come from outside India, and belonged to this land. They might have changed their way of worship some centuries, generations ago. But they share same ancestors, culture and traditions with the Hindus.

He said if Islam means peace then how this all cruelty had entered into it? He said that when religion ties itself with imperialism then it becomes violent. All sorts of bad qualities creep into it and it loses its original character.

He said that the Prophet tried to unite the quarreling Arab tribes and establish peace in Arabia. In that he put forth the tenets of Islam. The Quran says that Allah had sent 1 lakh 24 thousand Nabis (Religious leaders) to this earth, and that the Prophet Mohammed was the last Nabi. The Quran teaches to honor all these Nabis and Paigambars sent to various parts of the earth, including Hindusthan.

Sudarshan said that the British had divided the Muslims and Hindus for their political endgame. We must understand that politics divides while culture unites. He gave reference of a two-day dialogue between Swami Ramteerth and Muslim religious scholars on various issues like om, kafir and kufra and peace. He also referred to Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s address to Aligarh Muslim University students in which he asked them to take pride in their glorious past culture and traditions.

Sudarshan asked the MRM workers to spread the message of love and peace and brotherhood amongst the society and appealed them to remember that they share the same ancestors, culture and traditions with their Hindu brothers. He also urged them to feel the unity in diversity and experience the inherent unity of mankind in the light of Islam and its tenets of peace and brotherhood.
This Muslim Rashtravadi Manch nonsense is indication of stupidity of sangh parivar

The only muslim outreach required is Shuddhi
It would help if one identifies the base of an alternate political disposition? In other words what is the opposition to INC and the Left?
[quote name='ramana' date='26 October 2010 - 09:43 PM' timestamp='1288109143' post='109020']

It would help if one identifies the base of an alternate political disposition? In other words what is the opposition to INC and the Left?


Politically there is no alternative to BJP for now

Socially, what Hindusamhati, Bharat sevashram sangha etc have proven is that there could be much better local alternatives to sangh parivar

Sudharshan and Indresh are idiots for using koran to out-reach to muslims
Can we give Monday morning quarterbacking a rest please. The situation is quite difficult and we don't need blue on blue strikes.
[quote name='G.Subramaniam' date='26 October 2010 - 07:50 AM' timestamp='1288096935' post='109018']

This Muslim Rashtravadi Manch nonsense is indication of stupidity of sangh parivar

The only muslim outreach required is Shuddhi


How do you propose to "shuddi"fy 150 million or so people?
[quote name='Swamy G' date='27 October 2010 - 09:45 PM' timestamp='1288195678' post='109032']

How do you propose to "shuddi"fy 150 million or so people?


The consequences of non-shuddhi are even worse - west punjab 1947 or east punjab 1947 - suicide or genocide.

Islam wants to kill or convert kafirs

Actually conversion to hinduism is not required, all that is needed is to make them look in the mirror and see barbaric islamic teachings with a rational mind

Any outreach to muslims that does not involve asking them to look at islamic teachings vs kafirs, such as Indresh and Sudharshan chanting the koran is simply hindu self-delusion

Muslims are not amenable to shuddhi since they think they can win by breeding

The first step is counter-breeding to neutralise islamic breeding

EJ websites call islam a biological problem, they breed too fast to be converted even by EJ

Hence first and main step is counter breeding to contain the cancer.

Once contained, various economic incentives and disincentives by hindu citizens

For instance, lakhs of muslim bangladeshis are employed as domestic servants all over north-India by

upper caste Hindus. In all cases to save face, these bangladeshi muslims are given fake hindu names.

as such they are very vulnerable to economic pressure for shuddi

This problem happened over 1400 years and even the spanish reconquista took 800 years
Quote:Any outreach to muslims that does not involve asking them to look at islamic teachings vs kafirs, such as Indresh and Sudharshan chanting the koran is simply hindu self-delusion

I thought you were against any kind of outreach. Remember when I suggested it earlier, you flew at my throat <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

Quote:Muslims are not amenable to shuddhi since they think they can win by breeding

What you say might be right for the strategists in the community, but do you think the average guy living in cities or even urban slums thinks about increasing their population count?

I believe the pluralistic way is closest to nature and offers a sufficiently free society. And the more IMs see this, it will become easier for them and others.
[quote name='Swamy G' date='28 October 2010 - 10:24 PM' timestamp='1288284399' post='109040']

I thought you were against any kind of outreach. Remember when I suggested it earlier, you flew at my throat <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

What you say might be right for the strategists in the community, but do you think the average guy living in cities or even urban slums thinks about increasing their population count?

I believe the pluralistic way is closest to nature and offers a sufficiently free society. And the more IMs see this, it will become easier for them and others.


