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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
A different set of comments off yahoo ([url="http://news.yahoo.com/indian-american-14-old-wins-85th-scripps-national-060018025.html"]link[/url])

[color="#0000FF"] 6packchopra • 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

BY the time she gets out of Med School, most doctors will be making min wage

[color="#0000FF"] Sam • Bangalore, India • 1 day 8 hrs ago[/color]

"...studied 6 to 10 hours a day on weekdays and 10-12 hours on weekends..."


This is why India is coming up in the world.

I see MANY children who study like this...all the way from grade school.

Competition is fierce.

While many school districts in the US are considering switching to a 4 day per week schedule to save money, children in India also have school on SATURDAY (6 days/week).

No, most of them don't have iPods or PlayStations...and yes, before you say it, they do have toilets...

[color="#0000FF"] PARTH V 1 day 2 hrs ago[/color]

Keep dreamin', the corrupt government will ensure it stays down.

[color="#0000FF"] Sam 1 day 0 hrs ago[/color]


But it isn't.

India IS coming up in the world.

A natural victim of this increased prosperity is corruption.

There is a noticeable difference from now to 5 years ago...and don't even think of the difference between now and 20 years ago.

As a side note, corruption will exist on one level or another...as it does in ALL countries...but that is human nature.

Again, as prosperity of the people increases, corruption will decrease to a minimum.

[color="#0000FF"] Shan Barani 15 hrs ago[/color]

All the 3 finalists are brahmins and their families left India, because of anti-brahmin quota discrimination

[color="#0000FF"] M G H • Venice, Florida • 17 hrs ago[/color]

I'm not surprised the winner was Indian-American. It's not just China and Japan who push their youth to succeed.

Now if only non-Asian heritage Americans can push their kids to succeed instead of having playdates, going to the mall, and hanging out on street corners, then we can compete... More

[color="#0000FF"] Tbone • 1 day 10 hrs ago[/color]

Holy Cow

[color="#0000FF"] freeman 44 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

[color="#FF0000"] At least cows are not phony and fabricated by man, like other 3 religions.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"] Betty 1 day 5 hrs ago[/color]

Your job will be safe yum yum....dancer ,call 800,,,on call...........

[color="#0000FF"] David • Los Angeles, California • 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

Interesting that they NEVER INDICATE WHAT SCHOOL THE WINNER IS FROM. Each year I look for this and they never tell you. Could this be because of the bias against homeschooling? Many of the past winners were home-schooled. Then people starting saying that home-schooling was superior and now,... More

[color="#0000FF"] Shan Barani 1 day 5 hrs ago[/color]

Indians never home school

[color="#0000FF"] Zara Mikazuki 1 day 3 hrs ago[/color]

Uh...Indian-Americans almost NEVER homeschool. In addition, Indian-Americans rarely go to private school. Almost always, Indian-American families move into districts with very strong public schools (usualy in a suburb of a major city). Then, parents sit with their child and actually study alongsie... More

[color="#0000FF"] Live'n'LetLive • 1 day 4 hrs ago[/color]

Get these Indian immigrant kids out of here, they've stolen the title from out kids for 5 consecutive years! (sarcasm)

[color="#0000FF"] MRD • 1 day 13 hrs ago[/color]

Yes, we'd like a room?

[color="#0000FF"] Film_Star 1 day 12 hrs ago[/color]

Room for what? Drugs?

[color="#0000FF"] Betty 1 day 5 hrs ago[/color]

Or children ?

[color="#0000FF"] freeman 44 • 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

Good for her. Soon Indians will take over U.S. as they've with U.K.

[color="#0000FF"] Joan sharma 4 hrs ago[/color]

LESS THAN 1 % population of Indian In usa. and top 3 constestant were Indian....it proves USA FUTURE IS VERY BRIGHT

[color="#0000FF"] Shan Barani 1 hr 19 mins ago[/color]

Joan, from your last name you married a brahmin

The top 3 were all brahmins, not typical Indians

[color="#0000FF"] J M • 1 day 13 hrs ago[/color]

Good for her! Her native country of India must have raised her right!

[color="#0000FF"] Chris • 21 hrs ago[/color]

nandipati a DRAVIDIAN AKIN TO AFRICANS WINS ....PROUD day for africa

[color="#0000FF"] Marc • 1 day 8 hrs ago[/color]

Oh wait for it, because here comes the racist comments from Conservative Whites of America. They're just mad because a White kid didn't win the spelling bee.

[color="#0000FF"] PETER • Ilford, United Kingdom • 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

Close the competition to the world, one way to win.

Maybe an American Indian wins, how fitting would that be.

[color="#0000FF"] Shan Barani • 1 hr 18 mins ago[/color]

It is not generic Indians winning spelling bees

All the winners are brahmins ( 5% of India ) and a few other upper castes... More

[color="#0000FF"] Yes Yes Yes! • 2 hrs 16 mins ago[/color]

Indians are also useless in the workplace. I hired one and I sacked the monkey because he lied.

Never trust the filthy wobbleheads

[color="#0000FF"] Yes Yes Yes! • 2 hrs 20 mins ago[/color]

I don't hire Indians. I don't want the office to stink.

[color="#0000FF"] Mark I • 5 hrs ago[/color]

Gotta love the irony here folks!!..a spelling competition held in America is won by an Indian. (Although, just reading some of the comments would give foreigners a clue about our spelling ability) Never mind, no other nation can flatten a country into rubble the way we can.

[color="#0000FF"] Yum • 1 day 9 hrs ago[/color]

A great head start into her dry cleaning/massage career !

[color="#0000FF"] WILD BILL • 1 day 10 hrs ago[/color]


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