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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
^^ The civil war part between sanatan dharmis and Muslim is indeed quite self explanatory. This is an inevitable necessity, to assert the supremacy of all dharmics. But it will need the participation of all sections of dharmics, irrespective of varna and jaati divide. Now , with the prevalent division and fault-line among Hindus, this part appears like a optimist dream. Anyway, lets hope for best.

Quote:As far as Hispanics go, there is a community called Mexican Hindu, formed by Sikhs men sleeping with Mexican women.

This news is indeed heartwarming. But I have a question , are the children out of this wedlock still Hindu , or is this a one way street only, all children remaining catholic, much like our experience with Muslim men? If they remain Hindu, then may their tribe increase. We need more dharmics.

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