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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
This news is indeed heartwarming. But I have a question , are the children out of this wedlock still Hindu , or is this a one way street only, all children remaining catholic, much like our experience with Muslim men? If they remain Hindu, then may their tribe increase. We need more dharmics.


Unfortunately in most cases, the Sikh men did not convert their hispanic wives and most of the kids raised catholic

A few were raised Sikh, but when Jat Sikhs from Indian reached these areas, they did not accept the half-breeds and most of the half-breeds converted to xtianity

There is a separate white Sikh community, formed by Baba Yogi Bhajan, called Happy-Healthy-Holi, and these sikhs are veg and perform all sikh rituals, but the Jat sikhs dont accept them

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