The average guy does think of increasing population count every Friday, when the local mullah asks him to outbreed the kafir.

There is a difference between muslim outreach and islam outreach

Indresh and Sudharshan chanting the koran is islam outreach
GS a request. Can you stick to the senior fourm?

Thanks, ramana


The credit for the present compilation goes wholly to Dr. Shreerang Godbole. It was his letters written to us in August-September 1996 which prompted us to circulate in October 1996 an 8-page brochure - Time For Stock Taking: A Swayamsevak Speaks - which we reproduce below:

Dr. Shreerang Godbole is a young medical practitioner at Pune in Maharashtra. He has been a swayamsevak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for seventeen years. We have received from him the two documents which we are reproducing in the pages that follow. He has given us permission to circulate them widely among the Hindu intelligentsia with a view to elicit Hindu response.

1. The first document carries his comments on eight formulations which have been popularized by the Sangh Parivar in recent years. These were presented by him to a Seminar held at Pune on 27-28 July 1996 under the aegis of Prajna Bharati in order to review the political scene in India after the 1996 Lok Sabha Elections and the fall of the first BJP government at the Centre. Participants in the Seminar included Sarvashri K.S. Sudarshan, Murli Manohar Joshi, Dattopant Thengdi, K.R. Malkani, S. Gurumurthy, Devendra Swarup, Muzaffar Hussain, P. Parameswaran, and M.G. Vaidya, among others.

2. The second document is a letter which he wrote on 8 August, 1996 to Shri K. S. Sudarshan, Joint Secretary of the RSS, regarding Sarva Panth Samãdar Manch (a platform for extending equal honour to all ways of worship) floated some time ago by the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) which works in the labour field under RSS inspiration. The moving spirit of the Manch is Shri Dattopant Thengdi, though it is presided over by a Parsi gentleman from Nagpur.


The Sarva Panth Samadar Manch was floated by Sudarshan and enthusiastically joined by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a very cunning islamist

Shreerang Godbole again last year criticised fatso Gadkari for helping muslims protect waqf lands
Is there something that "Internet Hindus" can do about the mud slinging on RSS?
[quote name='Swamy G' date='03 November 2010 - 03:27 AM' timestamp='1288734574' post='109085']

Is there something that "Internet Hindus" can do about the mud slinging on RSS?


Very early on the RSS made a major ideological mistake, naming the muslim as the enemy instead of islam as the enemy.

As such the RSS is very friendly with cunning islamists like Maulana Wahiddudhin Khan, who use taqiyah

Konrad Elst once had a conversation with Syed Shahabuddin, who claimed that anytime a hindu organisation takes in even a moderate non-islamist muslim, it tones down its criticism of islam and self-castrates itself

Shrirang Godbole, has been a RSS member for 40 years

Tapan Ghosh for 35 years

Hindu Media - A Mirage

05/11/2010 13:30:26 P. Deivamuthu (Editor - Hindu Voice)

On and off, I do receive letters from readers moaning about the absence of a Hindu media. Many times, intensive discussions are held on the net on the subject. Hence, I thought of putting my thoughts.

From my experience as the editor of Hindu Voice and National Spirit, I can definitely say that a Hindu Media is a mirage. A few individuals like me may undertake the work and run the show for sometime, but collective efforts will not succeed, due to the ego problem existing among Hindus. Who will own it and wield supreme is the daunting question.

Before we talk of developing a Hindu Media, we should analyse why the existing Hindu media is not growing or folded up.

1. Jain TV was owned by Dr. J.K. Jain, who was a BJP MP. Why it folded up? Was there any ego problem between Dr. Jain and BJP leaders? Did the BJP leaders think that a media baron may get name and fame and supersede them?

2. Zee TV is owned by Shri Subhash Chandra, a BJP man. Why does it not support Hindutva? Is there any ego problem between Subhash Chandra and BJP leaders? Or is it that Zee TV feels that Hindutva will not sell and they will not be able to survive in the market unless they are 'secular'?

3. Sudarshan TV is owned by Shri Suresh Chavhanke. His channel is being broadcast but could be seen only in some places in and around Delhi. I met Suresh ji sometime back at Hotel Taj President at Colaba, Mumbai. After checking in, he surfed for Sudarshan TV. When he could not find it, he called the manager and questioned him. The manager immediately called the concerned engineer and asked him to do the needful. Within half an hour, Sudershan TV could be watched in Taj President Hotel, Mumbai. When I met him in his room, I too watched it. But I am not able to watch it in my home. The Multi-System Operators refuse to catch its signal, unless paid in crores.

