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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
*Roger • Monroe, North Carolina •

She prolly stinks like yesterday's curry that's leftover - Why do people from third world turd countries win these competitions, time to stop immigratants from third world countries into our borders


Jack •

Then please marry her and take her back to India.


IggyPopulist •

Jug Dish wins!

How proud we are as Americans!


GoodCitizen •

Indians and Chinese are good at Memorizing huge stacks of books.At the same time, they are incapable of comprehending the essence of what they are Mugging. Only the Anglo Saxon Race has genuine and real scientific temper and the DNA to innovate, create, invent and discover all of Mankinds greatest scientific accomplishments. If you want just visit India and see how it assaults your senses. I have been there and the shocking Poverty, Pollution, Slums, Dirt, Squalor and humiliation that they suffer is beyond my ability to describe.

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