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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
Above continued


Homer • Iaeger, West Virginia •

Another victory for the Great Cow....stupid Indian garbage dump!!! Now export them back to IT!!!


Rob • New York, New York •

First, Congrats to the Indian American winner...yes she is American and thank God this country can overcome the stupidity of some but growing number of its people and have a system that allows hard work to be rewarded. Now to the racist comments...isn't it ironic that whites point to preferences for black and hispanics but when they can't compete on merits..they still

play the race card!- Full 360 there.


Scott • Phoenix, Arizona •

A Dothead wins a spelling bee---Where's the story?? Like a Kenyan winning a marathon OR US Presidency.


Alexander • New York, New York •

American born kids may not win the spelling bee, but they will be the CEOs, Directors, and managers of the companies where these smart kids will work some days, and will get 300 times better salaries than these kids. Reality hurts badly, isn't it?


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