Recently, I watched his programme BINDAS BOL (say freely) on the net about Soharabuddin case. Sureshji was fully supporting the Hindutva cause. He was supporting Narendra Modi to the hilt. But how many Hindu industrialists or Hindu organisations are going to help him to effectively run the show? Will the Gujarat government or Narendra Modi help him? I am sure, NOBODY WILL.

4. The Pioneer, Delhi, a daily newspaper, is fully supporting Hindu cause. I do not know if any Hindu businessmen or Hindu organisations help it grow. I even doubt whether those Hindus who are active on the net are buying its hard copy, to boost up its sales.

5. There are many magazines being run by Hindus all over the country, in English, Hindi and local languages. Why are they not being subscribed for in lakhs, if not in millions?

6. I have been running Hindu Voice since April 2002, and have launched National Spirit since April 2010. How many Hindu industrialists or Hindu organisations are supporting me. NO BODY (except a few honourable exceptions - some in India and some NRIs).

What I want to say is that Hindus themselves, except a few out of the many who are moaning on the net, do not support Hindu media. Look at the following example.

A few months back RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat Ji visited Kollam, Kerala. About one lakh Swayamsevak in full uniform attended the function. Another about one lakh citizens also attended to listen to his inspiring speech. Even if 20% of these two lakh start buying Janmabhoomi , a Malayalam daily promoting Hindutva, its sales would boom. But how many Hindus in Kerala buy Janmabhoomi? Compare this with Saamna in Mumbai. Almost all Shiv Sainiks buy Saamna, which makes it not only survive but thrive. Same is the case with other ideologically committed newspapers - be it of Communists, Christians or Muslims. They all buy 'their' paper, but Hindus DON'T, because they are 'secular'. Hindus will buy anti-Hindu papers and watch anti-Hindu Channels, but not those espousing Hindutva. Hindus would prefer to put their moneys in a Hundi in a temple, to be usurped by the Govt, rather than giving it for a genuine Hindu cause or service. Then how do you expect Hindu media to survive, leave alone thriving?

I said collective efforts will not succeed. I have reason to say this. I was the Managing Editor of Hindu Muzhakkam (Garjana), a Tamil monthly launched by VHP, Mumbai. After running it for four years, I had to give up my responsibility, and it became defunct (not due to financial problem), although we got RNI No., Postal Permission, etc. A sense of oneness is lacking when a group is formed. When someone starts working with a sense of belonging, there are a few to demoralise and deride him. This is a general problem every where, I hope. A feeling that the Editor is growing more than the Organisation is lurking among the other members of the organisation, which is but natural.

Many Hindus who talk of Hindu Media are vague and confused - Who will own it? Who will practically work on the project? Who will finance it? What about the risk involved? etc. Many Hindus even think that they have the knowledge/concept and someone should implement it with other's money. Some even think that everything should be done under their command, except the financial aspect. Simply speaking, Hindus do not want to part with their money for Hindu cause. Nor do they want to read papers and magazines promoting Hindutva to come out of their cultivated ignorance. I have come across Hindus who have discontinued their subscription to Hindu Voice. The reason - when they read Hindu Voice, their peace of mind is disturbed. Yes, telling the truth and the danger that is going to engulf their children is disturbing their peace! Their attitude is like that of a pigeon, which thinks that if it closes its eyes, the cat will not pounce on it!

Sometimes I am pained to see an individual, who a few years ago was a Hindu and converted to Christianity and became a Pastor, has earned name and fame. Not only that, he brings out a magazine of say 48 pages, all in multi-colour, and prints at least a lakh copies and sends them to his followers. In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, there are dozens of such Pastors. Every one just forms a 'Sabha' and prints lakhs of copies of his Sabha Magazine. Compared to them, I am ashamed of my inability to even survive, leave alone thriving. Definitely, I am not responsible for this, but Hindus jointly are.

One reason for Hindus not forthcoming to support an individual may be that the individual may discard him once he gets name and fame. It has happened in some cases. But unless rich Hindus take the risk of trusting and supporting someone fighting for Hindu causes, how can we build a Hindu Media?

I conclude - Hindu Media is a mirage. It is just impossible. If my belief is turned out to be wrong, I would be happy.

But still there is some silver lining - to take Hindutva messages to millions of people through the electronic media. Apart from Sudarshan TV

I mentioned above, there are new TV channels who are willing to carry our message. A2Z is a news channel run by a Sadak of Sant Asaram Bapu. The RKB Show in Lemon TV (of Rajiv Bajaj) is giving space to Hindutva views. As it is, Aastha and Sanskar channels are carrying Swami Ram Dev's Bharat Swabhiman's message. Shankara TV of Kanchi Madam is also propagating Santan Hindu Dharm. With the help of these limited exposure, Hindutva message can be taken to millions. Hindus who are complaining of the absence of Hindu media, should propagate these Channels among their friends circle so that more and more people start watching these channels.

