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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
[quote name='agnivayu' date='24 July 2010 - 07:17 AM' timestamp='1279935589' post='107595']

Standard White racist comments I have heard before. But we were told for decades that we are inferior in intellect to the White man, so now you are saying some of us are smart but not all. Well, I have met many dumb Whites with very low IQ, so it goes without saying that in every race there are smart and dumb people. If you don't believe me just travel to the Bible belt, it shouldn't take too long to find them.

BTW, memory is part of intelligence, because it allows you to remember previous actions so you can improve on them.

Forced sterilization of tropicals?, well the Brit's tried it with forced starvation in India. I think we can start with some of our dumber Albino Polar cousins first.


Well,you find the apples.

Everybody know that are dumb whites and smart blacks.We talk about averages here.John have an iq of 110 and George has 90.Their average iq is 100.Average.

There is only limited correlation between iq and memory.If it was total correlation,the autists will be the smartest.

Sterilization is not the same thing as extermination(as brits did it).

We know that dumb albinos have more childrens the smart albinos.This situation must stop.The Singapore model(stimulation of high iq) should expand to all.

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