However, having an English TV channel similar to NDTV or CNN-IBN is a far cry. Church Money and Petro Dollars freely flow to them to carry on their anti-Hindu and anti-India agenda. Can a Hindu media expect such a free flow of money from any quarter? Just impossible.

(*Editor, Hindu Voice Monthly & National Spirit Weekly and Founder-President, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum. All the three entities are working for a single cause - to remove the cultivated ignorance of Hindus and save Mother Bharat).
expulsion of Indraeesh - head of our Muslim Unit! If they fail, many like us will soon quit and may ask VHP (only Hindutvadi organisation left in India as RSS is ideologically corrupted and only may be VHP can reform Sangh Parivar or regenerate Hindu Mahasabha with Bajrang Dal help).

RSS philosophy that Indian Muslims and Christians are not minorities but Mohammadi & Christi Hindus is FLAWED AND INSANE as in that case we Sanatani Hindus should not worry if these Christi & Mohammadi Hindus turn majority in our motherland - India by Missionary Conversion, Bangladeshi migration and Islamic deliberate high birth rate. RSS must immediately change this stance or to Hindu Nationalists like us will be a greater enemy than Missionaries & Jihadis.

BJP or even RSS not following Hindu Heeta i.e, Swadeshi & Hindutva which we need now except only VHP, perhaps: If we leave this ideology then there will be no difference with sickular Congress/Communists & instead of getting some minority votes we will loose total Hindu support! Muslims leaving anti-Kafir Quranic Islam will be non-Muslims and then only should join RSS as otherwise they would not worship Bharat Mata! Extra facilities to Muslims & Christians may or may not give you some votes as they will prefer Congress & Communists with better records in sickularism for sure but Hindus (still majority) will all leave BJP & Sangh Parivar for sure! But, we are not realising that Minority Appeasing will annihilate RSS-BJP of Sangh Parivar -
Like Mr. Tapan Ghosh of ‘Hindu Samhati’ in West Bengal and Mr. Pramod Mutalik of ‘Shriram Sena’ of Karnataka, the name of Mr. Thakur Raja Singh, municipal councilor from Mangalghat, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)’s will have to be taken with respect. Although Mr. Thakur Raja Singh is a worker of so-called secular party ‘Telgu Desam’, with Mr. Chandrababu Naidu as its President, Mr. Raja Singh has nurtured fierce and active Hinduism in self. In ‘Bhagyanagar’, known as ‘Pakistan in India’, the condition of Hindus is very pathetic owing to Muslim political parties, anti-Hindu Congress and police. Hindu-hater Congress rulers and police are instructing Hindus that they should not perform ‘puja-paath’ in temples, should not ring bells in temples, they should not take out procession on ‘Shriram-Navami’, ‘they should not try to unite Hindus’ etc. The local Muslims with their ‘jihadi’ mentality have opposed procession taken out on the day of ‘Shriram-navami’. Owing to the intimidation of Muslims, Mr. Thakur Raja Singh has been implicated in a false case and arrested by the police. He is fighting, like a ‘one –man army’, against Hindu-hater Congress Government, ‘jihadi’ Muslims and the so-called liberals from his own party and own Dharma.

Exclusive interview of Mr. Thakur Raja Singh by HJS !

March 26, 2012

Chaitra Shukla 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

The ‘One-man army’ of Shri. Thakur Raja Singh fighting

against anti-Hindu Govt., jihadi Muslims and the so-called liberals

Thakur Raja Singh Like Mr. Tapan Ghosh of ‘Hindu Samhati’ in West Bengal and Mr. Pramod Mutalik of ‘Shriram Sena’ of Karnataka, the name of Mr. Thakur Raja Singh, municipal councilor from Mangalghat, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)’s will have to be taken with respect. Although Mr. Thakur Raja Singh is a worker of secular party like ‘Telgu Desam’, with Mr. Chandrababu Naidu as its President, Mr. Raja Singh has nurtured fierce and active Hinduism in self. In ‘Bhagyanagar’, known as ‘Pakistan in India’, the condition of Hindus is very pathetic owing to Muslim political parties, anti-Hindu Congress and police. Hindu-hater Congress rulers and police are instructing Hindus that they should not perform ‘puja-paath’ in temples, should not ring bells in temples, they should not take out procession on ‘Shriram-navami’, ‘they should not try to unite Hindus’ etc. The local Muslims with their ‘jihadi’ mentality have opposed procession taken out on the day of ‘Shriram-navami’. Owing to the intimidation of Muslims, Mr. Thakur Raja Singh has been implicated in a false case and arrested by the police. He is fighting, like a ‘one –man army’, against Hindu-hater Congress Government, ‘jihadi’ Muslims and the so-called liberals from his own party and own Dharma. Recently, HJS activists met Mr. Thakur Raja Singh. The exchange of views that took place between them and points observed by the two HJS members are given below for the readers of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’; with a prayer to God that let the readers get motivated to do something for their Nation and Dharma on reading these points !

1. Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) is known as ‘Small Pakistan’; despite this, you are working for protection of Hinduism so effectively. How is it possible ? From where do you get the motivation to work in such adverse conditions ?

1A. Mr. Thakur Raja Singh says that he would continue to serve cows, Dharma and his Nation till there is life in his body : ‘While doing something for protection of ‘Hinduism’, I never expected anything in return. I feel duly proud that I am born as a Hindu and am getting an opportunity to serve my Dharma. ‘Gou-mata’ is the real inspiration behind the activities undertaken by me. It is my goal to serve ‘Gou-mata’, Dharma and Nation till my last breath.

1B. Despicable attempts by ‘jihadis’ and police to stop ‘puja’ and ringing bell in Shri Bhagyalakshmi Temple and Mr. Thakur Raja Singh strongly opposing the same: For the past few months, MIM (Majalis-e-Ittehadul- Musalmeen) [a political organization with Muslims of ‘jihadi’ mentality] and ‘Razakari’ police controlled by Hindu-hating Congress regime in Andhra Pradesh, were harassing Hindus by telling them that they should not perform ritualistic worship or even ring bell in Shri Bhagyalakshmi Temple. They were harassing even Smt. Shahsikala, the President of temple committee. She sought help from many people but nobody came forward to help her. One day, I (Mr. Thakur Raja Singh) had gone to Shri Bhagyalakshmi temple for ‘darshan’ when Smt. Sashikala told me about harassment meted out to her by the police. On the following day, a picture of one lady-police holding the bell in the temple was published in newspapers. Then, I immediately announced that ‘Puja will be performed and bell will be rung in Shri Bhagyalakshmi temple and pro-Hindu activists would not get bowed down by any obstacles.’ On the previous day of actually undertaking such acts, police took me into custody at 10.30 a.m.; but even in my absence, many pro-Hindu activists went to the temple and by ringing the bells, they performed ‘puja’ in the temple.

1C. ‘Jihadi’ Muslims saying that Shri Bhagyalakshmi temple is a black stain on ‘Char Minar’; but under the awe of pro-Hindu organizations, pressure exerted by Muslims and the police reduces : Leaders of MIM openly say in their meetings that Shri Bhagyalakshmi temple is a black stain on their ‘Char Minar’ and they raise slogans that ‘they would keep quiet only when this temple is destroyed’; but the gathering of Hindus in temple on that day, created fear in them. Three things were achieved through this; one is anti-Hindus realized that if they opposed Hindu temples, its consequences would be bad; secondly, before this incident, Hindus were under lot of pressure created by police. Police were not allowing Hindus to park their vehicles; but now, they are getting parking place in the temple area and the most important thing is that earlier, very few Hindus used to visit this temple; but now, Hindus are coming in large numbers to this temple to perform ‘puja – aarti’.

2. How can you carry on with your pro-Hindu activities despite being in the secular party like ‘Telgu Desam (TDP)’? Do you face opposition from within the party? If so, how do you face such opposition?

2A. On getting elected on TDP ticket, he is asked to give up his pro-Hindu philosophy : I started preparations to contest election as an independent candidate. Later, I was given a chance to contest election under Telgu Desam Party. I was elected with huge majority. A meeting of our party was held in which I was asked to change my philosophy; but I plainly refused.

2B. TDP leaders instruct to participate in Muslim festivals; but Mr. Raja Singh firmly says ‘No’ : I was instructed by the leaders of TDP to take part in Muslim festivals especially Ramzan and to donate food on the occasion of their festivals like Bakri Id, Milad-e-un-Nabi, Moharrum etc. But I told them, “If I did so, my aim of doing something for Hinds and Hindu Dharma would take a back seat. Working for Hindus and Hindu Dharma is my only goal. I have not joined the party only to play politics; but I joined so that I will be able to undertake activities related to protection of Dharma and Nation in a better manner. I do not aspire to hold any political post.”

3. Before joining politics, how did the police use to treat you ?

3A. Police torture brutally for opposing conversion by Christians and doing pro-Hindu acts and gets arrested again and again : In the year 2004, Christian missionaries were converting Hindus. We opposed and stopped them; therefore, police brutally tortured me and conducted inquiry for 5 days. They also used ‘third degree’ (illegal method adopted by police to torture pro-Hindu activists in an inhuman manner) on me. We had staged ‘Rasta roko (blocking of roads)’ agitation after the attack on ‘Akshardham’ temple. Then again, I was arrested and brutally tortured. Police come and make inquiry of me wherever I go to any meeting or a program.

3B. Police wake up at odd hours in the night and take to police station : Police used to come at 2.00 or 3.00 a.m. to my house and used to take me to the police station. They used to keep me in custody for 2 days and beat up brutally. The motive of the police behind doing all these things used to be that Hindus should not do anything for Hinduism and they should not unite. They tortured me because I should not do anything for Dharma. I don’t like politics. Politics in Bhagyanagar is very dirty. Here, things like harassing Hindus, selling beef etc. go on openly for politics of votes. I entered politics only to do something constructive for Hinduism.

4. Police tortured you; but along with that, how many cases have they filed against you so far ?

Police filed 19 cases against Mr. Thakur Raja Singh : I had opposed few Muslims teasing Hindu girls in the year 2003 when first case was filed against me. In the year 2005, Muslims attacked procession taken out on the occasions of ‘Shriram-navami’ and ‘Hanuman Jayanti’. Police filed 19 cases against us at that time. I was in jail for 45 days. ! 80 Hindus along with me were put behind bars. Case of instigating communal riots was filed against us.

5. Was there opposition from the Govt. while doing ‘Dharma-karya’ ?

5A. Congress ministers strongly oppose any program organized by Hindus in Bhagyanagar : Congress minister Mukesh Gauda is strongly against Hindus holding any program in the area. He is afraid of Hindu unity; therefore, he does not grant permission for any Hindu program. He has also instructed police against giving permission to Hindus for any program. All these things are done for Muslim votes. This minister was responsible for changing the venue of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) in the year 2011 where I was to address the meeting. Such things have happened in my case on a number of occasions.

5B. Muslims strongly oppose inauguration of ‘Shriram vahini (channel)’ and hoisting of National Flag : Muslims strongly opposed at the time of inauguration of ‘Shriram’ channel. We had planned to hoist the National Flag on the highest spot in Bhagyanagar on 26th January. That was also opposed. Here, police are totally under the control of politicians and MIM and dance to only their tunes. Anti-Hindus have also started opposing me severely.

5C. Pray to God seeking death while doing ‘Dharma-karya’ instead of stopping work related to protection of Hinduism even when ‘jihadis’ try to kill : In the year 2010, Vikruddin, a terrorist from ‘DJS (Durgah Jihadi Shahadat)’, a jihadi organisation tried to kill me. He is presently in jail. I am a target if ‘ISI’. Police warn me again and again for taking care of my safety because there is threat to my life. I, however, told them, “Everyone lives and dies in a very ordinary manner. Those, who die for ‘Dharma-karya’, are very lucky. I pray to God that if I am to die, let me die while doing ‘Dharma-karya’.”

6. Are you given an opportunity to present your topics in a meeting of municipal corporation or in any Govt. meeting ?

6A. Not getting opportunity to speak in meetings of municipal corporation owing to pro-Hindu philosophy and obstacles are created even in the development work undertaken in the area : After winning the election in 2011 as a municipal councilor, I was never given any opportunity to talk in the meeting of municipal corporation and the reason is quite clear. The opponents know that if I talked, it would be about Hinduism. Whenever I stand up to talk, I am made to sit down saying that ‘he is a pro-Hindu’ activist.’ My party never gave me an opportunity to speak; as a result, no developmental work has been taken up in my area. A Congress minister is behind this ploy.

6B. On coming to power, ‘jihadi’ Muslim leaders grant permission to open a new slaughter house : There is an un-auspicious coalition of MIM and Congress. In Municipal Corporation, MIM will rule for 2 years and Congress for 3 years. When MIM got the power and its member became Mayor, the Muslims of ‘Jihadi’ mentality took a decision to start 4 new slaughter houses and they are trying to get financial aid of Rs. 5 -10 crores from the Municipal Corporation.

7. You are facing severe opposition from political parties and Muslims; even then you are working for Hinduism in a very resolved manner. What would you say about it ?

7A. Work related to unification of Hindus being done determinedly which is creating attitude of ‘Kill or get killed’ among Hindus : Started the work related to protection of cows in 2001. Till 2007, it was done through publishing articles on importance of ‘Gou-mata’ in newspapers, creating awareness among people etc. From the year 2007, the drive received good response from people. Now Hindus feel that ‘I would kill or get killed for protection of cow.’ We tried for the first time in those days, to spread importance of cow among people through songs. We had also prepared audio-cassettes for the same.

7B. With the blessings of ‘Gou-mata’ and God, it is possible to carry on the mission : Kasha Bagga Shiv temple was in a very dilapidated state. After we went there, lot of development has taken place; roads have been built. Owing to unity among Hindus in Bhagyanagar, there also, development work has started with respect to different temples. I am devoting time for activities related to protection of nation and Dharma every day. It is possible only with the blessings of ‘Gou-mata’ and God.

8. What is the purpose behind starting ‘Shriram vahini’ ?

8A. Staring of TV channel for propagation of Hinduism : Creating awareness among youth towards Hinduism, bringing forth the truth about ‘love jihad’, giving extensive information about ‘Gou-mata’ and Hinduism, how conspiracies are hatched against Hindu Dharma; we want to spread all the above information to every Hindu. There are 7-8 TV channels operated for Muslims. Hindu channel, therefore, has to be there. Once a journalist suggested that I could start a TV channel as it did not involve much expenses; then we started efforts in that direction.

8 B. Many said that permission would not be granted if the name of the channel is kept as ‘Shriram’; but with the faith in God, try for permission with the same name and it is obtained with efforts : Many people advised me that if the name of the channel is kept as ‘Shriram’, permission might not be granted , there would be obstacles etc. But after such advice also, I kept the same name with full faith in Him and I got permission to start the channel with that name. We will be starting newspaper also for Hindus through the channel in future. Presently, many programs on ‘Gou-mata’ and programs related to Hindu Dharma are being telecast on this channel. There is very good response from the people.

9. Do your family members or friends take part or help in any manner ?

Youth and my friends have always helped me. My family always used to tell me about being cautious. The responsibility of looking after the whole family is on my shoulders. My parents are no more. Responsibility of 6 sisters is on me. I have two small children.

10. How did you come in contact with HJS ? What is your opinion about HJS activities ?

I heard about HJS activities for the first time in 2009. Then I contacted its activists on my own. Since then HJS and I are together. I am very happy that organization like HJS is doing lot of good work for Hindus.

11. What will you like to tell to other pro-Hindu organizations ?

All pro-Hindu organizations need to work together. If that happens, there will be unity among Hindus all over the country. We are trying to start that mission from Bhagyanagar (Andhra Pradesh). Today’s politicians have created rift among Hindus on the basis of casteism. All these Hindus should be united. Unfortunately, Hindus don’t think about what they can do for Hindu unification. Had I also got scared, Hindu unification taken place so far, would not have been there.
he reminiscence of Sonakhali Martyrs are still alive in the public.

Sonakhali, 10th Feb 2010 || At a black dusk on 10.02.2001, four Swayamsevaks of RSS were martyred by the fundamentalist Muslim goons at Sonakhali village under Basanti Police Station in South 24 Pargana dist of West Bengal. As a repercussion, the angry Hindus of the village drove away all the Muslims from that village. Later on, this was known as 'Sonakhali Line'.

For the last two years Hindu Samhati has been organising the Sonakhali Martyr Day, when the State RSS abandoned this programme from their annual agenda since 2008. As a result no RSS office bearer visited Sonakhali Shaheed Mandir to pay homage to the Martyrs this year also.

Hindu Samhati organised two separate programmes this year, one in 2 No. Sonakhali and another in Pitchakhali Primary School near the Smriti Mandir of martyr Avijit sarder, Patitpaban Naskar, Sujit Naskar and Anadi Naskar. This year the portrait of Biswanath Mondal of Noniakhali was also placed along with four others as it is now believed that Biswanath was also murdered in the eraly of 2005 by the Muslim murderers, who kidnapped Biswanath from his house in the disguise of police men. In the Shaheed Smriti Mandir , the martyr relics and plaques were decorated beautifully with the flower petals and wreaths. Upananda Brahmachari, Vice-President of Hindu Samhati and all others offered flowers in the "Smriti Vedi" and mourned one minute with a silence and pang.

In the morning a cloth distribution was held to the poor and tribal people of the area of 2 No. Sonakhali. Sri Bholanath Ghorami, a ninety plus headman of the village presided over the meeting and inspired the present generation. In his short speech Upananda Brahmachari mentioned that the martyrs were genuine social workers of this locality, so it is our duty to do Seva Karya (Social Services) for the Hindus. 90 salwar-kurtas were distributed to the teenage girls..

In the morning a Blood Donation camp was held in Pitchakahali Primary School, where 30 persons including one women donated blood. In the afternoon, a public meeting was held in the school ground. Bikarna Naskar, Hindu Smahati leader of the locality and also a witness and wounded of the Sonakhali incident addressed the audience. Upananda Brahmachari, the main speaker of the function said, nothing can substitute the premature and permanent absence of the martyrs in the bereaved families, but the whole Hindu society should share the grave situations of the society for a stringent retaliation and strong revenge. Brahmachari told the audience to have a patience in the process of the judiciary but categorically stated that this patience cannot be mis-judged with the inaction of the Hindu Society. No body will be spared if the Muslim criminals are not punished properly under law. As the brave Hindu villagers drove away the anti-social Muslims from the locality unitedly and fought a long battle with the politically motivated communal Muslims, it was evolved as a new "SONAKHALI LINE" to inspire many Hindu hardliners. Hindu Samhati also admires this line of active Hindu retaliation. Brahamachari elucidated the matters to the spellbound audience. Sri Dinabandhu Ghorami, a strong Hindu leader of Canning area presided over the meeting and told that the Muslims should not forget the resistence and valour of Hindu people of Sonakhali, where the Muslim anti-socials were defeated clearly. Hindu Samhati workers are ready to fight again to ensure the unfinished work of the heavenly martyrs.

The Hindu Samhati team lead by Brahmachari visited the houses of the martyrs. All the near relations of the martyrs broke down in such a way as if the heinous murder took place just two days before. The portrait of the martyrs were decorated with garlands and fruits and sweets were offered to the martyrs as they liked much in the houses of the martyrs. The Hindu Samhati members consoled the bereaved families and expressed possible support to the unfinished struggle of the martyrs of Sonakahli. The family members demanded an early disposal of the pending cases. The parents of Biswanath Mondal of Nuniakhali also met Upanandaji with an request to take care of the pending case of Biswanath. Upanandaji assured them all that the related matters have already been taken seriously and Hindu Samhati will pursue the matters in right forums. Many of the villagers and family members of martyr families inquired the absence of Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati, and the then Vibhag Pracharak of RSS, who could not attend the programme this year due to the sad demise of his aged mother just on 9th February.
Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh - A Pro



Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh is the founder of HinduSamhati, a new Hindu grassroots organization thathas created a much needed resistance in EasternIndia, against a wave of Islamic encroachmentand aggression.Since the dark days of the Emergency, Shri TapanKumar Ghosh has been a full-time Hindu activ-ist, community organizer and human rights cam-paigner for the past 35 years.Shri Ghosh has been a RSS swayamsevak fromthe early age of 13 and has been a Pracharaksince 1976. He trained under the eminent person-alities of Param Pujyaneeya Sri Guruji Golwalkarand Mananeeya Sri Bhaurao-ji Deoras.In 1975, Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh plunged into the Satyagraha (led by Loknayak Jay-aprakash Narayan) against the draconian Emergency. He courted civil arrest and wasimprisoned for 3 months in Alipore Presidency Jail in Kolkata. In July 1986, Shri Ghoshreturned back to RSS after about 12 year stint of ABVP, and was given twin responsibili-ties of Vibhag Pracharak (of 2 districts: Howrah and Hooghly) and Prant Prachar Pramukh.The situation in Bengal and North Eastern states along with Bangladesh is critical due touncontrolled in


ltration into India, by Muslims from Bangladesh. This area is of paramountimportance, strategically. To resist this catastrophe more aggressively and effectively, andcreate a better regional support structure within the Bengalis, Shri Tapan Ghosh formed “Hindu Samhati” (meaning: “Hindu Solidarity”) on 14th February 2008. Its aim is to in-spire and empower Hindu youths to


ght against any injustice. In the past three and ahalf years, Hindu Samhati has created a solid force of 20,000 young men and women whoare valiantly resisting the growing Islamization of West Bengal. The past three and a half years’ history of this New Vanguard of Hindu Resistance is available on the website: www.HinduSamhati.org and the mirror-site: http://HinduSamhati.blogspot.com.Shri Tapan Ghosh has received the“Rashtriya Sevika Samiti Award” for spreading aware-ness on Dr. B.R.Ambedkar - the architect of the India’s Constitution, freedom


ghter andsocial reformer. He also created the Budha Amarnath Yatra (Pilgrimage to Budha AmarnathTemple in Kashmir) – which created a massive mobilization of Hindu resistance groupsin Poonch district of Jammu & Kashmir in the face of increased terrorist attacks from AlQaeda supported Laskhar-e-Toiba and Hizbul Mujahideen, thus preventing a completeexodus of the Hindus.

Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh will receive the “Hindu Dharma Rakshaka - Kshatriya” Award from Sanatana Dharma Foundation, during the Hindu Unity Day 2011, for hiscourage in standing up for Hindu Dharma in a hostile environment, and organizingthe Hindu resistance in an increasingly Islamizing area.

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